Who is behind the apocalyptic sounding #DraftOurDaughters campaign?

Twitter has been flooded with a hashtag straight out of the Kremlin’s propaganda machine. The #DraftOurDaughters hashtag seems to imply Hillary Clinton is planning war with Russia and wants the nation’s women to sign up for the draft to fight Vladimir in World War III.

Some are serious in tone, while others are more jokey and seem to be inspired by Hillary Clinton previously stating she supports a legislative amendment that would require women to sign up for the draft.

The hashtag was born out of 4chan’s /pol/, the pro-Trump, alt-right forum, as a way to conjure the idea that Hillary is trying to start a massive war with Russia.

Here is a bit of the thread that started the campaign. A poster asked 4chaners to draft up Hillary WW3 memes.

Another user suggests a list of possible hashtags to spread the message on Twitter.

Others seemed to like the sound of #DraftOurDaughters and fired up the meme machine.

The hashtag seems to be propagated by Trump supporters coupling the memes with Hillary hashtags like #ImWithHer.

Other accounts associated with the hashtags appear to be bots, possibly related to the large number of Russian trolls en force on Twitter, although they’re difficult to pin down individually.

Probably a bot.

Donald Trump’s subreddit, /r/the_donald is furiously spreading the memes as well.

Someone even wrote a Buzzfeed community post (which apparently anyone can do) talking up how great a woman-led war with Russia would be.

The hashtag at one point reached Twitter’s trending section — it has since disappeared.