20 crazy rainbow uses that prove the rainbow trend is Out Of Control

Rainbow is *~on trend~* and no one can stop it… but these crazy rainbow items are getting a little out of control.

Okay Internet, it’s time to talk. I know that new trends are fun, and we haven’t all really collectively freaked out about something since that magical Internet day when the White/Gold Black/Blue dress debate almost destroyed all of our relationships, but it’s time to discuss the rainbow trend that is taking over everything.

By now, you’ve seen the rainbow highlighter that, for some reason, made people lose their minds, and you’ve also heard about the crazy lines people in New York City waited on to get their hands on a rainbow bagel. This is just the tip of the brightly colored iceberg.

Rainbow is *~on trend~* and no one can stop it… but these crazy rainbow items are getting a little out of control. I’m not trying to be a party pooper. I love a good rainbow colored item just as much as anyone else. Rainbows remind me of magic and unicorns and happiness, and I think it’s really cool that they’re enjoying a moment in the spotlight.

I just don’t want to see rainbow get burnt out too quickly, and I fear that is what’s happening. Remember when we were all obsessed with the ’90s for three straight years? Now I can’t even think about the ’90s without wanting to scream. I liked the ’90s! The Internet ruined it for me. I don’t want the Internet to ruin rainbow for me too.

So, let’s get your rainbow fix cured and out of the way. These 20 crazy rainbow items are proof that this trend needs to be stopped before it gets to be too much. What’s next? A rainbow dyed pet (probably)? A rainbow car? A rainbow pizza?! Honestly, I think that’s too much for even the Internet to handle.

#1. Rainbow Grilled Cheese


Just when you thought rainbow couldn’t look cooler, it appeared in cheese form. I mean… this is just… it’s a work of art, really. An unnecessary one, but still beautiful.

#2. Rainbow Freckles


I’m not going to lie, this is really pretty. Like, stupid pretty. It’s not practical, but I kind of like imagining a world where Hunger Games style makeup is the norm.

#3. Hidden Rainbow Hair

Finally, a socially responsible hair trend for those of us who want to stand with what’s right but who also risk retaliation. We are the Rainbow Rebels. See our separate article for this awesome rainbow trend that makes us feel like we are part of the resistance like in Star Wars or something.

#4. Rainbow Latte Art


Okay, this rainbow latte art wins for coolest latte art of all time. Hands down.

#5. Rainbow Eyebrows


Imagine if we all started doing this to our eyebrows. It would be so colorful everywhere.

#6. Rainbow Highlighter


Who doesn’t remember the day an innocent little rainbow highlighter blew up and caught all sorts of attention? I still don’t quite understand why, because I don’t think it’s practical in any way, but it is quite pretty to look at.

#7. Rainbow S’mores


Okay, I have no clue how this girl made this, but I do know that I want it.

#10. Rainbow Bangs


If you’re not into full-on rainbow hair, you could opt for rainbow bangs… which seems… difficult.

#11. Rainbow Bagels


Eat it for the Insta?

#12. Rainbow Roots

Pretty? Yes. Expensive? Even more yes.

#13. Rainbow Eye Makeup


Oh, sorry. Did you think this would be eye makeup you could wear on a day-to-day basis? Because it’s not. It’s eye makeup you would literally never wear and would only apply to take an Instagram picture.

#14. Rainbow Eye Shadow

This eye shadow, though, is eye makeup you could realistically wear if you want to be unique and cool.

#15. Rainbow Cake

Visually appealing, yes, but this has to take SO much work.

#16. Rainbow Pancakes

I mean, yeah. Okay. We get it. Rainbows are everywhere.

#17. Rainbow Eyeliner


How long do you think this took?

#18. Rainbow Hair


I low key love this. What can I say?

#19. Rainbow Sushi


Okay vegans, that’s ENOUGH.

#20. Rainbow Mermaid Hair

Okay, I’m not going to lie: I went into this post expecting to hate everything and I LOVED EVERYTHING. Bring on the rainbow, guys. I’m ready.

Which of these rainbow items is your favorite? How do you feel about the rainbow trend? Let me know in the comments.