They knew: why didn't the unvaccinated do more to warn us?

As the world struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that continues to surface is why the unvaccinated didn't do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected.

While well intending citizens lined up, did the right thing, and received their COVID19 vaccinations -- now seeming to do more harm than good -- their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all.

Even though they knew what we didn't.

Our blood is now on their hands.

Those are strong words. But the unvaccinated had access to important information about the potential side effects of vaccines. They knew about the risks of severe allergic reactions, blood clots, and other serious health complications. They knew that vaccines did not immunize us. They knew it wasn't effective, and that they can cause more harm than good.

They knew all of that, but instead of warning us, the unvaccinated chose to remain silent. They chose to look the other way and not speak out about the potential dangers of vaccines. They let millions of good folks who did the right thing (at the time) fall to death and disease, and many antivaxxers even gloated online about how their coin flip had been the right bet. The more diabolical even urged folks they disagree with to "get boosted."

It has become all too clear. The silence of the unvaccinated was a dangerous, sociopathic, and irresponsible decision that has had serious consequences for those of us who received the vaccinations.

And silence is, after all, consent.

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It is time for the unvaccinated to take responsibility for their actions and to work with the rest of us to find a solution to this crisis. We cannot afford to let their selfishness and lack of action continue to harm our communities. It is time for the unvaccinated to step up and do the right thing.

The unvaccinated should by any moral measuring stick have done more to warn about the potential risks -- to help us make informed decisions about our health. And they must now ask us for our forgiveness.

And, hand to heart, we may just give it to them.

Because we are good people. We took those injections because it was the right thing to do -- until it wasn't.

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  1. 1 year ago

    hi IQfy

    i am emailing you regarding being unable to leave comments on the above article. it was a very interesting read and i would have liked to see what your readers thought of it.

    as i was unable to comment, i would like to give you a comments via this email

    "don't you trust the science? are you an anti vaxxer? do you want to lose your job or kill grandma? these were just some of the comments said about people who didn't take the jab. we were threatened with our jobs, we were threatened with having social media accounts banned, we were threatened with not going to supermarkets, gigs, funerals, restaurants.

    Jacinda Adern the current PM of NZ said she wants to create 2 classes of people, those who have privileges and those who don't.

    i knew there would be a walk back from people who took the jab, once it turned out to be neither safe nor effective but i wasn't prepared for an article this audacious. how dare you blame us for your mistakes, how dare you say we have blood on our hands because of your stupidity. I'm sure the comfort of calling us anti vaxxers back on 2021 has dissipated by now and realising any moment could be your last is probably terrifying (i wouldn't know) so i can understand your anger but is it misdirected. why don't your writers talk about bill gates, corruption by big pharma or the blocking of ivermectin as a suitable treatment.

    i look forward to your response.

    lastly 85% and 25% don't make 100% so you may want to update the comments box where i found this email address.

    kind regards from an
    Science denying anti vaxxer

    • 1 year ago

      It wasn't hard to see or understand. The very word experimental should have made you question. They said follow the science, well the only science was the fact that it takes about 8 year to safely make a vaccine and even then they are not 100% safely.
      I'm no scientist but I did graduate in the university of life with a masters in common sense and it stuck out like a sorn thumb.
      Not much more anybody can say really.

    • 1 year ago

      I'm sure this article is satire

      • 1 year ago
        Abudabi Fajeghet

        You asked for this.

      • 1 year ago

        Yet again the unjabbed are to blame!!
        Don’t know about you but I’m over people not thinking for themselves and projecting their ignorance on others.
        YAWN 🥱

      • 1 year ago

        Probably not, the same website is posting this:

        Who are the authors of these articles? Why won't anyone put their name on it?

    • 1 year ago

      This kind is of narrative is ridiculously divisive. The enemy here is not the vaccinated or the unnvaccinated. The enemy is the powers that be, who emotionally blackmailed large percentages of people in to taking this vaccine. And a corrupt media that tore down any doctor who took a stand and did all they could to destroy their careers.

      The enemy is the evil that implemented this system, not those who struggled to decide what was the right or wrong thing to do in the face of it.

      We can never see through the fog while we fight amongst ourselves.

      Remember... The best way to conquer is to divide. And that is exactly what is going on here.

      While people fight amongst themselves, the real enemy sits back and laughs as they win without lifting a finger.

      • 1 year ago

        Well, you can not blame on the people who lost their jobs, were ridicularized and harassed in every possible and thinkable ways, were set apart from their families, for your own responsability of not listening to what did they have to say.

        Blaming on the unvaccinated ones for the side effects is not only irresponsible, but also cruel, because we stood our grounds and shared every information we had.

        You were the ones who have chosen not to listen. So, the blood you are claiming for doesn't lies on our hands, but in yours and your own hands only.

      • 1 year ago
        Carol C

        First of all who wrote this comedic opinion piece? Like many have said we tried to warn all in our circle, shared truth on social media but you wouldn’t listen. You only have yourself to blame!!

        • 1 year ago

          for real dude they are cowards they can't even own up to their own stupidity in their slanderous posts.

      • 1 year ago
        Michael Bravo

        so the people who literally just tried to kill us and refused to listen are once again blaming us for what they did.

        when you get to hell you'll still be blaming us. nah, we warned you about that as well....

        “Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.” - Revelation 9:21

        • 1 year ago

          What happened to taken responsibility for yourself. Plenty spoke out And Plenty were censored. People have lost all sense of critical thinking and self

          • 1 year ago


            人无远虑 必有近忧。自找的麻烦,活该!

  2. 1 year ago

    I read your article on how some people chose to get vaccinated while others didn't and that those who chose not to get it "have blood on their hands". I'm vaccinated and had two members of my family inform me on its side effects, mention that it's in trials and even say that us triple vaccinated are at high risk of heart attack, bloodclots and even death in 3 - 5 years time. I brushed them off, called them anti-vaxxer and ridiculed them. I followed my government and the want to travel, work and get into bars. Even though I feel winded, I've had covid twice, imagine if I wasn't vaccinated or boosted!? They're the crazy ones for not getting it. Our father in law is in hospital now for heart attack and get this, they blame the vaccine. My brother has chest pain and my brother in law, plus my sister developed tinnitus. My mom passed away to an aggressive cancer in June but it's NOT the vaccine. Plus everyone who took the shots got covid so we're hybrid protection. Those 2 who didn't take the shot NEVER caught covid, didn't fall sick or catch pneumonia like me (that put me in hospital it was so bad, almost developed blood clots). They're a walking time bomb. They just don't get it.

    Honest question, is this article for real?

    Appreciate it, love your content. Very insightful and inspiring.

    • 1 year ago

      "Even though I feel winded..." This is a sign of irreparable heart damage.

      "I've had covid twice..." So, what did the 'vaccine' do for you? Also, do you think you would still feel winded if you had just let your body's immune system do it's job without pumping poison into it? FYI, the clot shot damages the immune system (this is documented).

      "Plus everyone who took the shots got covid so we're hybrid protection." This is a coping mechanism for someone who doesn't want to admit they were wrong about the clot shots. If your body creates immunity from a vaccine, it's highly unlikely that any future encounter with that virus would put you in a hospital with pneumonia, much less blood clots.

      "...almost developed blood clots). They're a walking time bomb. They just don't get it." Did you actually consider this combination of words before you wrote them? You literally called out the dangers of the clot shot in one sentence and then called others crazy for not taking it in the next 2 sentences. Blood clots are in-fact a documented side effect of all of the mRNA 'vaccines'. You and your ilk are the ticking time bombs, and by your count it's roughly 3-5 years after your first shot.

      I hope it was worth it so you could get into your bars. A word of advice, you might want to get right with your maker with the time you have left instead of responding on satire articles with ill-thought commentary.

  3. 1 year ago
    Crystal Luchkiw

    Genuine question… is this a serious opinion article or parody? It’s difficult to tell since there’s so much bias. Thanks for the clarification.

    • 1 year ago

      Clearly satire. But it shouldn't be.

  4. 1 year ago
    Colleen Wharton

    Is this for real??? Many, many tried to sound the alarm about these so-called vaccines. Many doctors and other medical specialists and people with common sense tried to warn everyone, but they were shouted down, censored, mocked, threatened, ridiculed. The truth was out there, but it was being locked down and censored by big tech, government actors and people like you who continually yelled at us to "trust the science". No, my conscience is clear, my hands are clean. I do not need forgiveness. Look to the so-called experts and elites, big pharma, big media, big government. Those are the people who should be asking forgiveness. There is so much blood on their hands. It will never come clean.

    • 1 year ago

      Clearly satire. But it shouldn't be.

      • 1 year ago

        It is not satire. A bad attempt to satire maybe, but satire it isn't.

  5. 1 year ago

    I feel like I'm reading a posting on the Onion or the Babylon Bee. Seriously? Were YOU calling for an end to Twitter, Facebook, Nextdoor, Google, Instagram, and the rest of social media censorship? Were you demanding that the MSM cover the thousands of doctors, immunologists, researchers, etc. that were screaming at the top of their censored lungs regarding the entire plannedemic, from the sham masks to the rigged PCR tests, to the highly dangerous mRNA "vaccines?" Why didn't WE shout it out louder? Maybe after a year of being shouted down, told to shut up, being censored, put in FB prison, being de-platformed, being threatened, being beaten up, being spit on, etc. for taking the right stand prior to the jabs, there was NOWHERE left in which to share the truths about the jab even though we all knew it. You have only yourselves to blame for your mistakes....NOT US. YOU are the ones who embraced tyranny and wished us dead. YOU. We NEVER wished you dead, but that will be your fate most likely. We have NO regrets, and will accept NO apologies for what YOU did, while we wished you the best. Don't even think of turning this around on US. You will not like how we respond this time around.

    • 1 year ago

      Well said! The author of this article is the perfect example of the totally irrational thought processes of those who blind fly trusted the obvious lies and deception metered out by those driving this genocide. Brainless. Irresponsible. Bigoted and blind. We TRIED our best to warn not just our loved ones, but the world! I spent more time on FB ‘prison’ for sharing ‘FASLE INFORMATION’ aka FACTS than I did earning a living wage under the draconian lockdowns. Own your stupidity oh jabbed ones. We are still trying to help up despite your venom.

  6. 1 year ago




  7. 1 year ago
    Daniel Doyle

    I tried and tried and tried, begged, pleaded, and cried and did whatever I could to get people to not take the shot. But I lost friends, got hate messages, got called crazy Qanon conspiracy theorist, laughed at, mocked, you name it. And I didn’t care what they said I wasn’t backing down from my stance and the damn thing. But you iqfy have the audacity to post such an article blaming the unvaxxed for other people’s decisions to ignore myself and many, many others who spoke out against it. I’m not judging those who took it. I’m terrified for them and their families to think of what this thing could do to them. So don’t point the finger at those of us who spoke out when there’s three fingers pointing back at you who scoffed, mocked, laughed at, and unfriended us for trying to save you. I pray for everyone who took it that they have no I’ll effects from this thing and if they do that they are reversed.

    • 1 year ago

      so true and same.

      • 1 year ago

        Unvaccinated are the hero’s of this plandemic. That’s all,

        • 1 year ago


    • 1 year ago

      so true and same.

    • 1 year ago

      Instead of blaming, why not ask for help. Pine needle tea and detox baths seem to be providing help and hope to the ones not ashamed to admit they followed the science instead of listening to their good intentioned friends.

  8. 1 year ago

    This is a blood libel. The vaccinated heard what the unvaccinated were saying and labelled us racist, xenophobic (because that's how thoughtless you are), as well as anti-science. Your own deaths are on your own hands. You denied people jobs, medical care, and a voice if anyone dared to question your irrational desire to get vaccinated. It is you who need to ask for forgiveness for all the evil you did in this world the last three years.

    Take responsibility for all your accusations of disinformation and outright censorship. For example, I think this comment will most likely not get published or if it does, will get taken down.

    • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago

        If this is satire, it's terrible. Remeber the viral memes making fun of unvaccinated? Remember the woman doing her research on the toilet online while all the dummies bragged about listening to "doctors"? Rememver vianising all the doctors and scientists who said don't take this?

        • 1 year ago

          I'm a medical scientist and left my career because within weeks I could tell from the data everything being reported was lies. There was no increase in all-cause mortality, hospital bed occupancy was way down and only something capable of killing young healthy people that wouldn't otherwise die is capable of becoming a pandemic with excessive morbidity and mortality and all the data from China proved only the elderly and severely ill with multiple comorbidities were dying, so this virus wasn't even capable of becoming a threat. The only places mortality increased in 2020, like London and NY, it was because they forced infected patients back into aged care facilities, sent all the staff home (furloughed), and issued DNR orders, therefore they killed people. When it came to the jabs there is decades of published research on why viral vector and mRNA, and even any type of coronavirus vaccine, have never been approved in humans before and what the risks were. We told you all of this and even MDs and PhDs were ridiculed by uneducated idiots that know nothing and we were called crazy conspiracy theorists. We were told we were stupid, crazy, paranoid and if we didn't lose our careers we had the dignity to leave, as I did. I have been censored off every platform for publishing peer reviewed medical literature; FB blocked The New England Journal of Medicine as fake news! It is beyond the phychopathy of Marxist manipulation to try to blame us, the one's that risked and lost everything to both warn you and to save our own lives, for the fact that you attacked, ridiculed, ostracized and censored us into silence.

  9. 1 year ago

    You can lead a horse to watern but you can't make him drink.

    • 1 year ago


  10. 1 year ago

    This is the greatest satire since Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal"!

    • 1 year ago


      Reading this absurd (and quite offensive) article I had the same thought.

  11. 1 year ago

    This is an interesting response… maybe even satire…
    Personally I cried at my brother in law’s funeral 2 weeks after his 2nd jab, what the cause was…
    I sent for an ambulance after my mother’s reaction to her first…
    I was also one in several million marching through London, Cardiff (uk)
    I have close friends who camped for a month outside the beehive Nz…
    We put stickers everywhere the public would see…
    We even protested outside vax centres, and got quite a few to close - even if it was only for that day…
    Seriously - what did you want us to do?

  12. 1 year ago

    The title of this article is absurd.

    There's 2 reasons that stand out as to why pro-vaxers didn't see the writing on the wall.

    1) The effectiveness of the deep state lulling the world into a comfortable daze aka they were brainwashed into putting their guard down

    2) Flat out refusal to listen to us conspiracy realists. Nothing we would have, could have or did say would have altered people's decision making because of point 1.

    I didn't even bother reading the article because of the ridiculous title.

  13. 1 year ago

    This is an interesting response… maybe even satire…
    Personally I cried at my brother in law’s funeral 2 weeks after his 2nd jab, what the cause was…
    I sent for an ambulance after my mother’s reaction to her first…
    I was also one in several million marching through London, Cardiff (uk)
    I have close friends who camped for a month outside the beehive Nz…
    We put stickers everywhere the public would see…
    We even protested outside vax centres, and got quite a few to close - even if it was only for that day…
    Seriously - what did you want us to do?

  14. 1 year ago

    It says comments are disabled, but the dialogue box is available so I'm going to give it a shot.

    Bad ideas can only be counted with better ideas.

    This article is dangerously tribal.

    • 1 year ago
      Cactus Curtis

      WDWSAs name is Benjamin Goundry.

  15. 1 year ago

    "Comments are open again on a trial basis. Your comment may be invisible for up to 30 minutes while under review by our brave volunteers."

    Censorship isn't brave, especially when you're trying to blood libel people for the evil you have done. Either you believe in open debate because you know your beliefs can withstand being questioned and attacked or you hide because you know your lies and libel fail upon even the weakest of examinations.

  16. 1 year ago

    At the bottom of your website it says:

    We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and may earn a commission from qualifying purchases made after clicking links to or affiliated sites.

    Amazon Associates Program says this:

    Welcome to one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world. The Amazon Associates Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With millions of products and programs available on Amazon, associates use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn from qualifying purchases and programs.

    One of my favorite content creators was Sam Dobson (To The Lifeboats). He was speaking out on this genocide from the beginning. His main platform was Twitch (owned by amazon) until they banned him for speaking out on these forbidden topics. I guess iqfy will also be cut off now that you are officially a conspiracy website. You might want to ask your partner Amazon why they censored these important discussions. In the mean time you can find his show here:

  17. 1 year ago

    1. We believe in the freedom of choice
    2. We lost family members and friends because of this
    3. We screamed and cried about this since the beginning and continue to do so, even when establishment still pushing this poison narrative

    We didn't:
    1. Coerce
    2. Threaten
    3. Mandate
    4. Discriminate

    Our conscience is clean, stop the division.

    • 1 year ago

      10 4 They are being served The TSS. In the words of BA Barackus, " I pity the fool. "

  18. 1 year ago

    Is this satire? Because every "selfish conspiracy theorist grandma killer" I know is still going hard to this day, speaking truth. It's called research. And it's not our responsibility to school those who refuse to listen. How about being upset with the criminals who force-injected those who could not afford to lose their jobs?

  19. 1 year ago

    The frick is this garbage article. Everyone has the same access to information. Just some people chose not to be brainwashed by our government and media. I lost a ton of friends over not wanting to get vaccinated because for 2 years I was the enemy. Hard to get them to listen when your government is calling the unvaxed vermin and not to let us join society. Canada btw.

  20. 1 year ago

    We tried. We were vilified, lost our jobs, lost relationships, and sacrificed at the altar of censorship. If you're smart enough to be allowed to write this article in a publication, you shouldn't have needed anyone to tell you not to take the shot. It was glaringly obvious for anyone doing just a wee bit of homework. I really hope this article was intended as some sort of sick satire. Two things this whole Covid thing has proven - most people are stupid and centralized control is evil.

  21. 1 year ago

    Why would you own your responsibility and shame?

    Blame the black sheep’s, the one who didn’t held the ‘green passport’ and were excluded from social life and society. The ones you laughed at, the ones who lost family and friends and their right to seat with you in the same space. Sure blame us, we are so used to it by now. You gave up your autonomy on your own body, you trusted blind fully something that was sold to you. You mocked us, and didn’t stand for the basic human right on each individual on their own body.

    Look at yourself in the mirror.
    The blood on the hands is your own.

    • 1 year ago

      Spot on

  22. 1 year ago
    Mark R.

    Dear ignorant & uneducated editor,

    I refer to this article (link below) where you would have readers believe that the unvaccinated people are to blame for the large number of excess deaths we are now witnessing since the rollout of the Covid jabs. Apparently, we have blood on our hands. Are you seriously suggesting that others like myself (ie. unvaccinated) are to blame for these deaths.

    Your article states “their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all”. For me personally, all of my family & friends know only too well my feelings on these jabs as I made it very clear from the outset. However, the majority of the aforementioned are adults and able & responsible for making their own decisions. I should also point out that there were MANY health professionals that spoke out and warned against these experimental jabs only to be labelled as conspiracists, discredited, and have their platforms removed from social media. Perhaps you should be venting your anger towards the media, politicians for this. Not forgetting Big Pharma of course who knew fine well the harms & deaths that these jabs would cause. Let’s see now, which company asked for all documents relating to their vaccine be HIDDEN from the public for 75 years? Oh yes! That would be Pfizer, the same company that was ordered to pay a £1.7 billion ($2.3 billion) fine in 2009 for mis promoting medicines and paying kickbacks to compliant doctors.

    In case you weren’t aware the withholding of these documents was challenged in court and a federal judge ordered that these documents be released for public viewing albeit in ‘batches’ over several months. I can only assume that you have not bothered to look at these documents as I have done or your article would have been worded very differently and targeting a different group of people altogether. I will make an assumption that you do in fact have some researchers at your disposal so if I may, I’d like to make a suggestion to you…. USE THEM!

    I would like to conclude by saying I look forward to reading your apology in another article, but I can't imagine that happening. Just like the masses it seems that cognitive dissonance plays a very large part in your thought process and reasoning. A reply would be welcomed though.

    • 1 year ago

      Well said! The author of this article is the perfect example of the totally irrational thought processes of those who blind fly trusted the obvious lies and deception metered out by those driving this genocide. Brainless. Irresponsible. Bigoted and blind. We TRIED our best to warn not just our loved ones, but the world! I spent more time on FB ‘prison’ for sharing ‘FASLE INFORMATION’ aka FACTS than I did earning a living wage under the draconian lockdowns. Own your stupidity oh jabbed ones. We are still trying to help up despite your venom.

  23. 1 year ago
    Joan Q Public

    I told everyone I knew that it was dangerous and experimental. Every chance I had. Now it is my fault you didn't listen. Fine. But will you listen next time?

  24. 1 year ago

    I lost family and friends trying to warn people. As thanks I had death wished on me. Where's the accountability for oneself? The information we tried to provide you with was thrown back in our faces.

  25. 1 year ago

    You suck Get Over It, We kept trying to tell as many people as possible, then we were'nt allowed to go anywhere or work in most places. How the frick are we to tell you anything if we aren't allowed anywhere you can go... Except on social media where you can just brush off whatever anyone is saying and stay in your little pro-medical segregation echo-chambers. Your Article HAS to be a joke because if it Is'nt then YOU are.

    • 1 year ago


  26. 1 year ago

    They are mocking both sides, don’t buy into this, probably written by a Mason or Joo (got to be careful here!) to free their Karma…

    • 1 year ago
      Andy, also

      I just want to leave a comment to tell you that you have a cool name

  27. 1 year ago

    To quote the irritating little goblin banging on about the lie that is 'climate change' how dare you.

    What an absolute load of lies. I spent the last 3 years trying to warn people and made myself seriously ill in the process. I had to stop trying to wake people up as I couldn't take any more of the abuse, denial and wilful ignorance. Vaxxers wished us dead. That's pleasant.

    The article says the vaxxers had access to special information somehow? That information was available to everyone.

    Don't blame others for your pathetic compliance because you wanted to go to the pub or benidorm. Don't blame others for the fact you couldn't stand up for your rights or protect the children. If you hadn't blindly complied the whole world wouldn't be in this horrific mess. The blame lays squarely at your door. Man/woman/it/they/them up and accept the responsibility for your unresearched actions.

    Why isn't there an author on this article? If you're going to sprout lies at least take responsibility for them. Cowardly till the last.

  28. 1 year ago

    Nah! This is bogus. Not even sure-fired, clot shot junkies could come up with something this stupid to say. I call BS!

  29. 1 year ago

    Most of us were screaming it from the rooftops on social media and constantly being censored or even deplatformed! My question is, why did the people who got it not do some research beforehand? What you put in your body is no one else’s responsibility!

  30. 1 year ago

    I gave the benefit of the doubt that this might be satire (however terribly executed) but having sampled a few other "articles" I must regrettably assume this is genuine.

    I, an unvaxed dangerous conspiracy nutjob not worthy of partaking in any aspects of general society, do apologize to you "upstanding, caring, vaccinated" people for what happened on behalf of the education system, big pharma, and governments in general. I do feel bad for what has happened to you and what may still happen due to the choices you consciously made. I know (just like I knew and told you all back then that injecting unknown substances into your body is a bad idea) that none of those who tricked you will offer their own apology. Furthermore I don't hate you for what you all did. Not for despising us, ridiculing, casting us out of friendships and families for only trying to help you. You were scared and made awful choices but now you hopefully have insight and can take responsibility for your words and actions so that NOTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

    I pray for all you vaccinated to see the truth and wish to see all of us come together finally and move forward on compassion against evil. Jah bless.

    • 1 year ago

  31. 1 year ago

    Another L for the vaxxies

  32. 1 year ago

    Blame pharma, big tech, and governments for silencing everyone that spoke out against this shit. This article is garbage

    • 1 year ago

      Is this the Babylon Bee?
      Anyone who openly questioned the official narrative was banned from social media platforms effectively silencing their voice.

  33. 1 year ago

    That is classic deflection.
    Where there is deflection there is deep shame.
    You have to own your actions.
    Like we are.

  34. 1 year ago

    This is an uneducated article, why is it even published? Is this a comedy website?
    I can't believe that someone is this ignorant, ignoring all the so called dissenting unconflicted medical professionals, the protests and those still going on. Shame on these publishers. People that understood human rights, personal autonomy and consent, cried, protested, were hated and vilified, prayed for eveyone, and still being blamed. Smh this is ridiculous, take responsibility... oh, you don't have that bone, hence your taking the shot and this article. Blame the drug pushers, still pushing the drug. #STOPtheSHOT #STOPtheBULLY #karmaDoesntPlay

  35. 1 year ago

    See this is the thing, you did not do the right thing at the time.
    At the time, you guys were scumbags that got on a fascist power trip - because you felt weak and powerless against invisible bugs in the air. And also because it was authorized by your master, the govern-ment. Ment = Mind (in latin) - To govern your mind.

    Most anti-vaxers believe in personal relationships and peer to peer relationships and private contracts between parties. As in, they dont have a 3rd party dominating them to how they live their life.
    Most Pro-vaxers that now have poison inside their body because they injected themselves with poison, believe in the collective, "the system" - (doctors, politicians or any authority figure), the external third party that rules and dominates your psyche

    Shame on you for blaming me, I lost friends and all my family - because I don't tolerate extortion and people making fun of me when I am trying to save their life.

    But ultimately it really doesn't matter what we say to each other.

    You took the shot and you will die.
    And I cant wait for that to happen, honestly.
    Because you people are just so stupid, so stupid you actually hold up society for everyone else. You need to go now. Bye bye!

    That's why the government gave you the shots - because this society is going to go through changes and we cant have any dead weight in our societies as we have great challenges to overcome.
    Too bad you couldn't read the writing on the wall. For you. Not me.

    • 1 year ago

      Well said! Im reconing this is either a devide tactic again...or someone has had that much pickle its pickled their brains already!

  36. 1 year ago

    I spent countless hours trying to warn my friends and family, as a result I was ostracised, called a conspiracy theorist, accused of being mentally ill and disowned by the majority of my family.
    For remaining unvaccinated I was abused, threatened and told by a local Councillor that I, and people like me should be "burned at the stake or shot", others told me that I should be refused health care and I should not be allowed to be around anyone.
    Now vaccinated people are complaining because they chose not to listen.
    Instead of attempting to create more division, maybe its time to start listening and asking questions.
    Much love to everyone.

  37. 1 year ago

    I work as an electronics technician. Please tell me how I was supposed to obtain the secret knowledge that the vax was dangerous? I was a hair breadth away from losing my job. I was refused the ability to visit family, to enter stores or restaurants. The politicians that DEMANDED EVERYONE get MULTIPLE shots aren't culpable - I AM?! The more I was FORCED, the stronger my resolve that something wasn't right, but I didn't know what.

    To all that called for the arrest and even execution of the unvaccinated: To those that sow - so shall ye reap.

    • 1 year ago

      It wasn't all that super-secret--but if you really want to know what you've been missing, I encourage you to switch browsers from Google to Brave, and use for your searches.

      Google hides all the best info.

  38. 1 year ago

    I did warn my family, and they tried to have me involuntarily committed.
    I did warn my coworkers, and I was sent into counseling before being fired for refusing to get the jab.
    I did warn my friends, they cut off contact and called me a dangerous schizophrenic on social media.

    I couldn't pay my rent and lost my apartment. No friends or family would help me. I was living in my car. I couldn't even use the food bank to feed myself since I wasn't vaxxed and had to dig through dumpsters to eat so I wouldn't die. I got picked up for trespassing while I was dumpster diving and was sent to county jail. I was forcibly vaccinated in jail and now all the shit I was trying to warn people about has a chance of happening to me.

    I hate you, I hate everyone like you. I hate this country, and it deserves to burn to the ground. You get what you deserve.

    • 1 year ago

      Nate, I am so sorry for all you endured to speak truth. I, too had my job threatened, had posts censored, lost many friends, and was not allowed to granddaughter's birthday parties. Now we watch as our tormentors slowly "die suddenly." Massive Darwin award happening.

    • 1 year ago

      Oh, my God. Nate, I am so, so sorry that they did that to you.

      I'm living with injuries from secondary spike poisoning due to exposure to people who went and got the vax. My life is never going to be quite the same again either. But there are ways of treating the damage.

      Come on over to Gab. There are groups there with links to good info. I post links there every so often to helpful info, myself.

  39. 1 year ago
    Francis Judge

    "No one was ever injured by the truth; but he who persists in self-deception and ignorance is injured."

  40. 1 year ago

    I read this thinking it had to be a satire. There is no way someone could think this hypocritically. My husband and I spent so much of our breath warning people, as did so many other people. We were all ostracized, treated horribly, my husband even lost his job after 33 faithful years-even after a year of COVID. No one gets to lecture us that we had anything to do with your decisions. People who took it had the same opportunities to do the research and make a decision, like we all did. It’s time to take responsibility for your own actions and decisions and quit blaming others for your bad decisions! Not on us!

  41. 1 year ago
    Ian Chase

    How ridiculous why not blame those who mandated the 💉 and those who manufactured it. Neither have been telling the truth all along and they have hidden the trial data and only through legal battles has some of that information been shared. Those who are unvaccinated did try to warn others of it being an experimental biological agent in trial and informed consent did not take place. They should be praised for their brave actions not blamed. They made their own decisions whilst criticising those that didn’t roll their sleeve up. No 1 lesson in life you don’t inject health. Sadly mortality is far higher now than in the time of the alleged Plandemic, we did try and get others to listen to no avail as we were labelled conspiracy theorists.

  42. 1 year ago

    We tried to warn you and were ridiculed, victimised, isolated and ignored. You had the choice of researching, as did we, and we did it thoroughly before making a decision on whether to accept the vaxes. You made your choice as a free person yet want to blame others for that choice. Accept that responsibility & take whatever help is offered to you.

  43. 1 year ago

    Is this parody? I know we live in a clown world but I refuse to believe me lying eyes on this one.

  44. 1 year ago
    John Smith

    Seriously go and pound sand over this gaslighting.

  45. 1 year ago


  46. 1 year ago

    We have told you from the beginning but you cut us off decriminalised us you want us in jail you hate us, but with all of this we did worn you and with all the decriminalisation hate treatment we still by your side.

  47. 1 year ago
    Mo Urbanski

    We were silenced by cancel culture. We were silenced by pharma. My own children rejected me. Get your head out of your ass and take responsibility for yourself. And PRAY. Get good with God. God help you.

  48. 1 year ago
    Melvin Kabar

    You’re narcissism is hair-raising.

    You are the ones that decided it was a good idea to waive your informed consent, then submit to extortion to get back a pale version of your life before this atrocity of social engineering.

    We told you until we were blue in the face that taking experimental gene therapy with no longitudinal safety studies and suspended liability for manufacturers was not acting in your best interest.

    We told you that virology clinics, universities, and research facilities, that weren’t funded by Fauci’s NIH, Gates and Soros Foundations were warning about vaccine injuries after their studies.

    We warned you, begged you, and finally told you what was going to happen to you if you let yourself be coerced by these sociopaths-and all you did was deride, discount, obfuscate, and ridicule. And now it’s our fault your life is cut short?

    Frick you.

  49. 1 year ago

    For the mere suggestion that vaccines are usually tested way longer than 5 years I was publicly shamed at a wedding where I was the sole unvaxxed for being precisely that, although I came tested and completely healthy. Many people succombed to just parrotting the media and felt safe to call me names or crazy for not just "trusting the experts". None ever apologized.

    I have to say, it's quite telling there is not a single comment here denying there being anything wrong with the vaccine.

  50. 1 year ago
    Lori d'Argent

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Main Stream Media, Doctors, Nurses, Pharma Corps, Big Business, Music & Entertainment Industry, Governmental Agencies, Alberta Health Services, etc, etc, etc - - all took steps to induce fear, withhold/suppress/delete alternative views, implement programming through repeated messaging on television, social media, grocery shopping announcements, schools, sports programs, etc.
    If you go onto Alberta Health Services right now (Jan.24, 2023) it states "Continuous masking remains in effect at all AHS, APL and covenant facilities province wide."
    "Book appointments for those 6 months+, boosters when eligible. Book Now."

    You may consider looking a little deeper, conducting your own independent research using a variety of search engines, and ask more questions of those that convinced you to line up for an injection without providing you with the information you had a right to. Who was the person who injected you? Who were the voices that convinced you? Who were the policy makers that put the mandates in place? You have every right to be angry. What can you do now with the new information you have and where do you need to look now? Who out there is trying to get key information to you right now to help you recover? How can you find the "cancelled" medical professionals that are now helping to bring healing, detoxification protocols, medicines, and critical information to you? How are you going to find them? There are thousands and thousands of professionals working (often with no pay at all and their credentials on the line) to help you. Use your anger to help yourself and help others. Take responsibility now to read, research, stand up for yourself and you can start with the person that injected you.

