20 Sex Ed questions that prove kids are stupider than ever

Either that or they've started teaching Sex Ed to toddlers.

Teachers like to whine online, and that includes the sex ed ones. At least we imagine they’re hot. But when they’re making fun of their students and we get to see the stupid questions they’re fielding, we have to wonder about the youth of today. Kids are either getting stupider or they’ve started teaching sex ed to 3-year-olds.

How many sperm go in the vagina at a time?

Photo courtesy of u/legendairycockamouse: “I’m a teacher. We had an anonymous question amnesty in Sex Ed today…”

What did breasts ever do for us, any way. Get a job, breasts!

Photo courtesy of teacher u/iheartdna, who collected three years of 9th-graders’ anonymous sex ed questions.

The playcenter

Condoms for GAY

Photo courtesy of u/iheartdna.

Can condom holes help let the STDs out and protect you?

Photo courtesy of u/iheartdna.

You don’t have a right to judge her — she has a job!

Is there anyway that I can get this popular guy at school to get me pregnant? Well im 15 and im ready to have a child and I have the right guy in mind to make me pregnant. this guy named thomas is soo hot and popular. He's muscular, captain of the football team, senior, and he's an AP student. He is the coolest guy in school and he is REALLY rich. I was thinking seducing him and poking holes in the condoms when we have sex. To all of you claiming im not ready, I am ready. you dont know me. I have a job

No you can’t MacGyver a condom out of a plastic bag, or tarp, or a solar panel

Photo courtesy of u/iheartdna.

What is anal helicopter?

In the event of poop baby

Photo courtesy of u/iheartdna.

Tampon goes in butt or regina?

Photo courtesy of grade 5 teacher u/Brenner1980 who found it in her question box.

Well, does it? Can’t tell if judgmental or sincere

Photo courtesy of u/iheartdna.

You’re going to have to provide more evidence than the labor and the pregnancy itself

How am i sure Im the real mom of my kid? I just had a baby and it looks more like the man i had my baby with. It doesnt look like me at all and Im scared that he was cheating on me with another lady and i had her kid. This child is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I cant imagine giving my baby to the real mom! how do ik!??!

Diseases from masturbation

Photo courtesy of u/iheartdna.

At what age will you get the sperm and what is a homo

A sex ed teacher posted this on Reddit with the comment: “So, I taught sex education today to a group of 10 and 11 year old boys and asked them to write down questions they weren’t comfortable with asking in front of the class. What I got was this gem…”

Go get all four of your balls checked immediately, young man

Photo courtesy of u/iheartdna.

Male pregnancy is how the circus freaks get into our world

Photo courtesy of u/iheartdna.

Dude are we old enough for this gross stuff?

Some smart kids for last, via u/the_tylander, who adds, “conversation my 11 y/o daughter found discarded in her sex ed class.”