Women are now braiding their hair into beards so we can also be lumbersexuals

When we are in need of some hair inspiration, all we need to do is a quick search on social media. Instagram has helped popularize numerous hair color trends including sunset hair, half-and-half hair and opal dye jobs, to name just a few of the 1,000.

The latest hair trend that is generating buzz actually doesn’t have to do with hair color. The latest craze has women braiding their long hair into beards and posting photos of their lady beards.

Yup, for real.

The #ladybeard hashtag currently has over 5,000 posts and counting on Instagram. It looks like trendsetter Jennifer Lawrence was onto something when she stuck some hair onto her chin and said she had decided to grow a beard on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last year.

JLaw on the Tonight Show.

It is difficult to say where the exact source of the trend came from but perhaps we were sick of looking at men and all their full lumbersexual beards, so ladies decided to come up with their own version. We gave dudes the man bun, so I guess the long beard was what we traded for it.

This actually isn’t the first time that a beard trend has surfaced for the ladies. French label On Aura Tout Vu sent models down the runway with their faces decked out in crystal beards during Paris Couture Week in January. It might not have gained popularity with the general public but that was probably because you needed a lot of crystals and a lot of time to apply them.

For the latest lady beard trend, you basically just need to braid two sections of your hair on each side of your head, then wrap them across your face to form a beard. However, some people have gotten more creative and they are trying different variations to form impressive wizard beards with braids and curls.

If the trend continues, glitter beards might even become a thing for the ladies. Glitter roots and glitter pits are already two holiday beauty trends, so why not spread the glitter around? It’s already a buzzed about look for guys for festivals. Of course there is always the popular Christmas-ornaments-in-the-beard look that dudes love this time of year that girls could try.

Will you see a lot of long lady beards at your holiday parties? Probably not. Most people will probably stick with hair accessories, updos or if they are feeling creative, gold leaf hair. Mind you, you never know what will happen after a few holiday cocktails. And the lady beard is one way to keep your face protected from cold winds.