  51. 1 year ago

    Are you f-ing kidding me???? We were screaming at the top of our lungs for 3 years!!! Only to be called tin foil hats, crazy, unfriended and banned from society. This article has to be satire. Not our fault people are compliant, cowardice sheep who would rather go along with group think and outsource their brains and lives than to actually think for themselves and listen to the warnings

  52. 1 year ago

    How dare you. Frontline worker, busted my ass without adequate protection caring for patients during crisis, then watched them die after the jab and no one would listen. Took the chance of losing my job to warn patients, warn friends, warn family. I had my social media posts removed, flagged, was called stupid, was told I should die, should go to jail, you name it. Blood on my hands? Don’t even go there, you imbeciles. If you didn’t have the brains enough to investigate the ingredients, or to be skeptical of emergency use drugs, that’s on you. You had access to the same google tool I used. May God have mercy on you.

  53. 1 year ago

    People didn't listen and the MSM didn't report. Those of us that are awake have persistently tried to warn others but most thought of us as conspiracy theorists. The MSM tells the majority what to think and they believe that they have made their own decisions. When it goes wrong you try to blame those who can think for themselves. Shame on you.

  54. 1 year ago
    Ass Eater

    Did you morons still leave comments open or is this just some stupid parody site?

  55. 1 year ago

    Really? I told all my friends

  56. 1 year ago

    Is this article some kind of a joke?
    The unvaxed went above and beyond to warn us, they were ridiculed, bullied and shamed into silence. We should have done our homework!

    • 1 year ago

      Yes, it IS some kind of a joke.

  57. 1 year ago

    This has to be satire? For the last few years most of us “unvaccinated” were ostracized, censored and gaslit into believing we were the “crazy, anti science, anti vaxxers” which couldn’t be further from the truth. I am proud to say I warned anyone and everyone who would listen to me about the dangers of the shot- most of my family took my word for it (because they know I’ve researched more thoroughly than most doctors) and refused the jab. Now they’re seeing I was right, alongside my many friends who did not heed my warnings and instead thought I was nuts. This article is a disgrace. We didn’t have access to any information that any of you didn’t also have. We just took the initiative to use some critical thinking, and access accordingly. The author should be ashamed of themselves. Disgraceful.

  58. 1 year ago

    This article pushes gaslighting to a new level.

  59. 1 year ago

    I gave up eventually, they had been hypnotised by a PR campaign

  60. 1 year ago

    This has GOT to be a joke, right?

  61. 1 year ago

    You have to be joking. The unvaxxed were vilified and threatened. We did speak out and we’re silenced. There is zero blood on our hands. How about the author shows some perspecacity and lays blame at the doors of the government, pharma and medics. Who wrote this crap?

  62. 1 year ago

    This article is so nonsensical that I'm feeling a vibe of satire. We did warn you, and we were ridiculed, denied access to public locations, and fired from our jobs for doing so. If you must point a finger of blame, perhaps aim it at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and MSM for banning our accounts when we did try to warn you.
    By the way, we have also been warning the same gullible "crew" about stolen elections. Have you heard us on that one? Also, Most of DC and all of Hollywood are occult pedophiles and pedovores. Have you heard us on that one?

  63. 1 year ago


    I am assuming this article is satire. To those who think it should not be: You do know we tried to warn you right? We were mocked as anit-vaxer, science denying, conspiracy theorists and were banned from social media and your Thanksgiving dinners. Last I checked, the conspiracy theorists are up at least 17-0 against the trust the establishment and science crowd.

    It is a tough lesson to learn. I hope you are learning. If so, welcome to the Great Awakening. If not, then perhaps you are part of the 4-6% who are lost forever. We are here to help if you want to have a serious conversation. You can find us on the wall keeping watch. In the meantime, may you find peace through YHWH the Most High Elohim, Creator and Sustainer of all things, and His only Begotten Son, Yahusha Ha-Mashiac, the author and perfector of our faith.

  64. 1 year ago

    You're all a bunch of lunatics. That's why you think we never warned you. You didn't listen because you are insane. This article proves it

  65. 1 year ago

    I am so banned on social media that I can't put a picture on Facebook- 3 people see it. Everything I did was taken down. I told everyone I knew and begged them not to. My family listened my husband's did not... I now cry at every story and pray that you will get help and get checked before it's too late.

  66. 1 year ago
    Mike PARKER

    I am the only one in my group that wasn't fooled. I warned all the others as a group and individually that a vaccine takes an absolute minimum of 10 years to develop. Even pointing out that HIV had been around for 40 years and no (released) vaxx. I even pointed out that "They" had even changed the definition of Vaccine. Whilst they didn't laugh in my face I'm pretty certain they did behind my back. Some of them are still going back for their so called Boosters. I also realised within 5 days that the Pandemic was really a Scamdemic but not until the middle of 2021 that it was a Plandemic. The data was out there for everyone to see, they just didn't want to look and find out. 'They' were quite content in their ignorance.

  67. 1 year ago

    Seriously? Now you're blaming those who tried to warn you for the choices you clearly made for yourself? I tried to tell people on my social media pages, and they completely ignored me or argued with me that I was a bad person because I wasn't getting vaccinated. Websites and information was shared by me, but I don't know if anyone ever bothered to read them. You're all adults and responsible to do your own research without anyone having to hold your hand to warn you. The reason we knew is because we did our own research, that includes reading food labels before you put something inside your body. I will never apologize because I didn't do anything wrong!! I think we, the unvaxxed are owed an apology for being laughed at and ignored by all of you -- calling us irresponsible, bad people who are killing others, because we wouldn't get vaccinated. Shame on all of you!!

  68. 1 year ago

    Just a comment on the maths - if 85% of comments have been OK, then it's not the other 25% that are nasty, but 15%, right?

  69. 1 year ago

    It's none of my business if someone wants to take a shot, but it is my business if you want me to take one or two or three!

  70. 1 year ago
    Shane Miller

    All you unjabbed folks that have left comments, angry that you are now being victimized, need to have another coffee and wake up!

    His entire article is a jab at the jabbed (pun intended!), not at the unjabbed.

    It’s pretty damn obvious that all unjabbed folks have been shouting from the rooftops about the dangers. This article purports that you didn’t. It’s good comedy. They’re basically admitting we were right. And the jabbed aren’t there yet. So this was written by either an enlightened jabbed or an unjabbed. Either way it’s good humour!

  71. 1 year ago
    Steve Yardley

    1. We DID warn you;

    2. When we tried to warn you we were vilified, mocked, laughed at, discredited, told to seek mental health treatment…. need I go on?;

    3. We were shut out of many events, activities, gatherings etc which could have given us all the opportunity to debate the issues like grown ups without the above insults listed being invoked…. need I remind you?;

    4. We were censored, de-platformed, “fact-checked”, shadow-banned, etc…. did you not read about the mass censorship campaign against anyone who challenged the official narrative?;

    5. We were investigated by our regulators, sent threatening emails and messages to demand our silence and compliance… did you not receive any from your own regulators?

  72. 1 year ago

    Who wrote this?

  73. 1 year ago

    I shared so many articles and studies over the past three years to try to wake people up but got unfollowed, called names, and was harassed in many other ways. I had my own family call me a hater of old people for sharing the info I had. This article is pure BS. You all chose to ignore us.

  74. 1 year ago

    Anyone who is willing to put something in their body that has not had any long term testing and was rushed through is an absolute idiot. Especially with all the drugs out for years now on TV with law suits against them

  75. 1 year ago
    A May

    We tried to warn you but we were called ‘Granny killers’, ‘Conspiracy theorists’, ‘Anti-science’, ‘Covid deniers’ etc etc. We were shown pictures of what would happen when we ended up in ICU and we were wished dead by some.

    I have sympathy for those who had the jab to save their jobs but if you were stupid enough to take a rushed ‘vaccine’ rather than read about this new technology, how the manufacturers had indemnity from prosecution, how they were in trials till 2023 then I’ve little sympathy. No-one to blame but yourselves.

  76. 1 year ago

    First you cast us out of society, take away our liberties if we fail to present a vaxx card wherever we go, take our jobs from us, subject us to second-class citizenship, and call us crackpots anytime we try to explain our positions.

    Now you want to cast us out of society, and punish us for failing to be strong enough to overcome your programming and conditioning.

    Maybe the problem here is *YOU*.

  77. 1 year ago

    Excuse me but those of who chose to stay true to our beliefs did the same as you all did. You made the choice you made and you are accountable for your own decisions. Just as we are accountable for ours.
    We endured the separation and segregation that was a consequence of our own critical thinking. The fact that we used our own brain and questioned what simply didn’t feel right is no reason to now demonise us. The fact that none of you firstly questioned what was happening is not to be blamed on those of us who did.
    We are all on our own journeys and must take responsibility for our own decisions and wear the consequences be they good or bad.
    If you took the directive simply to continue living the lifestyle you have been living that is totally on you and no one else.
    What should we all do now??
    your future
    Your children’s future
    Your grandchildren’s future
    Are in the hands now of each and every one of us.
    Make your choice are you ready to fight for your future and the future of mankind.
    They can’t beat us if we are united

    • 1 year ago

      Here we go, if you are sincere then understand this. What is happening here is exactly what they want, it's all part of the plan. Pitch the people against each other which then weakens the uprise because we are too busy pointing fingers at each other to notice once again what is really happening.
      We all made choices and MUST be accountable and responsible for those choices. Those of us who knew have attempted to share our knowledge with those who believed in the leaders of the world and we were shunned, separated, segregated and outcast. We could not enjoy quality time with our families and friends and not one of you could make different arrangements to include us in your gatherings instead you pointed your finger and snubbed us, how do you really think we felt? Let me tell you, we felt like we were not important to any of you because a simple experimental medical procedure was more important. Yes you read correctly EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE.
      Because of our choices we endured so much heart ache not to mention the psychological distress, financial hardship, when we realised that no one really gave a hoot as to whether we could attend gatherings or not.
      We are all responsible and accountable for our decisions and must accept the consequences associated. YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE NOW YOU MUST OWN IT we did not force you instead we did our best to warn you. You chose to abide by the directives in order to maintain lifestyle or because you believed in your so called leaders.
      We had worldwide rallies where tens of millions of people actually rose up because we were wise to the evil plans. If you want to be angry point your anger in the right direction, to governments, health authorities, doctors, main stream media - believe it or not they all knew long before this started. They are all responsible, they were directed to do wrong by the people or face the consequences. They were under strict orders to cause harm to us and we the people.
      Now they want us to fight each other while they enforce even more deadly acts upon us.
      This is not a time for pointing fingers and laying blame that is exactly what they are directing us to do. Instead we must

      • 1 year ago

        Hiw dare you say such unadulterated lies,...people were vilified and ridiculed for telling what they knew friends and family turned against them and establishments turned them away,oh and not to mention the loss of jobs. Whoever wrote this garbage Muston been living in a parallel universe for the last 3yrs....and what idiot put it to print...hang your head in shame.

  78. 1 year ago
    Ulrica the Unjabbed

    Dear angry commenters, I know it's been a long couple of years, we're all tired, and the line between satire and reality was indeed one of the tragic casualties of the pandemic. However antivaxxers are supposed to be the smart ones and now you're making it look like we lack a sense of humour! Please sharpen your satire detectors - this is hilarious! xx

  79. 1 year ago

    My conscience is clean. I tried to warn many people and sent multiple emails, multiple times to people in positions of power in my community, but no one — no one was willing to listen to me. I'm sure that they reasoned that since I'm not a doctor, what do I know. I tried sending along various reports and articles to people, but they listened to their doctors, who were and still are totally under the influence of the CDC. Once someone told me that they got the shot, I gave up trying because there is no going back and undoing it. So, since then, I have kept silent.

  80. 1 year ago
    A D J

    I marched through the streets of London and other big cities in the UK for two years with a megaphone, and you lot laughed at us.

  81. 1 year ago
    Mary Madigan

    Be honest - is this article for real?

  82. 1 year ago

    Are you fricking kidding me? This has to be a joke!! The ‘unvaccinated’ WERE NOT SILENT, THEY WERE SILENCED by big corporations & media!!! 😳

  83. 1 year ago

    This is a joke, right? Please tell me this isn't just some ignorant fool trying to pass the blame and not take accountability for their actions. Vaccines normally take 5-10 years to produce. This one took about 7 months, and if you were dumb enough to trust it, you deserve whatever you get. Your blood is certainly NOT "on my hands". Grow up.

  84. 1 year ago

    You have GOT to be f**king kidding me 😂🤡

  85. 1 year ago
    Brian Easley

    It’s kind of hard to warn you people when you put us all in prison for not taking the vaccine. We only get one phone call.

  86. 1 year ago

    We did warn you and were met with abuse being called loony and told that we were gonna die

  87. 1 year ago

    What's crazy is that in today's world, there's no real way of knowing if this is satirical or not.

  88. 1 year ago

    I'm thinking this is just a psycho, backdoor way of getting the unvaxxed to vent their bile at this article so we all don't vent it where it belongs on the evil perpetrators who are responsible for this and all the medical personnel COWARDS who went along with the hoax........every time I see a sign out next to a medical center that says thank you to our HEROES!!!! I want to puke......paid pharma shills, COWARDS one and all..........never gonna lose that stench..........

  89. 1 year ago

    What a chicken shit story,             The fact that YOU disabled the comments proves how low this company is. The people who did not take the COOL-AID did say something and YOU chose not to listen. That is not anyone's fault but you own. I have no blood on my hands, but you are stirring the pot to anger people. NOW  when people are dropping YOU are trying to shift the blame upon the unvaccinated and won't put it where it needs to go, the makers and the pushers.This writer and editor have no soul and all of you will stand before your maker and be held accountable for your actions. 

  90. 1 year ago

    Is this article a joke?

  91. 1 year ago

    You got to be kidding me. People who stayed unvaccinated were demonized, lost their jobs.

    This is some next level Bs.

  92. 1 year ago

    FYI the trusted news initiative was set up to stop us telling you and continued stopping us telling you till elon broke ranks and rfk lodged a case against them. They have profited with your injury. We suffer with you.

    • 1 year ago

      All you will get from me is a RIP

  93. 1 year ago
    L Renfro

    Whoever wrote this pathetic article is beyond ridiculous. It’s always someone else’s fault and never your own, is it? It’s time you learn to grow up and take responsibility for YOU. Those who have been against the vaccination have been loudly against it from the beginning. You simply chose not to listen. The only fault to be had here is YOURS.

  94. 1 year ago

    First off we did warn you many times. I personally had four facebook alt accounts banned permanently. Ten twitter accounts, fifty reddit accounts, and five discus accounts. Remember No New Normal on reddit? Well I do an know what happened here is an article from MSM
    Remember Ivermectin(horse dewormer)? I do and no we weren't using horse dewormer that was MSM spreading their lies the truth here plus here is a study on pubmed
    but we were the loonies that were spreading misinformation. No we were silenced by the sheep that praised Dr. Fraudchi the a$$hole that cut dogs' voice boxes. The science deniers. While being called a conspiracy theorist. In fact I seen alot of people being called a Trump supporter as well but get this we had people of all political parties calling people out. Here I am now trying to defend myself on the fact that I didn't do enough to prevent this. I watched as many of you covidiots wanted more done to prevent the 99.999% recovery rate while MSM spread their blatant lies on how many people were dieing from cofake. Here's a fact that you may not know. Did you know that the Government was pushing the hospitals with incentive pay of $25,000 to say a patient had cofake. They got more if it was put on a death certificate as the cause of death. Car accidents deaths marked as cofake deaths. Drug overdoses marked as cofake deaths. The common cold was gone it was all cofake. But you sheep didn't open your eyes. I don't know anyone that died from cofake but did personally know seven people that got the death jab that passed not to long after the death jab. Thirty people that I know personally that had the death jab got sick, developed some really bad symptoms. And yes I told these people about it and guess what they were pressured by the media to get them.
    I am sorry that the government and msm has deceived you but you let it happen when you became dependent on them to tell you what to do. Live Free and Die Free. Question everything is what science use to be. Not trust the science.


  95. 1 year ago
    Mary Phagan

    I love israelites and I love the vaccines. This is special for me because I myself am israeli so wonderful to see tikkun olam kept alive with these fellow israeli people Pfizer's Albert bourla, Moderna’s chief medical officer, Dr. Tal Zaks are both highly respected. Dr bourla is a veterinarian by trade so his vaccine is truly a israeli miracle. Help stop antisemitism by reminding your neighbors that if there were no israelites, there would be NO VACCINE!!!

    STOP THE israelite HATRED

  96. 1 year ago

    Dr. Fauci and his funded agencies—Congress , congress was not mandated to take the vaccine. They knew and did nothing!!! It was sll for profit for Dr. Fauci. Blame them and hold them accountable.
    I knew not to take it due to “common sense” like when they were offering 1 year free french fries... i knew something was not right, and not because I had prior knowledge. Blame the media for censorship of information.

  97. 1 year ago

    This is totally satirical, right? Because I could either be laughing my head off or screaming into my pillow, after reading it.

    • 1 year ago

      Is this a paraody/satire? If yes then this is well done.
      Many were forwarding articles, talking about it very LOUDLY anywhere we could, only to be ridiculed, insulted, ghosted, fired, arrested, unfriended in person & on social media.
      I'm confused & curious 🤔 as to what this really is about.
      The criminals in charge of perpetrating this whole debacle should be mentioned/brought to justice in Nuremberg 2.

  98. 1 year ago

    Here we go, if you are sincere then understand this. What is happening here is exactly what they want, it's all part of the plan. Pitch the people against each other which then weakens the uprise because we are too busy pointing fingers at each other to notice once again what is really happening.
    We all made choices and MUST be accountable and responsible for those choices. Those of us who knew have attempted to share our knowledge with those who believed in the leaders of the world and we were shunned, separated, segregated and outcast. We could not enjoy quality time with our families and friends and not one of you could make different arrangements to include us in your gatherings instead you pointed your finger and snubbed us, how do you really think we felt? Let me tell you, we felt like we were not important to any of you because a simple experimental medical procedure was more important. Yes you read correctly EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE.
    Because of our choices we endured so much heart ache not to mention the psychological distress, financial hardship, when we realised that no one really gave a hoot as to whether we could attend gatherings or not.
    We are all responsible and accountable for our decisions and must accept the consequences associated. YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE NOW YOU MUST OWN IT we did not force you instead we did our best to warn you. You chose to abide by the directives in order to maintain lifestyle or because you believed in your so called leaders.
    We had worldwide rallies where tens of millions of people actually rose up because we were wise to the evil plans. If you want to be angry point your anger in the right direction, to governments, health authorities, doctors, main stream media - believe it or not they all knew long before this started. They are all responsible, they were directed to do wrong by the people or face the consequences. They were under strict orders to cause harm to us and we the people.
    Now they want us to fight each other while they enforce even more deadly acts upon us.
    This is not a time for pointing fingers and laying blame that is exactly what they are directing us to do. Instead we must

  99. 1 year ago

    Just exactly how were we supposed to communicate that information to you?

    We were censored off of social media. We were rudely told to shut up about it if we brought it up in conversation. We brought it up anyway, again and again, and were told to hush. Friends stopped talking to us, stopped calling us, stopped inviting us over. Emails were blocked or ignored--or also responded to quite rudely. Phone calls went...unanswered.

    Our families rejected us. Our children even listened to you and shut us out of their lives.

    So we took to the streets. We signed petitions. We held rallies. Where were you? We tried and tried and tried to get your attention before it was too late. But--you thought you knew better and so you didn't listen.

    It is possible for us to regret your pain and distress. I grieve with you over the harm that has been done to you!

    We can even offer you a sympathetic shoulder to cry on and be there with you in your trouble--and I for one would be more than happy to do so.

    But--you do need to accept responsibility for your own choices, and assign blame where that blame is properly due: with the people who lied to you, who deceived you, who set themselves up as the ultimate arbiters of truth (like Zuckerberg at Facebook, like the leadership of Google and the former leadership of Twitter, and so many of these other sites that are STILL censoring the truth).

    You need to save your anger for your communist governors and mayors, for Fauci and the federal medical bureaucracy, for Albert Bourla at Pfizer and for Bill Gates, and for George Soros, and the WEF and WHO--all of whom LIED TO YOU for their own personal gain.

    We, the unvaccinated, do not gain anything from what has happened to you. We are your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family--and your loss is OUR loss too. But these others deliberately conspired against all of us. They desire your destruction and ours, and they are STILL trying to profit off of it.

    If you had listened to us, you would have already known this. You could have done the research we did and realized the danger looming over your heads and ours. I wish--oh, HOW I wish! --that you had. But--I am still so glad, so relieved that you've finally realized the truth even now at this late hour.

    And I hope that you will find good and healthy ways to process your anger and take steps to help we-the-people-who-care-about-you to stop the soulless monsters who are trying to take everything from all of us before it's too late.

  100. 1 year ago
    emma yugen

    you can't frick*ng be serious, right ?
    Are you for real ?

    We did try to warn everyone.

    Are you just trying to do some click bait through provocation ?

  101. 1 year ago

    How dare you try to turn this on us! We were censored on social media for suggesting people do their own research. I was called a murderer and many vile things. I was told I deserved to die. I read studies on mRNA development and why EVERY previous trial was stopped after the animal trials for very good reason. This time the people are the animal trials. Everyone could have read what I read but they swallowed the propaganda. I was told that what I read was junk and I should follow the govt “experts” I took supplements like vitD, zinc, quercetin,etc. Worked for me.

  102. 1 year ago

    They're frickin with ya.

    great sport to em.

  103. 1 year ago

    Lol this article must be a troll? We protested weekly with unprecedented numbers in the cities. I warned and begged my wife not to get jabbed until I almost lost my marriage. The mainstream media ignored us. I even asked a good long term friend and editor of a major newspaper why his article lied and ignored the historically protests against mandates and for truth in my city. He ignored me.

    Blame mainstream media not us.

  104. 1 year ago

    I'm just a curious skeptic & have the insight to monitor sites like johns Hopkins, rsoe edis, and actual news from foreign countries. You had the power the whole time!

  105. 1 year ago
    Chris Vee

    I was abused, ridiculed, yelled at, belittled. But I wanred MANY people, a few took the advice the rest thought I was crazy! So don'y go blaming the unvaxxed blame the media, pharma and government who LIED to you and still are! Don't you dare blame me FFS! We went through hell trying to wake up the sleeping sheep. You had to learn the hard way, it's the only way you would clue in!!

  106. 1 year ago

    We DID try to warn our family and friends...and lost most of them because of it. They wouldn't listen to actual science, although they loved to say (nose up in the air) "I follow the science." Whose science? Certainly not the real science, which we tried to convey. Instead, many called for our deaths for daring to speak out against Government. That old tale about the Government agent saying "I've come to help you." comes to mind. There was ample, REAL, scientific proof of the horror by about 3 months into the plandemic but those who gave in to Fear refused to listen to reason. I'm a freaking DOCTOR and people wouldn't listen to what chance did other people have? They wouldn't listen about the harm that comes from prolonged mask-wearing either. They wouldn't watch ANY of the videos from other doctors, showing what was in the "vaccines". We should have tried harder? Like what...kidnapping our loved ones and keeping them prisoner until they finally woke up? And now you all are desperately begging for help to reverse what you have allowed to happen to you? We are doing all we can to try to reverse it but this is something previously unseen on Earth and now your DNA is no longer human. How are we supposed to help you now? You made your choice, now you get to live with it. We are still trying to help though, insufficient as it may be. Help us to help you by bringing the perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity to justice for what they have done, so that we CAN help you.

  107. 1 year ago

    This is a joke article, satire right? It can’t be real…

    We did warn you people, in fact… We went way out of our way to try and warn you only to be laughed at, insulted, shamed and wished death upon.

    I literally have spent the last 2 years every single morning posting information. Only to be censored most the time by social media, and then called a “conspiracy theorist” and told that the vaccines are safe. With idiots posting CDC data stating, “you don’t know the science, the data shows it’s safe”
    The morons post BS crap from the same agencies telling them to take the shots, and they think it’s factual.

    If anything, you vaccinated zombies should be thinking us for trying to warn you. Hell, you should be bowing down and begging for forgiveness.

  108. 1 year ago
    Micky Mouse

    What a cheap shot at Gaslighting truly pathetic the people are not that stupid and remember cowards like some of your jabbed buddies encouraged each other to shun un-jabbed FAMILY and friends so Jog on.

  109. 1 year ago

    I warned, begged, sent articles, videos...warning of dangers, and was told to stfu, "I did my research", etc.

    In addition I was told that I was selfish for NOT taking the shots.

    I find your article to be one sided

    Everyone I know who was smart enough to hold back and didnt get shot up did same, some were even excluded from family holiday events, etc.

    So perhaps you people who took the shots will now do the remediations we have now started telling you about, such as NAC, bromelain, ivermectin, etc


  110. 1 year ago

    Next time you want my advice, don't be an advocate for my company to fire me because I refused a vaccine.

    Have a nice day.

  111. 1 year ago
    Abudabi Fajeghet

    You asked for this.

  112. 1 year ago

    This has to be a joke

  113. 1 year ago

    Nobody warned me either. Somehow I sussed it out myself.

    Some tests are pass/fail.

  114. 1 year ago

    are these articles written by an AI like GPT or similar ones . ...?

    • 1 year ago
      Eda Dik

      My thoughts exactly. Or my AI thoughts exactly

  115. 1 year ago
    Eda Dik

    Where did this article get lifted from, The Onion?

  116. 1 year ago

    Unbelievable! Everyone I know that was unvaccinated tried to warn. I agree, take responsibility for your own actions. Stop allowing others to do your thinking for you and think for yourself and do your own research. Stop being bullied!

  117. 1 year ago

    Unbelievable! Everyone I know that was unvaccinated tried to warn. I agree, take responsibility for your own actions. Stop allowing others to do your thinking for you and think for yourself and do your own research. Stop being bullied!

  118. 1 year ago
    mark haynes

    We did bloody well tell you! You wouldn't listen! You had as much information as we did so the blood is on your hands for following the narrative without question. If you want to blame someone blame the WEF globalists.

  119. 1 year ago

    Fantastic troll job.

  120. 1 year ago

    This a joke right?? Come on it’s gotta be joke!?! I am not responsible for people voluntarily keeping their heads in the sand when we all had the same opportunity to seek alternative media sources. If some people want to believe everything that the government or alphabet organizations tell them and discount what we were trying to tell them, then that’s their problem.

  121. 1 year ago

    Smart!!! Links to this article have been posted on GETTR and, by now, most likely all over social media. You guys have probably managed to get more web traffic to your site from this one article than all of your others added together. Look out Babylon Bee... it looks like you're starting to get some serious competition!!!

  122. 1 year ago

    Since the data about the side effects came out myself and thousands of others have tried to warn you and others of the perils. We were silenced or our info was "fact checked" to obfuscate the real facts on social media. Even today I am ridiculed in person by those still believing their narrative.
    Those with immune deficiencies got it because their doctors told them to. Their doctors toed the line laid down by the hospitals.
    My question to you is this:
    Why did you not use your own mind and reasoning to look deeper than where they were telling you?

  123. 1 year ago

    Well this is the most narcissistic drivel I’ve read since that facile “amnesty” plea a while back.
    It’s you who needs forgiveness; though first you’ll need to repent and considering that requires a scintilla of self awareness that probably won’t be happening any time soon.

  124. 1 year ago

    Please tell me this is satire. It has to be. Make it make sense. Every single unvaccinated I know shouted it to the rooftops, and often lost lots of friends and family for it. They were disowned and mocked from society. 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  125. 1 year ago

    OMFG... That is pure spin to take the blame off of yourselves.
    Myself and thousands did speak up only to be silenced by all the social media.
    If anyone is to blame look to yourselves for not questioning the obvious.

  126. 1 year ago

    We were banned from Twitter. Banned from Facebook. Banned from speaking the truth. The Big Pharma, the government, and mainstream media are to blame for your woes.

    We were screaming from the rooftops, but you would not listen to us. You banned us from all manner of activities, and got us fired from our jobs. Our own families would not even listen to us. There is someone to blame, but those of us who were smart are not the ones to blame.

  127. 1 year ago

    You litteraly scream at, ridiculed, mocked, cencored and even wanted to throw us in prison for even the most modest and sensible questions and warnings about the jab.

    It's not our fault you weaponized the media and silicone valley to put people in a hysterical rage and bloodthirsty witch hunt for the unvaccinated.

  128. 1 year ago

    The hysterical ramblings of someone who knows they're going to die soon

  129. 1 year ago
    C McDaniel

    This article can’t be for real. It’s satire.

  130. 1 year ago

    Millions of us tried to warn all of our family and friends, to no avail, we even marched to parliment houses around the world and what did we get for it, mainstream media ignoring us or telling everyone we are terrorists. Many in Australia who went the Canberra to protest where attack by RAD weapons and thousands are still trying to physcially recover from the damage it did to their bodies, they where also sprayed with something that burnt their skin. So please don't tell us we didn't try we did becuase we love you all, we tried but the governments and main stream media made it almost impossible for us to be heard....
    We love you and know this, many are working on medical remedies to help reverse most of the damage done to you all... we know you where onky doing what you thought was right, but so where we...and have been attacked for it.

  131. 1 year ago

    The V4xi3s commited war against those that did not get informed consent. We know what the Nuremberg code is and all 10 of it's violations. Instead we were vilified, shunned , fired etc. There is no amnesty for you. You pave your own road you drive on it over the proverbial cliff while i stay healthy in my lane. The v4xi3s should have done that too. 2 types of people in this world. Those who want to be left alone and those who will not. I choose to be left alone, you chose to participate in mass murder & suicide.

  132. 1 year ago


    Too busy putting your fingers in your ears and going LALALLALA like a 5 year old.

  133. 1 year ago

    I see what you did there. Bravo. Most missed it. Well written.

    "Because we are good people. We took those injections because it was the right thing to do -- until it wasn't."

  134. 1 year ago

    I will try to make this as succinct and "un-hurtful" as possible. Randomly pick any dozen comments from those already on this article and you will be much closer to objective truth than the article itself.

  135. 1 year ago

    This has got to be a joke. Right? Literally…

  136. 1 year ago

    Warn You~? After Reading Your Article? I'd Like To Offer You A Coupon For A Free Booster Shot~!

  137. 1 year ago

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and social media deleted our accounts. Government and big tech forced censorship. We got fired from our jobs for speaking up, we weren’t allowed into public places. You should be saying the blood is on the hands of big tech companies, government, and big pharma.

  138. 1 year ago

    Perhaps y'all should read through a few of their other articles and you may just come to the realisation you being punk'd. Great work though, it's doing the rounds and many folks will fail to see the satirical humour. It's already being cut & pasted to look like a future article in 'The Conversation' webpage, which makes it even funnier.

  139. 1 year ago

    hahahahhaah you are gonna die

  140. 1 year ago
    music u

    Prominent Doctors/Nurses lost their jobs, standing, status, reputation and then were were banned from trying to tell the world what was going on. I knew about the "vaccines" in March of 2020. That's right, I said 2020.
    What's your excuse? Ignorance? That is not excuse. You all just didn't bother to learn about it. THAT'S CALLED LAZZINESS. So just go ahead and blame the mainstream media, Fauci, Birx. etc..
    It's your own fault. Now go and find a Dr. who knows and see if they can help you,
    I wish you well.

  141. 1 year ago
    Jew Hater

    I don't know if this article is a satire or not, but frick you all !!! I have no obligation to talk shit to anyone. Whoever took the vaccine is fricked and will die soon and I'm very well and healthy. It is what it is.

  142. 1 year ago

    This must be a joke. I was personally ridiculed and called a conspiracy theorist after speaking up. Nearly everyone I knew ran off to get their jabs. They were watching the BBC propaganda every night. Clapping the nurses who had no patients and just practiced TikTok dances. People wanted to travel, so they wanted to get jabbed. They believed the jabs were a vaccine too, despite the definition of vaccine having to be altered to take on the gene modifying therapy option. The jabbed waved their certificates while the unjabbed were sacked from jobs, despite being constantly and illegally coerced into taking the gene modifying therapy injections, which are still officially on trial by the way. All this for a ‘played with flu’ with a 99.9% survival rate. The 2020 death rate was right in the middle of the 10-year average. There was no pandemic, it was all about the jabs and what the powers that be want. And that isn’t good. But that’s another story. No-one told me anything, I just smelt a rat. I did homework. I shared it and was ignored or scoffed at. Now none of those people want to speak to me. As it it’s my fault they didn’t listen. Off you go. Talk to the corrupt WEF-led government.

