Black-on-Asian violence? Don't blame Black people—it's the Asians who need to explain themselves Anti-Black racism in the Asian community is the root cause of the problem, and we're tired.

You've seen the viral videos of Asian people scuffling with Black people and the vociferous social media posts that go along with them. The blame is always laid at the feet of Black folks in the community despite the inciting incidents of the viral videos – often Asians being racist and slinging n-word bombs – being cut before upload.

Uncut and uncensored videos reveal this dark truth that Asians now need to face.

Such uncut videos rarely make it past the White Supremacist system's filters. Consider this far more typical specimen of the "Black violence against Asian" viral video phenomenon:

At no point in the viral video narrated by professional news reporters are you informed of the fact that the scuffle could have been sparked by a well aimed and timed n-word bomb by the Asian man. Nor are you educated on the systemic racism enforced against Black folks by the White and White-passing Supremacist system ruling America.

So let's cut right to the chase: Anti-Black racism in the Asian community is the root cause of the problem, and we're tired.

  • It's not on Black people to react to viral Asian beatdowns a certain way.
  • Instead of asking why the Black person acted out, try asking what role the Asian played in the situation.

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40 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Black-on-Asian violence? Don't blame Black people—it's the Asians who need to explain themselves</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Anti-Black racism in the Asian community is the root cause of the problem, and we're tired.</span>”

  1. First you admit there's no proof Asians did anything to start the fight. Then you base your entire argument on it.

    have a nice day, you freaking scrotebrain.

  2. Seriously, you are suffering from arrested development. What makes you think physical violence in response to any word is justifiable? This is the mindset of a 5 year old.

  3. So you're saying you have no self control, no sense of responsibility. Incapable of behaving like an adult human. You are disgusting.

  4. LOL! This is the biggest piece of shit article I have ever seen... DUH, We hit because call bad name ... DUH.

    GFTO of here and get your house in order.

  5. Rape? Don't blame men, it's the women who need to explain themselves.
    > Anti-Male discrimination in our gynocentric society is the root cause of the problem, and we're tired. It's not on Men to react to viral harassment videos and #MeToo allegations in a certain way. Instead of asking why the Male acted out, try asking what role the female played in the situation

  6. TF u talkn bout? u kno u trippn. azn pipo aint do sht to us it be mfrs who mad cuz dey be trash getto. dis sht jus cover up fo dem nigas n caus mo probs wit black n azn. u part of da problem

    • Black people are just giving you back what you dish out. The anti Black sentiment runs deep in all Asian countries and don't even get me started on how you look your nose down on us here in the USA.

      Get your own house in order before you talk shit. And while were at it, stop worshipping white people and licking their asses for acceptance when they wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire. If anything we should work together to destroy the enemy.

      Lastly, homeless and mentally ill Black men attacking Asians is not my problem. I steer clear of them and mind my business. Random Black people should not have to take responsibility for another persons actions. Clearly Black people live in your head rent free and that is a YOU problem.

      Stop Asian Hate starts with eradicating the anti Blackness in your communities.

      • You're stupid ape brain is too stupid to realize that's not really an Asian. Kim is a Korean name and the Japanese are the ones who use R/L mixups. It'd be easier to eradicate the blacks in the community to protect the Asians than it would to eradicate "anti-blackness", and crime would go down

      • Keep freaking out over words,child. No one is holding back african americans except african americans. Grow up,please.

    • Pushed an old Asian man from the behind, stabbed an Asian girl 40 times in an attempt to rape her, and posted this article, seriously, are you human and do you know what's humanity? Who is the author anyway?

  7. We can't blame the Black community for the "violent" actions of individuals responding to hate. I'm processing a lot of anger and grief after reading about the murder of Michelle Go, and at this point I'm pretty burnt out on the continued attacks against women and elderly members of our community in particular, the complete apathy and lack of solidarity from people outside the AAPI community, and ignorant government officials who couldn't give less of a shit about our communities.

    That said, we as a community need to be able to decouple the violent actions of Blacks responding to getting called the n-word from the Black community at large. Remember that in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, Koreans from all corners of the globe felt the bizarre need to apologize for Seung-Hui Cho's actions, which others in the Asian American community quickly shut that down, and rightly so.

    Tensions between Black and Asian American communities obviously exist and need to be addressed. But we need to unite in this era of White Supremacism. Unite against our common enemy: the whites.

  8. If you separated the US Black and US White population in gun violence statistics, US White rates of gun violence would be on par with European White rates, and US Black rates would be similar to African rates

  9. Why is it that anywhere the black population goes to--America, UK, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Korea--they behave the same way and get arrested at the same rate? It's time to ask this Black Question. The Black Solution is move back to Africa.

  10. Hell of a way to deflect blame damn, black people really sum else...

    Imagine writing this as a black women when black men don't give a fuck about you and much rather go around freaking snowbunnies, pathetic.

  11. Violence by black folk is irrational and much constructed by their culture, in no other part of the first world you're allowed to physically harm somebody because of a word that was said and who you don't necessarily agree with. For some reason it it's instilled in black folk to become violent by the most insignificant and unmeaningful acts, that's why you see the murder rates in predominantly black cities like Chicago, Detroit and other decaying communities (because of black folk).
    Maybe instead of justifying the physical harm and other acts of violence whose outcome is somebody end up being dead, black folk should take long look and in the mirror and say: "Is it rational for me to act so violently over a stupid word?", "Is it worth it to kill someone just because I don't agree with him/her?"... These are some of the questions people of dark complexity (black folk) should be asking themselves instead of acting like an absolute animal by the most minimum provocation and the worst thing about it is there's people like the one who wrote this article who actually try enable irrational behaviour on top of it as it the matter wasn't horrible enough already as it is.
    To be quite honest I wouldn't be surprised if the next act of violence against an innocent Asian person is committed by the lady who wrote this article but then again specially after what happened in the New York subway I'm convinced that black folk are unable to feel any type of guilt because of a cultural thing they justify violence with. Sad!.

