Stop dynamic pricing, + 9 more ways to save $ when shopping online

Now that everyone's doing it, here's how to do it right.

Online shopping is more popular than ever (thanks, virus!), but don’t be in a hurry to check out that cart. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to save cold hard cash.

Use a price tracker

For some stores, when the prices of items in your wish list drop, you will get an email alert. But for shops that do not use this price drop alert feature, you can opt for a price tracker. These apps allow you to keep track of the prices of your desired items and doing all the work of finding out when is the best time to buy.

Outwit dynamic pricing by installing a VPN

Many online shops use dynamic pricing to determine how much different people should have to pay for services. If you log in from an affluent neighborhood or country, or have been marked as affluent due to search history, you are likely to be charged more for services. Some websites even charge customers more depending on whether they are using a Mac or a PC!

With a VPN app (Virtual Private Network), you are shielded from dynamic pricing by hiding your location and masking your IP address. A VPN also encrypts all your communication so that if you are on public Wi-Fi, the VPN secures your network. Ensure you clear all your cookies to avoid being tracked by sites using your browsing habits.

Sign up for loyalty clubs and email discounts

Most retailers reward clients with 10 to 15% off coupons for all new email subscribers. As mentioned before, open an email shopping account to prevent spam in your regular email address account. Sign up to as many loyalty sites as you can to get a variety of discounts on different items.

Make seasonal purchases

Retailers mostly mark down their items when trying to get rid of the old inventory to create room for new stock. Outdoor furniture and outdoor tools are sold at throwaway prices in the fall in anticipation of winter. In summer, winter clothes are sold at throwaway prices to give way to summer clothes. With this information, make plans to make big purchases during seasonal sales.

Keep comparin’

Your saving grace as an online shopper is due diligence. Compare, compare, compare! What one site sells at a discount, you might find it elsewhere at half price. Take your time and you will save a few dollars here and there.