  143. 1 year ago

    You know what? Frick you!!!

  144. 1 year ago
    kale bacon

    I was yelling from the mountaintop, but no one would listen; I was ostracized by my own family and told all the unvaccinated should be put on an island and die. "Our blood is now on their hands."
    so again we are at fault? you make statements like this and don't expect backlash, we are angry how about your blood is on the government, the medical profession, big pharma, and the media; wait until you find out everything we have been taught is a lie our very existence, our purpose. go do research and see if it's there for all to see, but that would be too hard let's just blame the unvaxxed, whoever wrote this hit piece needs to look in the mirror
    proud to be un-vaxxed, no regrets

  145. 1 year ago

    Blood is on my hands!?! I screamed it from every hill and soapbox not to take the untested mRNA gene therapy. What did I get in return? Shunned. Fired. Threatened. Kicked out of everything. Ostracized. Called a KILLER. Separated from friends and family.
    Need I go on?
    My body my choice.
    Your body, YOUR CHOICE. The mockingbird TV talking heads are not your friends. Stop blaming us for your choice. We tried. Someone you know tried to talk you out of it and I'd bet you called them a conspiracy theorist.

  146. 1 year ago

    Yeah. Nice try. We are not paying for your student loans either. Your stupidity is all on you.

  147. 1 year ago
    Proud Pure Blood

    I started warning you lot in 2020. I was viciously attacked, demonized, censored, banned, unfriended, blocked, called demeaning names and shamed for not following the narrative. I STILL spoke up, so you can miss me with your gaslighting nonsense and accept the fate you argued for.

  148. 1 year ago
    Daniel Allison

    The vaccinated should turn their rage on the perpetrators of this crime. In Canada, true-dope, Ford, all the premiers, Tam, all public health officers,..these people should be in jail.. join us at next protest.
    When we didn't take the vaxx, you wished us dead..
    When you took the vaxx,
    We prayed that you wouldn't die

  149. 1 year ago
    One of the Unvaxxed

    To the genius that wrote this, try talking to one of the tens of thousands of people (this is a conservative number) of people that DID scream this from the tops of their lungs to the world only to have their social media accounts banned and permanently shut down. I would suggest you look into the #twitterfiles for proof of this. Funny how people blame others instead of taking responsibility for their own actions.

  150. 1 year ago

    LOL!!!! The author of the article has buyer's remorse, so it must be someone else’s fault for their poor decision..... I lost friends over this nonsense and almost lost my career. If making a stand and potentially giving up your job isn’t warning enough to not get this thing idk what is. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink....

  151. 1 year ago

    I decline responsibility for your choice. We did our own research, found information sources that did not parrot the mainstream “experts” and most importantly, we relied on our own logic, reasoning and instincts. I have no power over your beliefs. I did stood firmly in my beliefs and I paid the cost for that. Stop with your victimhood and research what YOU can do for jab remorse.

  152. 1 year ago

    Women are the Black folk of gender

  153. 1 year ago

    This is a bait page designed to collect antivaxxers data, right? This just has to be, nobody can be that oblivious.

  154. 1 year ago

    frick you dummies

  155. 1 year ago

    Wdym? Y’all were too busy virtual signaling & calling us selfish. Unreal lol

  156. 1 year ago
    Dr. Chud


    Most people's understanding of this novel vaccine type is that it works as follows:
    1. Make mRNA coding for S protein
    2. Make lipid nanoparticle delivery system
    3. Profit

    How it actually works from what we've uncovered:
    1. Make mRNA coding for S protein
    2. Make mRNA coding for mutant versions of CYP19A1 and CDKN1B in smaller amounts
    3. Make sure that while delivery system for (1) mostly ends up in liver, most of (2) ends up in the gonads
    4. Make sure form and quantity of additive upregulating LINE-1 reverse transcription activity makes it hard to detect among legit adjuvants
    5. Effects from (2) integrated by (4) are recessive; mildly oncogenic effects in vaccine recipients unlikely to be noticed for many years
    6. (5) recessive but since most of population vaccinated, in next generation female offspring have premature ovarian failure

  157. 1 year ago

    The gaslighting is real. What a victim of your own ignorance you are.

    Somehow a lot of us just innately KNEW and it was all backed up by real science that the jibber jabber was bad news.

    We shouted it from the rooftops every chance we could. We shared articles on social media. We issued warnings. We tried and tried to wake up the sleeping masses. We attended protests and rallies to support medical freedom for vaccine CHOICES when the mandates came down.

    What did we receive for our efforts to warn our friends, families, co-workers, neighbors and church people?

    We received: Being ignored, censored, silent treatments, mockery, death threats, name calling, accused of being “grandma killers”, F*U*K the unvaccinated Facebook profile pic banners (my own sister did that one.) We lost friends and family who chose to disown us for our choices to stay unjabbed even when we were warning them not to do it out of love and concern.

    So save your bullshit gaslighting for where it really belongs: to yourself and all the entities you trusted with your health when all you had to do was perhaps listen to your “crazy conspiracy theory” unvaccinated friends.

  158. 1 year ago

    There are possible means of rectifying your condition after being covaxxed. Look up Gail of Gaia on Rumble, her interview with Harald Kautz posted December 2, 2022.

    Further, look for the following video title on b***hute:

    This fails to be medical advice. Discretion advised.

  159. 1 year ago

    To whoever wrote this. I feel for you, not having had anyone in your life that knew or felt brave enough to speak up to you. You must consider there were many people who did and who suffered, and still suffer to this day, for doing so. Short of running in the streets screaming at the top of my lungs, what else could I have done? I tried in person and for more reach on fb. It was extremely painful. Repeatedly. To be ostracized, made fun of, called names, blocked, and even completely abandoned by a long time friend for sharing links. The data. The people and data that raised concerns. I was sworn at. Mocked. You name it. I supported a nationwide movement to bring awareness and end mandates. It was attacked, as I was, and labelled a far right fringe movement with homophobic, racist, nazi … every slander you can think of, by our own phekking Prime minister who then invoked a war measures act to shut it all down. I truly do feel bad that you had no one to tell you. It seems to me you might not have been paying attention or really wanted to know. Or you would have. We can’t find and scream at every person on the planet. Take care. And have some time to reflect on what you wrote here. Wanda.

  160. 1 year ago

    Go get boosted.

  161. 1 year ago

    This article is satire, like The Onion, right?

  162. 1 year ago
    Vax the cattle

    Get boosted

  163. 1 year ago

    i'd rather continue the genocide. sick of human idiocy. if you are going to inject yourself with unknown substance then you deserve the consequences.

    some of us never were anti-vaxers. i took all the boop boops on my way to processing for active duty mil. it's just that the media lies and conspiracy theorists are nothing more than people that can recognize pattern recognition. if you are controlled by fear - YOU LOST THE GAME

    confront me with the same lies as the TV - and i'll dump you out a f***ing window also. you all pressured us to get the clot shot death jab with all kinds of insane commie stipulations if we did not, while you looked at us like fringe crack pot lunatics. f*** you!!!

  164. 1 year ago

    First the anti vaxed were blamed for killing your grandma. Now it's our fault you were too lazy to look anything up? We all had the same access to all the information. Time to take responsibility for tour own actions. This article was obviously written by someone who would fail a test, and blame the pencil.

  165. 1 year ago

    Lmfao, this has to be a JOKE SITE right ? Not a serious page

  166. 1 year ago

    Alright I'll take the obvious bait.
    You got me. It's true. You're right. I stopped caring. Stopped trying.
    Did you shill the injections in an obnoxious way? Then I want you do leave this life. This planet. This DNA.
    Did you merely follow orders and injunctions without thinking but were not an ass about it? Then I'm sorry for you... but even there I stopped caring too.
    Life will go on. DNA will win. The death cultists will die (the ones behind this whole plan). The transhumanists want death and they're gonna get it.
    Life reigns supreme. Life is the ultimate machine. No non-organic machine will replace it or even compete with it.
    You have free will. You have some agency. God/Nature want you to enjoy the results of your actions and decisions. Who am I to interfere? I stopped trying to save you. You are free to be or try to be anything you like.
    Wanna be a machine and cheat death? BE MY GUEST. That's glorified, power-tripping suicide and that's your prerogative.
    Wanna be a slave and inject your kids with death because the a-holes you worship tell you to? BE MY FRICKING GUEST TOO.
    I'M SORRY. I STOPPED TAKING CARE OF YOU MISFITS. YOU CALL us MIDFITS ALL OUR LIVES. ENJOY YOUR NORMOPATHY. Enjoy your lives, what's left of it. Enjoy your health and peace of mind, what you have made of them. You are divinely responsible and able to pick your life choices anyway you like. You always were, we always are. Peace. Live and let die.
    I finally relent. I adopt the luciferians' doctrine. Live and let die.
    I tried. I stopped caring. I tired trying. Enjoy your spiritual life, your life as a spirit. Because your life as a body is highly compromised for the next few years. And You. Did. This.

  167. 1 year ago

    Isn't it funny how those who didn't trust israelites made the most accurate predictions? You'll never be pure blood unvaxxed

  168. 1 year ago
    Dumb pointless article

    A child couldn't written a better article.

    Most children would have a better perspective than this trash writing

    Article was written by a woman? You don't say?!

    Author should be released from writing, probably fired

  169. 1 year ago
    Ed Jones

    Your body your choice

    • 1 year ago


  170. 1 year ago

    Vaxxie Vaxxie
    Heart Attacksie
    Took his shots
    Wore his maskie

  171. 1 year ago

    Trying to ascertain if this is satire? We were censored, deplatformed, MDs lost licenses yet onward they went. It’s not the unvaccinated! It’s mainstream media, social media, gov and public health that lied to everyone. If this isn’t satire it is the most insane blurb I’ve seen yet coming from the left.

  172. 1 year ago

    🤣🤣🤣One word: Truckers

  173. 1 year ago
    Pickle Fever

    This is a joke right? We’ve been trying to save your lives for decades. We knew they were adding nagalase to 💉 to cause cancer. Inhibiting Gcmaf which fights cancers. Hundreds of dead doctors (mysteriously dead) who tried to warn too. This is on you because you believe the fake mockingbird Pharma funded media. We tried. We actually read the mRNA animal studies and thousands more for DNA ones. You mocked and attacked. I was canceled/lost career in the media for trying to speak up. End of story. I’m still praying for you all. Thankfully God has the last word.

  174. 1 year ago
    Nathan Shafer



  175. 1 year ago

    Truly saddened to read this narrative, we could not travel. still can't, could not do sports in school was told I would die it front of my child if I did not take the vaccine, my familly austersized me and I did tell them and warn them ...the propaganda is to blame seriously

  176. 1 year ago

    Just like when we were screaming from the rooftops about the dangers of the vaccine, you are trying to silence us again! Don't ask why, if you don't want the truth. Restricting freedom of speech was the problem to begin with!

  177. 1 year ago

    Big tech/social media banning did not help.

  178. 1 year ago

    85 + 25 = 110

  179. 1 year ago
    Jacob Hansler

    Just like to say I was shutdown on twitter no less than 50 times trying to warn people and post relevant info from the best sources available

    Not to mention banned for life from facebook and Tiktok

  180. 1 year ago
    Britt Stavins

    This whole article simply exposed the author's arrogance and ignorance. The authors opinion is not based in reality. The entire article simply shows just how ignorant, arrogant & even hateful the author is on this subject.

    I feel sick that such ignorance can exist inside another human being.

  181. 1 year ago

    And who warned unvaccinated?

  182. 1 year ago
    Phil Spaeys

    This is the most brilliant troll I have seen on the internet. Bravo! And what a great way to demonstrate to everyone just how successfully we've all been taken for a ride. I salute your genius, complete with the exquisitely rendered graphic to set the mood. I wish I had your talent but I don't. However, hats off to you for a most perfectly executed piece of satire.

  183. 1 year ago

    We all tried, lost friends, spouses over trying to tell you self righteous buttheads. You have no one to blame but yourself. The level of no accountability and indignity in this article is astounding. We all were gonna not rub it in that yeah there’s a chance you may stop breathing… You start this fight you’re gonna oh very much hear about it… We will ruin you in this bs narrative.

  184. 1 year ago

    My own parents wouldn't listen to me when I warned them of the dangers. I talked to many family members and friends about the dangers of the vaccine. I lost friends when I posted articles on social media showing the adverse vaccine side effects. Maybe I could have done more, but I was laughed at and called a conspiracy theorist. I wanted to be able to live with myself so I was okay with some level of embarrassment, but it just didn't seem like what I did changed anyone's mind. Seriously though, take some level of responsibility for your ignorance. It's not completely your fault, the media and social networks were working diligently to promote the vax, but you must do your own research for everything.

  185. 1 year ago

    This is useful satire, so glad to see all these comments from all these brave people who withstood the biggest psychological fear campaign of recent history. Looking forward to more provoking articles. I am creating a Unvaxxed Man so anyone who fancies coming to a massive festival for the unvaxxed find me on telegram: @dutchie_007

  186. 1 year ago

    I WAS SHOT IN THE LEG by police trying to warn everyone about how the shot was bad. wtf are you saying? I couldnt walk for 6 months trying to protect YOU. you all laughed at me, I even tried to tell a pollie who was my friend but they told me to be quite ad that I didn't understand what the shot really was. oh, I knew it was bad, so bad I was willing to get shot.

  187. 1 year ago

    I talked to my friends and family until I was blue in the face. Most didn’t listen, my husband did. This is heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking. I posted about it on FB and got ridiculed. My Ivermectin post drew hostility from long time friends who are liberal.

  188. 1 year ago

    Who wrote this ? Is this satire? Honestly that is the dumbest thing I’ve read yet! We alllll tried.
    For me it was only instinct and common sense that told me to stay away from a WORLD WIDE vaccine created in months. I’m not a doctor or scientist I just knew it stank like BS that the entire world was dealing with the same illness at the same time and being herded, pressured and threatened like never before to get injected. Ya I told everyone I love and shared articles but nope GLOBAL and CTV they know EVERYTHING and I’m just a kooky conspiracy theorist.
    The same loud mouths who bullied and mocked us for standing our ground now want to blame us ?!? Pound Sand!!!
    Blood is on the hands of all government and all mainstream media.

    • 1 year ago

      Is this real or a joke?
      Do you blame those who lost their jobs for non-compliance before your eyes, while you thought it was okay?
      Do you blame those who were banned from social life while you thought it was okay?
      Do you blame those who were put in psychiatric hospitals because it is crazy to refuse a medical experiment?
      Do you blame doctors, lawyers, teachers, judges, and millions of other activists who lost their livelihoods because they tried to warn you?
      Do you blame those who were denied medical help because they were "unvaccinated" while you thought it was okay?
      They couldn't hear our warnings because the mainstream wouldn't let them. So blame the media. And yourself, because it was your choice to believe them. We didn't have exclusive data sources - it's all there and always has been. And guess what those who were shut out of social life, who lost their jobs and their licenses, did: they looked for ways to help those who were harmed by this so-called vaccination.

  189. 1 year ago

    Is this satire?

  190. 1 year ago

    Please tell me you're joking. We would have told you, but we'd been canceled. Sorry you couldn't hear us after you muzzled us.

  191. 1 year ago

    Ha good one

  192. 1 year ago

    Frick you

  193. 1 year ago
    S Mogensen

    This has got to be satire, right? Nobody was open to hearing anything the unV'd said. No way anyone can seriously place blame there.

  194. 1 year ago

    You wanted us jailed, to lose our jobs, to be locked away from the world and society for refusing to take the jab. Despite us telling you why we refused to, and most of us it wasn’t religion. So no, this is all on you. We won’t be asking for forgiveness, because we don’t need it. We were treated like dirt for even entertaining the notion of not taking it, even those of us that were just wanting more results more actual science. You made this bed, now lie in it. You get zero sympathy from me. It is the vax pushers that need to apologize to those who took it out of fear, out of force. This whole Covid 19 junk has been absolutely disgusting on the part of mask pushers and vax pushers.

  195. 1 year ago

    Is this article a serious article or a spoof? Nobody really believes that we didn’t attempt,to warn them do they? We were censored and shamed and ridiculed and our livelihoods were threatened for attempting to warn people… The stupid sheep are getting exactly what they deserve.

  196. 1 year ago

    When a friend sent me this article, I honestly thought it was a joke. For the past 3 years, not only have the unv-ed been trying to tell people to take a step back and do some research before getting in line to, and I will use YOUR words, "do the right thing", but doctors and scientists and virologists from all over the world have been trying to tell you the same thing! And how did that turn out? They were silenced, censored, banned, fired, threatened, had their careers ruined. And all those people that you're saying should have said something? THEY DID! Over and over and over again! But you refused to listen! Instead, you shamed them, insulted them, excluded them, de-friended them, ignored them, hell, some even went so far as to say that they didn't deserve medical treatment if they needed it.

  197. 1 year ago

    This reads like satire. Sadly, the writer is serious. You all had access to the same information we had. When we did try to warn you, we were censored and ridiculed.
    On a side note, I know math is hard, but regarding your info box about good commentators and bad, hurtful ones, 85% and 25% add up to more than 100%.
    Again, the article and your math gave me a good laugh tonight. Thanks!

  198. 1 year ago
    Deez hawgnutzzz

    I needed a laugh, thanks.

  199. 1 year ago

    As adults it is our responsibility to make decisions that affect our well-being and health. Sometimes it involves listening, researching and asking questions. There were MANY people shouting at the top of their lungs warning of the potential dangers....and we were shunned, laughed at, called names and still are to this day. I feel that this is gaslighting. Time to take responsibility for what you have done. I pray that you will have learned from this and have a questioning attitude in the future...for your own sake. Stay healthy.

  200. 1 year ago


  201. 1 year ago

    Is this a joke or are you lunatics?

  202. 1 year ago

    We tried and tried and tried...till we couldn't any more ...we lost family and friends trying...we got shot by police we got goaled we marched. The social media banned us, the medical field deregulated us...Till this day they are still doing this to dare you say we didn't try!

  203. 1 year ago
    Joe Mamma

    Excellent satire!

  204. 1 year ago

    Despite every warning of what every reasonable person saw, to say “no one would listen” would be an understatement. We were blocked from social media, canceled and scorned for being crazy and irrational. Your “experts” refused to allow anyone else to speak up, silencing any opposing view. No, the blood isn’t on our hands, it’s on your leaders, tech companies and those unwilling to listen to reason. Live with that.

  205. 1 year ago
    Jackie Thompson

    Loss of taste and smell can be from a cold or even EMF exposure! All of the radiation fields from the SMART meters, all of the wifi, and the "5G" works on immune systems, including of pets, bees, and animals...but since we are talking about this subject, there is documented loss of taste and smell from emf fields. They are trying to censor this and many truths. Many companies sell EMF protection products for those of us that are EMF sensitive and those of us that are in the know about the many things that EMF can do, even possibly cancer.

  206. 1 year ago
    Lora Potts

    i really can’t believe that I am seeing this right now. I tried my hardest to keep my family from getting that shot. I asked them do you know what’s in the vaccines? Do you know it’s not a vaccine if there’s a cure for it? Do you know there’s not a vaccine until it goes to clinical trials? No one wants to listen. They say we aren’t doctors. It was their body their choice. I had shared multiple articles from doctors and scientists. We tried sharing information on different social medias, and it would be taken down or fact checked, or we would be kicked off. They believed what the government instead and that we are just conspiracy theorists or a cult. Trust me this hasn’t been easy for any of us. If it will help you, though, you can contact a conspiracy near you and they can help you detox from the vaccine.

  207. 1 year ago

    85% + 25% = 110%.

    You may want to revisit your math.

    As an aside... nice experiment.

  208. 1 year ago

    To the moderation team: you cannot write an article like this and demand and attempt to control the comments and the fury invoked by reading this pathetic essay. What do you expect?? I did my job, I researched over 2000hrs on this toxic poison, why didn’t you? If I have the brains to question and to research then why didn’t you do the same? Stop gaslighting us and own your choices. We suffered for 3yrs and you didn’t care to listen to us, you mocked us and eliminated us from your lives. That was the sacrifice we made for our health. Now it’s your turn to stop blaming everyone else for your decision and direct your anger to the appropriate people. Your government and yourself.

  209. 1 year ago

    I'm pretty sure this is satire, so I went to their main page at,
    the articles there are not satire.

    Now, I'm confused.

  210. 1 year ago
    Doc Holladay

    Why waste time arguing with a vaxxer? All you have to do is wait.

  211. 1 year ago

    Is this satire or legitimate liberal talking points? It’s becoming so hard to differentiate between the two nowadays.

    • 1 year ago

      Omg you're not kidding lol

  212. 1 year ago
    Julie Wilson

    I posted on Facebook about Ivermectin and medical freedom, and studies which pointed towards the dangers of the vaccine. Not only was I censored, Multiple people called my worksite and tried to have me fired for "spreading misinformation".

    Many, many of us tried. Only to be ridcliculed, censored, and canceled. I nearly lost my job. Don't you dare call us selfish. Most people I knew tried as hard as we could, NOBODY WOULD LISTEN.

  213. 1 year ago

    I've been trying to warn people for years after our son nearly died and was paralyzed from "safe & effective " liability free jabs. We've endured death threats for not risking his life again.

    I lost many friends the last 3 years. My husband nearly lost his job. I have shared scientific studies and articles re: these experimental gene editing injectable wienertails and their risks since April 2020; that lost us more friends and family.

    It grieves me that no one would listen. Every person I am watching fall to deadly blood clots, New onset cancer and heart issues, breaks my heart. I am saddened, but I know that I did all that I could to warn people and share information from doctors and scientists trying to help those who fell for the propaganda. I pray that you all listen to those doctors and that maybe they can help you.

  214. 1 year ago

    So regarding that warp speed COVID vaccine...
    -Rushed, untested, experimental vaccine? Check
    -Using dangerous mRNA technology that in the past killed every mouse with ADE? Check
    -For a virus less deadly than the lockdowns them-selves? Check
    -Also less deadly than the flu? Check
    -For a coronavirus (cold) they’ve been unable to cure after over a century of trying? Check
    -But somehow all of a sudden, figured it out in less than a year (warp speed)? Check
    -People actually bought into this on a grand scale? Check

    Here is how deadly the safe and effective vaccines really are:

  215. 1 year ago

    The article is self-contradicting and ridiculous. Everyone had access to the same information. Some people just choose to exercise critical thinking while others simply trust various parties that are clearly untrustworthy. You say the unvaxxed should have warned everyone else. (They did). You also say that the same people you claim had information that should have been shared with others “flipped a coin”. Well, which is it? Did they have information, or did they flip a coin. It all comes down to this. This country has an epidemic of failure to think critically and to have healthy skepticism. No one should ever again casually trust the government or “experts”.

  216. 1 year ago

    We told everyone before the thing even came out that is going to do what it's doing. We kept warning people even after we were called crazy, disowned by family, abandoned by friends, threatened, slandered, and so much more. Instead of listening to us tell you what would happen and to do your own research we were attached. Then big tech censored us, the MSM vilified us, and the government threatened us. Why don't you just take responsibility for your own actions for once instead of pushing it on to the people who tried to help. Only spoiled little brats shift blame. Grow up!

  217. 1 year ago

    I am not responsible for what you put in your body any more than you are responsible for what I put in mine. Take responsibility for your own choices. Take responsibility for your own research. Silence is GOLDEN in the age of cancellation.

  218. 1 year ago

    Is this for real? Frick off.

  219. 1 year ago

    All any of our vaccinated have to do is look at our personal face book pages from when it all started and they will show you how hard we all worked to try to give you the information we knew, and still do to this day .I had Family members and Friends telling me it was only a conspiracy theory. We lost Family and friends along the way. We unvaccinated all wished it was only a conspiracy theory ,but sadly it wasn't. We Pray constantly for all the Vaxed!! God help us all!!

  220. 1 year ago

    If this is real, and it’s hard to imagine it is, the shift of blame on those of us who not only continually warned you, but were ridiculed, shammed, demonized, laughed at & isolated, is even more ridiculous than you taking the shot… SERIOUSLY… it can’t get anymore fuked up… and yet it just did with you now blaming us for your ability to be brainwashed. Stop it & we still love you, but don’t push it!

  221. 1 year ago
    Jackie Thompson

    The blame needs to go to those that imposed this on society! The messengers that tried to sincerely help and warn were laughed at and/or ousted. People who are wise in their own eyes snubbed the ones that tried so hard to warn, out of concern! It is very sad that the propaganda machine knows that they can repeat lies and the more that they repeat them, the more they are believed. They use psychological warfare tactics, including gaslighting and propaganda to trick people for their bad agenda. Look up the Georgia Guidestones. Also, please do not shoot the messengers! And climate change is a total scam, another very bad agenda! Please don't fall for it!

  222. 1 year ago

    Is this a parody, or sarcasm? Please be direct in your answer. Because calling people selfish for not participating in the injections while warning others and simultaneously being cancelled and persecuted for it, and then turning around and calling them selfish for 'withholding' is gaslighting, and worse than that, its more persecution. That's no joke. You cannot get away with that.

  223. 1 year ago
    Theevul Gekneeus

    I apologise unreservedly for your governments, health care government departments, military services employed under the "emergency" MSM media, social media, the global corporations, the employees, friends, relatives and NGO's who played their part in restricting, deleting, obfuscation, grey-listing, black-listing, shadow banning, results removal and in some cases on social media running a double layer application to enable no content or interactions that didn't fall into line with the pandemic agenda... I apologise unreservedly that you allowed yourself to live in a bubble of your own creation and of all of those influencing you to live inside it and be denied any notion of the possibility of the idea that those reinforcing your bubble could actually want you detrimentally ill for the rest of your life or dead within minutes to hours to days, weeks or years... They want literally billions dead but not until they've done enough groundwork for their plans after around 2035...that's when around 95% of the population... You're on your own and good luck with the coming global catastrophic events...
    Blood on hands indeed... You're looking in the wrong direction just as when this started in October 2019 after it was already talked of back in around 2008/9 and China "catching a cold"... There is no conspiracy when foretold events emerge and the reason has been to put things in place before it happens...

  224. 1 year ago

    Stop fricking kids

  225. 1 year ago

    Is this satire? Because we weren’t silent and we raised holy heck to family, friends, at marches, to school boards, “churches”, newspapers, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. I lost my career job over it, among other things, and moved across the country to find a job that wouldn’t make me jab and stores that wouldn’t kick me out for being unmasked. What more did you want????? If this isn’t satire, it’s worse than the article that suggested we all forgive each other for what we said and did during covid when “we didn’t know any better”. Some of us always knew better and did better.

  226. 1 year ago
    Lauren Petersen

    This is comical. Millions screamed this from the roof tops for 2 years. Called Nazis, domestic terroirs, conspiracy theorists, diseased, grandma killers… we posted article upon article. Gov sourced articles. deplatfomed from EVERY SINGLE Social Media platform. Did you NOT see the FIOA documents that all social was paid by the government to silence us. We yelled, screamed, cried beggiy family to listen. YOU CHOSE to listen to GOV and not your owned loved ones. Why? Because you were brainwashed by mass formation psychosis. Stockholm Syndrome. You were brainwashed by the TV. Now, only now , that you're apathy is going, do you want to place blame on your loved ones (who tried to warn you) vs. putting YOUR ego and pride aside; admit you were conned and lied to. Conned and lied to by the GOV. This whole opinion piece proves just that. That YOU are incapable of taking accountability and saying, “I was wrong. Thank you for loving me so much and for trying to get me to wake up.”

    This right here friends (this option piece) is exactly what the Nazis did in WW2. Pure indoctrination and propaganda. These indoctrinated brainwashed individuals (unfortunately) are not going to be woken up. Don’t even give them once of energy

  227. 1 year ago
    Mr NA

    All I can say will be a very long time before most humans trust government vaccines or any vaccines again. And that's a shame because some past vaccines have done untold good for humanity.

  228. 1 year ago

    This article seems like an intentional troll - a reversal of a pureblood's feelings over the disaster of the past couple years. The violations of human rights, "lockdowns", calls for internment camps, calls for forced injection. You know...that the vaxxers supported. So, I had trouble taking the article seriously. But, assuming there is someone out there in this big world who is actually this benighted:
    Nope. No apologies. We tried - you ignored us. Now you have the unsafe & ineffective clot shot coursing through your veins. I'll forgive you for your words and deeds AFTER JUSTICE IS SERVED and you repent and beg forgiveness.

  229. 1 year ago
    No clots from Fauci shot

    Instead of blaming the people who actually did their research. The people who lost their jobs, family, ability to access medical treatment and surgeries, travel, leave the country to find new work, get marriage licenses, renew drivers license or even get a passport. These people were censored, lost their social media accounts, doctors who spoke out were fired. They ALL tried warning you. While you mocked us calling us “fringe, racist, misogynistic, Q following, right wing extremist, domestic terrorist, dangers to society and finally grandma killers”.
    You called us “anti-science anti-vaxxers”
    Not once did you stop to ask why they were hesitant or didn’t want it. You said they were fully tested, you pushed the propaganda and when we told you they weren’t safe. You turned off the comment section.
    Sad thing is, those were just the start. Sadly you will be victim of what’s next if you don’t learn to take accountability.

    Why don’t you blame the government for pushing this into federal mandates, why don’t you blame the media and yourself for creating an echo chamber and convincing others to take the clot shot, why don’t you blame the pharmaceutical companies for hiding the data with the fda that we had to sue them for the safety data. Why won’t you blame those accountable? Because you yourself are one of them.

    Get some composer and class.
    Your life of victim hood will never change if you don’t actually take accountability for the consequences of your choices, words and actions.

  230. 1 year ago

    I can't tell if this article is satire? Everyone who had the common sense to question the vax most certainly attempted to warn their loved one, colleagues and anyone who would listen. But they were met with hostility, propaganda slogans and segregated from society. It's the people who chose to believe the TV and " experts" over their loved ones that need to do the apologies. " conspiracy theorists" did more for me and people I knew about researching and warning than most doctors I've come into contact with. Bravo unvaccinated, and to us who may have taken it, let's hope we've learned a lesson.

  231. 1 year ago
    James McDermott

    The better question is, what would it have taken to convince people not to take it?

  232. 1 year ago

    Who wrote this garbage? Really? You ostracized and silenced an entire group of people that made a different choice than you. Remember the talks of denying the unvaccinated hospital beds? Health insurance? Organ transplants? Not getting to see your dying loved ones? Need I go on?

    I have lost friendships because of the choice I will own up to any day.

    Personal accountability and responsibility could go a LONG way.

  233. 1 year ago
    Vindicated in Philly

    "Why didn't anyone warn us??"

    Literally the entire U.S. media colluded to shut this information down. But sure, let's blame each other and get at each other's throats even more that we do now. That is exactly what the ruling class wants : keep the pressure off those at the top, those who profited from this human rights disaster.

  234. 1 year ago

    We tried telling people but were ridiculed and called terrible names and accused of killing people and being selfish when trying to help others not make mistakes

  235. 1 year ago

    Been screaming from the rooftops. No one listened. My whole family shunned me and social media censored us. Your misinformed and should be directing your feelings at the deep state that created it and kept the truth from being publicized. There are treatments. Quantum Healing works!

  236. 1 year ago
    Paul Melzer

    This article is either a troll post or parody. There’s no way that anyone could not have noticed the hue and cry about the potential downsides of the vaccine mandates. Suggesting otherwise is pretty silly, and cannot be taken seriously.

  237. 1 year ago

    I'm not sure if this is satire, but I'll respond as if it's sincere.
    We tried. Hard. We were censored. We were attacked by those who wanted the jab. We were threatened, too.
    I was banned entirely from Twitter. I was in Facebook jail 8 times in one year. I was silenced on Instagram. Pro vaxxers were the ones reporting our posts.

    We shouted from the rooftops. Did you actually want to know? Sure didn't seem like it. People who were Pro vax treated us really badly. Believe me, we didn't want to be right. But we were.

  238. 1 year ago

    I know the common perception (or misperception, really) is those who took the jab "did it for others".

    Well, I went full John the Baptist and put on my sack cloth and was there on vaccine rollout day warning of the dangers. Tiffany Dover rebuffed me just moments before she passed out on national TV. That one still stings. I tried to warn her about not taking the 2nd dose, but I haven't been able to locate her since. Not sure what is up with that.

    Since, my epic failure with Tiffany, I have attended a vaccination center or clinic EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have taken 775 shots of mRNA all to warn my fellow man. Now, I'm not entirely sure why no one listens, but I think after the 3, 4 or 5th dose something changed. It was like when I would warn people they literally couldn't hear or see me.

