11 warning signs that a guy is an insecure beta Don't walk away—run. Insecure losers have deep-seated psychological issues and complexes and are not worth it.

Confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone. You aren’t born with it. As a fat kid growing up, I had to develop it, as well as a sense of humor, if I wanted to not be made fun of.

I’ve seen ugly guys outkick their coverage and I’ve seen handsome men flounder, all because of confidence. Here are some of the obvious insecure mannerisms that women notice in a man with low self-esteem – aka, a BETA.

#1. Money and name-dropping obsession

Constantly bringing up money, doing name-dropping, or suggesting that they would meet minor offenses with "a real ass whooping."

These guys are also often fuckbois or even sociopaths.

#2. Flip-flopping

When he won't stand behind his own opinion. If he thinks "A" but I disagree and think "B," and then he immediately changes his opinion and thinks "B", too.

It's okay to not agree on everything – have a backbone!

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#3. Text clinginess

Rapid fire texting: you text me, I text you back, you text me but I'm busy/driving/at work etc. I can't check my phone for half an hour and I have 20 texts that get increasingly angrier with, "I'm sorry for ANNOYING you."

#4. Sexual boasting

Sexual boasting. Even if I believed you banged those two girls, what makes you think I would be impressed and want to sleep with you?

#5. Lack of eye contact

Lack of eye contact! Dead giveaway.

#6. Excessive apologies

Excessive amount of apologies for nothing or for very little things. "I'm sorry, but you look beautiful." What are you sorry for? Your sorry existence is what you should say sorry for.

#7. Bad posture

Bad posture. I know it's not a 100% correlation with lack of confidence, but it makes it seem like you're trying to hide, or take up less space, and it hides the parts of your body I'd be interested in looking at. Often bad posture can come form being hunched over a desktop computer, which, unless your job requires it, is what creeps do.

#8. Afraid of seriousness / not sharing things about himself

Not sharing. I knew a guy who would turn any conversation into a joke. Especially if asked something serious.

#9. Spying

Going through your phone, always thinking you're cheating or will cheat. I man, do I have to elaborate? Keep doing this and one day you may get your wish...

#10. Being bothered by your sexual past

A guy who is insecure about your past lovers isn't worth your time. If you still insist on keeping him, consider hiding or downplaying your promiscuous past.

#11. Constantly reminding you he's bad, as if you didn't already know

Constantly saying, "I'm bad with women."

I know a guy who manages to say something like this every time I see him. The sad thing is he's cute, talented, and could get a girl if he'd just stop with the low confidence speeches. Fuck off with that bitch energy.

Bonus: He is consumed by memes

People who make memes their entire lifestyle do so because they are afraid to develop or show their own individual personality. This is, needless to say, another sure sign of insecurity.

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4 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">11 warning signs that a guy is an insecure beta</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Don't walk away—run. Insecure losers have deep-seated psychological issues and complexes and are not worth it.</span>”

  1. Lol @ number 10
    God the women that wrote this article are extremely unhinged, Misandry loving psychopaths.
    And no man in the right mind would be caught dead with such a lunatic of a human being.

  2. #10 is BS. It's actually the sign of a high value man, who is interested in something long term. They demand sex from low value women, but will wait for a high value woman, and marry her. No high value man wants to town pinwheel. A King does not eat from another man's plate, but the town beggar will.

    I suspect this was written by a woman with a high body count, and she's angry that men actually care about that. ALL high value men care about that...which is why she's mad, and resorting to a feckless attempt to shame men for caring about something that is actually very important.

    High value men will care more about this than low value men, because unlike low value men, high value men have slept with a lot of women, including multiple virgins. They have seen the differences between Virgins, women with low body counts, and women with high body counts. There is a huge difference between Virgins and the rest. The difference gets even more drastic with a high body count. You don't have to like that fact, but it's a fact. No high value man wants a woman who's been ran through.

    • You can add 8 and 9 to that as well, those two just sound like her bitching because some dude didn't allow her to make it easy for her to take advantage/manipulate him.

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