Here’s why you should get high the next time you have sex

Study found that there are fewer post-sex regrets with pot than alcohol.

Marijuana users can breathe a small sigh of relief when it comes to their weekend activities: They are less likely to have post-coital regret than people who drink alcohol, a new study has found.

According to New York’s Center for Drug Use and HIV Research, alcohol users were more likely than pot users to use their drug as a social catalyst, which led to more encounters with potential sexual partners, but also more post-sex regret.

Marijuana users, while social, and while likely to use marijuana in a private setting in the company of other like-minded individuals, were less likely to feel ashamed the morning after.

The reason for the disparity, researchers believe, is that alcohol is more omnipresent at parties, where people might be looking to hook up. And people often use alcohol to boost their confidence, increase their sociability and “facilitate connections” with likely sexual partners.

Marijuana is also illegal in most places in the country, so people tend to do it behind closed doors with people they trust. Researchers did not take into account that marijuana typically makes users lethargic, hungry for Doritos, and very good at video games—all things that work against pursuing sexual encounters.

But the news isn’t all good for pot smokers. There was no difference among those studied when it came to drug-induced sexual dysfunction, so marijuana smokers were just as likely as alcohol users to suffer some embarrassing issues after using their drug of choice.

Marijuana users were also just as likely as alcohol users to forgo condoms and other types of protection. So while they may not regret their choice of partner, they may still—eventually—regret their decisions.