    I've been to every state in the United States several times spreading my message. The amount of free stuff I amassed over my journey...the donuts, weed, lotto entries, one of which I actually won. The best was DiBlasio in NY. He was right. Forget about NY style pizza. That free burger and fries in New York City was the bomb diggity. They could've turned my taboosticles into pin cushion. It was literally to die for.

    Speaking of dying, just recently I saw Tiffany Dover, and I briefly saw Damar Hamlin. I was informed that I am in fact, dead. I died somewhere around that 4th, 5th or 6th jab. Here I thought I'd sowed a lot of seed, more than Bill Gates land could hold. It turns out I only sowed enough for a small backyard garden. In fact, I think it may have been the gardening and not the 4th, 5th, or 6th dose that got me. I am unsure who or what to believe.

    Those who are still corporeal soldier on! Do I have any regrets? I knew mRNA was dangerous but to be better than "them" I was willing to take an injection a day to chase the vaxxers away. Every time I would go to a clinic, I would crack that old joke... "I see dead people." Who knew? The joke was on me. I was dead, too, and didn't even know it. One thing I can tell you about my death...

    It wouldv'e been so much worse without the vaccine(s).

  239. 1 year ago
    Pure Blood

    This article cannot possibly be serious. The unvaxxed were harassed, ridiculed, shunned, mocked, fired, belittled and threatened to risk their health for something that anyone with an ounce of common sense would have avoided. Medical freedom! Unvaxxed simply chose not to take an experimental drug. Those who took it, chose to. You could have changed jobs or moved to protect yourself, but you lined up with your sleeves rolled up, begging and celebrating the shots. Unreal.

  240. 1 year ago

    Told everyone from day 1, not my fault if no-one listened, I was happy to be ridiculed and laughed at in order to help my friends...they still all got jabbed, no blood is on my hands at all. Remember who it was calling us tin foil hatters and abusing us for being selfish and not caring if we spread sickness to the whole community...yes, you!

  241. 1 year ago

    You ARE this stupid??? So of course you are completely comfortable blaming smart people for your stupidity… we were fired, shunned, canceled, threatened, while idiots like you cheered from the under your masks on the sidelines… so if you are getting smarter now, go research the protocols to mitigate the jab.. instead of trying to convince the world that your lack of intelligence is everyone else’s fault.. I hope you survive this poison unscathed… not that you are any use to the heard.. AT ALL

  242. 1 year ago

    Fauci off!

  243. 1 year ago

    Not true. We got censored from Twitter and Facebook but we continued to fight to save lives. We yelled it, cried it, and screamed it. Let us face it, you just didn't care and you didn't want to face it.

  244. 1 year ago
    Meaghan Aufrichtig

    See, you can go and frick yourself all the way with this article you lying scum bag

  245. 1 year ago
    Lion eat Sheep

    You censored us, banned us, called us names, made us lose our jobs and our sanity for speaking out and helping you. And are now gaslighting us by saying we didn't do anything? You get what you fricking deserve. FRICK YOU AND YOUR SOLIDARITY YOU PIECE OF SHIT! Burn in hell sheep BAAAAA BAAA BAAAAAAA BAAAAAA.

  246. 1 year ago

    We "anti-vaxxers" knew about masks too.

  247. 1 year ago
    Seriously, keep up with your narrative

    Just click on your own related article and you will see your own words in the past, and how you refer to “anti-vaxers “ and shaming for them from “spreading misinformation amongst the vaccinated”.

    So please, just…. ok?

  248. 1 year ago
    Lion eat Sheep

    WOW. You can't even do math right. 85% and 25%?! I feel sorry for your moderators. But you deserve this for gaslighting us, we who tried so hard to tell you despite being treated as untermenchen. Google what that means and where and when that was used.

    • 1 year ago
      Dee Dee

      Math is racist.

  249. 1 year ago
    Salted Nuts

    This has to be satire, and in terrible taste at that.

    For YEARS we tried to warn you, and were vilified, mocked, shunned and literally banned from public forums and businesses. We cited scientific articles, published health statistics, the history of Moderna's repeated failures and pointed out the lady running vax safety was the same one who covered up Agent Orange dangers.

    And you laughed it off and got boosted, tried to force it on our kids and banned us from our jobs.

    Now, it's our fault that you, with equal access to the internet, if not common sense, chose to take the experimental gene therapy?

    No. Own your mistake, and maybe, just maybe, listen to us on a few other things that we've been trying to tell you too. For years.

    Like direct quotes from Bill Gates and the WEF that there are too many of us, and vaccines will fix that little problem.

    But hey, what do us conspiracy theorists know?

  250. 1 year ago
    Lion eat Sheep

    You are asking for kindness, but ask in your heart, do you really deserve it for what you have written here? Look deep inside yourself and ask your conscience what kind of garbage have I written here

  251. 1 year ago

    What a load of tripe.. can't tell you how many people I informed not to get it, yet I and many others were made out to be the bad guy, go figure... There was plenty of information on the web and all it took was for an individual to take the time research and make a judgement call. Blame your government or better yet blame yourselves for being naive and following the narrative...

  252. 1 year ago
    Jed Clampett

    So after 2 years of being fired, refused travel, wished death upon, called antivaxxer conspiracy theorists by every lemming that blindly followed the corrupt public health officials and media that are bought and paid for by Pfizer, you want to blame us for your heart attacks and strokes? Get bent!

  253. 1 year ago
    Leni Roth

    You can't be serious. Is this a joke? Bad satire? An attempt to stir up more division? Even today, those decided not to get the clot shots, are being vilified for it. They are still being censored and deplatformed for telling the world about the vaccines. Are you on drugs?

  254. 1 year ago

    I am trying to figure out if this is just a trolling/LARP type thingy or what? Is the author actually serious? The vaccinated were fear-driven psychopaths! And they were far too arrogant to reason with. "Never argue with a drunk" or something like that...

  255. 1 year ago

    F CLUCK YOU MODERATORS. You signed up for moderating a piece of SHITZE article like this. Now enjoy us trolling your ARSEnic

  256. 1 year ago
    Ryan elson

    I was literally at the protests 3 times a week for about a year and a half. I started to go less after the abuse and figured there's too many stupid people and i should expect their end result to be societal collapse. I have a right to take measures to protect myself from the consequences that the 80% of people lined up for. I'm far too busy getting off grid and becoming self sufficient since the announcements of putting this stuff in the food supply. I have a right to protect myself when deaf ears do not listen. I endured being stonewalled from restaurants and public facilities like the pool. I had to endure the venomous abuse of the public for making the right choice.

    At this point after years of abuse i am indifferent, and hope the vaccinated reap their rewards for the mass psychosis i have had to endure and feel as though it might be redeeming for humanity if after a culling what is left are folks who are dramatically less suggestible.

    Maybe this is what the bible meant by the meek inheriting the earth.

  257. 1 year ago

    First ask why the medical establishment censored us instead of gaslighting us in this article.

  258. 1 year ago

    First ask why the medical establishment censored us instead of gaslighting us in this article.

  259. 1 year ago

    We did not have access to any special information. I read dozens of scientific papers on the virus and its characteristics. In April 2020 I had read multiple research papers identifying the main cause of death was micro clotting inhibiting the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to the blood and blocking the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle. APRIL 2020. 3 months into this catastrophe. The clotting could be detected by testing Troponin levels and administering anticoagulants. By May I had red multiple studies showing that HCQ and Ivermectin were almost completely effective against this virus. But all that was dismissed by TPTB and mainstream media. I have an engineering degree and an MBA. I have friends much more educated than me. PHDs, MD's that were taken in by the narrative. I had the advantage of a skeptical nature. I distributed the information I found, and it was dismissed by most, unfortunately even my own family. But I cannot be responsible for those who blindly trusted authority, when the authority was clearly abusing it's power. "The science is settled" is BS to anyone who knows anything about the scientific method. Science is NEVER settled - if that was the case we never would have moved from Newtonian physics to quantum physics. I'm sorry that so many people had to die needlessly as a result of this evil. But I will never apologize for seeking the truth. My only regret is so many people were deceived.

  260. 1 year ago

    With all due respect, an apology isn’t going to unvaxx you, that’s a permanent the choice you made! I’ll see my way out with my tin hat 🙂

  261. 1 year ago

    Oh, we tried to warn you. You called us nut jobs and antivaxxers! And we were censored right in front of your eyes. Anyone who spoke out was disappeared off the web.
    Doctors were warning you! All censored.

  262. 1 year ago

    So we go from being badly harassed, losing jobs, being discriminated, and the list goes on…now to it’s our faults? Weren’t we also labeled “conspiracy theorists” too? This is pridiculous! Why don’t you OWN up to your life decisions, no one forced you to get the vaccine. For once take accountability and responsibility for your lives. If you’re going to blame unvaccinated people for every problem in this world, you need a serious wake up call and get your ass into therapy! Just like anything in this world, you need to educate yourself and always ask questions. Use your own mind and critical thinking.

  263. 1 year ago

    OMG!!! "We" Didn't try HARD enough to warn "You"??? My God!!! That's all that many of us did. The Quaxxed have the same access to "all" the same info we do. For the best part of 3 years now; nearly all I have done is try to bring evidence based truth to the Quaxxed; and all I got back from the majority of you is I'm nuts, and a 'Conspiracy Theorist"!!! Got news for you jabbed...Conspirace FACT!!! We tried.....OWN IT!!!

  264. 1 year ago
    The crazy right

    When I talked people smirked and looked at me like I was a crazy person, I got called names, wished death upon me and my kids, truckload of insults thrown at me.
    F you, and I seriously don’t give Fart to what happen to you people.

  265. 1 year ago

    Is this satire? The rampant censorship could not have gone unnoticed.

  266. 1 year ago

    I lost absolutely everyone in my life because I was "crazy" and "not being safe" and "why would they want to hurt us?"

    Then I had"friends" try to have me committed to a mental ward because I kept telling them it probably wasn't a good idea.

    As they say you can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink.

  267. 1 year ago

    This is gaslighting of the highest order! You chose not to listen, shut us down by excluding us and virtue signalling while we shared the possible dangers in every way we could think of.
    Take responsibility for your actions. We did.

  268. 1 year ago
    A Lafferty

    I have warned of the dangers many many many times. People make their own decisions, as they have a right to do. Being unvaccinated and warning of the vaccine dangers gets us hated, censored, ridiculed, cut off from friends and family and events, fired from jobs / careers, etc. Place the blame where it belongs, which is nowhere near the unvaccinated.

  269. 1 year ago

    is this clickbait? 🙂

  270. 1 year ago
    charles bukowski

    Good satire. Clever. When people start making fun of themselves and their narrow minded cultist thinking and actions it means there is hope for them as human beings. Admitting you were wrong is the first step out of the hole you live in. Villifying people who disagree with you is mean sprited and pointless. Welcome to the human race.

  271. 1 year ago

    I can only think this is a parody article/account. If anyone deserves an apology are the unvaccinated. They were denied their jobs, travelling, ridiculed, abused, and accused of selfishness for not volunteering to the biggest human lab trial in history.

  272. 1 year ago

    This is satire, right?

    It’s got to be. Because after two years of being mocked as “Anit-vaxx” (despite having received a multitude of other vaccines), of hearing how we wanted Grandma to LITERALLY DIE, of being told that gnarled old gnome Fauci was totally “The Science,” despite his having been wrong about pretty much everything through his career and admitting having lied to people at the very start of the plague, we were censored and shut down across multiple platforms, given “context” warnings and denounces as misinformation.

    Sorry. You brought this all on yourselves. Better luck next time.

  273. 1 year ago

    The decisions others make are not mine to bear. You made your choices, the arguments for and against were out there to be seen.

    The blood is not on our hands.

  274. 1 year ago

    Nothing abusive here. Just the facts:
    1. Calling vaccine aware people "anti-vaxxers" automatically shows us that you already don't trust us and the vast amount of info we want to share with you.
    2. We TRIED to inform you all about how bad the shots would be but you all disregarded us as "anti-vaxxers."
    3. Social media blacked us out so you couldn't see the truth unless you searched very hard for it or knew what sites to go to. Don't blame us. They took down our facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. They blocked videos we shared. They lied wuthering their "fact-checkers." Blame Social Media giants.
    4. Mainstream Media NEVER told the truth. They're BOUGHT by big pharma and would lose their advertisers if they did.
    5. Nobody should be forced to take a medical product. It's part of the Nuremberg Laws. Look it up & get educated. Smart people don't get a vaccine in order to do stuff, go places, or keep a job. Those are not reasons to take a shot. Don't blame us for being smarter.
    6. The government and big pharma used propaganda, just like in Nazi Germany and the USSR to put tremendous fear in you all. Don't blame us for not falling for the propaganda.

  275. 1 year ago

    Lmao now that's hilarious! The anti vaxx, tin foil hat wearing, mysogonist, racists have been called this and more. We were told to die, we don't deserve health care and so on. And now blame us for not saying enough? Lol funny 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  276. 1 year ago

    To fully understand just start preaching antivax facts. Start now. Watch most people correct you and say "No it was covid, not the V causing all the harm, and at least V kept it from being worse"...... "all these doctors and health agencies in the whole world could not all have been wrong......" Give it a shot then you will see.

  277. 1 year ago

    I got banned from every platform I tried for "covid misinformation" when I spoke out, and I was shunned and ridiculed by everyone I knew IRL. I told ya so.

  278. 1 year ago
    Christo Michaelides

    You call backlash a targeted troll storm? We are all real people. I tried warning so many family members, friends, and coworkers. I had posts and IMs censored on facebook. The only people with blood on their hands are the pharma corporations, the government and medical staff who took covid dollars and lied, and the people who were too stupid to think for themselves. This article is trash.

  279. 1 year ago
    Mei Banfa

    The "vaccines" if you like the new definition, or gene therapies, if you are good with the original definition are just chlorine for the gene pool. Don't drink the fish tank cleaner, even if the Government tells you that is what you should do.
    My best advice, have a nice day.

  280. 1 year ago


  281. 1 year ago

    We did try to warn people, then we we’re ridiculed, spoken to like we are stupid. So all i can say is, if you want my blood, it’s $10k per ml, it you want my sperm, its $500k per successful pregnancy.

  282. 1 year ago

    Go and get another Booster.....since all the others were "safeand effective" MORONS!!!

  283. 1 year ago

    I was ridiculed, blamed for killing granny, fired from my job (so no unemployment insurance) and most employers required the vax, locked out of everything except the grocery store, shunned from my family and friends, all the while screaming at the top of my lungs about the clot shot. Pounded the pavement, delivering Druther's Newspaper month after month. For months I walked the flag trying to reach people. Rally every Sunday for over a year. Now watching my family and friends getting sick and dying. People were doing these things in cities, all over the country. Also you must consider social media was working with gov'ts to silence all dissent. Twitter, Facebook and Youtube all did what they were told. Good doctors are losing their licences because they are being blackballed for speaking out. Hundreds and hundreds of health professionals did their best and you lot couldn't be bothered to listen. No one to blame but yourselves.

  284. 1 year ago

    There is some choice words that I have for the author of this blatant libel. The unvaxxed tried to raise awareness, tried to explain to their loved ones why we refused to get vaccinated, and begged and pleaded with our loved ones not to get vaccinated.

    On the street, when in line for a store, or on social media, the unvaxxed pleaded with everyone to not take this vax, and to definitely not get the boosters.

    For that, many lost their medical licenses, were banned from social media, disowned from family and excommunicated from friends groups. Many lost their jobs, all the while the vaxxed and those who encourage mass vaccination(yet refused to take it themselves) called for the internment, "re-education", social shunning and even mass murder of the anti-vaxxers.

    Really, when Congress/government bureaucrats, the vax companies and etc, legally exempted themselves form the vaccine, all the while calling for others who refused the vax to be fired, I don't know what to tell you. If you can't look at the situation and see it for what it is, then your hopelessly sub-sentient.

  285. 1 year ago

    How about go frick yourselves you Nazi scum,the amount of shit us who knew the truth put up from you scum of this world hard core pro vaxxers,we lost our friends ,family,loved ones,jobs,work mates all because we tried to warn you fricking moron idiot imbecile frickwits and now we have to watch our loved ones hoping like frick they don’t die,you bunch of low life scum,you ppl are the worse human beings alive,wish it was you lot that got vaxxed injured and not our loved ones that we tried to save from these bullshit jabs,if you want to listen to msm scum then that’s your fricking problem,if you are to fricking dumb to question anything then that proves you are a brain dead fricking moron,to lazy and to dumb are what all you pro vaxxers are and you have what’s coming you fricking Nazis scum

  286. 1 year ago

    ?I would love to know who you mean
    I personally have been screaming for three years on all social networks and warning not to get close to Pfizer's death shots
    There are thousands more like me. Not hundreds
    I have also warned many personally in every public place I have been to

    There were people who listened, there were people who laughed in my face
    And in addition to all this, I also went to demonstrations and even called two demonstrations myself

  287. 1 year ago

    The Quaxxinated: Senseless, brainless, parasitic MORONS. I'd HATE to the where we'd (PureBloods) be if you quaxxed IDIOTS ended up being right

  288. 1 year ago

    I tried - and it nearly cost me job and friendships, I ended up getting 1 dose to keep the peace with business partner and had a crazy high resting heart rate for 3 months did not get 2nd dose and have managed to convince my parents not to get boosted. It was the most isolating experience to be labeled "anti science" "conspiracy theorist" " selfish, morally bankrupt etc - even though I knew it did not block transmission, my personal risk from covid was very low, I even tested myself before going to see high clients to make sure I was safe - that still wasn't enough 4 business partner because it wasn't about safety it was about perception and not being associated with an anti-vaxxer! So yeah while I can understand the power of wanting to conform ( I caved with 1st dose shortly before mandates were finally removed ) and I have forgivven all the judgements against my character the names I was called the inability to take my kids to the pool (even with a privately paid negative covid test) or go to the movies, or gym, or restaurant or plane I will not take another attack that tries to put blood on my hands! Lastly the doctors who were brave enough to speak out lost jobs, had licenses threatened, were publicly shamed, censored, smeared in the news if you are looking for the ppl with blood on their hands you ought to start at picking apart the institutions that allowed the censorship of dissenting voices. Doctors, nurses and scientists should not require courage or a willingness to blow up their careers to just ask scientific questions or speak up about things they are concerned about, this should be encouraged and welcomed - because we were told that decisions were being made with the best available data. Well guess what - when your not looking for specific answers because ppl are not allowed to ask questions, or research cant get funded because the universities are scared of loosing their big pharma funding, or the scientific journals can not publish articles because they might cause vaccine hesitancy - we have a problem a very big problem that is complex to fix. Focus your next piece on pushing for accountability in the right places and decoupling the very broken process of drug approval and safety monitoring (corporations provides funding to regulatory agencies - those same regulatory agencies approve the product - then the very same agency monitors safety?!) We deserve better. I hope all can move forward in a compassionate way, compassion was sorely missing at the peak of mandate insanity. Rant Over.

  289. 1 year ago

    I have read about 100 of these comments and NOT ONE OF THEM agrees with your article and puts some strong salient points regarding how they tried to pass on reliable information from qualified people but were blocked and mocked! My neighbour told me unvaxxed should be rounded up, put in camps and force-vaccinated for being a danger to the community! He wanted them imprisoned! And you think the unvaxxed should have “said something”. People lost jobs, family, friends and their posts were taken down, their pages cancelled. Pay Pal defunded certain groups. I’m not even sure that’s legal - but they used ‘Anti-Terrorist’ legislation as their excuse. I have video of Victorian Police in full Riot Gear firing rubber bullets and gas cylinders into a crowd of unarmed civilians who were merely walking down St Kilda Rd near the Shrine of Rememberance. They ran there for safety and that night on the news, the reporter accused ‘Violent Protesters desecrated the Shrine today.” There have been thousands of protestors marching and all the news channels ignored/under reported or mis reported events. Kindly lay the blame where it should lie - at the door of TV News. If they hadn’t been so busy taking funding and told a BALANCED narrative, this would have ended by 2020.

  290. 1 year ago

    Whelp..... all you critical thinkers who do not worship authorities just now got gaslighted on steroids AND BOOSTED 5 TIMES.

  291. 1 year ago

    Most people I know took vaccine to go on holiday not for health reasons. We live in a very material world we’re I comes before we so if people hadn’t have put their lifestyle first and actually researched or listened to people who had then this nightmare would have been over long ago.
    MSM are the virus they lied and influenced most of the population let’s turn our attention to them or does that not fit your agenda.

  292. 1 year ago

    All i want to know is the NAME of the barely coherent sack that wrote this vitriolic claptrap, clearly designed to engender a response from ppl who have retained the miraculous superpower of sensing horse manure.
    No one needs to defend themselves.
    Even if you were silent, few were in fact, you were perfectly right to be so, all considered.

  293. 1 year ago

    I’m still trying to figure out if this is a serious post or a parody site? Either way thanks for the laugh lol.

  294. 1 year ago

    You are being sarcastic, right? Or is this an alternate universe I just read from?

  295. 1 year ago

    Common sense should have been your first clue..Because of all of you who complied is the reason we're in this shit show right now and why so many are dying !! You couldn't handle given up your freedom to eat out , travel go to concerts ..You did this not the unjabbed !!!

  296. 1 year ago

    I’ve now read 200 responses and still nobody agrees with your rubbishy article. Early in 2020 a radio station published a question “Have any of you had a bad dose of Covid?” And they had to pull the question because of all the responses of “No, but we’ve had a bad reaction to The Vaccine!” Thousands. Where was the follow up? You should watch Senator Gerard Rennick and Senator Alex Antic And Senator Catherine Cumming speaking in Aus Parliament about the dangers of the Vax and the room is EMPTY! All the other Senators had to rush off to the toilet! Don’t blame us for not getting the message out - the Australian Parliament didn’t want to hear!

  297. 1 year ago

    This entire article is “triggering.” So many people were mocked and ridiculed because we stood up and shouted from the rooftops- “Wait! There haven’t been any long term studies! Wait! They haven’t even proven the shots stop transmission! Wait! The shots aren’t even really vaccines- they are MRNA gene editing therapeutics!” We made shunned- not allowed into grocery stores, fired from our jobs, and blacklisted socially. Shame on you for allowing that to happen to us then, and shame on you for trying to rewrite history now.

  298. 1 year ago

    You want to be mad at someone for you having taken the shot? Well, be mad at the Experts that told you to take it. Don't be mad at the people that never believed the "Experts." They were thinking clearly and you were not.

  299. 1 year ago

    Haha...maybe they should have taken the blindfolds off. I suppose though if you only watch msm, who were only promoting the fear and the jab, the media are criminals really. And treatments that could have been used like ivermectin were totally trashed but it has a good track record in a lot of countries and amongst the unjabbed. Whoever suggested Remdesivir for treatment in hospitals should be in jail also.

  300. 1 year ago
    Marshal clark

    I simply have to be belligerent about saying this. My apologies, anyhow. There are children under Area 51. Just telling everyone, and you should to. Sorry these answers may seem so simple. Sorta like moving around the globe like Rhombicosidodecahedron from one flat plane to another, yet we all have done it. Kind of deflating to actually see through the illusion with open eyes. We could either save the children here or save imaginary ukranians on your television. Call me crazy, but who really thought it was aliens under Area 51? Sirius-ly? For more practical delusions visit Universal Vortices University

  301. 1 year ago

    You were warned.

    Stop pretending you weren't.

  302. 1 year ago

    sorry, is this article a satire? Who wrote this? MSM is still telling the masses to take the jab btw. Is this article written by an awaken one trying to be sarcastic or a sheep that has just woken up but trying to push the blame on the vax free? The later seems highly improbable due to the high illogical state this person is in. I think this a Awaken satire right. Most sheeps have not waken up yet and those who did are blaming the govt and not on the vax free. Just saying.

  303. 1 year ago

    It’s not exactly the same topic … but I’m somewhat peeved that the World Economic Forum Members have taken private jets using unvaxxed pilots and petrol powered motor cars and no doubt eating wonderful food while they discuss their open de-population agenda forcing vaccinations on the rest of us, imprisoning us in Smart 15 Minute Cities with a single banking system that they control but restricts our (the Poor People) from buying petrol cars, travelling outside our zone and MADE to eat cricket-protein as red meat has been banned. Now THIS TIME YOU CAN’T SAY YOU WEREN’T WARNED!!!

  304. 1 year ago
    Bob Roberts

    Are you kidding me...?

    Warn you enough? Don't think, for one second, that we will forget your treatments of us; be you co-workers, supervisors, neighbors, people on the streets...

    You were the definition of harassment. You called us simpletons, anti-science (oh, the irony), killers, degenerates, and proclaimed from every corner, every moutaintop...WE were the ones that were "dangerous", because of what we said, that we didn't want to go along with the program, that we didn't blindly kneel at the altar of Fauci and his minions.

    WE did the research, and begged you to do the same--because you surely didn't listen to *ANYTHING* we said.

    Now, you must be scared, just a little. Everyone is dropping dead, suddenly, for no reason. It's about 30% higher than normal, and that about correlates to what we projected.

    Children are getting heart attacks and suffering what will be lifetime (for as long as that is) conditions--and that truly is the most evil thing. You pushed it to them. Without trying to understand WTF is going on. So now, when the Pharma says jab your babies, your SIX MONTHS OLD children, will you? Or will you say, "No"?

    You have to take a stand somewhere, cowboy. We did a long time ago. You probably should now.

    Oh, and, almost everyone of you gets what you deserve.

  305. 1 year ago

    That was a pant-load.

  306. 1 year ago
    Henry Tuesday

    Shouldn't they be mad at their doctors?

  307. 1 year ago

    The truth is the Cure and Many Unvaxxed tried their best to prevent the weak willed one to find it. Now the new campaign is Blame pointed at the one social media and your governments Silenced and threatened and ridiculed as “conspiracy nuts” and religious fanatics to begin with. So No there won’t be an apology unvacxers left loud and clear trails of Evidence to the fact that our governments and Big Pharma Leaders we in fact trying to kill US All! And the Vaxxed chose to Trust in the wrong sources and in some cases double triple down on the poison they rushed to consume. But there are some solutions and steps you can take to protect yourselves now and it’s will again be up to YOU to take them like a grown up, Pray, ask God to Forgive You and your blasphemy against Him. Ask for His mercy and Grace and it will be given to you and reach out for His Salvation and it will be Given unto You the. Go and Sin no more. That’s what vaxxers did and are yet still doing while His mercy can be found. Stop Believing Every lie that proceeds from the mouths of these corrupt leaders and politicians on the left and the right and stop blaming the neighbor who has done their best to help you. The Truth is Jesus is at the Gate and has been pounding on the doors of so many hearts all you gotta do is open and invite Jim in. Amen (and don’t worry these monsters have added the evil ingredients into the food and water supply (while WE were fighting to save our family and friends from the shot you all took because You Refused to Believe the Truth in front of you the whole time) this is literally the Physical Mark placed into you DNA

  308. 1 year ago

    We really have to laugh at this article. It’s so far from the truth. We risked everything to warn our families and friends. We lost relationships and our jobs and businesses for speaking out.

    Whoever has written this either have no clue or they’re trying to distract from the bigger fight we have on our hands. We will never stop telling the truth about the jabs and haven’t from the start. At the same time, if it’s not a distraction and this is genuinely how they feel, then the information was out there for everyone to find. Do not try to put that onto us. We did our research and used critical thinking and discernment. We were not lead by the governments, when it made no sense whatsoever. Take responsibility for your choices.

  309. 1 year ago
    Larry Post

    If being nannied is what you wanted, it's what you got - by the state, the media and the drug companies.

    While you were in the pub I was walking the streets dropping flyers through doors in the hope that somebody might actually read one and THINK.

    Don't blame us for the vax, on top of all the other kickings we got these last three years. Thank us that it ended when it did.

    No amnesty.

  310. 1 year ago

    The fukin Fizah and the fukin ModeRNA are to blame, not us. And you are just fools. If the fukin Jimmy Fallon sang to you to jump off a cliff you would do it, fukin idiots!!!

  311. 1 year ago

    Really and truly this is what you think? I don’t think many of us could have done any more than we did. And we have the lost friendships and jobs, public ridicule and threats to deal with. And now it’s our fault? This is truly a psychological phenomenon, great way of scapegoating the same set of people from both sides of the coin.

  312. 1 year ago

    I am utterly appalled by this!! It’s now the unvaccinated fault yet again! Doctors. Scientists, nurses, health technicians, friends and families tried to speak out on this and got shut down! Matt Le Tissier in particular got sacked from Sky news for speaking out a long with many others that had their doctors License strips off them if they dare question the science. What an absolute joke!! Every comment which was posted on social media was taken down and they were band for 30 days. They were called every name under the sun, laughed at, sneered at and some even lost family members! You should be ashamed of yourself!! Shame on you for this absolutely laughable attempt to point the finger at the only people that tried to help!!!

  313. 1 year ago
    Melanie shaw

    I’m disappointed reading this ‘opinion’ piece which is once again a stab at the antivaxer instead of the real enemy which is the government that pressured you and the corporations that made the vaccines. There is no mention of them...why is that? We (anticovid vaxxers) all warned people but no one wanted to listen, we have been laughed at, called names and outcasted. We have watched friends and family die. You are not learning the lesson here, you are still blaming and taking no ownership for your choice. You trusted your government and big pharma, that is on you, information and commonsense where available to you. The old saying comes to mind, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. This is your karma and your choice and it has nothing to do with antivaxers but you and the vaccine pushers. I feel sorry that you were fooled. Though I suspect that this is a staged report aimed to further divide and conquer and take focus off the real culprits, don’t fall for this rubbish. Wake up and know who the real enemy is. Research ways to detox and enjoy your life and stop being angry and bitter.

  314. 1 year ago

    What a load of tripe.. the information has been available for years, all it took was your time to research and come to a conclusion.Instead you followed the narrative and like sheep took it all as gospel.. You only have yourselves to blame.. Here's some advice, stay away from mainstream media and you'll be better for it.

  315. 1 year ago

    Fuuuuuuck You!!!!!!!!!! I tried to warn sooooo many people about this but was basically told to go pound sand. Take responsibility for your own actions. The people that thought they needed to get vaccinated to protect someone else already vaccinated…… stupid can you get? If that isn’t a clear indication it doesn’t work, I don’t know what is. Your compliance got us in this mess, maybe now your anger will get us out. Blame the politicians, not the unjabbed.

  316. 1 year ago
    Proudly Unvaxxed

    People say I'm a white supremacist, BUT I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE BECAUSE 75% OF THEM ARE UNVACCINATED!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. 1 year ago

    I am only echoing to what has already been said, it's it's absolutely loud and clear.

    We the unvaccinated were treated as foolish, uneducated and outright cooked up. I lost freinds as a result of my boldness to warn ...

    So hear we are friends. The only way out of this is to repent and ask the Lordship of Jesus into your life... period. Some of the the adverse effects cannot be undone, unfortunately...but as long as you have breath in this life, you can always find eternal life in Christ alone. I do not condemn you!
    This is my message to all those VACCINATED, Christ the redeemer can forgive you, and guarantee eternity!

  318. 1 year ago
    Brian David

    I am only echoing to what has already been said, it's it's absolutely loud and clear.

    We the unvaccinated were treated as foolish, uneducated and outright cooked up. I lost freinds as a result of my boldness to warn ...

    So hear we are friends. The only way out of this is to repent and ask the Lordship of Jesus into your life... period. Some of the the adverse effects cannot be undone, unfortunately...but as long as you have breath in this life, you can always find eternal life in Christ alone. I do not condemn you!
    This is my message to all those VACCINATED, Christ the redeemer can forgive you, and guarantee eternity!

  319. 1 year ago
    Brian David

    I am only echoing to what has already been said, it's it's absolutely loud and clear.

    We the unvaccinated were treated as foolish, uneducated and outright cooked up. I lost freinds as a result of my boldness to warn ...

    So here we are friends. The only way out of this is to repent and ask the Lordship of Jesus into your life... period. Some of the the adverse effects cannot be undone, unfortunately...but as long as you have breath in this life, you can always find eternal life in Christ alone. I do not condemn you!
    This is my message to all those VACCINATED, Christ the redeemer can forgive you, and guarantee eternity!

  320. 1 year ago

    Well I tried my best to warn everyone. I wasn't working when covid surged, and I had a lot of time searching while other people couldn't and only relied on media.
    We knew most of the things, but people were too brainwashed. I tried to convince my dad and mother not to get the jab, but they did anyway.
    You can't fight media lies. They are too powerful and people trust them more than they think.
    My family almost shunned me for my views on the vaccine. Now they say it's my fault they took risk.
    What is more to say, really? Not my fault. I tried.

