How an everyday American man became the overlord of thousands of Filipinos

Kevin Horn was a normal man. Then he randomly decided to join a Filipino group on Facebook.

Kevin Horn was by all accounts a normal man, but one day he made the fateful decision to join a Filipino group on Facebook.

There aren’t a lot of white Americans involved in the online Filipino community, but Kevin respected their culture, language, and most importantly, their memes. He now has thousands of loyal Filipino fans who hail him as their lord and savior.

Here’s how it happened.

Kevin wasn’t a stranger to memes, but his internet shenanigans one day landed him into a Facebook group titled “Fresh Sardines from West Philippine Sea Shitposting.” He already knew a little bit of Tagalog, so he tried to join in on the fun to the best of his ability. Finding the challenge amusing, Kevin then joined several more Filipino groups, including “Sacred Bats from North Philippines.”

It should go without saying that it’s extremely rare for a random white American guy to be shitposting alongside Filipinos, so they were a bit skeptical of him at first. The skepticism faded as he chatted with them and everyone got to know a little more about him. As it turned out, Kevin was a pretty cool dude.

The Filipino memers particularly liked to make jokes about Kevin’s last name because of its rhyming potential, like Kevin Corn, Kevin Born, Kevin Worn, and Kevin Porn.

Rold Kevin Corn

Kevin Corn

Eventually Kevin’s Filipino popularity reached the point where he was officially given the title “Rold Kevin,” and his internet popularity has been snowballing out of control since then.

Rold Kevin

Rold Kevin

The face of Rold Kevin can now be seen in memes across Filipino groups, each with thousands of members, and they all seemingly want the attention of the Rold.

Kevin has gained over 1,500 new Filipino Facebook friends within the span of a few weeks. Even though he’s now at his friend limit, the friend requests won’t stop rolling in.

According to Kevin, he receives about 50 to 75 friend requests from Filipinos every day, as well as several comments and messages.

If you dare to venture into the comments of Rold Kevin’s posts, you’ll see replies from Filipino memers begging Kevin to accept their friend request. But unfortunately, Rold Kevin can’t accept everyone.

Accept me Rold Kevin

Overall it seems like Kevin has been having the time of his life with all of his new friends. Kevin described his new friends as “wholesome” and said “they’ve actually all been very respectful and friendly.”

“Some people try to play pranks on me by telling me a word means something else but it’s all in good humor,” Kevin said.

Kevin might not be fluent in Tagalog yet, but he’s been watching a few educational YouTube videos and he seems to be learning a lot. His willingness to learn the language and culture at least puts him a step above K-pop group BTS, some memers would claim.

Rold Kevin or BTS

I’m not sure exactly what “7 inches” is referring to, but I’m not going to judge what the Rold discusses with his fans.

Kevin’s American friends might be extremely confused, but at least he’s having a great time with his new Filipino followers.

Rold Kevin's American friends

Kevin now has his own Facebook group, Iglesia ni Kevin, with over 6,000 members — mostly Filipino.