What would happen if no men showed up for work tomorrow? A thought experiment, assisted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in appreciation of our men.

[All information taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics except where noted.]

First up, the entire power grid would go down. 100% of power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers are men. Now, it's possible that there are a few women working in these occupations, but however many there are, they do not make up even 1% of the total workforce, so statistically, 100% of the workforce is male.

91% of the nation's electrical engineers are men, and if they don't show up for work, there is no one to monitor and manage the nation's electrical supplies. Assuming some automation (designed by men, naturally) kicks in for the day, we had all better pray there are no problems. 97.6% of electrical power line installers and maintenance workers are men.

Lights out, ladies and gentlemen.

Don't bother turning on your taps, either. Or flushing your toilets.  95.5% of water and liquid waste treatment plant and system operators are men.

Think you might be able to get out of town for the one day the men don't show up?

Think again.

Planes are out.

95.9% of aircraft pilots and flight engineers are men. If you happen to find a plane with a female pilot, don't get too excited. 98.4% of aircraft mechanics and service technicians are men. You can, however, be assured of your comfort as you sit on a pilotless aircraft that has no mechanic for pre-flight clearance, because 77.6% of flight attendants are female.

Should you be lucky enough to find a female pilot and a female technician to clear you for take-off, you still have some praying to do. Statistically, 0% of air traffic controllers and airfield operations specialists are women.

Of course, that doesn't mean there are ZERO ladies working in air traffic control. There just aren't enough to constitute even 1% of the workforce.

Trains, of course, are also out.

100% of locomotive engineers and operators are men, as are 100% of the workers who operate railroad brake, signals and switches.  94.4% of railway yardmasters are men, but if you chance upon a female yardmaster, it won't help you much. She can't operate the trains.

You might have better luck with bus drivers, almost half of whom are women.

But the streets are likely to be chaos. And there won't be anyone on hand to help you navigate that.

87.4% of police and sheriff's patrol officers are men. 96.6% of firefighters are men. 68.8% of Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics are men, so if it all goes tits up and you get hurt, there's a small chance you might make it to a hospital.

I hope you don't get too badly hurt, though. 65.7% of all surgeons are men.

Maybe you should just work from home? In the dark, mind you. With no running water.

Uh-oh. Looks like that might be a problem, too.

For all computer and mathematical occupations combined, 74.4% of the workforce is male. Computer network architects, who design and implement all our computer based communications systems are 91.9% men. And 94.2% of radio and telecommunications equipment installers and repair technicians are men.

Looks like that plan is fucked.

Hope it doesn't get too hot, or too cold the day men don't show up for work. Even if you had power, which you don't, you would be hard-pressed to get anyone in to take a look at your wonky air-conditioner or furnace.

98.4% of heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers are men.

Oh well. Guess you'll have to mosey on down to the local café, which has no power either, but what's logic and consequence anyways? Be careful when you step over all that accumulating garbage! Remember that most EMTs are men, and they've taken the day off. Don't want to get hurt now.

Most garbage collectors are men, too. 93.4%, to be exact.

You'll need to stop at the bank first, for a little cash injection.

Oops. Don't bother.

The machine hasn't been filled with money today. 81.5% of security guards and gaming surveillance officers are men. It's unlikely the banks would be functioning anyways, with no men at work. 72.1% of all securities, commodities and financial services sales agents are men. 72.6% of the nation's CEOs would be taking the day off, along with 70.9% of all the general and operations managers.

Don't count on getting a weather report today. Statistically, 0% of the nation's atmospheric and space scientists are women.

Actually, don't plan on acquiring pretty much anything today. The workers in the entire production, transportation and material moving occupations are 78.2% men. Not only will no goods be moving on the day men go on strike, they won't be made, period. 82.4% of all the industrial production managers are men.

Nothing will be built or extracted from the earth in terms of raw materials. 97.5% of that workforce is male.

Nothing will be installed, maintained or repaired. 96.8% of that workforce is male.

If men took a collective day off, we would instantly be without power, without the means to communicate, without protection, without water, without trucks bringing us the food and products we take for granted, because men are the ones who provide all those things.

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26 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">What would happen if no men showed up for work tomorrow?</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">A thought experiment, assisted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in appreciation of our men.</span>”

  1. Electricity is a magic manna that flows out of holes in the wall because government has said that It Is Good. It will always continue to flow unless Our Sacred Democracy is "destroyed" - by electing someone the owners of mass media don't like - in which case we live in a post-apocalyptic movie.

    This is the child's, and women's, conception of how the world works. You can teach them some abstractions and data that they can parrot back to you but their drool tier actual conception is unshakable.