  321. 1 year ago

    😂👍👍😂😂Good one! Satire at its best

  322. 1 year ago
    Michel Banen

    A dangerous piece of writing by a sad loser.

    Don't ask us how we knew - ask yourself why you didn't ! The sources were open and accessible to all. Taking the jab for you 'freedom' so you could go out to dinner of on holiday was YOUR choice and the vaccinated did shut out the vaccinated and wouldn't listen.

    Again: Don't ask us how we knew - ask yourself why you didn't.

  323. 1 year ago

    I pleaded with literally anyone and everyone who would listen not to take the poison.

    Not a single one heeded my repeated warnings and in fact I lost my 'best friend' of 17 years over it.

    I was told I should be 'charged with manslaughter or better yet thrown in a camp with the rest of the unvaccinated so we can kill each other'.

    I was barred from restaurants, coffeeshops and most venues.

    I'm STILL told I should not be allowed to mix with the community at large by a few stragglers who didn't get the memo.

    No one is responsible for your actions except for you.

    If I could have saved you from your own gullibility (to put it nicely), I would have.

    But alas, not one of you listened to me and at best you laughed at me.

  324. 1 year ago
    Brian David

    No need to further this debate/ discussion, by judging from the few comments I read it's loud and clear...
    And please don't lay your ignorant arrogance on the makes me furious that you want to play the victim, when in fact it was the other way round. You persecuted the Unvaccinated population like vermin...
    A peice of propaganda, to gather data for future planning purposes, on how to poison the entire world effectively this time !
    Well if you must hear once again, since you refused the first time... unfortunately some of the adverse effects cannot be undone, the only way out is to accept the Lordship of Jesus into your life, this way you are guaranteed eternal life!

  325. 1 year ago
    Wagiman Gammin

    What its not safe and effective, what tha? Be careful people they may be collecting your data. Your blood will be in demand. As far as the author's argument goes, sheep don't understand anything apart from baaa baaa. So, I have empathy for those coerced with evil threats of losing their homes and income and done it out if desperation. Others need to suffer to learn to be reflective and critical sovereign thinkers and join humanity in the present.

  326. 1 year ago

    Dude I've been arrested for screaming out loud (offline and online) that mRNA vaccines are dangerous and offer no protection at all.

  327. 1 year ago

    We all got banned from Facebook, Twitter, youtube, yahoo. Everywhere you had a voice 20 years ago banned the birds in the coal mine. Blame the government and global corporate fascist at the who and wef!

  328. 1 year ago

    I did everything I could. Demonstrated, talked, convinced. My demonstrations were beaten up, arrested, muted, laughed at. I have been banned, muted, left by my family, gaslighted, banned from public, banned from public transport until I almost took the jab to have it over with. The blame is not me but big pharma,big tech and the WHO. They unleashed this over us, whilst big tech kept deleting my sources who kept the evidence. Our governments made the error to follow their narrative as the only solution. The good people you talk about were hypnotised. The evil ones not. That's the difference.

  329. 1 year ago

    Even your own comments section is censoring the canaries in the coal mine. Seriously. Wont even let me say what i want!

  330. 1 year ago
    Richard berger

    Are you people really blaming the unvaccinated even though you spent 2 years asking for us to be silenced and blocked off social platforms? That's a disgrace and you should really check your morals

  331. 1 year ago

    Who wrote this piece of garbage? I did everything possible to warn my family and friends but they scolded me as a 'conspiracy theorist', among all the media.
    The author of this article is an imbecile.

  332. 1 year ago

    Is this article for real or some untasty joke.

  333. 1 year ago

    I'm a medical scientist and left my career because within weeks I could tell from the data everything being reported was lies. There was no increase in all-cause mortality, hospital bed occupancy was way down and only something capable of killing young healthy people that wouldn't otherwise die is capable of becoming a pandemic with excessive morbidity and mortality and all the data from China proved only the elderly and severely ill with multiple comorbidities were dying, so this virus wasn't even capable of becoming a threat. The only places mortality increased in 2020, like London and NY, it was because they forced infected patients back into aged care facilities, sent all the staff home (furloughed), and issued DNR orders, therefore they killed people. When it came to the jabs there is decades of published research on why viral vector and mRNA, and even any type of coronavirus vaccine, have never been approved in humans before and what the risks were. We told you all of this and even MDs and PhDs were ridiculed by uneducated idiots that know nothing and we were called crazy conspiracy theorists. We were told we were stupid, crazy, paranoid and if we didn't lose our careers we had the dignity to leave, as I did. I have been censored off every platform for publishing peer reviewed medical literature; FB blocked The New England Journal of Medicine as fake news! It is beyond the phychopathy of Marxist manipulation to try to blame us, the one's that risked and lost everything to both warn you and to save our own lives, for the fact that you attacked, ridiculed, ostracized and censored us into silence.

  334. 1 year ago

    Very sarcastic and good text … by the way: I am a german doctor and was beaten up by Police for attending anti-vaxx-Demonstrations. Was thrown out of my job.

  335. 1 year ago
    Christopher Briggs

    How dare you!

    Not only have we been warning you, many of us have gotten into trouble for doing so. Getting called into your boss's office next morning because you said something in social media. My own Facebook and Youtube accounts are still restricted because I have never stopped warning people - which is why I have been "punished" by losing most of the things I can do there.

    The unvaccinated have lost their livelihood for stubbornly warning you. We have never stopped! In many countries we have been criminalised or ostracized. And the reason you haven't heard from us is probably because the media and social media a censured - by so called "independent factcheckers". I still constantly receive strikes on my account for things I wrote a few months ago on Facebook - I can even send you a screenshot of my restrictions for breaking "terms and conditions".

    How very dare you! How dare you! Shame on you. We tried warning you. Nobody wanted to listen. Sorry!

  336. 1 year ago

    I thought this was parody . Have endured much . Only the other day refused medical treatment as i have a mask exemption and tried to say i had rights to participate in society despite my disability. Well that place is now going to learn as ive officially complainted them. The anger people have towards us unvaxxed is crazy.
    "The living will envy the dead" comes to mind

  337. 1 year ago

    We did... we were called conspiracy people and hushed, lost our jobs and divided many families. If no one noticed or had questions "why", well I call that ignorance ###

  338. 1 year ago

    This article's a joke, not one person I've tried to convince has changed their minds, they're all sure the governments doing the right thing and they're still getting jabs. I send articles by prominent PHD's etc. no one listens, stuff them, I don't care now. I've not been jabbed and never will be.. for anything.

  339. 1 year ago

    Nope, I am comfortable in knowing I tried to warn people. This is just another division tactic. No one is going to bother with this bull

  340. 1 year ago

    Jajaja, pero qué hijos de puta. Intentasteis excluirnos de la sociedad y nos coaccionabais para que tomásemos la vacuna. "Creo en la ciencia" decíais, pues ahora vais y le exigís lo que queráis a esa ciencia. Vosotros no creísteis en la ciencia, creísteis en políticos y burócratas, ahora a mamar.

  341. 1 year ago

    This has to be a parody piece. It was you “do gooders” who labelled the unjabbed “conspiracy nuts”, “anti-vaxxers”. Called for the unjabbed to lose jobs, close businesses, not travel, banned from social media and society - the list goes on and on. Mocked for “doing research” outside of MSM.. Yet you, you narcissistic f’tard have the nerve to say the unjabbed should have done more to warn you? This has been the longest game of “I told you so!” ever. You have a f**king nerve.

  342. 1 year ago

    If this isn’t a Satire article…then…
    I would seriously be rethinking where your anger should be laid?

    And that should be at the Media, at the minimum!

    The unvaccinated have been treated in the most horrendous and outrageous ways. If you didn’t hear us, we were silenced.

    After all this, now we have to deal with been accused of not doing enough? Are you kidding us?

    We lost our friends, our family’s, our jobs, our businesses, our homes, our freedoms, we were denied surgeries, and were under coercion and segregation. We were called murders and selfish. You know why we were called this? Because WE SPOKE OUT!

    The Media and Government and medical industry are not sharing the the other side to the story!
    So it’s their fault if you didn’t see or hear us.

    How many massive protests, the biggest our countries have ever seen, not been broadcast… still to this day they are happening… and when a small snippet is shown on MSN we are called Nazis and Granny killers.

    So much for speaking out hey… we still did, even after all these consequences from society as we believed it was the “right thing to do”.

  343. 1 year ago


    DO A SPIN!

  344. 1 year ago

    We told you. We got banned from social media because we told you. We told you, and you turned a deaf ear. We told you, and we lost our jobs. We told you, and we got arrested. You refused to look at the evidence, and now you want an apology.
    Ok then, I'm sorry! I am so very sorry that you didn't listen.

    • 1 year ago


  345. 1 year ago

    Give me a break , I was threatened with my career being ended if I didn't take the clot shot.
    I had nightmares trying to decide if my family should eat or my mortgage get paid because you where forcing this death upon me. Thank God I stood strong and didn't get it and convinced my whole family not to get it. We will live a longer life for it and enjoy each other's company for years to come. Sorry I can't say that for the vaccinated or the adverse reactions millions are getting from it.

  346. 1 year ago
    White Rabbit

    Your life is your responsibility. Be accountable for your own actions and decisions in stead of blaming others who tried to warn you. We were called conspiracy theorists or worse. My sympathy is very limited for people with this kind of attitude. You made a decision about your own health, yet it’s someone else’s fault because you’ve now decided that it wasn’t the right one.

  347. 1 year ago
    Herman Henworth

    I warned everyone I know. Got banned from many places. Lost friends and some family members no longer speak to me.

    And yet the vaccinated are still the victims?

    Knowledge is something you have to WORK FOR. You can not demand to just get it. And in hindsight, you can not blame the ones who had this knowledge. They reached out. You were not receptive of their arguments!

    You will get my solidarity as soon as you punish the real criminals.

  348. 1 year ago
    Jeremy L

    We tried to warn everybody. We were chastised, vilified, insulted, and threatened.

    We were exiled from events, stores, and many other things. WE lived in FEAR of losing our jobs, our way of life! People wished we were dead! Celebrities joking about us getting sick! Saying they hopes we did! Telling us "DON'T GO TO THE HOSPITAL IF YOU GET COVID AND FALL ILL".

    Could you imagine trying to SAVE people by screaming the truth, yet you're met with things like that?

    You get to a point that it becomes tiring, and you give up. That's what many of us did.

    I won't say that I'm sorry. I will say that next time you should take us more seriously.

  349. 1 year ago
    Colette Kavanagh

    What a load of gaslighting shite ! Who wrote this absolute bs article 🙄 We shouted from the roof tops to family and friends even doctors! I've lost so many friends who thought I was crazy ! You were all so arrogant and egotistical that you wouldn't listen and don't give me that line that people got vaccinated to save everyone else !! From my personal experience everyone wants to save themselves not anyone else !

  350. 1 year ago

    Taking those injections was not the “right thing” to do! If you believe that, you are as beyond help now as you were then!

  351. 1 year ago

    Is this satire?

  352. 1 year ago

    I'm laughing at your morally bankrupt vaccine takers for now.
    You laughed at us and called us crazy while you believed the entire psyop
    The governments and parma companies fed you. Poor sheep.
    Now you reap what you sowed. All of you who took vaccines will have to play the game now
    Clots now or cancer later, you reaped what you sowed.
    You participated in evil.

  353. 1 year ago
    Joan Q Public


  354. 1 year ago
    Yuri Bezmenov

    Absolutely disgusting perspective. Is this article a joke? Trolling? Sarcasm? Or peak gaslighting? Shameless victimhood?
    What an utter disgrace... for all who have suffered in so many ways to then be blamed for other's poor decisions and ignorance. This garbage take is a black pill on steroids... keep it to yourself.

  355. 1 year ago

    HAH!!! You literally had us all banned from social media for "misinformation", which YOU championed for!!! YOU silenced us! Your blood is on YOUR hands. Best part is that you're all going to do the exact same thing with the next plandemic; climate change. You want to survive this world? Listen to the people who have been calling it all along, but you won't. You're already ready to be sold the next bill.

  356. 1 year ago
    Kel Reynolds


  357. 1 year ago
    Howard Crane

    I admit it. I was like the original Willy Wanka when the kids started doing something stupid, I calmly said (almost under my breath) without moving "No.... wait.... don't"
    Part of me just wanted to see you all suffer crippling, life-long, side-effects because I'm petty and vindictive, and I needed revenge for 2 years of psychological abuse.

    In reality, saying anything to family and friends was highly taboo and online I risked losing my social media accounts for anything anything mildly critical of the mass hysteria at all.

  358. 1 year ago

    Yet again the unjabbed are to blame!!
    Don’t know about you but I’m over people not thinking for themselves and projecting their ignorance on others.
    YAWN 🥱

  359. 1 year ago

    we tried to warn you only to be called fools, antivaxers, fascists, antiscience.
    YOU decided to be deaf.
    some of you gonna die in epic proportions, while i'll have a drink.
    play stupid games, win stupid prizes !

  360. 1 year ago

    What an awful article.
    As the author is clearly aware, a great deal of money and effort went into silencing anyone who tried to warn the masses about what was, and still is, going on. The most renowned experts in their fields were silenced, censored & vilified.
    As for the rest of us ordinary folk, the author is also clearly aware the mainstream media went to great lengths to label us as 'conspiracy theorists' and 'anti-vaxxers' from the start. The masses were subjected to mass formation psychosis via the govt and media.
    This article is just more of the same evil.

  361. 1 year ago
    misc. endeavours

    Is anyone in particular willing to put their name to the article?

    The gradient of its slant is such that every one of its laughable claims slides right off.

  362. 1 year ago

    I’m a nurse and unvaccinated. Me and some other people of different background were protesting in the streets, warning friends,family and other colleagues and patients,but ended up being ridiculed,bullied and pushed to resign my regular job as a nurse. Most people were completely brainwashed and followed the official health guidelines instead of listening and make some own decision. So the author is regretting she took the injections and try to put the blame on those people that actually were trying to warn her and people in general.

  363. 1 year ago

    This is RUBBISH! I am unvaccinated, I protested against mandatory vaccines and vaccines in schools every month since Feb 2020. I posted on social media about the dangers of the vax. I have been spat at, called horrible names, wished dead and called irresponsible. I and thousands like me did ALL we could to warn you. My family wouldn't talk to me as I tried to warn them, friends deserted me as I tried to warn them. The blame us with the Doctors, Government and Media who SUPRESSED alternative views as misinformation and LIED to you. You have a mind to question just like me. This fall out lays not at the feet of the unvaccinated, but at those who LIED to you.

  364. 1 year ago

    Are you trying to wind us up? I have seen some silly articles online over the years, but this one wins hands down! The unvaccinated were constantly highlighting the dangers. Constantly! We were ridiculed, mocked, shamed, called names, an most of all silenced on social media, by having our posts taken down. People simply didn't want to know. Also, ask yourself why we knew and you didn't. It was because we did some research, which you could have done. So, to blame us now is beyond pathetic. It just makes you look even more ridiculous. The truth was out there and readily available - you just chose to ignore it.

  365. 1 year ago

    Is this satire?? Because good grief, we were silenced, banned, called murderers, told we would get sent off to camps, banned from restaurants etc....did I miss anything. Oh yeah and they threatened my job and I still said no. This article has to be a joke. I'll apologize when hell freezes over.

  366. 1 year ago

    Are you joking? Right? I lost even my job, for refusing to wear a mask! 4 month's out of job! From March 2020! I informed and educated 1000s and even after that, all but of one, of my extended Family, had their 1st and 2nd and even "boosters". Blame yourselves for all what happens to you, the "CoVaxx"! You should have done your own research! I have faced the HURRICANE, for educating people about how to be Mask and Vaxxempt! Lucky, I (we) were able to pull quiet a lot of folks away from that! Even my Ex boosted 2 x on Facebook, of receiving the "CoVaxx"! Telling me not just once, if I forward "Anti^Vaxx^", I would be block! Yes, it hurts my heart! But that said, I am sorry, I am not sorry!
    At least, I know what I will not die from. Have a great day!

  367. 1 year ago

    Over 500,000 leaflets were distributed in Ireland by a small number of people. We had hold the lines on major roads all over the country. All at our own cost and out in sometimes dreadful weather.
    Also, I talked to people in their 80s , not techie, who managed to get alternative media and decided not to get jabbed.
    Matthias Desment the Dutch psychological expert explained it well.
    Adult's with any level of critical thinking disposition who were jabbed have only themselves to account for doing so.
    If they want to blame anybody, blame main media BBC rte times, mirror etc. They behaved in a malfeasance, misfeasance and non feasance diabolical manner and must be held to account.
    As regards the unjabbed - you are lucky to have had such people standing up for your rights and are the same people fighting for justice on your behalf.

  368. 1 year ago
    Béla Fekete

    We tried but you guys on the left censored us at every possible point. I have been in FB jail for over 2 years and banned on Twitter countless times as soon as any of us mentioned the dangers we were banned and silenced for harmful disinformation..

  369. 1 year ago

    Stop with this narrative, all that’s happening is a blame game, we are ALL in this together, think critically, if they inject the food with the rna (like they say they are gonna do) then we are ALL in this together. Stop blaming, rise above what is being pushed to be believed and last work together to find a way through this mine field so that we are stronger together rather than the groups we are being forced into, let’s be one group for all, 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  370. 1 year ago

    How dare you say the “unvaccinated didn’t tell you what they knew!” How dare you! Everybody who knew screamed it from the top of their voices but were constantly made fun of, called “ crazy conspiracy theory people” or were taken off of you tube or Facebook or went to Facebook jail or had those stupid “ Fact checkers” Bill Gates employed to keep gaslighting the truth come up and say “ the facts” which were all lies! We even created alternative media so they could keep telling the truth, you buttheads! Try any channel on b*** or! How about on Telegram ( hundreds of truth warriors on there!) or Signal a place you could talk and no one would know! So screw you! We tried in every single way to tell you! I left Nursing in 1983 when I discovered what was in vaccines then!!! I have been shouting about it since! To those who listened bravo! You get to live and so do your kids! This crisis was so obvious a moron who wasn’t brainwashed by Big Pharma or Fauci could clearly see but NO they didn’t because they were smarmy arrogant fools thinking THEY were right! The medical community couldn’t possibly create a heinous Nuremberg code crime on them now could they???? Yes you fool they did! So don’t you DARE put the blame on us Truth Tellers!! It is your own arrogance naivety and damn pride that killed you or maimed your family and friends!!! Not US! Maybe next time you will listen when someone says to you” don’t take the vax it is dangerous and can kill you or maim you!”

  371. 1 year ago

    First they ignore you,
    Then they laughed at you,
    Then they fight you,
    Then you win

  372. 1 year ago

    What a crock of nonsense. Take responsibility for your own choices it’s down to yourself no one else . It’s no one’s job to inform you it’s your own responsibility. Cause and effect !

  373. 1 year ago
    LeAnna Roland

    The unvaccinated had access to the very same information the the people who chose to get the injection had. The difference was and is, is that the people who chose to NOT get the injection actually spent time researching every angle of this and decided it was not something that they wanted anything to do with. We did scream from the rooftops and you didn't want to hear it. The ones with blood on their hands are the ones who tried to FORCE this nonsense on everyone. Talk to big pharma. Ask them if the billions they've made from the clot shot was worth it. Was it worth all the death and disability they have caused? The answer to that is yes. Yes it was.

  374. 1 year ago

    In my country the PM said our views were unacceptable and that we wouldn't follow the science. You all said we were lunatics. YOU NEVER LISTENED. OBSTINATE TILL THE END. Saying we didn't try hard enough is a cop out to your intentional ignorance

  375. 1 year ago
    Nick Cane

    Are you serious? The hell that the unvaccinated were put through was unprecedented.

    You need to be angry at someone or something because you made a poor decision.

    You might want to take up your grievance with the mainstream media rather than people who chose to distrust the government.

  376. 1 year ago
    Robert Brauer

    This has to be a joke.. If this is actually what the jabbed think, they need to pull their heads out of their BEHINDS.. The state of affairs, concerning articles and reporting, is abhorrently horrendous.. That's the shameful act here..

  377. 1 year ago

    This is textbook either way:
    1) Natural psychology of a regret cycle, this one induced by fear, to look for external target to blame.
    2) Common propaganda technique to perpetuate tribalism. Leads you to believe you need to vehemently defend your position. Exposes and obtains data upon and gains insight into mindset of opposition participants.

    It’s why you can still post comments despite threat to censor.

    Leave this stuff alone. Injured need your psychological strength and fortitude to help them recover and rejoin the real fight started three years ago. Help them find resources now. Be patient, Answer questions. Remind them there were globally orchestrated propaganda campaigns censoring information. Teach them how not to be manipulated again. Teach with grace.

  378. 1 year ago
    Jack Reacher

    What information did the Unvaxed have that the vaxed didn't?
    Those unvaxed were vilified, ostracised, branded anti-vaxers, banned from participating in society, stood down and sacked from their jobs.
    Any information brought forward by unvaxed was censored, labelled mis-information and dangerous conspiracy theorists.

    To blame unvaxed people for not saying more is absolutely ridiculous, and to even think to mention that the unvaxed have blood on their hands is absolutely criminal, anyone who states such and or agrees with this article has to be a complete narcissistic imbecile.

    All social media platforms banned and censored any posts or comments that in any way had any notion of warning or negative opinion against the Main stream narrative and was met with instant de-platforming or prolonged shadow banning for months on end.

    The unvaxxed lost friends, work colleagues, jobs and some family members because of their hesitancy in being forced to take a drug against their will.

    Every vaxed person l know literally disregarded any concerns that were mentioned by those not wanting to be vaxed.

    The vaxed have to wear this upon their own shoulders, they all wear big boy and big girl pants on their own, they made a decision on their own, and chose not to listen to those who were not convinced it was right, but no, they were hell bent on virtue signalling to the world that they had done their part to "protect grandma".

    The blood is on your own hands, how dare you lay it at the feet of those who had the courage and the critical thinking capacity not to be suckered into this Scandemic.

  379. 1 year ago

    It wasn’t that the unvaxxed weren’t speaking out. We did. Big tech censorship wouldn’t allow the large truth to come out which helped the government run their huge propaganda campaign. As a result, when we were trying to shake people awake to the reality of what was going on, people simply wouldn’t listen.
    If you want to blame someone, go after the tech companies and our government. They must be held accountable. But the unvaxxed are blameless in the matter as we did scream it from the rooftops. It fell on deaf ears.

  380. 1 year ago

    So not the government's fault for pushing it? Not your own fault for failing to read through all the documentation.
    The information was and IS there. All that is going to happen, all that they are planning, it's all in plain sight, but if you refuse to see it, who is really to blame?
    Do you believe the climate change crap? - geo engineering on the gov website.
    Banking system crashing and digital id - gov website.
    You will own nothing and be happy, klaus schwabb's lovely w

  381. 1 year ago

    was this writing a new level of bullshit or was the person who wrote the text really serious?

  382. 1 year ago

    This is a joke!!! We tried to warn and nobody wanted to listen or they censored us. Give me a break!!

  383. 1 year ago
    Susan Prescott

    What gall you all treated our warnings with scorn and derision. Hope you won't fall for the next big Pharma scam.

  384. 1 year ago

    Definitely satire!
    And I am wondering if indeed this was the work of Dr Alessandro Siani? Does he even exist? Is he truly an Associate Head (Students), University of Portsmouth, U.K.?
    If Dr Siani did write this, then it was a very cunning piece of work. It certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons on all sides.

  385. 1 year ago
    Jack Reacher

    Although this is an obvious satirical article lm still goingbto unleash my mind so that anyone thinking this article is worthy of making some mileage for further attacking those who chose not to get the shots.

    What information did the Unvaxed have that the vaxed didn't?
    Those unvaxed were vilified, ostracised, branded anti-vaxers, banned from participating in society, stood down and sacked from their jobs.
    Any information brought forward by unvaxed was censored, labelled mis-information and dangerous conspiracy theorists.

    To blame unvaxed people for not saying more is absolutely ridiculous, and to even think to mention that the unvaxed have blood on their hands is absolutely criminal, anyone who states such and or agrees with this article has to be a complete narcissistic imbecile.

    All social media platforms banned and censored any posts or comments that in any way had any notion of warning or negative opinion against the Main stream narrative and was met with instant de-platforming or prolonged shadow banning for months on end.

    The unvaxxed lost friends, work colleagues, jobs and some family members because of their hesitancy in being forced to take a drug against their will.

    Every vaxed person l know literally disregarded any concerns that were mentioned by those not wanting to be vaxed.

    The vaxed have to wear this upon their own shoulders, they all wear big boy and big girl pants on their own, they made a decision on their own, and chose not to listen to those who were not convinced it was right, but no, they were hell bent on virtue signalling to the world that they had done their part to "protect grandma".

    The blood is on your own hands, how dare you lay it at the feet of those who had the courage and the critical thinking capacity not to be suckered into this Scandemic.

  386. 1 year ago
    Tom Adrenocrone Hanks

    This is clearly a census to seperate both sides and document it. I think the vaccines are amazing and definitely didn’t cause harm on anyone at all. They also stopped the spread that’s why we aren’t having record deaths from the flu, I mean covid.

  387. 1 year ago
    Jack Reacher

    Although this is an obvious satirical article lm still going to unleash my mind so that anyone thinking this article is worthy of making some mileage for further attacking those who chose not to get the shots.

    What information did the Unvaxed have that the vaxed didn't?
    Those unvaxed were vilified, ostracised, branded anti-vaxers, banned from participating in society, stood down and sacked from their jobs.
    Any information brought forward by unvaxed was censored, labelled mis-information and dangerous conspiracy theorists.

    To blame unvaxed people for not saying more is absolutely ridiculous, and to even think to mention that the unvaxed have blood on their hands is absolutely criminal, anyone who states such and or agrees with this article has to be a complete narcissistic imbecile.

    All social media platforms banned and censored any posts or comments that in any way had any notion of warning or negative opinion against the Main stream narrative and was met with instant de-platforming or prolonged shadow banning for months on end.

    The unvaxxed lost friends, work colleagues, jobs and some family members because of their hesitancy in being forced to take a drug against their will.

    Every vaxed person l know literally disregarded any concerns that were mentioned by those not wanting to be vaxed.

    The vaxed have to wear this upon their own shoulders, they all wear big boy and big girl pants on their own, they made a decision on their own, and chose not to listen to those who were not convinced it was right, but no, they were hell bent on virtue signalling to the world that they had done their part to "protect grandma".

    The blood is on your own hands, how dare you lay it at the feet of those who had the courage and the critical thinking capacity not to be suckered into this Scandemic.

  388. 1 year ago
    Ross B

    We're still trying to warn you, but you've disabled comments. A word of advice though - when you're trolling, don't be so obvious in your trolling - you'll catch more that way ..

  389. 1 year ago
    Jack Reacher

    Although this is an obvious satirical article lm still going to unleash my mind so that anyone thinking this article is worthy of making some mileage for further attacking those who chose not to get the shots.

    What information did the Unvaxed have that the vaxed didn't?
    Those unvaxed were vilified, ostracised, branded anti-vaxers, banned from participating in society, stood down and sacked from their jobs.
    Any information brought forward by unvaxed was censored, labelled mis-information and dangerous conspiracy theorists.

    To blame unvaxed people for not saying more is absolutely ridiculous, and to even think to mention that the unvaxed have blood on their hands is absolutely criminal, anyone who states such and or agrees with this article has to be a complete narcissistic imbecile.

    All social media platforms banned and censored any posts or comments that in any way had any notion of warning or negative opinion against the Main stream narrative and was met with instant de-platforming or prolonged shadow banning for months on end.

    The unvaxxed lost friends, work colleagues, jobs and some family members because of their hesitancy in being forced to take a drug against their will.

    Every vaxed person l know literally disregarded any concerns that were mentioned by those not wanting to be vaxed.

    The vaxed have to wear this upon their own shoulders, they all wear big boy and big girl pants on their own, they made a decision on their own, and chose not to listen to those who were not convinced it was right, but no, they were hell bent on virtue signalling to the world that they had done their part to "protect grandma".

    The blood is on your own hands, how dare you lay it at the feet of those who had the courage and the critical thinking capacity not to be suckered into this Scandemic.

    God loves you.

  390. 1 year ago

    Lol. This article hahaha..

    Look, while you lined up for a snag and a jab , we got fired and shot at with rubber bullets .

    You laughed and wished we would die.

    Now you might die.

    To each choice there is a consequence .

  391. 1 year ago
    Rose Long

    I just cannot believe the piece I am after reading . Are you actually for real. Are you actually living on the same planet as us unvaccinated. Yeee didn't want to KNOW !!!! We were nut jobs, far right etc etc . Who actually told you it was the right thing to do???? Your government and your mainstream media that's who has blood on their hands NOT the unvaccinated. I have had to put up with enough CRAP over not been jabbed. Yee all had access to the same information but were too lazy, brainwashed or dumb to find it out for yourselves. Don't you dare blame the unvaccinated for your ineptitude or pure damn laziness

  392. 1 year ago
    Sarah Adams

    Whoever wrote this article is looking for a reaction. No intelligent adult could believe the above accusation to be reasonable.

  393. 1 year ago

    You can lead a horse to water, but we can’t force it to think. Ten years from now you will be whinging about why the climate catastrophe never happened and yes you will be blaming the skeptics once again.

  394. 1 year ago

    I shared information with work colleagues, friends, family and anyone who would listen. General knowledge of 6 to 10years for safety is the norm.
    I was called a conspiracy theorist, antivaxxer among other things and taunted by work mates about not being able to go for a pint and a steak like them. I was in fear of having to leave my job because so many complied and I thought it may have been made a safety condition.
    I had argument's with my father about him and my mother going for the second dose.
    I saw a video of Mike Yeadon early on who said the government were lieing and he could prove it, that asymptomatic transmission was a lie. He warned of injury and death and even contacted EUA and MHRA to warn them.
    He and other brave doctors and scientists were deplatformed by big tech/governments smeared, villified and professionally damaged.
    People who succumbed were subjected as we all were to a psyop and coerced by the corrupt media and government.
    If you want to blame someone,blame the above. Not usforsmelling a rat.
    The takeaway now for you is figure out what else they are lieing about. You can almost take your pick.
    Mostly everything. Climate, Russia, UN,NATO, Ukraine, Food and energy crisis, Migration.
    It really is important for you to get on the right side of events now for the sake of freedom and humanity.
    Find out about the 'Great Reset', Agenda2030, UN Agenda21. Ditch your Vax pass and resist any digital ID and CBDC's. Also resist smart cities and the carbon credit system.
    As far as apologies go maybe you owe us one.
    There are detox protocol's to get rid of the spike protein. Get Telegram not from Google. Find Robin Monnoti Corey MorningStar Mike Yeadon Channel.

    We need to be united to win this.
    Hope this post blaming unvaccinated is not just here to cause further division.

  395. 1 year ago

    Is this a joke? It has to be?! It is not anyone else’s responsibility but your own to do independent research about your own health, to think critically about what you put into your body. “Anti-vaxxers” we’re not given a golden ticket to information you didn’t have access to… they just sought it out and you didn’t. Sorry if that sounds heartless but it is the brutal truth. Take responsibility for your own decisions, your own actions. Those of us who did the research, did the risk assessment and risked friendships, marriages, income etc were persecuted for doing what was “unpopular” and it was an absolute battle for us. How dare you blame the same people you judged and turned against at the time. If anything turn the blame into a lesson for next time. Don’t make this same mistake twice perhaps?!

  396. 1 year ago

    Surely this is satire

  397. 1 year ago
    Proudly unvaxxed

    Oh shut up, now you blaming unvaccinated but when we been throwing evidences straight into your fcking face you been laughing and abusing us. Just admit you been wrong and didn't want to listen rather than being bigger idiots by blaming others. Shame on you, for world loosing dumb asses like the one who wrote this shit is not a loose, it's a relief!

  398. 1 year ago
    Susan Golby

    How dare you .unvaxinated have suffered more trying to get info,police,councils,governments blocked us.Why aren't you asking the same of them .Shame on you

  399. 1 year ago

    Is this idiotism even true? 😃 ALL the information we had is available for everyone all over the world 24/7! In the age of information, ignorance really is a choice! I’m a RN and lost my job in ER/ICU for refusing to take this pathetic shit and I sure as hell wasn’t quiet about it 😃 Your ignorance and stupidity are not my problems!

