5 low impact workouts that will help you get ready for summer

Low impact workouts are for young and old alike. Here are the top five low impact workouts that tend to have the best results.

When it comes to good health, strong muscles and a good mind, low impact workouts gets you there! Take it from a fitness staff member, there are multiple low impact workouts and exercises that most anyone young or old could try. From fitness center machines to using the great outdoors, workouts can be limitless. But what are the top five low impact workouts that tend to have the best results?

Explore walking

The oxygen and exercise both can be found when walking. Walk along a road, down a path, or visit the local park for a great outdoors low impact workout experience.

A standard distance walked within thirty minutes is approximately one mile (plus). A fifteen minute walk at a standard pace usually gets you close to half of a mile. And if thirty minutes is too much try the fifteen minute walk.

When walking three times a week within one month your body should feel the difference, inside and out. If walks bore you then prepare some music or podcasts in advance.


You don’t have to be Michael Phelps to swim fast enough to reach a low impact workout. The dolphin technique can assist. Arms at both sides, legs together, hold your breath and go under to swim like a dolphin. Your head should move downward and up at the point your buttocks complete the same formation. Best way to describe this would be to try bending your fingers first and the palm second in a wave formation. You’ll just do the same with your body under water.

Do not try to do laps. A couple of times three times a week should be fine. More swimming techniques? Freestyle, butterfly, or the front and backstroke.


Save your money and don’t spend a dime on free weights. They can be overpriced. Recycle a tea or milk container with handles for the betterment of health. Wash and rinse out the container and fill with water to the level which is best fitting.

Or use a standard weight. Stand up, back straight, legs only inches apart, arms at each side with the weight in one hand. Work on the shoulders by lifting the weight (or container) straight up and in front of you then above the head. Lift the weight lower to target the lower arm areas. Reps of ten with a total of thirty is ideal.

Rowing by lake or machine

You don’t need a boat to row. The sequence of movements can be accomplished with a little imagination. Otherwise, take a trip to your local lake and rent a canoe for a couple of bucks to row for approximately thirty minutes. If you don’t want to splurge out on a rowing machine for your home, a fitness center can offer machines equipped with a rowing formation piece. Contact a local fitness center before arriving to assure a machine with that type of capability is available. Some centers will allow a first time free of charge basis.

Rowing on machines three times a week for fifteen to thirty minutes is ideal to accomplish a low impact workout. You can also break each workout into reps (three to six times at five minutes each).

Spa and jacuzzi

If you thought the spa or Jacuzzi was only there to look good with a drink in your hand, you’re sadly missing out on some of the best low impact exercises known to man. Since a person should only remain in a spa or Jacuzzi for the duration of ten minutes per stay, you can’t overdue it. Swim in idle. Walk in the water from one long side to the other. Bend legs (like a frog) for at least five minutes.

If you feel the heat being too much, stop the low impact workout. But if all goes well, you’ll feel fantastic!