    • "Don't count on getting a weather report today. Statistically, 0% of the nation's atmospheric and space scientists are women."

      This is a hilarious lie. In NASA alone one third of the senior staff are female, and almost a fifth of the scientific staff are female. The rest of the statistics in this article are false also. Such bullshit lmao.

      • I hate to break it to you, but she (Janet Bloomfield) literally cited the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The link is at the top, if you wish to see for yourself. I truly am sorry that it doesn't fit your narrative.

  2. We don't want praise ! We want something against father who can't see their children, beaten man, genital mutilation, heavy court judgements. Feminism is supposed to be for sex equality, but seem that for you, somes are more equal than others.

  3. And what would happen if no woman showed up for home works, raising and educating children, and all these "small" matters?
    Men should do them.
    And so men could not do them, because they would have no time and energy after a day of hard work.
    Men are men, women are women, and there's absolutely NOTHING that can be done about this.
    If you are a woman who would prefer to be a man, too bad for you... sincerely sorry for you... but fighting women that like to be WOMEN (i.e.: those who like to please their man, comfort him, receive attentions, be protected and helped by him in exchange for the natural sweetness of a woman, cook for him, raise the children, clean the house, well, you get it) is just mad.
    If you HATE feeling the need of a man beside you, this is YOUR problem, not a man's problem.
    Nature is made like that.
    You have more estrogen and progesterone in your blood, men have more testosterone.
    THAT'S NOBODY FAULT, nor it is a fault at all.
    It's just destiny: people born male and female.

    This war that women are waging to men has no sense, and it's going to end up VERY BADLY for women.
    Feminists will be eating dust in few years.
    MGTOW is spreading like wildfire and there is NOTHING you can do about this, because the thing (how women now don't look for parity anymore, but just to shame and blame men for being masculine: the male toxicity idiocy) is now BLATANT and it doesn't take much for a man and a boy to understand what's going on.
    The more you will try to screw us, the more we will send you your own way, the more you will end up depressed, alone with your cats or your drinks.
    Keep your role, accept what nature has given you.

    Your power over your man is also your weakness, and nothing can change that.
    The more you fight your instincts, the more you feel enraged and lost.
    The more you will look for a good man, support him, and proceed in life with him, the more you will feel satisfied and relaxed.
    If that's not what you are looking for, you are then at war, and it's a stupid war that will have no end, and no outcome: it will just damage the life of all the women on the planet who are not able to understand what's going on and are brainwashed into fighting men because they are powerful, and try to make them feel powerless. And then you go around whining because there are no "good men". Of course: you chase them away.
    Rethink your feminism.
    Feminism has been due, and it's still something due in some countries in the world, where women are REALLY treated badly.
    But in the Western countries? You are just clowns now, trying to take power over men, while not having the capacity to do so.
    And it's a challenge for you, that's the problem.

    I came to see women deeply convinced that they could beat men even at sports! That's how deep brainwashing can remove RATIONALITY from a brain.
    "Professional" women soccer teams have been beaten by 15 years old KIDS.
    A girl wanted to play american football with men, because she thought she could compete. They finally allowed her after so much complaining. After screwing off the team championship, she left. Be aware that a "right bump" from a man on a football field could actually kill a woman or seriously damage her. Muscles are not the same, bones are not the same.

    But the body is not the only thing. Even the brain is affected differently by estrogens and testosterone.
    Men are more technical: they like to DO things.
    Women are more societal: they like to deal with people.
    There's absolutely nothing bad in this.
    In this world need both things.
    There's nothing bad if women don't enter engineering schools. THEY DON'T LIKE IT. Nobody is keeping them out of these courses.
    And there's nothing bad if men don't like that much to work in maternity wards. THEY DON'T LIKE IT. Nobody is keeping them out.

    Just stop this war.
    Accept your NATURAL role.
    You are not going to "win" it anyway.

    • Single Dad here... I get off work, help with schoolwork, go to practice, make dinner, and keep up the house... no offense, but it's not hard.

      • Tch, if women don't show up to do those little things, NOTHING will happen.
        The KEY THING is, MEN created the world, so they RUN it. Women did not create anything, the only thing they know is to feed a little baby...with a man's money.
        It's not that hard to be a mother, it's pretty easy.

    • Men can do that too. If we are already capable of being solely responsible for the maintaining of society itself, we can very easily keep the home in shape as well. Cooking, cleaning, and raising your children isn't some ungodly task that only those with ovaries can accomplish. These days, modern women can't even cook or clean.

    • Just look at that thing, the only reason she is a misandrist is because no actual man wants her. She is gross inside and out.