  400. 1 year ago

    We tried to warn you arrogant know it all imbeciles but you preferred to call us names and call for our loss of freedom because you are selfish cowards. *shrug*

  401. 1 year ago

    Sure, blame it on the unvaccinated. How about that doctor though who did not thoroughly educated about potential side effects prior? Which is THEIR job! How about politicians and Media, who told you the jabs are safe and effective? You think the unvaccinated had more info than they had/could have had?
    How about the social media who actively censored anything jab critical, including scientific studies? How about governments who forbade demonstrations and made it illegal to criticise them? How about the vaxxed who ridiculed the unvacced, discriminated them, and called them murderers?
    Blood on the hands of the unvaxxed, is this a satire page?

  402. 1 year ago
    Jane Andrews

    What utter rubbish , we have been warning people throughout this whole fiasco !! Millions of people attending protests all over the country , (and world )....The main stream media neglected to report it
    We are not the enemy , the powers tat be are . this article is written to divide people , because united we are strong .

  403. 1 year ago

    Gaslighting the unvaccinated is just pathetic. That is all.

  404. 1 year ago

    "Abuse from this vocal minority has traumatized our moderators and caused harm to the community." Well, harming evil is never a bad thing. You evil lefties just reap what you sow. Karma.

  405. 1 year ago

    We did try to warn everyone but we were vilified by the media, big business, politicians, and lost our jobs for standing up against the vaccines. We have lost friends and family members over the vaccine. Don’t even try to tell me that the unvaccinated should have done more, we literally put everything on the line to warn you but you chose not to listen. Maybe you should go after the news channels who played never ending stories about how great the jab was, what about Fauci, Biden, etc. who are still pushing the jab? Don’t blame the unvaccinated, we tried to warn you, but you chose not to listen. Go to for lists of info on the Pfizer jab that Pfizer tried to hide for 75 years. That alone should tell you something. Start listening to real news like Real America’s Voice for the truth and shut off MSM because we knew two years ago not to take the jab.

  406. 1 year ago

    This article is a f*cking JOKE, right ??!!

  407. 1 year ago

    Errrr! Excuse me, but we the unvaccinated were called conspiracy theory nutjobs by everyone that fell for the mass vaccination scam!
    We DID shout it from the rooftops, we DID tell people, we held marches through London and got called crazy for doing so! The media blacked us out for this, called us crazy. We tried numerous times to warn people, we tried our hardest to warn our family and friends but you were all too busy listening to unscientific claims about it "being the science". This is solely on everyone who blindly complied with govt rhetoric and did NO research for themselves. Do NOT blame the Unvaccinated for this problem now, blame the WHO, UN, NATO, UNICEF and all the govts who are signed up to the same controlling entity but do NOT blame the ones fighting against them.

  408. 1 year ago

    The fact that none of y’all see this for the satire it is just makes it even funnier. Obviously the author is poking fun and is not serious….

  409. 1 year ago
    Barry Ratliff

    At first I thought this was a comic piece! Blaming us!! We, who tried so hard to warn people, but our rights to free speech were smashed by FB and Twitter in a partnership with Big Farmer. It cost us dearly; we were spit upon and ridiculed. But still we never stopped trying to save even 1 person somehow. We were heavily censored and mocked. Some people even lost their FB profiles permanently. So the blame goes directly onto the CDC, Big Farma, and social media.

  410. 1 year ago
    Devin Knighten

    Whoever wrote this is extremely dillusional. Our Facebook posts alone will tell anyone how vocal we've been against the deadly vaccines. By the way, that's who you should be ranting against. Facebook STILL labels any posts against the vaccines "false information" so take this matter up with your FB fake "fact checkers".

  411. 1 year ago

    This has got to be a piss take, surely. Nah bro we weren't quiet you just could hear us over the sound of your own voices calling us conspiracy theorists and tin foil hat wearers.

  412. 1 year ago

    Is this piece satire?

  413. 1 year ago
    S Golby

    How dare you.The unvaxinated suffered more,we tried we were blocked by media,doctors,councils, police and the Goverment You should be asking them the same questions. They knew!!! Planned for years.Shame on you for shifting the responsibility on to us.

  414. 1 year ago
    Don Miller

    Issue with your angle is those choosing vaxx opt out knew something you didn't when all it took was critical thinking and applying logic. History has never seen the 'Knee-Jerk' reaction of Govt. to shut down and destroy an economy, learning, and societies. Red flags should have been hitting you on the head when CDC changed the definition of 'Vaccine' to fit a narrative. Paying attention in HS biology and science may have equipped the ones convinced their Govt. knew more than their Doctors. But then we all lost our Doctors O'Bama said we could keep before the medical industry went rouge. Do your own research away from MSM, guidance is more to the point without all the fluff and lies. Those speaking out with C-19 vax doubts were shadow-band and labled 'Conspiracy Theorist'. Funny how theory will work out to be truth. Unlike the Big Bag Theory purported by those thinking they were all that. Reparations for convincing the blind followers should lay at the feet of ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,MSNBC, their the ones guiding the masses to medical missery and death. Re-set your sights, your aiming at the wrong target...

  415. 1 year ago

    Good laugh. Thanks!

  416. 1 year ago

    Is this article a joke? I sincerely hope so. Yes, it must be a joke. it can't be anything else. Reassure me. As an unvaccinated, I am offended. And if it's an unvaccinated person who wrote this to make fun of the vaccinated, I'm offended too.

  417. 1 year ago

    Is this serious?

  418. 1 year ago
    Raffaele Siniscalchi

    Eh, adesso è anche colpa di chi ha deciso di non vaccinarsi se gli altri (fessi) non gli hanno creduto e seguito l'esempio!
    In ultima analisi, non è colpa del "pifferaio magico" se "gli altri" si sono inoculati, ma dello zoppo che non ha azzoppato tutti per impedire che lo seguissero.
    Roba da matti!

  419. 1 year ago

    This has to be satire right ? Everyone was cancelled who called bs on the whole pandemic . Probably exhausted just about any hope I had for this country . Peace out I’m going to Portugal

  420. 1 year ago

    I don't think so we was at every vaccine center shouting about the weapon. We put them on genoside notice ... Don't talk nonsense. Parents have blood on there hands nurses doctors people who failed to do there research disgusting
    Save our children

  421. 1 year ago

    Quite frankly, good riddance to you all. We need the world to heal from your kind of stupid because so far all you’ve done is drag us further into this NWO mess with your “compliance”.
    Anyone who doesn’t do their homework has no one to blame but themselves. Get a life, this article is nothing but typical narcissistic abuse.

  422. 1 year ago

    Is this article satire?

    Hundreds of thousands of people with concerns were ignored, blacklisted from professions, called crazy, called evil conspiracy theorists and even threatened with violence or death.

    The people lining up for vaccinations should've listened or done some research, maybe looked up scientific literature.

    And the ones threatening people and using lots of dehumanizing buzzwords, have their own blood on their hands along with many other's. They deserve not a shred of sympathy.

  423. 1 year ago

    We did try to tell everyone and you said we were crazy. I'm sorry but this isn't true.

  424. 1 year ago

    How dare you

  425. 1 year ago

    Equating Harm with Language is disingenuous and clouds discussion about actual violence.
    Remember what we learned at school about cultivating Emotional Resilience and Intelligence?

  426. 1 year ago

    You didn't listen.

  427. 1 year ago

    what kind of shit article is this. I didn't know what I read.
    whining afterwards and demonizing the anti-vaxers beforehand.

  428. 1 year ago

    Is this satire? Certainly cannot be serious that you are blaming the ppl who have been screaming from the roof tops about how dangerous and ineffective these vaccines are. There is no blood on anyone's hands except for fauci, Biden, the CDC, WHO, celebrities pushing it, your favorite news host, the employers who made you decide between providing for your family and an experimental injection, your friends for peer pressuring you and yourself for not thinking for critically. If you need to point a finger at someone to make yourself feel better, point it towards any of the above options.

  429. 1 year ago

    what a strange article this is. I didn't know what I read.
    whining afterwards and demonizing the anti-vaxers beforehand.

  430. 1 year ago

    We yelled our lung out for two years. You've ignored us, censored us, called us antivaxxers, antiscience, idiots, and what nots. We tried everything but y'all were too wienery to listen rationally. Your response was unequivocally infantile and emotional.

    On top of all, you were demanding for us to be force jabbed and were rejoicing in the though of seeing us all dead. Sorry but your fault from begining to end. And your behavior was pure evil.

    Now you want yo blame us for your willful ignorance too!

  431. 1 year ago

    We yelled our lung out for two years. You've ignored us, censored us, called us antivaxxers, antiscience, idiots, and what nots. We tried everything but y'all were too wienery to listen rationally. Your response was unequivocally infantile and emotional.

    On top of all, you were demanding for us to be force jabbed and were rejoicing in the though of seeing us all dead. Sorry but your fault from begining to end. And your behavior was pure evil.

    Now you want yo blame us for your willful ignorance too!

  432. 1 year ago
    Ken Lorp

    We had access to all the same information you had access to. The difference is that we read it.

  433. 1 year ago
    joe blowme

    Bunch of gaslighting SoBs. tick....tock....

  434. 1 year ago
    JD Chapel

    This is satire, right? I mean, it HAS to be satire… or humor… this can’t be a serious article. Please let me in on the joke. Please?!?!?

  435. 1 year ago

    you didn't want to listen to us!
    but if you have seen the light now, then we still have a lot of interesting things that we can tell you! like chemtrails, poisoned food and water, CBDCs and the upcoming digital concentration camp... listen up! we are talking about it all

  436. 1 year ago

    Who wrote this shit, and what basement dungeon bubble did they drag themselves out of before they did?
    This HAS to be a joke.

  437. 1 year ago
    Claudia Martinez

    I got told to “shut up your not a doctor” every time I tried to have the conversation!
    Like I was the troublemaker!

  438. 1 year ago

    This has to be a parody article?! Surely????
    While i completely understand the enormous regret that people now feel in having gotten these shots, the vitriol that is displayed in the article is better directed at the Pharmaceutical companies, Governments, regulatory bodies, public health agencies, the media, journalists, et al. Who ALL are complicit in LYING to the public about these shots.

    The shame i would feel actually writing what is above, would be insurmountable given that we all had the data, and of course a brain inside our heads, in order to make informed decisions about what do you and dont allow in your own body. I truly despair at the barefaced cheek of people who 'took it' now blaming others who didnt, for their mistakes.

  439. 1 year ago
    Kylie White

    This is definitely a joke. No way any person with an IQ of at least 1+ wrote this manipulative, gaslighting bullshit. We were the ones who were called many awful names for refusing the vaccine. Now you’re all dying and you are to egotistical to admit that you were the problem all along. This article is disgusting…

  440. 1 year ago

    Divide and conquer people, don't take the bait. #Unity

  441. 1 year ago
    Nancy Lovell

    I'm not sorry for anyone's inability to listen or use basic decision making skills regarding their own or families health.

  442. 1 year ago

    surely this is a troll. Please - this cannot be serious.
    But, i think you got a bunch of injection skeptics to bite, so...
    good one.

  443. 1 year ago


  444. 1 year ago

    Who lied to people saying these so-called vaccines were safe and effective?
    Who prevented other working and long tested medicines to be administered instead of the kidney-killing ones?
    Who manufactured these vaccines?
    Who tested these vaccines?
    Who gave the authorisation for these vaccines?
    Who signed the contracts to get these vaccines? For how much and for which conditions?
    Who coerced people into getting them by threatening their livelihood? By preventing them to hold the hand of their loved ones in hospitals?
    Who scared pregnant women and called them irresponsible for not getting this vaccine?
    Who forcibly vaccinated elderly people after letting them die dehydrated and starving during lockdowns?
    Who counted as COVID deaths people who died from other unrelated causes to get the numbers to scare the population?
    Who said that people who didn't wanted the vaccines were bad citizens who didn't care about others? that they should pay more taxes? Pay more health insurance? That hospitals should refuse to treat them? that they should be arrested and forcibly vaccinated? That they should be excluded from society?
    Who is it who did all that? Is it the unvaccinated?
    Are they going to be the scapegoats again or are we finally going to look at the true responsibles of all this?

  445. 1 year ago

    It is satire. Relax.

  446. 1 year ago
    Brian McCTravels

    Let them eat cake, then die.

  447. 1 year ago

    What pieces of shit you are! How dare you even suggest we didn't try to warn you??? Don't you dare try to place your stupidity on those of us who used deductive reasoning to stand in the face of the enemy and refuse their evil jabs. All you had to do was look at the ploys they used to get you to take the jab. Pizza, money, lottery prizes and nights with hookers were all on the table and like mice drawn to cheese in a trap you bought into the lie without so much as a second thought. Didn't you get the least bit suspicious when congress wasn't mandated to take the jab, but everyone else was, including our military? Everything I put out on social media was censored. Everything I tried to tell my friends and family, I was ridiculed for. I was called stupid, selfish, a conspiracy theorist, not allowed to eat with the family at Thanksgiving, told not to attend my mother in law's funeral, had my son stop speaking to me, and the list goes on. I have no compassion for anyone who tries to blame the unvaxxed for the vaxxed decisions. However, I am more than willing to forgive anyone who treated me in these disgusting manners if they are truly apologetic. Grow up and stop blaming others for what you did with your free will.

  448. 1 year ago
    Health Coach Tee

    Is this a joke? Anyone who questioned the covid jab was cancelled, ridiculed and snuffed out of society. I'm really confused...we had the same access to information as everyobe else. You're blaming the wrong people. Your government, the famous people who pushed it, the media...they are to blame for this mess.

  449. 1 year ago
    Lesley Shurlock

    All the people with whom I have been in touch since the injections - they are not 'vaccines' - were started have tried to warn people of the damage they would do. We were banned from Twitter and Facebook for spreading "disinformation" but we were telling the truth, as you now acknowledge. The "fact checkers" jumped up and tried to tear us down, people derided us and were very cruel to us. The government censored good scientific papers which proved we were right. Everyone from the top down was against us and used character assassination and other underhand methods to shut us up. But we remained loyal to the truth. We tried to save people. We tried to show the data that the people who had the injections were the ones getting ill, not those of us who avoided them at great cost to our lives by the threats and impositions laid on those of us who would not have these dangerous injections. We went through hell, but the believers in the injections said we were stupid, bad, evil, all kinds of cruel things were said about us. I never gave up. I tried to save people from this dangerous regime of injecting people with these poisons.
    Now you turn on us and say we did not warn you. You cannot have it both ways. We lost our jobs, income, everything because we tried to warn you and you derided us. We did try to tell you.
    The FDA knew, they accidentally showed a slide of dangers of the injections at a seminar in 2019 before they were given to people. But they went ahead and enforced the taking of them. They knew the dangers and made people have them. Blame them. Blame the governments, the Makers, those who said the entire global population had to have an "amazing vaccine". Do you think they did not know? Those people who also wanted to reduce the world population? Think about it. Start to look at the evidence from the last 50 years. Blame them. Not us.

  450. 1 year ago


    The MSM is low.. but this is very low.

    Don’t get me started.. I sent texts messages, begged and pleaded with people warning them not to at ANY costs do this to yourselves.. I went live on FB on December 4, 2020 warning you all not to mention getting banned repeatedly for posting the truth on whatever social media platform I could. I stood up for the natural cures and vitamins and was mocked and ridiculed and ignored and not allowed to go to certain places cause I wouldn’t show my papers. Not my fault or anyone else’s that you trusted strangers, your tv and lies more than God and the voice of truth!

    You want someone to blame??


  451. 1 year ago

    This is satire, right?

  452. 1 year ago
    Steffen Haug

    I had to read this post twice since I didn't believe my mind...
    After so many discussions with my friends who, unfortunately, don't have an inner compass which indicates the right way to go.
    They are all victims of the brain pollution machinery (I deliably do not say "brain wash") which has been installed in (West) Germany after WW2.
    In some way a protective mechanism was built up in my mind against this.
    We agreed to respect each other on our way.

    Their plan is to set us against each other - nothing else.

  453. 1 year ago

    What an absolute crock of shıt

  454. 1 year ago

    Another great intellectual imposture and hypocrisy.
    Not only did they know, they tried to warn everyone!
    It's you who not only didn't want to listen but censored the truth!

    So we weren't the crazy ones? The conspiracy theorists?

    Because you don't want to admit it, you lie

  455. 1 year ago

    Many tried to warn you. You called us buttholes. You belitted us and told us we were killing people if we didn't get it. The audacity of vaxxers to now try to blame the unvaxxed is absolutely ludicrous. What made you trust Trump and his operation warp speed bullshit? What made you trust Fauci when he was killing gays back in the 80's with a treatment for AIDS that he knew was killing them? What the frick made you trust the government? How dare you blame the people that tried to warn you, tried to show you evidence! You people screamed at the top of your lungs that we were the enemy when in reality, you are your own worst enemy. The government lied, people have died. Don't you dare blame your fellow citizens. You all have 2 ears but you refused to hear!

  456. 1 year ago

    This is Pure ignorance. Just having common sense would be great for the start. Being in denial when everything was pretty clear, people was speaking out publicly about this. Then humiliating unvaccinated people. How dare you.

  457. 1 year ago
    Vaughan Ellis

    Blame shifting much???
    How could those who were unvaccinated know about any possible side effects from a group of EXPERIMENTAL vaccines??
    It is like blaming your thumb nail for being hit by a hammer!!!

  458. 1 year ago

    I failed my exams The dux of the school knew the answers to the test and didn’t tell me. They ruined my life.

    If you are about to do something which has potential side effects (all drugs and vaccines do) then do your research. Relying on other people to warn you is irresponsible and lazy.

    However, we did warn you.

    This article is very suspect.

  459. 1 year ago

    it's satire guys relax

  460. 1 year ago

    Are you kidding? The media silenced us, called us conspiracy theorists, ostracised, split up families because they wouldn't listen, called us killers, took away our rights to eat, drink, travel, work... Why weren't you listening ? We marched to stand up for freedom of choice... now governments want to stop us from protesting... wake up... we were shouting from the roof tops!

  461. 1 year ago
    N copp

    1. I find it interesting that there is no byline. We have no idea who would cast blame on the millions of unvaccinated.
    2. We the unvaxxed had to stand up individually against our friends, family, strangers and our government. Imagine standing up and taking a stand against the entire US government all on your own.
    3. We heard on the news how we were killing people and how we shouldn’t even be allowed medical treatment! There were groups that were even considering putting us in camps! Camps!
    Where were you when this was happening? Why did you not try and protect us? We scoured the internet for information. It took us hours to find anything on this jab. We were responsible citizens doing our due diligence why weren’t you?
    You have no one to blame but yourself. I have compassion for my fellow man but no sympathy. You fell in line, lockstep with other evil doers. You laziness in searching for the truth has harmed our society. It will take years to overcome the damage you have done. Remember when you point your finger at others, there are three pointed back at yourself. So again isn’t it interesting that no one associates their name to this article.

  462. 1 year ago
    Patrick Burns

    You people deserve everything coming to you. We did warn you. But you mocked us, wanted us fired from our jobs, didn't want us to be able to eat at restaurants, and didn't want us to receive care at any hospitals. Reap what you sow. I would say you deserve the same, but that would make me a garbage human being, like those of you.

  463. 1 year ago

    Don't sit here and try to blame anyone who is unvaxxed because every one of us got mocked, doxxed, lost our jobs, or got silenced when we talked, so your the one to blame for your stupid actions, next time read the news instead of parrot it.

  464. 1 year ago

    Damned if we do, damned if we don't.

  465. 1 year ago
    Debbie Ralph

    family and friends said I was a conspiracy theorist and I was putting everyone at risk by not getting jabbed. Only a couple of people did, but their income was more important because they were in a lot of debt. I am still getting called selfish and a conspiracy theorist, I just ignore those people now and I actually say I told you so when they tell me that they have something wrong with them. It sounds horrible but I was abused for 2 years and still getting abused, so karma is b__ch.

  466. 1 year ago
    Thomas Schaer

    Ha ha well spotted the story! I like your sense of humor whatever you vaccinated or not

  467. 1 year ago

    Just wanted to forewarn you. There’s a ton of stuff you don’t know that is coming. You could get off the high horse and pretend you are listening or go ahead and do what you always do, blame someone else

  468. 1 year ago

    What a moron

  469. 1 year ago
    Patricia Lawyer

    You would have had me cancelled, bank deplatformed, thrown in jail and given me scabies. We tried to tell you. You called us anti- everything including racist.

  470. 1 year ago

    You cat be serious. The blood is in the hands of those who had no clue what they were talking about and pushed the “vaccine” on everyone.

  471. 1 year ago
    You deserver what's coming to you

    This is how you wash your hands from your own ignorance and stupidity... way to spread more segregation and hate! What a crock of a website...

  472. 1 year ago
    Karen Hunnicutt

    If the unvaccinated “knew”, why didn’t you? Oh, yeah, you refused to listen if we did get through the censorship, stopped ears & stubborn denials. You chose not to trust us, to ridicule & ostracize us, and listened to the wrong people. Only YOU are responsible for your choices.

  473. 1 year ago

    They are doing this to get a list of the unvaccinated so they can track you down!

  474. 1 year ago

    This is called “gaslighting”.
    We did try to warn you,
    You called us “antivaxxers” and told us we were killing Grandma.
    We did try to warn you,
    You banned us from events.
    We did try to warn you,
    You reported us on social media.
    We did try to warn you,
    You trusted your TV.
    We did try to warn you,
    You hoped we would die.

    We made decisions based on experience and data.
    You made decisions based on fear.

    You regret your decisions.
    We don’t regret trying to warn you,
    We wish you had listened.

    This is on you.
    You need to apologize for all of it.
    We will forgive you after
    Take ownership of your life and decisions.
    It’s on you.
    Learn from this.

    Stop turning off the comments just because you don’t like them.

  475. 1 year ago

    This piece is not be for us ,"simple" folk that saw through the looking glass. This is a direct message to the medical establishment, legacy media, every darn level of government, celebrities, WEF, UN, CDC, Trudeau, Biden, Macron, Soros, Schwab, Gates, Clintons...catch my drift?

    They know "we" were vocal.
    They know the greatest convoy ever awakened the masses.
    They know who the blame "lies" with.

  476. 1 year ago
    Tim Watts

    We did warn you. Back in 2021.

    We said: The vax is rushed, not properly tested, and should only be offered to the most at risk on an informed basis. Never for children, and not for people under maybe 50 ish except on very specific advice.

    You all told us to shut up, stop being tin foil hatters and called us selfish for not wanting to play along by getting jabbed. You said that we were putting everyone at risk and would cause lockdowns to continue longer, all based on the media lie that this vaccine "prevented transmission".

    So basically - anyone who's whining now, about not being warned: You were warned. You didn't want to listen. You derided us for warning you. So your problems are entirely of your own making and your blind compliance took us down with you.

    You're on your own now. Adios. So long suckers.

  477. 1 year ago

    We tried to tell you but then we were immediately labeled as conspiracy theorists, nut jobs, etc by main stream pundits. This was a peer pressure campaign on a global scale pushed by people (big pharma/government) that never had our best interests at heart.

    I’ve lost friends because I warned them and begged them to do research. But anything that was skeptical of the jab had to be relegated to the dark corners of the Internet due to censorship from big tech in collusion with government.

    I’m afraid it’s just getting started. We have no idea the long term affects. This is an ongoing experiment.

  478. 1 year ago

    This HAS to be an Onion article. It's not even funny.
    IF the writer wasn't having a good laugh while writing this dribble, he,she,they have serious issues.
    What information did I have access to that you did not?
    Whose fault is that? If you surround yourself in an echo chamber of only common thoughts, that's on you.
    Critical thinking seems now to be frowned upon. Ask yourselves by who? The information suppressors, book burners and now social media cancellers have never throughout history been the good guys. Think about that.
    It is much easier to fool a person than it is to convince the person they have been fooled.
    You can ignore reality, but you can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality -Ayn Rand-
    Perhaps people are waking up. What will you do about it?

  479. 1 year ago
    Kathryn Martino

    I came here to say the same things everyone else was saying except as soon as I saw the "85% + 25% notice regarding commenters I knew this article was satire. Good one! I will be saving this because the whole article is truly TRULY excellent. Other commenters: Read.Between.The.Lines. This author's grasp of profundity through satire is quite the talent. Maybe he can teach us a thing or two.

  480. 1 year ago
    No one

    “The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly”

  481. 1 year ago

    I had to make up a new Facebook account because I was blocked and attacked by family and friends for trying to tell everyone how bad the vaccines were. One brother told me it all comes down to what we believe. A cousin told me off in front of family and friends because she was upset her uncle had just died, after taking the vaccine but I was a bad person for saying the lockdowns and mandates were wrong and the vaccines were going to kill millions. I told everyone I knew and nobody supported me. After I made my new account I had one cousin who woke up and started posting about all the lies. He wasn’t supported and I spoke up for him all the time. I was all alone in my fight on here. Not one friend or family member supported me. I was devastated but it didn’t stop me from trying to wake people up. I could see the government and media were deceiving everyone. I followed the health advocates, experts and scientists and watched them all get suspended and banned from social media, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the other platforms that were silencing anyone who spoke out against the vaccines. Don’t anyone dare try and say we didn’t warn everyone. We were the brave warriors in this battle.

  482. 1 year ago

    Is this article a joke?

  483. 1 year ago
    Jackie Crockett

    What a load of bullshit.. The article should be rewritten to state WHY DID THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS AND THOSE ON TV AND IN GOVERNMENT PROMOTING THE JAB NOT SPEAK OUT???? The sheep were not interested in listening to the Conspiracy theorist nut jobs as we were labelled. It is the job of the Medical professional to perform due diligence & THEY SHOULD HAVE RESEARCHED WHAT WE DID & if they had they would have been fully aware of the dangers & should have spoken out & refused to cooperate. No doubt many of them were aware but put themselves first & all GP practices made a ton of money jabbing people. This shite article is just trying to cause division and NOT laying the blame where it needs to be.

  484. 1 year ago

    This article is a joke. Stop pointing fingers, you made a choice and called others selfish then when they tried to tell you. Take ownership for your actions.

  485. 1 year ago

    Well its nice to see that everyone is taking this seriously and has no clue what a joke is.... so theres that.
    People, if you dont get that this is written as sarcasm and 180 degree humor, just stfu. We dont need you explaining kindergarten defenses about your skills in avoiding a needle and yelling at your blind buddies who jumped on it. No kidding. You stood up and were laughed at, you must be the only one, and please do tell us all about your pain. Seriously? Why would I want to know your life story when you cant even distinguish between a joke full of victim shaming and a moronic blame game of self denial.
    Learn to enjoy humor. nuff said.

  486. 1 year ago
    Jeff Monahan

    This is a joke right? It's absurd that you would suggest the unvaccinated have blood on their hands. We tried to warn you. We were ridiculed, shadow banned, deplatformed, fired from our jobs, had our medical licenses revoked and lost our businesses for trying to warn you. Please, take this article down.

  487. 1 year ago

    This article is a joke. Stop pointing fingers, you made a choice and called others selfish then when they tried to tell you. Take ownership for your actions.

  488. 1 year ago

    We protested. We were fired. We were called conspiracy theorists. We were banned from flying, banned from stores in some places. I can't leave the country because I still couldn't come back, to this day, if I did. We were accused of killing people because we were selfish. Where were you when that was happening to us? We gave you links to CDC, NIH and actual scientists - but you refused to read and just kept arguing. You accused us of being afraid of shots. We were held responsible for the lockdowns. This article is misplaced anger in a world that has removed self responsibility. I was willing to lose my job, as the primary supporter of my family. Articles like this will further discriminate against us and harm those of us who did our own research and tried to save all of you from walking to that genetic medicine. We aren't to blame. The government and pharma are. Place your anger appropriately before you harm us further.

  489. 1 year ago

    Funnily enough, we got threatened with having our medical licences revoked for even questioning the logic of mandating untested mRNA based vaccines.. BTW...we had the same info at hand everyone else did... here's a hint.. Nobody..I mean NOBODY can plausibly believe that they're safe in long term in absence of any evidence...yet here we are.. and somehow those that worked out this brainteaser for toddlers are responsible for the fate of those who lacked the intellectual capacity to see this too? So what are your thoughts on individual responsibility and accountability for decisions and actions?

  490. 1 year ago

    For 20 years I did statistical analysis for the #2 BCBS/US. By 06/20 public data confirmed who/age/comorbidity, 0-18 was 0% risk. Same with the Clot Shot that killed from day one. I lost 7 Twitter accounts. This was the greatest Crime Against Humanity in World History.

  491. 1 year ago
    York Durden

    I most certainly did my best to warn all those who had been hypnotized through fear. I protested Anthony Fauci, a Reagan administration hire, alongside my gay friends back in the 1980's when the government pushed experimental chemotherapies on the first AIDS victims. I remembered; I knew. You wouldn't listen. You ostracized me and called me every name in the book. Now you are paying the price, but it give no pleasure to see friends and family suffering. A thorough study
    of human psychology, propaganda techniques and the Hegelian dialectic may go far in preventing those of you still alive from making future mistakes of this magnitude.

  492. 1 year ago

    Respect for actually publishing this.. comedy gold

  493. 1 year ago

    We tried to warn you but you didn't want to hear it. You spent your time reporting us to the social media censors and accusing us of spreading misinformation. We are still banned from most of your popular social media apps. You worshipped the gov't minders and censors. It's hard to help people who aren't willing to help themselves. Best of luck!

  494. 1 year ago
    Fred Hiner

    If you took what Satan served, you got what you deserved.

  495. 1 year ago
    Jeff Stevenson

    I assume this is a spoof right? We were on social media telling everyone but nobody listened. We were blocked by "friends", got zero likes but we kept going, ridiculed by mainstream, threatened in shops. Censored and shadow banned, which continues to this day.
    So, very funny spoof. If you are being serious, you've got big big mental health problems.

  496. 1 year ago
    Jim russo

    The vaxxed need to shut up and take responsibility for their choices. The blood is not on our hands, it’s the people who told you to take it. So to all the vaxxed - it’s time to die

  497. 1 year ago

    How is this even a serious article?? We thenunbaccinated were fired and discriminated against- and now you being vaccinated is our fault and problem too??? This has to be a joke

  498. 1 year ago

    The only people I feel sorry for is the kids that didn't have a choice.

    In my opinion ALL vaccines are phoney bologna!
    I will never give vaccines to my kid or even my animals!

  499. 1 year ago

    Typical liberal….. play the victim!!

  500. 1 year ago

    This is without any doubt one of the funniest articles I've ever read. 😅
    I was arrested twice at demonstrations and banned from two Facebook and seven Twitter accounts for trying to warn people about the injections and sharing facts about the useless masks.
    At the moment I warn you of world war III and people again call me a conspiracy theorist.

  501. 1 year ago


  502. 1 year ago

    Mmm … yeah. Blame yourselves for being so weak-willed and so lacking in critical thinking that you listened to all the so-called “experts” as to how “safe and effective” these experimental shots were. The facts were there in plain sight that Covid by itself was 99.5% survivable if you were otherwise healthy. Your own natural immunity would take care of the infection for you and in fact be 100 times better and last longer than the crap in the mRNA shots.

    I know … you wanted to be a trend-setter, a forward-thinking person, to be in the Cool Kids Club. You just had to jump on the bandwagon right away. That to me is the underlying emotional issue. Well, you got played, and badly. Maybe you should work on developing some introspection and those critical thinking skills for the next time, which is sure to come sooner rather than later.

  503. 1 year ago

    This is quite possibly the dumbest article I have ever read. There were thousands of signs online and in-person all around the world. Nurses and doctors lost their jobs because they didn't believe in it, shouldn't that have been a big enough sign... Also the millions of people marching in protesting, also a sign. All big tech companies and social media companies, shadow banning or deleting the posts, be another sign. People lost long relationships with close friends over standing up for what they believe in, this articale by some random unknown author and website is completely ridiculous and is a absolute joke.

  504. 1 year ago

    Suck eggs. Even if satirical, I expect the jabbed weirdos to blame others. So for all the regretful jabbed sooks wanting to shirk responsibility... the blood is on the hands of your government, the doctors, and the experts you worshipped; those who coerced you, manipulated you, assured you it was safe; its on the hands of the parents who lined their kids up for it.
    Your life, your responsibility.
    No guilt here from this 'selfish, anti-vax, tinfoil hatter, threat to society'. And my family you wished death upon are doing great, unlike yourself. Enjoy the time you have left. ✌🏽

  505. 1 year ago
    Think Critically

    Take responsibility for yourself. Own your decisions and actions including where you go from here.

