Vigilante 'Chads' to protect moviegoers against Incel attacks at 'Joker' launch Incel researchers are sounding the alarm—and organizing.

The domestic terrorist group known as Incel has been getting attention from media and the U.S. government lately, and not a moment too early. There is a clear and growing consensus within Incel that says members should "rise up" and "watch the world burn" – for their "virgins with rage" to take revenge on the "Stacies" who have rejected them all their lives.

The group is steeped in confusing darkweb lingo, but it all revolves around, and results in, white male virgins picking up AR-15s and carrying out the mass shooting tragedies you have seen on your newsfeed.

The United States Department of Homeland Security earlier this year noticed the Incel attack trend and awarded a $250,000 grant to Georgia State University to research the group.

The United States Air Force is warning troops to be on the lookout for sexless loners so their Incel plots can be stopped before tragedy strikes.

And just last week, the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee shared the story of Maura Binkley, who was murdered by a member of Incel last year.

But some of the best Incel research has appeared on r/IncelTears, a subreddit where internet savvy researchers and hacker "Chads" (men who are attractive to women according to Incel lingo) regularly post detailed Incel reporting, and they do it all for free.

And according to an r/IncelTears dossier, the Department of Defense is now warning moviegoers about potential Incel attacks at screenings of the upcoming movie "Joker."

Update: Gizmodo is now also reporting on the DoD incel warning.

The "Safety Awareness Notice" claims that social media posts have made references to Incel members "replicating the 2012 theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, at screenings of the Joker movie at nationwide theaters."

The notice also explains that members of Incel "idolize the Joker character" and admire "his depiction as a man who must pretend to be happy, but eventually fights back against his bullies."

The threat of attacks during Joker showings has concerned the online Incel researchers, who are now planning to defend themselves and bring awareness to the potential of domestic terrorist attacks by the sexist, extremist Incel group.

"Honestly the potential of that movie to act as a magnet to bring out the crazies in public is a little concerning," one r/IncelTears researcher wrote.

"To be fair, I am genuinely concerned the next theatre shooting will be during the Joker premiere. And who are the shooters? White men," another wrote.

But the Chads have pledged to fight back against any Incel attacks.

"I plan to attend every showing of Joker for the first two weeks of its release," promises one brave member of Chad in an Incel thread on 4chan, a popular Chad hangout. "When the inevitable incel makes his move, I'll immediately wrestle him to the ground and disarm him with ease."

Despite the threat of attacks by Incel, "Joker" will hit theaters as scheduled – on October 4th.

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13 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Vigilante 'Chads' to protect moviegoers against Incel attacks at 'Joker' launch</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Incel researchers are sounding the alarm—and organizing.</span>”

  1. There is only 1 way to stop the incel army. We have to act fast before it is too late. Yes gentleman, I am talkinh the nuclear option. Genetically Modified Vagina. Not just any vagina, we need the powerful, musky scented, barely legal pink. Lives are on the line.

  2. >>>r/Anything

    This "Incel" alert is becoming less and less realistic by the moment - it really breaks down to some inside corp. plant-ops kind of shit

    Also, the fact that people are getting reminded of Aurora - thanks to a Batman/Joker franchise film - further links it as more of a corp/gov-collusion effort to remove even more leftover freedoms this nation has been stripped out of for the past +18 years this century.

      • How about you start looking towards the money, "bro"?

        If you've never heard of covert financing/assisting of controlled opposition, there truly is no other for you to hop off the booki wooki.

  3. Vigilante Chads have been doing great work lately. Here’s a young member of Chad from just yesterday.

    Lovely people. You don’t need toxic masculinity or mass shootings to be liked and a good person!

  4. A member of Incel on 4chan just said "each magazine I have holds 30 rounds. There had better be a lot of you, lol" in response to the Chad anti-mass shooting protection force. It seems they have a LOT of shooters at the ready for Joker.

    You know where to search/find it, I'm not gonna link to 4chan.

  5. I.N.C.E.L. stands for InterNational Chad Extermination League if i spelled that right and was founded by Elliot Rodger who wanted to kill all normal guys because he had listened a guy bang his sister while he couldn't get any. fyi

    • Notice how Elliot Rodger came from a super rich dad in hollywood mansion als. These are crimes from the fragility of white privilege.

  6. This is DISGUSTING. It's high time for the government to do something about these hateful losers. It's hair raising for the safety of our children to depend on a subreddit of volunteers.

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