    • I'm not gonna lie, I am so tired of seeing KAM. I'm tired of being told that because I have a penis, I must be a [email protected], that I am a predator, that I am a chomo. I am tired as being viewed and treated as a walking atm. I am tired of taking women out on dates, just for them to ghost me after the meal. i am saddened that, in order to live some semblance of a happy life, I'm going to have to accept, and get used to the idea that i am more than likely going to die alone, with no children to speak of. And its because of woman like her, or Amber Turd, who use their platforms to do nothing but spew anger and hate towards men as a whole. honestly, third wave feminism is just angry and hateful all around.

  4. The value in strikes isn't to prove that labor is organized, but to prove that the workers don't NEED the jobs. That the workers do have other options that will leave the business owner destitute. For most jobs in most industries this can't be done in one day, it takes weeks or months of no production to convince the owners that their factories make more money paying a high wage/safer conditions/weekends off than siting idle. If all men took the day off, I don't think it would take a full day for this message to be understood. No power no plains no trains no food. It would be minents of a man strike to have the feminists begging us to go back to work. Misandric laws would change in an hour.

  5. Every passing day I look at feminists attacking and abusing men and I wonder why women don't stand up for us. We can't stand up to feminists because the very ideology labels defending yourself against them as sexism or encouraging male on female abuse yet despite that the rest of the women who aren't doing the abuse just watch us get it and do nothing about it and became silent participants. I just don't understand why they're silent. As men we do our best to defend women from men they can't defend themselves against yet we don't get the same in return from women against women we can't defend ourselves from. I get this impression, which I constantly pray is false but yet is constantly proven true, that women in general seem to just not like us the way we like them otherwise they'd do for us what we do for them… why bother then? Why work for people who don't like us? Why be slaves for these people?

    • Don't lose hope sis. Women do care for us. They are however brainwashed by the feminist media. It's not that they are inherently evil or something. Just brainwashed. Yes we do all the out door job. That's how we have evolved. That doesn't mean women are inferior to us in any way. Both the sexes have different roles. That's what we need to understand. Women are equally valuable for us. They bring our offspring into the world. Without them there is no way our species would have continued. What is wrong however is the way the modern world demonizes men. We are painted with a broader brush, making the society believe that we are mysgonists, rapists, ect or that we take pleasure in hurting women or that raping them is our pastime or something. The vast majority of men, me and you, know deep inside us that we are not like that, and most of us are not hardcore criminals.

      • "Women are equally valuable for us."
        You listed one thing they do, and they can't do that without us either. They can, however, take our offspring from us whenever they please. They frequently do.
        Don't be an apologist. The only way it will change is if we refuse to play along. Do it for the generations to come.
        Don't forget: your children will grow up under an even more oppressive system. Unless things change. Don't force your son to live on his knees. Don't let your daughter grow up unable to love.

        • Interesting, let's just consider if no women were allowed to raise children without a husband. 70% of the criminals would not be raised.

            • Urethrae, look up Rose West. Then STFU.

              Also, plenty of women have lured children into trafficking. They are trusted more easily by people and the kids.

              You know nothing except your bigotry.

    • They arent helping because they overall benefit from all the bs these Feminists are pulling off. So why should they sacrifice their cushy laws, benefits, quotas etc. to help some men who arent allowed to stand up for themselves. They sit back and watch while reaping in the same benefits.

      • They threw their siss, sons, and father's under the bus for the pot of gold at the end of the feminist rainbow. Now boys are treated as a problem to be solved. As defective girls.

        Now that it isn't working as well as they thought, they distance themselves from feminism.

        Didn't you get what you wanted? Now you act like it wasn't you, ladies. Feminism is just magnifying female psychology for men to see. And we are just as disgusted with your misandry, as you are with misogyny.

        Men: don't simp, don't pay her way, don't give her more sympathy, don't fix her problems, don't sacrifice your hobbies and passions for her.

        Why? Because most wouldn't do it for you. Nor should they. She is not your daughter, she is an adult. It is way past time they started acting like it, and we started expecting it, and requiring it of our female peers and partners.

        Ladies, we owe you nothing. Only my mother gets automatic respect. She birthed me, you didn't.

    • I made some salient points, they didn't appear. They don't pass comments that make good arguments they can't refute.

      Men are objectified as "Human doings".
      You are a tool, and the minute you are not useful, most women will throw you away. Ladies, I typed "most" before feminist heads explode.

      This article is a perfect example of this. The author is pointing to your usefulness, not your virtues. You are a good worker, as opposed to a kind man, say.

      How many guys get sick, lose their job, and the wife follows? Did she really love his heart, or his provider ability?

      Ladies, we want love for WHO we are. Not "employee of the month."

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