  12. You know, I don’t condone calling anyone any racist name but when you start violently attacking people for calling you an insult, you start to lose trust in the public’s eyes.

    There are others ways to resolve things than hitting, stealing and doing drugs. This just screams scapegoat to me, and a cherrypicked one at best.

    But whatever, if this is the delusion you people want to believe then so be it, ignorance is bliss it seems.

    • They just claim whoever they assault "said the N word" every single time. Just a way for this scrote to steal Chang's new iphone.

  13. Nevermind the lesser developed pre-frontal cortex. It's actually the name calling that's to blame for the violent attacks. Imagine actually believing this crap. The only injustice here is the fact that we have to raise kids next to you animals.

  14. Riiight because we hear about Asian people physically attacking Black people aAaAall the time to merit "reverse racism."

    God, always have to be lying. At every turn, always lying. Actually take responsibility for once.

  15. Asians really are the dumbest motherfuckers in the entirety of history. Here are a couple of examples of why.

    >asians see birds eat grains
    >Mao tells 1 billion asians to kill all the birds in China so that the birds won't eat their grains anymore
    >1 billion asians kill all the birds in China
    >with no more birds, the insect population explodes in China
    >the insects eat all the grains
    >45 million asians starve to death

    >Asians need steel to make buildings
    >so Mao tells 1 billion asians to stop farming and working, and instead to melt down all their metal to produce steel
    >1 billion asians gather every single piece of metal in sight, including farming tools, pots, and pans
    >1 billion asians chop down every single tree in sight to fuel the furnaces, and even tear down their own houses to provide more wood
    >in the end, 1 billion asians produce millions of tons of useless pig iron that is completely unusable
    >1 billion asians now have no homes to live in, no tools to use for farming, no pots to cook food, no wood to heat the pots, and no food to eat because the insects helped themselves to it with no birds to worry about

  16. Wow This Report has shone a light on an important phenomenon. ALL viral videos of so-called anti-Asian violence are edited! But when the videos are uncensored, We see that it's the Asian who are racist towards the Black folks! They sling the most horrific n-word that you can imagine!

    • Who cares you freaking pussy. Someone calls you a name. How stupid do you have to be to take offense to a word? Unless you actually are that word. scrote.

    • I'm sorry this is so hard for you to understand, friend, but violence is not an acceptable solution to life's problems. Violent acts are punished by law. If someone says mean things to you, you are not allowed to hit them. You are not allowed to shoot them. You must take it up with the legal system. Call the police and report a hate crime. Too bad that would get you ostracized in African-American society that demonizes the police because they don't have a genuine concept of law and order.

      You are not a law unto yourself. You do not get to break laws and do violence just because "you feel like it." If someone does something illegal, then either ignore it or report it. It's that simple. This is how the "white man's world" functions, and it's why so many black people have a hard time fitting in to it.

      I understand. Your people and my people have different concepts of morality, of law, of right and wrong. Just because you are big, does not give you the right to threaten, intimidate, or violently act out. Just because someone else is smaller than you does not give you those rights either, even if they yell insults at you and make you feel bad about yourself.

      This is why people here keep saying things like "black people are like animals" even though you only receive it as an insult. What they are telling you is that the impulse control of black people is broadly not like that of white people, who exercise great self-restraint, and even go so far in to brainwashing themselves to overlook all the crimes and flaws of their neighbors, because we did you and your family wrong for a few hundred years, maybe.

      But frankly, your neighbors in Africa did you wrong first. If they hadn't sold you as slaves, you simply would've been murdered and left to rot. And not only that, garden gnomes took you here to America, and then MY PEOPLE, MY FAMILY, MY ANCESTORS literally fought to FREE you, and we get begged for reparations by people who can't even follow the law.

      Anyway, I doubt you'll read all this. I know I'm just wasting my time. In any case, sis, you should listen to Malcolm X. You folks need your own nation, where you can rule yourselves and not be ruled over by any man of any other colors than the ones you deem fit among your own society. I support you. I just won't let you sit here and act like black people are the victim again, when really it is black people hurting themselves over and over again, and the rest of us being asked to clean up the mess. Do you really think people only hate you because you LOOK different? Maybe, "the question you should be asking is not 'why did this asian say some hateful shit to me to make me mad' and 'why does he hate me in the first place?'" because maybe he HAS a reason, and it's one that is just too hard for you to hear right now, and so when you start thinking about that maybe you get a little angry and you want to punch that racist poopyhole who just insulted you and your whole race.

      I get it. But learn some restraint, and follow the damn law.

    • This is exactly why many black live in the lowest level of the community, go check out any black community in the country, the common things are like 4th world (not even 3rd world), dirty, danger, drugs, violence, etc. Kids are not in the school during school time, they join gangs. They are wondering around doing harmful things to other people or most likely to themselves. Many committ the first crime before 16 years old.

      Many black people blame everything else but never look at themselves, if they keep thinking this way, no matter how, nobody truly respect them, and they live in the worst part of any city for ever, or turn any good parts into the worst part.

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