Hey, you! We need your posts! More of them! We are challenging your scribblings to try to lower our editor's defenses and come inside us.

Do you have anything you'd love to share with a larger audience? Maybe it's a dark, embarrassing secret about how you've been cheating on both your husband and your lover with the neighbor's dog. Perhaps you need advice about a cult leader boss making you do morning group exercise to 90s techno beats.

No matter the case, we'll read your submissions and you may be featured on IQfy.

Some ideas for those having trouble heating the braincase to a boil:

  • Write about a specific relationship and how it's changed you, or what you've learned from it, or unusual thoughts you have about it. Like I love him dearly, but I want to experience hookup culture, there must be something interesting or odd about your story. Everyone has experienced the sads.
  • Or what about plugging in the blender and generating surprising intersections of topics we wouldn't normally expect going together – like we did with hairstyle/politics for The artsy, anti-Republican case for microbangs.
  • Maybe stories about your night out and your encounters with douchebags or douchebaguettes. Or your eccentric views on tipping, or the weird thing that happened in the bathroom, or, or, or ...
  • It Happened To Me. What happened to you? We don't know, but we'd sure like to find out. We maintain a whole section for this confessional style and it's one of our favorite parts of this site.
  • Did you discover a new way to experience an experience? A fresh take on tourism? A sexuality nobody outside tumblr's ever heard of?
  • We do love beauty and fashion tips, but our style for these posts is to have a little more meat on the bone than other blogs. The internet is full of trashy articles in this genre because they have so much commercial potential.
  • Everybody loves weeeeird how-to's like Are you being followed?
  • You could spill your intimate secrets to keeping an X relationship going strong in Y circumstance. Is it the way you smoke his bacon or the way he tosses your salad? Tell us! We like to maintain a rich diet of topics, with occasional hanky panky.
  • You could write an entirely original take on tech or science like Are AIs sexual beings? We sexually harassed one for hours to find out.
  • For the brave: embarrass the people in your life, past or present, with stories they wish would never see the light of day.
  • For the even braver: painstakingly document every moment of your most embarrassing sex adventure.
  • Have you discovered genius new parenting techniques? Parents around the world need to hear from you, ASAP.
  • Check current articles in the news involving studies or anything noteworthy about dating/relationships in any way. Your brain is bound to make some fun connections.
  • Strong opinions? Cutting edge commentary on the periphery of acceptability? Yes, please, we'll take all of that.
  • See our dedicated Contributions page for lots more cool post ideas!

There are plenty of possibilities, and it all starts with writing words into your notes, and then emailing it to [email protected]. Or if you aren't so sure about this writing thing, just email the basic premise or title and we'll tell you if it sounds like a good post.

We have a list of easy to follow writer guidelines on our dedicated Contributions page. But basically: minimum 800 words, and have a reasonably logical flow of ideas so the editor doesn't have to play puzzle with your paragraphs.

Also, please make sure to let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous or write under a special pseudonym – or have any other conditions. We're totally cool with most of that.

And if you'd like to have an author box with a bio description and your social links, make sure to include all of that as well. We're happy to promote our writers and their stuff!

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  1. I don't want to write for y'all, I just want to say that your writers are exactly why even those of us on the left no longer want to be associated with the left.

  2. I am a trans BIPOC, will you help uplift my voice via poasting one of my articles? Wot is Best way to submit?

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