Was Anthony Bourdain facing a #MeToo allegation?

The very women he purported to love and respect would dance like banshee witches on his corpse if it turned out that one of their sisters had the fury of a woman scorned.
By Anonymous

Even though I have never particularly cared for Anthony Bourdain’s swaggering, leftie, virtue-signalling persona – his holier-than-thou pretentiousness about how much he loved and admired and respected women while banging starlets half his age – and good for him, it’s the hypocrisy I resent, not the younger women – I was still saddened this morning to hear of his death, apparently by suicide.

Bourdain was a well-kept, attractive man with a hugely charismatic personality and a great penchant for storytelling, as well as a formidable appetite for wine and women. It took my mind all of two seconds to wonder if Bourdain was not about to get slaughtered by his own tribe with a #MeToo allegation that would ruin his life and career. The very women he purported to love and respect would dance like banshee witches on his corpse if it turned out that one of their sisters had the fury of a woman scorned.

I believe that almost all of the #MeToo allegations are nothing more than sour grapes from women who thought they were exploiting a powerful man, and ended up being exploited themselves. Take a man like Harvey Weinstein. His accusers aren’t mad they sucked Big Harvey’s dick, they are mad they didn’t get the Oscars they were sucking for! Don’t you find it interesting that Harvey’s triumphant ladies have nothing to say? Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, Rene Zellweger – they all took home statues for Harvey films, and apparently none of them had to put their asses on the line for the privilege? I call bullshit. Jennifer Lawrence is a truly talented actor who deserves her roles and career – her politics suck, but her talent is enormous., Rene and Charlize are nothing more than averagely talented meat-puppets with pretty faces and willing mouths,  But they don’t dare speak out in defense of their own actions and defend Harvey, because these women know the shrieking pack of witches will tear them limb from limb. No one hates, or wishes to destroy women, quite like other women. And no one hates, or is more willing to destroy men than feminist women.

Seriously. Have you seen this study? It’s rather interesting,

  • A recent study suggests that self-identified feminists are much more likely than other women to “sacrifice” men in a hypothetical “Moral Choice Dilemma Task.”
  • Participants were exposed to “subliminal stereotypes” and then presented with scenarios asking them to sacrifice either a man or a woman in order to save several other individuals of unspecified gender.
  • The researchers speculate that the feminist students were trying to “resist” gender norms by “attempting to counteract” subliminal stereotypes with their responses.

Resist gender stereotypes? An interesting idea. Another hypothesis is that feminist women hate and despise men and would enjoy seeing all but the most supplicant men dead, Men can do as they are told, or die, I’m going with that answer, The #MeToo movement is a case in point. Ugly women, well past their sell-by dates, like Rose McGowan or Stormy Daniels are truly gleeful at the harm they are able to inflict on men who refused to be pawns in their fame game. We have given these women power. Who can be surprised they use that power to retaliate against men who are their betters in every way?

Was Anthony Bourdain about to face his own reckoning from some kitchen tramps trying to screw their way to a Michelin star?

I, for one, will not be the slightest bit surprised to find that a scorned woman or two is behind Bourdain’s death,

“In order for a man to be truly evil, he must be a woman.”

Watch. Who thinks the odds are excellent that I am right?