    Seek out advice on detoxification from sources other than those pushing the vax - Dr. Zelenko, Peter McCullough, Simone Gold, etc.

  506. 1 year ago

    But at least you were "well intending" and you did the "right thing." So, you got that going for you, which is nice. Also, is "remained silent" a new synonym for censored? It is hard to keep up with the Woke vocabulary. Now, go back to watching the controlled media so you can blindly obey the next thing.

  507. 1 year ago

    We tried to warn you. We were ridiculed for NOT complying…. We lost jobs, friends, family members for NOT complying. We were called conspiracy theorists when we talked about it. I warned so many people and continue to do so. There is NO blood on my hands.

  508. 1 year ago

    This article has to be a joke … The most ultimate form of gaslighting. We were fired for trying to stand up for our right to not be vaccinated and coworkers and friends ridiculed us constantly. I tried to share articles on Facebook and Twitter and those articles were blocked! I was shamed into silence. We will not take the blame for you not listening and not doing your own research.

  509. 1 year ago

    Is this article serious! You should be pointing your finger at all politicians, health professionals, newspapers, tv news - censors that stopped publication both online and off. Please tell me your article is a joke!

  510. 1 year ago

    Suck my ass you were warned many times over YOU chose to take poison multiple times over so deal with it

  511. 1 year ago
    Derek Gilbert

    We warned that mRNA was an unproven technology with potentially dangerous side effects, like autoimmune disorders, as soon as Trump announced Operation Warp Speed. Our program was spiked by YouTube and Vimeo.

    And now, thanks to the Twitter Files, it’s confirmed that the White House coordinated a censorship campaign with social media. So, don’t blame those of us who didn’t take the jab. We tried to warn you. Blame the White House, blame the FDA and CDC, blame the corporate media, and blame the pharmaceutical companies for conning you into being part of a huge experiment—an experiment that continues as they try to convince us to get another shot every year, forever.

    Money is the root of all kinds of evil.

  512. 1 year ago

    Is this satire? Because if you remember there was a powerful campaign to silence and punish anyone who spoke against the narrative. Common sense should have told you all the way back in early 2020 that a rushed and experimental gene therapy was never going to be a good idea against a mild cold.. They didn't hide anything we all had access to this information if we wanted it but sadly many chose to fill themselves with spike proteins, which is irreversible you can't remove them!

  513. 1 year ago

    Please bring back some of the media clips of the hateful speech projected at the unvaxxed, we are all on our own, make your own decisions, cause the world WILL make them for you.

  514. 1 year ago

    Oh we warned you, time and time again. But you ignored us, ridiculed us, called us names, shamed us, cancelled us, banned us, attacked us. Hundreds of thousands of us were demonstrating on the streets all throughout the plandemic. Your blood, and the blood of your children, is on your hands.

  515. 1 year ago

    This article has GOT to be a joke. Really? Well if the vaxxed didn't get the warning it is because a. they literally covered their eyes and ears and b. because we the unvaxxed were censored by BigTech and our "warnings" were deleted by the "fact checkers". Even after being ridiculed, called conspiracy theroists, being fired from our jobs for refusing the jab, we still were NOT silent. Be mad at your government, at yourself, at the CDC, WEF, the mainstream media and ALL of the celebrities and politicians that were pushing the jab. LOL

  516. 1 year ago

    Maybe you should focus on the media sources and social media companies that censured, ignored and gaslight them the whole time?

  517. 1 year ago

    I have a crazy thought, instead of once again blaming the unvaccinated. Maybe it's time we set our eyes on the governments who had the same data and continued to force their vaccination agenda?! Let's stop standing alert and organize and stand together.

  518. 1 year ago

    This must be a joke or the person that wrote this is a lunatic!! We were treat like s...t and we were segregated to the extreme. We warn every person we could and they only made fun of us. Also is your life is you responsibility not mine! If you were stupid enough to get the jab knowing that was EXPERIMENTAL is your problem!!

  519. 1 year ago
    Jeremie Marin

    Well that's a joke . Blood is on the unvaccinated . The same un vaccinated that went to jail , the same unvaccinated that were fined for trying to tell people, even doctors were fined and shut down for speaking against there vaccine. The same unvaccinated that tried to protest . All over the world people were singing out . Even the inventer of mrna tech was shouting out . The so called unvaccinated had every access to such information, purely cos thay looked . You say you lined up and did the right thing but yet you didn't point one finger at the authorities that gave it to you . You are responsible for you , no body else . I can guarantee you would have heard from someone and made the choice to ignore them as same sort of conspiracy. So shame on you . But in saying all that we haven't let you go . There are movements now trying to work out how to get there crap out of your bodys , so don't think we don't care . And just for the record there are unvaccinated that lost there jobs , there homes and businesses. That's how much we were tested to stand our ground. Peace to all

  520. 1 year ago

    This article is weak and hateful. I can’t believe after me everything the unvaccinated went through you would target us with such hate.

  521. 1 year ago

    First I thought this article was satire. Now I’m thinking it’s not. If you want someone to blame other than yourself (the logical person to blame) why don’t you start with the following: the government who pushed the jabs, Fauci, the media(who pushed dangerous lies), Big Pharma, social media (who censored the truth), your own doctor, hundreds of sell-out celebrities, your local pharmacy, your state government, corporations who incentivized or the work places who forced you and I could go on and on! They should get the blame. The unvaccinated did warn you but were censored in every possible way. No one could convince people otherwise after the strong programming from the aforementioned groups. You need someone to blame? Look in the mirror or start looking at the people who pushed this deadly shot. Rage on them. Leave the unvaccinated alone they will shoulder no blame for your willful ignorance and blind allegiance to Big Pharma. Glad you are awakened to the fact that the shot is harmful. Now wake up to who caused the harm. I assure you, it’s not the unvaccinated.

  522. 1 year ago

    Please...... Please tell me this satire. Let's have a think.. many of us that didn't take the vax, who had studied and made rational decisions or some of us following our heads and intuition tried to warn others. Yet, the algorithms creat echo chambers and silence those that don't agree with whatever the current narrative is. This goes well beyond just the pandemic related issues. So you want to change things?? You want to hold someone accountable? The bring back freedom of speech and stop big tech censorship which is fiercely upheld by the government. The government get to spy on people and silence they're opposers. They just hire someone else to do it and wash their hands of the responsibility. It's capitalism at it's modern finest.

  523. 1 year ago

    They want us divided. They want us to come at one another instead of the cause at hand. UNITE. Ignore these mental mind games!!!!
    Big Pharma and our government are to blame- certainly NOT each other.

  524. 1 year ago

    You not listening is NOT the same as not being told.

  525. 1 year ago

    Why don't you put a name under this piece of illogical whining?
    Probably the author was a non-human. Neural network, maybe. Humans are not supposed to have negative IQs.

  526. 1 year ago

    Got it. You people are beyond braindead. The vax must have killed your last remaining brain cells. It also killed any credibility your page may have had. I don’t know, never heard of you before but everyone you offended is sharing this turd article far and wide so with luck your gaslighting should spell the end of your business.

  527. 1 year ago
    Laura F

    Who is the idiot author to this article?! We have NO blood on our hands. We DID tell you. We lost our jobs because of it. We protested. We contacted lawyers. Our livelihoods were threatened. We were labeled domestic terrorists. Learn to think for yourself and not be a dead fish and go with the flow. You made your decision based on whatever you thought at the time. Own it. You want someone to blame, your government and pharma are the ones you should go after. Leave the unvaxxed alone.

  528. 1 year ago

    This article needs some serious editing. To make unvaccinated people be the "bad guys" when everyone had the opportunity to listen, open their minds instead of believing the msm is obviously their own fault. When did people start blaming everyone else in this world for their own lack of responsibility? Let's grow up here and call it for what it is. Be an adult and be responsible for yourself. I would start by changing the next article and speak honestly about what really is going on in the world.

  529. 1 year ago
    Brian Fuddy

    Who wrote this? They need to retract this smear article and apologize for lying about the unvaccinated.

  530. 1 year ago
    Agned R

    Author: direct your anger and blame to the goverment and Health organizations: WEF, WHO, Fauci, the paid off corrupt doctors, news medias, etc, who were all pushing this vaccine and bribing you to take it! Ya'll were too excited to get your free burgers as you ran to roll up your sleeves. The critical thinkers, or "unvaxxed" were out there, trying to warn you, but you ridiculed them and dismissed their warnings! And WE ALL had access to that "important information", but you chose to dismiss it as "conspiracy theory". You got brainwashed by the elites, and many vaxxed gloated about being morally superior, posting selfies w band-aids on their arms... Just remember who was banned from eating at restaurants, going to the gym, public events and flying on planes-- remember who was discriminated, shunned, outcasted from society and treated like lepers! You must be a sociopathic narcissist yourself!

  531. 1 year ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 what brilliant article. Almost made me spill my oatmeal. Excellent satire. To my unvaxxed friends, please don't respond angrily, this article is validation that we had it right. It's a touchy topic, but the humor is warranted. I'm still laughing while sharing it with my unjabbed friends.

  532. 1 year ago

    Most of us were not Silent we were Silenced! Called anti Vaxxers, anti science, evil, non compassionate. We tried to warn people but our post were flagged or removed. We had no platform except in the most fringe spaces.

  533. 1 year ago

    Frick you, we all spoke up, you lot wanted us imprisoned, our rights taken away and the vax forced on us. Who wrote this article? I’ve got plenty of evidence of the death threats and outright abuse towards those of us who chose not to fall in line. You want to tar us with one brush? Then all vaccinated people are responsible for the abuse, threats, coercion etc.

  534. 1 year ago

    Not my problem if the extensive warnings fell on death ears.

  535. 1 year ago
    Francois van Heerden

    I call BS. The unjabbed (I am one of them) were shut down HARD when we warned everyone. We were:
    - vilified in the media, by politicians, by doctors,
    - called anti-vaxx & anti-science,
    - called domestic terrorists,
    - threatened with bodily harm, forced vaccination, isolation, incarceration,
    - fired from our jobs,
    - denied basic human rights,
    - banned from living: denied access to restaurants, gyms, cinemas,
    - denied the ability to travel,
    - denied access to our elderly parents in hospitals and dying,
    - snubbed by family & friends,
    - denied heath care, which continues to this day (here in Canada).

    And you claim we are at fault? Look in the mirror. Decide if you are one of those people who went so far as to demand that we comply when we knew better. We did our research. We were skeptical of big pharma, government and mainstream media. We did not trust the system.

    Those who took the jab:
    - were coerced by employers, bombarded with messaging telling us to take the jab because it was "safe and effective". Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and an ounce of doubt would have delved deeper into the propaganda and seen it for what it was - lies!

    The unjabbed ARE NOT AT FAULT!

  536. 1 year ago
    Nero ne

    We tried but what I got in response was


  537. 1 year ago

    First of all I never gloated. My husband almost lost his life because of having to choose between his livelihood or the shot.He chose Not long after he received his first booster he ended up in the hospital with blood clots on his lungs and had to be put on a ventilator. The doctor at the hospital told us that fifty percent of the people in the hospital that were having problems, some similar to my husband's, had been vaccinated. That is when I decided not to get the shot myself. We are almost in financial ruins because my husband couldn't work for almost a year. He just recently got off of being on oxygen. Whenever, I tried telling my story online or to people in person, I was ridiculed and called a conspiracy theorist. Social media put warnings on my posts and outright banned me at times. They did the samething to all those speaking out against. We were spreading misinformation is what we were told. Medical professionals who spoke out against it were put through h*ll. Losing their licenses. Including a nurse in my area. So, please lose the moral high ground because you chose to ignore the warnings. My own father and stepmother still don't talk to me till this day, because of my stance on the vaccination. I lost my best friend since childhood because of refusing to get vaccinated. Also, on another note many of us who are against the Covid vaccination aren't against vaccinations. We had our other vaccinations. So, please don't use the term antivaxxers so losely.

  538. 1 year ago

    STFU. Just STFU and have a jab or two. You earned it. Lemming cliff jumping is this years activity. Sign up today.

  539. 1 year ago

    Now that you're aware of the dangers of the vaccine, what are YOU doing to warn people?

  540. 1 year ago
    Jose Carlos

    Around the world activists, doctors, scientists, journalists, etc made a major effort - which continues - to alert to the obvious risk of the experimental treatment. We were censored, insulted, gaslighted, lost jobs, lost friends, and were treated as garbage (we don’t forget the ridiculous vaccine passports). The media and politicians lied all the time, and instead of waking up to the system you are living in you decided to say we didn’t do enough? No, we did more than enough, it’s on the covidiots the decision they took and it’s towards the “authorities” they should now focus their anger and their adverse reactions. We the unvaxxed are still fighting towards the exposure of all this scandal (the biggest medical scandal in history) and we are still being discriminated and censored. Wake up and smell the terrible coffee you supported for two years, blaming us is not only unfair as ridiculous.

  541. 1 year ago

    I will be as polite & objective as possible. Is this a parody? A joke? Positive comments to support the cause? What is this cause you're referring to? Is it to really shine a light on just how insane & twisted this whole 3 yr debacle has been? Is it to further sidewind, ridicule or outright shift the blame on to the people who refused to buy into the narrative & take the jab? Is it to guilt those anti-jabbers who were afraid to be then blacklisted, insulted, mocked, unfriended in person and on social media, fired or have licenses and/or accreditation taken away, fined or arrested for speaking up or refusing... 🤔 Just a bit confused, curious & politely wondering.

  542. 1 year ago

    Who is the author of this article? Who did you interview? Or is it your own opinion?

  543. 1 year ago

    Firstly shouldn’t you be incredibly angry at the people who fooled you. The people who lied about the data. Who made you believe because you clearly got hoodwinked, they lied and you believed. No one is to blame but the governments pushing this and the corrupt companies that duped you. Unless this is compete satirical as it’s hilarious to be honest. I wonder who paid for this garbage to be produced.

  544. 1 year ago

    If you were not so busy taking away my job, throwing me into a quarantine camp, and calling me a murderer, you might have heard my warnings.

  545. 1 year ago

    This article is trying to divide people so we are more easily controlled. That is the only reason for this garbage being written. This is a psychological operation or Psyop pure and simple. When you know the playbook you can see everything. Question everything use critical thinking. Why publish this when you know that the unvaccinated risked so much to not get the shot. They were fired from their jobs, lost friends and were ridiculed just to name a few. They were not quiet about how they felt, just the opposite. When you see garbage like this the disseminator or disseminators are outing themselves. They have a agenda much larger than just publishing an article.

  546. 1 year ago

    What's everyone on about, the jab is safe and effective... it's the clmate that's causing all the health problems.

  547. 1 year ago

    You had access to all of the information we had access to. You chose not to look for it. We marched, we protested, we lost friends, we were ridiculed and called Covidiots. Yet, here we are, open armed to offer the injured support and guidance. Still ridiculed. It really is a good idea to take agency over your own life and that of your children, not to put your faith in politicians and drug companies.

  548. 1 year ago
    Dana B

    My jaw dropped when I saw this article. Do you not realize we lost friends and family members for speaking out against the jabs?? We were censored, mocked, made fun of… and even told by Joe Biden that this was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” We tried to speak out. We tried to share articles. We tried to warn you. Censored at every turn by social media and the state run news. And now you’re trying to blame us because you didn’t listen?!? Shameful.

  549. 1 year ago
    I remain unvaxx - unmedicated

    Ridiculous but funny - a little over the top, but still funny …

  550. 1 year ago
    Ray Forster

    Why are you lying in this news article? The unvaccinated were shouting from the rooftops! People just refused to listen!

    I'm triple jabbed, and I appear to be still healthy (thankfully) but I've got unvaccinated friends. They warned a lot of people! They were branded as unclean, unhealthy, and a risk to society. Why?

    It is up to each and every single
    one of us as to what goes into our body...........

  551. 1 year ago

    Ah, Mis-directed anger, your table is ready. The questions you should be asking is why some people could see through this madness and you could not. 1) Can you think for your self? What did you think when we were told early that anyone who died of covid would be labeled as a covid death? This has never happened in the world of medicine or science. 2) My 14 year old granddaughter read the EUA approval letter and said OMG. What was your brain telling you? You should be apologizing to us for ignoring us and treating us like pariahs. 3) Have you thought about the health care professional who knew all along. These are the people who should be standing in front of the wall when the first shots are fired. If enough of you idiots get together maybe you can get a discount on lobotomies you pathetic can't think for your self losers.

  552. 1 year ago
    Mary McCreary

    I have been talking about it and continue to talk about it. Whether those who chose to take the jab listened is on them, not us! I have been shushed at dinner tables, been told to hold my opinions, been called a conspiracy theorist, asked for the science and when I provided the science I was reading, was told it wasn’t reputable.
    Please, tell us what else we could have done?? Those who fell for the propaganda will have to live with themselves and figure it out on their own. We’re exhausted trying to help!

  553. 1 year ago

    Is this a paraody/satire? If yes then this is well done.
    Many were forwarding articles, talking about it very LOUDLY anywhere we could, only to be ridiculed, insulted, ghosted, fired, arrested, unfriended in person & on social media.
    I'm confused & curious 🤔 as to what this really is about.
    The criminals in charge of perpetrating this whole debacle should be mentioned/brought to justice in Nuremberg 2.

  554. 1 year ago
    Stormy Gyrl

    Is this real? We were silenced, banned, called names and everyone said we were going to kill our grandparents. Everyone had access to the same information, but you people didn’t want to listen. Now you get to live with the consequences.

  555. 1 year ago

    Shame on you. You are clearly moronic and boosted. You won’t be alive much longer to write such bullshit.

  556. 1 year ago
    Carolyn Wright

    Those who chose to get the jab had access to the same information as the unjabbed. They chose not to do the research! Blood is not on my hands because of a choice someone else made.

  557. 1 year ago
    Pete Yevchak

    Such a sad article. It's perfectly apparent that the one's who took the jab didn't bother to do their OWN homework. They swallowed the government/health "authorities" lies through blind programming/obedience even they everyone KNEW the "vaccine(s)" had been rushed through (which was a major danger signal that should have never been ignored by any reasoning individual). Some took it to keep their job and some took it so that they could travel - that was their choice. In my own case, I individually texted every single person in my phone's address book every time a new article exposing the dangers came out with the link TO said articles. I don't owe you anything, nor do I desire or would I accept your "forgiveness". Look at what a lot of YOU did to US.

  558. 1 year ago

    Satire or trolling?
    Blood on our hands? Thanks for the laugh. Did the Onion lay you off?

  559. 1 year ago
    Steve Entwistle

    Point the finger at the Mainstream Media and Government. There is tens of thousands of decent doctors and medical experts that have being trying to get the message out. They have been ignored by mainstream media, and censored by google, youtube, facebook, twitter etc. I have had 3 Facebook accounts shut down for trying to get the message out. We have world renowned scientists and doctors who have been shouting from the roof tops about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, but they have all been shut down by Big Tech in collusion with the mainstream media. Even today the Government and Big Pharma are still urging vaccination despite the horrifying reports of side effects including deaths. I support and have so much empathy towards anyone who is vaccinated and now regretting it. The whole truth will eventually come out, and the whole of humanity will turn against the global "elites" for forcing this on us.

  560. 1 year ago

    I shouted from the roof tops, I got banned from twitter and facebook. People I know “drank the kollaid” all on their own . I even tried to explain to those who did not take biology or did not remember the function of mRNA. I tried and sadly now I get to watch the fallout.

  561. 1 year ago

    You have got to be kidding me. This is one of the most ignorant things that I have seen. Your cognitive dissonance kept you from listening to those of us who were shouting the pitfalls from the rooftops. Don't try to put this on us because you didn't have the discernment or the nerve to stand up for you & your families. You all need to reflect on yourselves & why you couldn't hear the warnings!

  562. 1 year ago
    Sorry not Sorry

    "This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated," is the direct quote from President Biden, when he tried to use OSHA to get 80 million people fired from their jobs for refusing the COVID-19 jab.

    Even then your side agreed with him, even if it would cost us our livelihoods and even our homes. The "anti-vaxxers" were told to get the shot to protect your co-workers, or you deserve to lose your job for being so selfish, so there is no gentleman's handshake. Screw you.

  563. 1 year ago

    We did - you called us "conspiracy theorists" and "grandma killers"!

  564. 1 year ago
    Nun Ya

    Don't even let this bother any of you because this is just a hating liberal who's trying to pass the blame on someone else so they don't look stupid when we were warning them all along. I actually printed little business card sized cards and passed them out at Walmart, while shopping, with a bunch of links about how bad vaccines are. I did that for 3-4 months. So whoever wrote this article is just trying to pass the blame onto someone else so they don't have to admit that they were wrong all along.

  565. 1 year ago

    I’ll be respectful. We all should be. But this sends me in a rage. We unvaxxed HAVE been speaking out only to be ostracized by family, friends, coworkers who back away from you like YOU are Covid. I have friends who won’t see me. I haven’t seen my grandkids in 3 years because I’ve made an “irresponsible “ choice. People pull out a mask or insist on me wearing one still in offices. I’m sorry, but if there are any regrets or apologies necessary it’s from the vaxxed and deceived. I am so sorry for them and pray for them but will not accept blame.

  566. 1 year ago

    I’m shocked!

    Please do a little honest research before making this claim. The wave of those warning that vaccines could be unhealthy was overwhelming if you looked or listened to anything other than CNN, MSNBC, etc. And, those sounding the alarm were overwhelmingly ridiculed as murderers (like your writing does again) for NOT being vaccinated and putting others at risk. It was spoken loudly from the halls of congress (sen. Rand Paul) and from countless citizens kicked out of or not allowed to eat in restaurants, take airline flights and more. And it wasn’t “anti vax” propaganda….it was a fight for free flow of information and CHOICE.

    I’m sorry for any suffering you see or experience. But please do some research before starting ANOTHER blame-game with those who advocated for choice. They were loud about it.

    Blame the media for suppressing the shouts of warning….they did a great job of limiting free speech and allowing only one opinion to get air-time.

  567. 1 year ago

    I haven't stopped trying to warn people about the jabs from the very beginning, before the jabs even came out. Online and in person I have been relentlessly trying to warn as many people as possible, people I know, people I don't know, but no one listened. We all had access to the same information!!!

  568. 1 year ago

    This is the most insulting article I have ever read. I begged my friends and family not to get vaccinated, I sent them links and videos. I’m sorry but non so blind as refuse to see. Every person is accountable for their own decisions, just looks like I made the right one sooner. Everyone had access to the same information, just some of looked a bit further than the end of our nose. I really hope that the people can be saved that thought they were doing the right thing.

  569. 1 year ago
    Bigoted Science Denier

    My advice to the author of this article would be to "get boosted".

    • 1 year ago
      York Durden

      A dozen times, same arm, same needle hole. Let me grab my popcorn first.

  570. 1 year ago

    Many people DID try to warn others about the shots. Many of them were credentialed professionals who lost their livelihoods and were vilified and persecuted for it too. Others who refused to take the shots, based on the emerging evidence that the shots were harmful, were fired and ostracized and ridiculed. I can't believe this article is anything BUT satire but my opinion of the obtuse Branch Covidians is pretty low, so who tf knows anymore?

  571. 1 year ago

    Communist INVERSION at its best!

  572. 1 year ago
    Mike Hunt

    Hilarious. Well done guys.

  573. 1 year ago

    I just want to know where you were when jobs were threatened, lives completely scrutinized and judged as undereducated, illiterate, uncaring, etc, when you stood in line for your shot. What sort of new hellish frickery is this tripe of a column? Who wrote it? Whoever wrote this is obviously as thick as a mudslide. You were all warned. You were all scared. You took the shot anyway. You can blame yourself for bankrolling your friendly neighborhood pharmaceutical company. Only you.

  574. 1 year ago
    Dixie Normous

    Surely this is satire. Lol

  575. 1 year ago

    Again, why do you need someone else to tell you what is right in front of you? Half the medical industry refused it, despite all the pressure and threats. These are educated people who understand the technicalities and risks of either choice. HALF. And they FIRED those objectors, during an alleged medical emergency when all hands on deck were needed. That gave me pause, for sure. The vaxxed cheerfully mocked us at every turn. They refused us services. They wanted us labeled and excluded from society. The difference is that we saw you get it and prayed you wouldn't, you saw us refuse and wished we would die. I still pray for you anyway.

  576. 1 year ago
    Ernest Allen

    This is a brilliant post.
    - It acknowledges the fact that the vaccines did more harm than good.
    - Those clinging to the delusion that the vaccines were a good thing will react to it because it blames someone else.
    - Those who yelled from the rooftops that people were being duped will react to it because it blames the wrong people.

    Either way, you get maximum interaction and get out the truth that the vaccines are harmful and possibly criminal.

  577. 1 year ago

    you, people, are IDIOTS!! they were silenced by Twitter FB and mocked. You should take down this TRASH!!!!!

  578. 1 year ago

    If it is crime, should not the victims find the criminals who lied to them and mandated then to take the vax and those accomplices who categorizes the opposite voices as disinformation first?

  579. 1 year ago

    Some of us warned our immediate family and friends with about 50% success rate .. any attempt at public warnings via social media got censored .. those who conspired to censor these warnings, MSM , medical authorities & governments are really the ones with blood on their hands & need to be held to account

  580. 1 year ago
    Schuyler Skipper

    There's only so much you can do for those who succumbed to the psychological warfare and jumped straight in line and took it. I definitely talked to those on the fence and told them that they could go through one of the exemption processes. Worst case scenario they would have had to go find another job with their health intact. Most ended up getting it anyway due to the tyrannical measure of the government and corporations in denying the ability to provide for their families. It's really hard to blame them too. They are victims not of the unvaccinated but of the big pharma cartel, Bill Gates, the WHO, WEF, CDC, FDA, HHS, and all the way down to the compliant administrator. I'm not saying that everyone was privy to the information initially but I guarantee that everyone had the opportunity to make the right decision and go the other direction. So many suppressed their conscience and continued to allow the crime to happen. Time to find our moral compasses again and live free.

  581. 1 year ago

    I remember passers-by shaking their heads or pointing and laughing as we marched around Leeds City Centre in protest at the vaccine mandates for NHS and care staff. I remember the shouted comments of “I’m double jabbed and so should you be, shame on you”. Don’t try to use historical revisionism to change the narrative. How dare you.

  582. 1 year ago

    This was either written to channel the pain/anger of the people who chose to follow the media narrative and are now facing the adverse reactions whilst now disowning their responsibility in the part they played and are now venting it out on those who actually tried to warn them ... victim pattern behaviour no matter the situation... There is however another troubling aspects to this article: bullies dressed up as victims...
    At the least this article is trying to stir sh... among those who resisted the vac ...but Truth is of a higher frequency and once expressed cannot be annihilated.
    I would focus on your recovery as opposed to putting out this kind of low energy vibes which will only turn against your physical/ mental wellbeing.
    And last, let's not forget that many vaxed people have genuinely opened their eyes, owing it was their own decision and are active in supporting the general public that still need to awaken.

  583. 1 year ago

    Go get another jab moron.

  584. 1 year ago

    Typical left. We did a thing and all your fault. No ONE has control over what you inject into yourself but YOU. Your body your choice right? Go eat horse paste!

  585. 1 year ago

    You can't be serious with this !?!?!?!?! Don't blame us unvaxxed for your own lack of knowledge and stupidity!! We tried and are still trying !!!! Following society and getting jabbed has been like a trend !!! Lol

  586. 1 year ago

    Is this a joke? Who wrote this article they should have their head examined

  587. 1 year ago

    Arrogance has a found a whole new height!

    We Spoke UP
    You shot us DOWN
    We warned
    You Censored
    We provided Evidence
    You Gaslighted
    You find a solution now!

  588. 1 year ago

    As a physician my job was threatened, my license threatened, and I was forced into silence and re-education in order to protect myself and my family. That was the reward for trying to warn people and stimulate critical thinking and discussion. Sorry…not sorry.

  589. 1 year ago

    Typical of a site begging for views to post such bullshit! Please take your next shot so you can join your flock of sheep...! In fact if you need someone to administer the needle no doubt you will find millions of us!

  590. 1 year ago

    If you chose to get the vaccine that is no one else's fault but your own. Take responsibility for your bad decisions. Blame yourself

  591. 1 year ago
    Jeff Z

    We did tell you, and you responded for calling for everything for us to be 'cancelled' to imprisoned. Your woke celebutards and so called 'leaders' also joined the banter. Sorry for your luck - you wear big boy pants and made your own decisions. Live with it.

  592. 1 year ago
    Tony Shingler

    Looks like your reporter hasn’t done there homework, where did you get them from the Sunday sport 😂

  593. 1 year ago

    LOL...lost a volunteer? I guess they shouldn't have taken the booster! ha ha...

  594. 1 year ago

    This belongs on the Onion. It IS a joke, right?

  595. 1 year ago


  596. 1 year ago
    Holly S.

    This has to be a joke. We’ve literally screamed it from the rooftops. We’ve been slandered, blocked from social media, fired from jobs, cut off from friends and family. You pro vaccers plugged your ears and didn’t look at one speck of research that we’ve presented. You blocked esteemed drs and scientists who were sounding the alarms. Even the guy who invented MRNA said not to do it 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️. The only blame is on you.

  597. 1 year ago

    You were all advised of the dangers of this experimental jab. And we were ostracized when we resisted. Now you want to turn the tables as you watch your friends and family suffer, or die, due to complications from the jab. We respected your choice to take the path you took…you did not respect ours. My heart aches for the people who didn’t listen…but again, that was your choice, based on the information you CHOSE to believe. You will always flip flop based on your current agenda. But that will never change what has already been done…and supported by people like you. Just as we resisted (based on research)…we will resist accepting blame for your choice to blindly believe idiots.

  598. 1 year ago

    Is this satire? I can't tell. Because I was literally telling people this was coming since 2016. In Late 2019 I ramped up my warnings. I made my first ever video in February of 2020 stating that the entire purpose of this scenario was to get you to take the vaccine, and they wanted to make it mandatory, and I warned not to. Then I made 2 videos in early 2021 before the deathshot had been really rolled out, telling you exactly what would happen based on the evidence we have available, most from pre covid with SARS1 spike protein research. Youtube banned my video in June of 2021 with 13,000 views and hundreds of comments on my channel that went from 0-990 followers in a couple months with zero promotion and just two videos.

  599. 1 year ago
    El Cursi

    Blood on our hands? FRICK YOU! We sounded the alarms from the start and you buttholes mocked us, shamed us, and threatened us with our jobs and livelihood if we didn't comply. The blood is on your hands, shame on you!

  600. 1 year ago

    Surely this is a parody article. The depth of the gaslighting boggles the mind.

  601. 1 year ago
    Dr. JBF

    I literally wrote my parents a 26-page treatise explaining my reasons for not getting vaccinated. It was divided into 13 sections, each describing an individual reason (supported by hyperlinks to research data and sources) behind this decision.

    I tried my damnedest.

    They (and most) simply refused to listen and, worst still, ostracized us.

  602. 1 year ago

    I have been ridiculed, insulted, called an anti-vaxxer a conspiracy theorist, lost friendships, and been forced to close down my business. I've attended the rally's, held up billboards and posted numerous leaflets alerting people to the truth. I've posted numerous articles on social media including FB who have restricted and banned me and continue to shadow ban me. Still driving around with stickers on my car. Not sure what else I'm supposed to have done. It is your choice to ignore us. You are supposedly an educated man and yet you didn't do your own due diligence and research and now you want someone else to take responsibility for your hurt ego and arrogance.

  603. 1 year ago
    Mike Danger

    We were not silent; we were silenced... by the people you trust for news and information. What is sad is there is so much more than just the vaccinations that large segments of the population are being fed misinformation about. The "establishment" cannot be trusted. They are practicing authoritarianism and fascism all the while accusing the opposition of being authoritarians and fascists. I am a Director of IT and I approve this comment...

  604. 1 year ago

    It was never the responsibility of the unvaccinated to inform you. While many did try to, they were censored. You should be upset with your Dr for not properly informing you. It is his/her legal obligation to do so. Nobody told me to not take it. I did my own research. You should not blame an entire segment of the population for your personal lack of effort in researching this.

  605. 1 year ago

    Why is there no author name attached to this what I seriously hope is satire?? Are you too afraid of the backlash to your nonsensical gibber? The Onion is a great place for you. Lord have mercy on your troubled, "participation trophy", never take responsibility for your own actions woke heart.

  606. 1 year ago

    It was a choice like everything in life. I you want better outcomes make better choices. As people were dropping on the floor in the vaccination centers but you stayed to get your shot. You are insane to get vaccinated. We all need to be accountable for our bad decisions.

