6 inspirational design trends in modern celebrity homes

These celebrity designer touches can hopefully inspire a little sparkle to smaller yet ambitious homes.

Imagine living in Bill Gates’ $125 million home with as many wildly over the top features you could think of — including rotating artwork, pressure-sensitive floors for security, and a whopping six different kitchens to design to your heart’s content.

Celebrity homes have always been a subject of fascination, telling us as much about how the rich and famous enjoy their leisure time as about the latest high-tech features enhancing human home life and enjoyment.

Of course, you don’t need to have a celebrity budget — or even a ridiculous amount of space — to design beautiful interiors. These are just six homes whose designer touches can easily inspire a little sparkle to smaller yet stylish and comfortable abodes.

The power of art

Nobody can utilize art in décor and design quite like celebrities; their budgets enable them to command works by some of the most celebrated artists of our time. Yet Kendall Jenner’s beautiful yet understated home in Los Angeles is the perfect example of how subtle, uncluttered, simple interiors can be livened up with a beautiful artwork or statement piece.

The good news for those with a small budget for art is that statement effects can easily be imitated. One of the pieces that catches one’s eye in Jenner’s home, for instance, is the glowing, soulful James Turrell light installation (picture on right). It seems to blend into the wall, emitting pink and golden hues within its oblong/spherical interior.

Meanwhile a Tracey Emin neon sculpture hangs in the bedroom sitting area and beautiful Waterworks fixtures in the pool bath perfectly match the deep jade mosaic tiles.

Jenner’s home also has joyful abstract paintings dispersed throughout areas like the living room, where you might least expect them. Take the vivid watercolor that hangs about the Moroccan-inspired side table in the living room. Invest in a few small watercolors to grace empty spaces in walls in your living room. Lighting effects can be achieved by buying a few extra-large pieces and using LED lighting to change the color and intensity of light in different rooms.

Open plans and mixed materials in kitchens

Logan Paul’s $6.55 million home in Encino pays homage to the importance of light and space; with its beautiful high-beamed ceilings, its open-plan spaces, and light-filled living room, graced with steel and glass floor-to-ceiling windows and doors that invite the sun in regardless of where you are. Check out his gorgeous kitchen with its dark marble central island and white stone countertops:

The home incorporates traditional and modern features alike, its plentiful wooden beams boasting brown as well as grey hues and an amazing collection of eclectic influences holding sway. From classical to minimalist, American to Italian, furniture items and fixtures abound that capture your eye with grace, originality, and comfort.

Embracing your favorite color

If you are mad about magenta or crazy about cerulean, don’t be shy to color block your home the way celebrities like Kylie Jenner have. Kylie has taken her passion for pink to new heights, with a dining area dominated by pink in all its manifestations (check out the pink leather dining chairs and the pink butterflies on the wall).

Her dressing area is equally flirtatious, harking back to Marilyn Monroe and Barbie for pinkspiration. Chairs, neon signs, wigs, artwork, and even flowers pay homage to the ultimate sensual hue. Even the plush carpet is somewhere between pink and salmon in tone.

Bringing nature indoors

Current world events are doing plenty to strengthen a trend that was already hitting strong, say designers J Fisher Interiors: that of sustainability coupled with a love for nature.

Features of numerous celebrity homes that are beautiful while being eco-friendly include recycled and reclaimed wood for flooring and walls. Nature, meanwhile, is forming part of the beauty of interiors in new ways — via indoor plants, indoor vertical walls, and bay windows with large crystal panels that unit indoor areas to outdoor gardens, trees, and forests.

For inspiration, check out Taylor Swift’s gorgeous Los Angeles bay window with wooden seating that houses storage space beneath. The large glass features welcome a flood of natural light but also invite dwellers to take in the beauty of the magnificent gardens which overtake the interiors with their lush magnificence.

Outdoor entertainment areas

If lockdown has taught many home dwellers one thing, it’s the extent to which their homes can be converted back into the focal point for entertainment and socialization it once was. High-end homeowners are taking advantage of their large outdoor areas by jazzing up patios and terraces, and turning pool areas into party zones with features such as outdoor bars and kitchens.

For the ultimate outdoor kitchen, take a look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s idea of perfection. This kitchen is equipped with a wood burning oven for pizza, a Josper grill, and just about every high-end piece of professional equipment you can think of.

Nature inspired pools

Pools, too, are more than simply rectangular zones in which to stay cool and fresh in summer months. Here celebrities are steering away from simply minimalism and once again embracing natural forms. This is achieved in many top stays through the use of dark green painted tiles, grassy surroundings, and rocky features such as boulders bearing their own human-made waterfalls.

Just a few pools that blend seamlessly into the Great Outdoors include Richard Branson’s seafront pool, ensconced by swaying palm trees and a thatched roof relaxation area; Will Smith’s green, rock-framed Malibu pool, and Patrick Dempsey’s secluded, dark pool, surrounded by a natural wooden deck and a wild tropical garden.