Here’s why you should never use DuckDuckGo
The search engine manages a vast blacklist of legitimate sites, and it doesn't protect your privacy. DuckDuckGo is a tech grift designed to exploit less tech savvy users.
Landlord exposes glamour influencer—lives in piles of trash and shit
Beautiful Lisa Li's life is one of class and luxury. Or so her 1.1 million followers thought. See the horrific pigsty revealed by her landlord's house tour.
“Breeding”: the creepy new sex fetish involving pregnancy & abortion
When the other fetishes just aren't doing it any more, there's actual child sacrifice. "Breeding" is perfectly legal—and huge on Reddit.
This is what it’s like selling drugs on the deep web
A story about an Excel spreadsheet and how a deep web drug kingpin misadventure ended with several dead people.
Unraveling YouTube’s monkey torture network
Psychopath network of monkey torture videos garners millions of views for years on end and nothing is being done about it. Jim investigates.
Internet archives expose Cenk Uygur’s sex pest, racist past
The TYT host presents himself as a pillar of feminism and the progressive left, but internet history shows Cenk Uygur has a shady past involving sex abuse and prolific racism.
The rise and fall of Shia Labeouf’s He Will Not Divide Us art project
The project gave denizens of obscure message boards a reason to go outside and bring their memes to the real world.
YouTube is full of toilet-themed Spiderman and Elsa videos
The videos have ridiculous amounts of views and appear to originate from the former Soviet block and Asia.
Conspiracy theory: Is Alex Jones an acid house producer?
There is a growing mountain of evidence that conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones makes acid house beats on the side.
The joker brokers: the world’s saddest get rich quick scheme
We all have financially backward relatives, but this story about a dad tricked into a become-a-billionaire-quick scheme is a doozy.
Inside the spectacularly bizarre fan subculture of ‘shipping’
They pair fictional characters together in romantic relationships and then obsess over that mental image becoming a reality. And there are a lot of them.
What the ‘Ambien Walrus’ really is, according to the person who made it up
Another internet rabbit hole: ambien users and the things they get up to when the pill doesn't put them to sleep.
Reddit parents confess terrible secrets they can NEVER tell their kids
Hey kids, you're METH KIDS. Yeah, some of these get very dark.
Stuck in time: 90s websites that are still with us, unchanged, today
Let's gawk at websites so old their html was written in Sanskrit—but are still functional and being served up by a server somewhere.
A brief history of early internet amateur porn
A look back at do-it-yourself exhibitionism in a time when only scientists and perverts bothered.