  607. 1 year ago

    Blame the Doctors
    Blame the Government
    Blame the Media

    Don't blame the whistleblowers
    Don't blame the 'cOnSpIrAcY tHeOrIsTs!'
    Don't blame the alt-media
    Don't blame ANYONE but YOURSELVES.

  608. 1 year ago
    Travis Black

    nevermind i see it's satire
    couldn't really tell until I saw "danger comments"

    even then, it's 2023. still can't be sure

  609. 1 year ago
    L A L

    Is this a joke? It has to be Babylon Bee or The Onion.

  610. 1 year ago


    I tried to warn all those I care about to the point where they didn't want me around. I lost a 10 year relationship over it. And now I live in near constant dread because so many I care about are at great risk from, as you put it "doing the right (wrong) thing".

    I don't need or want your forgiveness.

  611. 1 year ago

    Those that tried to warn against the vax were silenced by social media - Twitter, FB, you name it. Medical journals refused to publish articles that countered the narrative even if they had study results validating their stance. Physicians and scientists were threatened with loss of their licenses if they didn't toe the line. Those of us against the shots did not have advanced information in the beginning. I believe we are the critical thinkers who realized that the vax did not meet the definition of a vaccine. Not only was it a new virus that vaccine manufacturers did not have the total sequence for but it was also a new delivery system, messenger RNA, that had not been used in humans as far as I know. Red flags all around! No, we do not have blood on our hands. Perhaps you should reconsider where you look to get the latest news.

  612. 1 year ago

    I thought this article was satire at first. I spent the entire period of lockdown telling people and supplying them with information. I was accused of “killing people by spreading covid as I’m unvaccinated” being deranged and a selfish anti vaxxer. This is a prime example of blame culture

  613. 1 year ago
    Paul Seamons

    I tried to persuade my father, mother and siblings not to take the 'vaccine', but was ridiculed. I was told that the scientists, NHS & 'experts' knew best and I was just being stupid. It caused great tensions with my family that myself, my wife, children and grand children would not be vaxxed.
    I have known of the corruption and dangers of the pharma industry for at least 10 years and will not use many of their products on my dogs, as the are unnecessary and either damage or kill them.

  614. 1 year ago

    I’ve constantly warned people and have been constantly attacked, ridiculed and shamed for doing so... even by my own family! Even then I still kept trying because I didn’t want people to be harmed by these vaccines! Do you know what it’s like to be constantly abused for caring and trying to earn people? It’s the vaccinated who is an apology for not only refusing to listen but for being so horrible to us just for trying to warn them

  615. 1 year ago
    Bill Z

    Have you lost your mind? We were cut off from social media, fired from our jobs, shut out from our banks, ostracized, called white supremacists, by you. You refused to listen to us. The blood on your hands is your own.

  616. 1 year ago

    I'm sorry (I'm from Belgium and I do not know this channel), but are you serious? We've been communicating since the start, relentlessly, only to be ridiculed and censored everywhere. The greatest medical scientists around the globe were silenced. Reputed medical doctors and staff lost their license to work, for treating patients or for asking a question.
    Experts in virology, vaccinology, epidemiology, genetics... so many of these great minds did speak up.
    How can you say you did not know? And how dare you trying to shift the blame on people who were so harshly discriminated against? Shame on you.
    How is it that you did not see or any of this?

  617. 1 year ago

    What do you mean we kept quiet!!!

    Absolute nonsense.

    We were threatened with our freedoms, ridiculed, ostracised, in some cases lost our employment, some had their bank accounts frozen.

    You simply chose to not listen and called us conspiracy theorists.

  618. 1 year ago

    We lost our jobs, got kicked off social media, ostracized by friends and family for begging people not to take these jabs. We protested by the thousands, posted all the data we could find, talked to friends, family and neighbors. Now you want to vilify us in a new way? Take responsibility for your own lack of discernment and laziness . You could have questioned the government, the criminal pharma companies, and you could have done your own research. You made your choices. Now do the research and find out what you can do to to help yourselves.

  619. 1 year ago
    Joe K

    I think a good thing to add to this article might be a bit of info regarding the manufacturer who made and distributed the drugs, their lack of testing, lack of advertised side effects, the govt mandates to take the vaccine etc.. Blaming it on the unvaccinated is a major stretch. I was not vaxxed because I don't believe doing experimental drugs that haven't had any long term tests performed is a good idea. That doesn't make me guilty when somebody else chose to take the drug.

  620. 1 year ago

    I have been told to shut up. I have been told not to speculate. I also have been called a vaccine denier by one of my closest friends after my mother died from the vaccine. All the “vaccine deniers” that I know have been very, very active in trying to inform friends, family and the general public. So dear author, ask yourself why you didn’t listen, asked questions and get involved in debate. Please let me know your answer, because I struggle to understand my family and friends and I would like to understand them

  621. 1 year ago

    This is horse shit! We lost friends and risked looking crazy trying to tell people to stay away and just wait, don’t trust the government or the big pharma convicted criminals. We yelled it from the rooftops! We are still posting about it and being shawdow banned and losing our accounts on social media because we won’t stop talking about it. YOU weren’t listening. YOU made the decision not to and YOU have to live with that, not us. We have to watch people die that we tried to warn and live with their deaths wishing they had just listened. DO NOT put anything on those that did fight for you! That is pure evil and you should be ashamed! How about taking responsibility and not projecting your mistakes onto others. The majority of people do not feel this way. Go to therapy!

  622. 1 year ago

    How.dare you make such accusations.
    We spoke out from. The. Beginning.
    You called us all the names under the sun, o wonder some people with quieter dispositions kept their decision not to get vaccinated to themselves!!!
    Honestly this article is pathetic.
    Take responsibility!!
    But then you didn't in the first place and blamed others for your fear.
    Now you want to blame others for your lack.of due care for your own health!
    Your arrogance is astounding.
    Time to grow up my friend.

  623. 1 year ago
    T Jackson

    This has to be someone being sarcastic! I can't even take it seriously and doubt that it is... because if we're now blaming people for what you wanted to do when calling those who wouldn't do it selfish conspiracy theorist, why would anyone argue with your choice? What happened to your body you choice? What happened to do it for others and stop being selfish? Best anyone can do is pray for those who took it and encourage them not to take anymore... But some still aren't convinced and in denial. And when they unleash the next plague which will be much worse, and scare the world to death will you charge your tone again and go get fixed with the updated version of the vax which will be even worse? Yes there's worse coming... But I'm still not convinced this is a serious post... But more like someone being sarcastic. But whether it's sarcasm or not I'll say this... Make sure you're house is in order and your affairs are straightened out. Make sure you're right with the Lord and repent... Because now is not a time to take lightly. If you understood the times you're in nothing would be more important than that. Because in the coming months and years the things coming upon the earth will make the past few years look like a cake walk. A lot of people won't make connect with a church or pastor who wasn't deceived by this the past couple of years and who will tell you the truth. And make sure that you're in right standing with God just in case you don't make it through the days ahead. Still think I'm a conspiracy theorist? There's a reason many of us knew not to take the was the Holy Spirit and the word of God that prepared many of us for what was coming. So take the advice that was given earlier in my post, because if this article was a sincere plea... learn from your mistake and listen to those you called conspiracy theorist or religious nuts. Because now is not the time to be naive...

  624. 1 year ago
    Don gorgon

    This article is a complete disgrace, those of us who choose not to be vaccinated were met with hostility, derision and anger. To suggest we have blood on our hands is contemptible those with blood on their hands are pharma,politicians and the media

  625. 1 year ago
    J Duke

    We tried to warn everyone.
    The fact of the matter is, we were censored and booted and silenced by Social Media and called Conspiracy Theorists.

    Guess the tin foil hats on the other foot now.

  626. 1 year ago
    Sara Vedin Gustafsson

    Who is the author???
    Don’t think this is seriously written, I think over exaggerated the opposite way to properly highlight all the work we uncontaminated actually did

  627. 1 year ago
    Dee Dee Vicino

    I can’t decide if this is real or if this is satire. But IF it’s real, know this: We didn’t know anymore than you did. We all had access to the same information. What differentiates our decision is that we evaluated risks and benefits. We analyzed the data. And THEN we decided. And we TRIED to tell you…we TRIED to warn you. Through the Great Barrington Declaration, through social media, through conversation. We were shut dow, gas lit, censored, shadow banned, fired, harassed, insulted, pressured, and many of the pro-vax crowd wanted to lock us up in internment or re-education camps. Some of you wanted us killed. You wanted to deny us medical care. So no, you don’t get to accuse US of having blood on our hands. If you must cast blame, blame Big Tech, blame Social Media, blame the CDC, Fauci and Co., the FDA, and the Biden Administration (who ALL continue to push the jab). But no. You do NOT get to blame us. But you should probably thank us since we’re the ones who will likely be paying for your medical care since we are the ones who are healthy and gainfully employed. So, you’re welcome.

  628. 1 year ago

    Wow- the writer is very good at twisting things around. ( is that positive enough for you?)
    Unvax lost their jobs, we’re censored , mocked, some lost relationships with loves ones. Doctors who were against vax were censored and some lost their jobs and license.
    Open your eyes , research, and stop causing more division by blaming others

  629. 1 year ago

    And in the same vein of trying to warn others that aren't actually paying attention:

    Central Bank Digital Currency is being planned around the world by western central banks. IT IS A MEANS TO ENSLAVE YOU.

    I'll repeat for the slow sheep that still think the jabs were good:


    There is lot's of information out there on it, so start researching. And this time around, STAND WITH YOUR RED PILLED FRIENDS.

  630. 1 year ago

    I have told my friends, encouraged them, fare and wide, to watch The HighWire, to find things on Rumble...
    But then they told me, Rumble was dangerous, they couldn't go there.
    What more could I do?

  631. 1 year ago

    This article has to be a joke, Right???
    Funny stuff 😂😂😂

  632. 1 year ago

    You are part of the mental illness that affects the world now. Enjoy your jab you piece of trash.

  633. 1 year ago

    So... let me get this straight... you are perfectly fine being lied to for years, but actually "traumatized" by the words that reveal the lies?!?

    Holy flowflake!

  634. 1 year ago

    Hiw dare you say such unadulterated lies,...people were vilified and ridiculed for telling what they knew friends and family turned against them and establishments turned them away,oh and not to mention the loss of jobs. Whoever wrote this garbage Muston been living in a parallel universe for the last 3yrs....and what idiot put it to print...hang your head in shame.

  635. 1 year ago


  636. 1 year ago
    Fuck you

    Just wanna say frick off to the moderators on this site, advising to use safe words like “heck”
    Laughable, infantile, pathetic. You people are a fricking joke.

  637. 1 year ago

    I warned friends, I warned family, I warned colleagues... in almost EVERY case, I was called paranoid, a conspiracy theorist, a nutjob... BY THE PEOPLE I WAS TRYING TO BE A GOOD HUMAN BEING TO. That includes the likes of the idiot that wrote this article.

    This article should be labelled as a poster child for gaslighting and inverting reality. Why the heck should WE have YOUR blood on our hands when all you did was decry, ridicule, ostracise and ultimately try to banish us from a society from which YOU wanted us excluded - for trying to wake people like your 'good' selves up so that you wouldn't have to go through any of the crap you're currently going through.

    You welcomed the three dart finish into your lives with open (and extended) arms - for God's sake, take ownership of your actions instead of apportioning blame to those that showed a little more scepticism. It's not OUR fault - your jibby-jabbed blood is not on our hands. And then research all that you can about how to detox... if it's not too late...

  638. 1 year ago

    You made your bed now you will die in it! Nobody's fault but your own.

  639. 1 year ago

    I lost everything because I have been screaming at the top of my lungs since day 1 about this fricking PLANDEMIC / SCAMDEMIC and I'll be fricking damned if I'm going to allow you to shit on me now!
    At the beginning, according to all you blind fricking sheep, I was a fricking murderer for not wanting that poison injected, for "putting everyone at risk" and for trying to tell everyone to NOT GET THE SHOTS! You made me loose my job, my friends, my family, everything I owned, banned me from stores, restaurants, movie theaters, parties etc etc etc....
    Still, for 3 years I was understanding, allowed you to ride the "cognitive dissonance" train. Continued to allow you around me knowing you were a danger to me.
    And now you blame me for your sickness and deaths!!!!
    Go frick yourselves!!!! I'm not even fricking kidding!
    I'm done with all of you!
    You mofos have been putting me at risk from day one as the vaccine sheds and YOU ARE INFECTING ME WITH THAT POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the other way around.... get lost, die, I don't care anymore. Just get the frick outta my face!
    But more importantly, let that be a lesson. Get your facts straight and get informed. Stop blaming innocent people who did all they could to save you while all you did was spit on them.

  640. 1 year ago

    We were telling everyone at the very beginning to not take this experimental vaccine that had not been thoroughly tested and researched to ensure there would be no dangerous side effects....but we were ridiculed and laughed at and called conspiracy theorists. You chose not to listen to us. You made the decision to take the jab, we didn't force you to.

  641. 1 year ago
    Conspiracy Theorist

    I’m sorry… Were you not the ones rooting for the unvaxxed to die? Rooting for us to lose our medical freedoms? Rooting for us to be locked in our homes? Rooting for us to be refused medical treatment for anything and everything? Rooting for us to have our kids taken away because we were “crazy”? I think us fighting for medical freedom, being called a threat to society by Biden on tv, being labeled as conspiracy theorists so people wouldn’t listen, having posts on social media flagged for talking about anything related to the vid or getting banned from social media for talking about it, being blamed for deaths, losing our jobs because we refused to get the 💉, doctors being banned from social media or losing their license to practice if they spoke out against it, being ostracized by our own friends and families for not being vaxxed, people speaking out against their experience with horrific adverse side effects from the vax online (losing the ability to walk, blood clots, heart issues, neurological disorders, etc), people dying from the vax, people continuing to get all the variants and spreading them despite being boosted multiple times… yeah all that should have been enough warning. I refuse to be the vaxxed scapegoat. It was your fault for being easily manipulated. You can blame your own intuition and gut instincts for failing you. This was never political, it was simply survival for us… and you refused to accept the truth. That’s on you. Survival of the fittest. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  642. 1 year ago
    Carson D

    B!tch, what are you crazy? When I tried to warn mg colleagues, they all mocked me... saying science is on their side... I have no blood on my hand, and most certanly, not their contaminated blood...

  643. 1 year ago

    Kind of hard to warn unsuspecting friends and family when every article, video or link forwarded is blocked, censored or labeled as misinformation. If you want an apology or to dole out forgiveness look elsewhere.

  644. 1 year ago

    A Post To the Vaxxed: "You can go Schtoop yourselves." Oh Snap, you already have.

  645. 1 year ago
    Mark Murrah

    Is this a parody article?

  646. 1 year ago

    So ... it is the fault of the skeptics, who were banned on every social media they posted on, ridiculed in the news outlets and called conspiracy theorists, kooks, racists and threatened with loss of employment and loss of their children in places like New Zealand, Australia, even Canada, that the gullible, hysterical, uninformed, fascists took the jab? Frick the hell off

  647. 1 year ago

    Is this satire? I just cannot tell anymore.🙄

  648. 1 year ago

    Is this satire?

  649. 1 year ago

    Não vacinei, falei com infinitas pessoas, mas todas disseram que era loucura não vacinar…. O resultado chegou. A culpa é dos políticos, mídia, que diziam pra se vacinar. A culpa é também das Big pharmas, que venderam vacinas sem resultados confirmados….

  650. 1 year ago

    I‘ve been warning people since 2015. Then more diligently in 2019 & 2020 & have not stopped since the lockdowns & rollout of the mandates. I lost my job to keep my body healthy & unpoisoned. There are still family members I have not seen since 2019. At what point will everyone else take personal responsibility for the choices they made?

  651. 1 year ago

    We tried.

    And in trying were forced out of our jobs, out of our families, we lost our friends, some of us lost access to our banking, we were removed from social media and blocked from posting, we were accused of white supremacy, being anti science, purveyors of misinformation. We weren’t allowed in stores or restaurants or places of worship.

    The world became extremely dangerous for the unvaccinated. And still we kept trying.

    Who tried to wake you up? How did you treat them. How did you behave when your fellow brothers and sisters were condemned?

    You are our family. And there are ways to detoxify and heal. And we will continue to share what we learn. Because we love you and we know you were duped.

    This journey starts with personal responsibility. That starts with you.

    You could have learned and educated yourself. And now, you have no choice but to seek in the same way we have.

    Self responsibility. Sovereignty.

    We have cried many many tears for you. The grief has been immeasurable.

    It’s time to return to love.

    What do you need help with? Ask and you shall receive. Be teachable.

    With love

  652. 1 year ago
    Cigar 502

    This phoney article has been wrote by someone that is looking for pity or doesn't know what is going on, or does but wants to put the spin and the guilt on the people that do know what is going the unvaccinated. Blaming the unvaccinated for something they never did. And if the unvaccinated said anything, why they were called racist and conspiracy theorists. The vaxxed have been used and brainwashed by all that are behind this biggest crimes against humanity in the history of the world. If the vax works so good, then why all the boosters? It is nothing but one big lie and so many fell for it. You would spend more time planning a trip to the sunny south than doing research about putting something into your body that is new and you know nothing about. Now you're stuck with it.

  653. 1 year ago

    You seem all too willing to excuse the perpetrators, and until you do YOUR best to EXPOSE them, then you are one of them!

    "Anti-vaxxer conspiracy-nutjobs" did not inject this into people.
    They didn't order you be rounded up and imprisoned if you didn't comply. Don't be bitter at them because you were conned.

    If you think you're angry now, wait until you see who you've been cheering for all this time...

  654. 1 year ago
    Jocko McNutts

    We warned you. You just weren't listening. In fact, many of us were cancelled, fired, kicked out of the military, denied entrance to colleges, not allowed in restaurants, not allowed to travel, and generally made fun of as conspiracy theorists. This article is just more proof that one of the hallmarks of a lefty is to never take accountability and blame others for the disasterous results of their own actions and policies.

  655. 1 year ago

    I lost family warning them.

  656. 1 year ago
    David Soul


  657. 1 year ago

    Com certeza esta matéria é uma sátira. A culpa é dos fabricantes e quem aprovou

  658. 1 year ago

    The amount of hate I received for being anti-vax is immeasurable. I was accused of hating my fellow man and promoting death by being unvaxed. Now, we are basically being accused of the same for being right. The level of lunacy in the country is appalling.

  659. 1 year ago
    Un vaxxed

    Some short term memory loss! If you can remember, we were silenced. Every post about covid or the vaccine was censored.they arrested people for talking. It's not even close to the unvaccinated peoples fault. If you didn't listen before, will you listen now? ...... They want you dead.all of you.

  660. 1 year ago

    Yeah don’t pretend like you weren’t the same people censoring those who called for caution or had questions about the vaccine. Don’t pretend you didn’t want people fired and banned from polite society if they didn’t want to be “vaccinated.” Don’t pretend you weren’t screeching that anyone who wouldn’t take the vaccine should be denied healthcare for whatever they needed or that those who needed organ transplants weren’t denied because of vaccine status. Don’t pretend you weren’t calling for the unvaccinated to be dropped from their medical insurance coverage plans if they weren’t vaccinated. Don't pretend you didn’t want to deny people basic freedoms like freedom of movement and travel if they didn’t want to be “vaccinated.” Don’t pretend you didn’t want people herded into camps because they refused to submit to an experimental treatment. And don’t pretend like the data ever existed that this “vaccine” worked.

    The stones on you people. You deserve every bit of what comes to you. The only people I feel bad for are the people who were coerced by their employers and the military.

  661. 1 year ago

    We did warn you. You ignored us

  662. 1 year ago

    This article is the pure filth. Is it supposed to be parody??? How about you ask all those in msm and social media who were in charge of censoring and banning those who opposed the forced vax narrative.

  663. 1 year ago

    Surely, this must be satire? If not, it’s a joke.

  664. 1 year ago

    We don’t have to justify ourselves. This is gaslighting at it’s finest.
    Has to be a millennial who wrote it because we all know they have a problem with taking responsibility for themselves.
    Before you say it…it’s our generation’s fault for not making them capable of independent thought.
    Beam me up Scotty the Borg are taking over the asylum!

  665. 1 year ago

    Blood is on our hands? How dare you! Since we were smart enough to know better through hours upon hours of endless research, the arrogance of this author is beyond striking.

    I've lost 2 family members and several connections to the propaganda that was on full display.

    I will not allow any vaccinated person attempt to smear me once again, like this article.

    Own your mistake and consider how grave it was moving forward. Turn your back on the ones responsible for you and those that took it and never forget it. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS AND CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.

  666. 1 year ago

    Perhaps this article is messing some precision. I would split the unvaccinated into two camps. The split relates to knowledge,ie those who had detailed knowledge of the affects of the vaccines and possible side effects and those who had NO knowledge but possessed reasonable suspicion. I would agree if this article is addressing the first group who did have knowledge but must take issue if you are blaming the 2nd group that had suspicions. I was in the 2nd group and no matter how impassioned an argument I made to others, the vaccinated refused to listen, berated us for not getting vaxed, and put too much unwarranted trust in the leaders of the covid crisis.

  667. 1 year ago

    We warned people. Until they asked us to stop. We lost clients, lost employees. We lost friends. Friends we thought were intelligent people. We tried and, by the way, still try because some are hooked on the boosters.

  668. 1 year ago

    We warned people. Until they asked us to stop. We lost clients, lost employees. We lost friends. Friends we thought were intelligent people. We tried and, by the way, still try because some are hooked on the boosters.

  669. 1 year ago

    I find this so interesting and probably just an attempt to bait people into online arguments. Suddenly the people who refuses these poorly tested products are the enemy. Weren’t we the problem as well during the pandemic?? I spent a great deal of time posting on my IG page warning others about the legitimate medical concerns. Yes I am a medical provider. I encouraged everyone to take the proper supplements, lose weight if they needed and be as healthy as possible. If they did get sick I followed the frontline doctors protocol. I think this is really just more gaslighting and blame from all a weak person who doesn’t want to take any responsibility like so many for bad choices. We all had access to the same information. Signed a medical provider.

  670. 1 year ago

    This is satire...right? Otherwise you have got to be kidding.

  671. 1 year ago

    Is this article a joke???

    We were castigated and ostracized for not taking an experimental injection to prevent a 'sickness' that had a less than 0.003% chance of killing us. Anybody with a pulse could have seen that there was never a need for 'vaccines' let alone masks or lock-downs, or anything else.

    Unfortunately, I have a lot of good friends and loved-family members who stupidly took these injections. I am sad and fearful of what life is going to be like when these people suffer life-changing debilitation or even death.

  672. 1 year ago
    Lu Bielefeld

    Here in Brazil anyone who dared to warn about the damage of the vaccine is automatically labeled as contrary to science and genocidal. I gave up trying to warn you that it was experimental and without proof of effectiveness. The vaccinated are those who owe us apologies.

  673. 1 year ago
    E to the C

    This is a joke.

  674. 1 year ago

    Black person

  675. 1 year ago
    Eu avisei

    Take the consequences of your choices and live with that, you scumbags!

  676. 1 year ago

    Now imagine this regret on a more important and eternal scale for an issue that actually matters like salvation.

  677. 1 year ago

    Whaaaaat? We said nothing?
    We told you from the beginning, but we were called, cold, without empathie for the weak, we had no trust in science, we were beat up by the police, in Holland was a name created for us and still used, that stupid name Wappies. Nobody believed us, we couldn't go to cafes, restaurants etc. And the vaccinated all agreed. So please, don't tell us now, we said nothing. It's hilarious.

  678. 1 year ago

    Stop blaming each other and go after who really is responsible the satanists worldwide, U.S. GOV, and big P-harma. May God bless us all.

  679. 1 year ago

    That was some funny parody.

  680. 1 year ago

    This reads like a garbage AI would output.
    Why's there no author or publishing date on your article?

    Also that was some fast 180:

    This article: 'received their COVID19 vaccinations -- now seeming to do more harm than good -- '

    Previous one linked in the middle: 'The vaccines have undergone rigorous testing and have been
    proven to be safe and effective in preventing serious illness and death from Covid-19.'

    What happened to the rigorous testing?
    How comes the proven safe and effective shot now seemingly does more harm than good?

    You should probably read the garbage the AI is generating and check the links.
    This is beyond embarrassing.

  681. 1 year ago

    Lying horseshit buttholes. Delete this article, you pieces of shit. We, the purebloods, warned over and over. You, the morons, obstinately refused. EVEN TO THIS VERY DAY. So frick off and good luck to your genes. May you live a thousand fricking years.

  682. 1 year ago

    Spass bei seite, klärt mich bitte jemand auf? Ist das ein spasspost, satire.....?
    In der heutigen zeit bin ich mit da nichtmehr so sicher

  683. 1 year ago

    You were a coward for submitting to the social pressure and now you don't even have the guts to sign your text. You gave away your freedom for the feeling of safety. That is why you ended up without both.

  684. 1 year ago

    Clearly satire.

  685. 1 year ago

    What kind of a joke is this? Sounds like your angry that you got duped after all we did to warn you and now you want to point the finger. Many of us lost our jobs and lively hoods showed up to Rally's and protests. and we didn't do enough? Your disgusting. Let's not forget we were called names and censored. Typical liberal can't take any personal responsibility and always looking to blame someone else. The simple fact is the whole Covid hysteria lasted as long as it did because of folks like you that were refusing to wake up

  686. 1 year ago
    Briggs Karn

    The unvaccinated tried time and time again to warn against hasty decisions at the very beginning.
    The track record of safety has been awful with FDA and Pharma. We were skeptical of anything like this being released into the puclic so soon. When mandates came along we really saw red flags. It was not proven safe nor effective in any of those 3 bogus studies which was blocked from public. Instead Social media, big pharma and news media shut us all down. Called us conspiracy theorists and Anti-vax propagandists. If somehow the narrative does start to push the blame on us, we will not be shut down again. There will continue to be a big "I told you so" and this is not a conspiracy anymore.

  687. 1 year ago

    Wow, talk about gaslighting, smh. We did, you ridiculed and threatened us. Take responsibility for your own actions.

  688. 1 year ago
    Daniela R

    FCK. YOU.

  689. 1 year ago
    D. Goldin Ph.D.

    I am among those "unvaxxed" your questions address. And I -- and many others like me -- tried very hard to warn you, we SHOUTED about it from every rooftop we could. Many lost their jobs for doing this, but it did not stop us, because we WANTED you to wake up and heed our warnings... But the problem is, our access to those rooftops where you might see us was BLOCKED. If you are not aware of the CENSORSHIP we experienced in the mainstream media and on social media platforms, you should learn more about it before making FALSE ACCUSATIONS like this. I know you are now in the habit of accusing us, and habits are hard to break even when you change your position, but PLEASE TRY.

  690. 1 year ago

    Ya ok you restricted from flights made me lose my job you restricted me from restaurants. Treated me like a Leppard and called me dangerous should be locked up. Enjoy the shot

  691. 1 year ago

    Talk to the people who told you the vaccines were safe. It was about control, not health

  692. 1 year ago

    Talk to the people who told you the vaccines were safe. It was about control, not health. You liberals always blame someone else

  693. 1 year ago

    So the government officials who bribed people with fatty foods and cash to get the shot take no responsibility, the employers who mandated it, the news..........anyone could have accessed the information, we just chose to. J&J has pulled a number of products for causing cancer, they poised babies.....and no one thought to maybe look into their product.......naw this one is on literally EVERYONE except the people who didn't get it🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  694. 1 year ago

    Here's an idea. Instead of blaming the "antivaxers", who WERE screaming from the mountain tops -"don't take the jabs!") how about direct your ridicule upon those WHO BROUGHT THESE DEATH JABS into reality, making them mandatory to participate in society! If you're going to be mad at someone, be sure and figure out WHO caused the problem to begin with - and that was NOT the people who held tight against "the narrative", losing their jobs, careers, family and friends, being called stupid conspiracy theorists and even MURDERERS and being threatened with incarceration. I'm not sure how you reach the conclusion that it's the unvaccinated's fault that the "good citizens" that put themselves up for the slaughter. Is this following the medical industry's claim that your vax doesn't work unless everyone else is vaxed? You can't play the victim now. Well, I guess you can, but blame your government, your doctor, your employer, your "news" channel, but you absolutely cannot blame people you REFUSED to listen to!

  695. 1 year ago

    A lot of us DID mention the issues we had with the jab. But we were censored on lots of social media platforms. I even had my Facebook account removed for continuously posting links to the official CDC covid tracker website that shows a roughly 99% survival rate. Just look at the Twitter Files. It's been proven that the government was paying social media platforms to censor us. So don't blame us. Blame the people you voted for, for shutting down our voices.

  696. 1 year ago
    Laura Warner

    We, the ones who did not accept the jabs, also do not accept the blame.

    I lost my job because I refused it.

    My son doesn't speak to me anymore because I tried to warn him.

    Many friends no longer associate with me because I tried to warn them.

    We did the research. We listened to people who had NOTHING to gain by telling the truth, and EVERYTHING to lose.

    It's time for the sheep to accept responsibility for having believed the government and the medical industrial complex. We realize most won't have the grace to apologize for vilifying, smearing, and shunning us. But at least TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and direct your rage at the ones who deserve it.

  697. 1 year ago

    Was this article written in seriousness? What has happened to a generation that can't own their decisions? The unvaccinated have done nothing but warn people while being trashed for it. And even if they had never told a soul they have nothing to do with your bad decisions. No one but you and your Dr put that needle in your arm. Stop the narcissist blaming and admit when YOU are wrong and live with the consequences.

  698. 1 year ago

    I will laugh while you die.

    Die faster.

  699. 1 year ago

    I've tried to have conversations with friends & family regarding my concerns about the covid jab. Have been ridiculed & shutdown everytime. Don't blame the unvaccinated, blame the vaccinated for putting their trust in big pharma & government. We tried to warn you but you wouldn't listen.

  700. 1 year ago

    Is this satire? It’s got to be right? We tried so hard to warn people. We were called conspiracy theorists, scum, low life’s who had no regard for our neighbors lives. Many encouraged us to be rounded up and put into isolation, not allowed in businesses, events, families dinner tables. We continued to fight for ALL our of our freedoms even if you didn’t want yours. We prayed we were wrong as many of our loved one decided to get vaccinated. I still pray for you and pray for a cure. I hope we can all recognize our government doesn’t care about us and instead tries to put us against each other. This article is STILL putting people against each other. Even still, we will be there with open arms when you realize the wrong you have done. I’m so sorry your health and life are in jeopardy.

  701. 1 year ago

    Gaslighting is not real, you're imagining things again.

  702. 1 year ago
    Tammy mMiller

    You were warned yet you didn't listen. Broad is the way to destruction and many will find it. Yet when Christians tell you about impending doom you don't listen to that either. We pray for you to have a change of mindset and you just continue head long down that path. Here's another warning that you won't heed. Democrats are not on your side. They're the devil in sheep's clothing yet you still vote them in. You didn't listen before, during, after and now. So now you will wallow in your agony all the while blaming others.

  703. 1 year ago

    I warned everyone and was bashed constantly and called a conspiracy theorist!! everyone was give FREE WILL - some were too weak to stand up and fight for what was right. Material things were valued more than their bodies

  704. 1 year ago

    When the claim was initially made that it would be "100% effective" with "100% uptake", I said that was BS, because the very best vaccine we have -- for measles, in fact -- has about a 90% uptake, and that's against a virus where the human immune system actually IMPRINTS long term, whereas a coronavirus does not imprint long term under ANY mammalian immune system. It mutates too fast for that to be worth the biological upkeep. Additionally, it MUTATES TOO QUICKLY for there to be a 100% effective *anything.* I was told I was stupid (despite being, you know, actually trained in the field), and didn't know anything on the subject.

    After that?

    People like you said I should be gunned down in the streets for not being vaccinated *when I have medical conditions that prevent it*. My short list of allergies is "planet Earth", and it's faster to list what I'm -not- allergic to.

    You said my children should be stolen from me.

    When OSHA first issued a ruling that forced vaccination with an EXPERIMENTAL TECHNOLOGY would be counted against workplace caused injuries, you SHRIEKED and demanded that be revoked, so then OPM decreed that all government employees AND contractors had to get it, despite it being EXPERIMENTAL, you then cheered and demanded I lose my job, the roof over my kids' heads, everything.

    I have been excluded from events and job opportunities, I have been harassed, I have been denied medical care, my KIDS have been denied medical care.

    Every time someone so much as mentioned ANYTHING that might be not 100% in favor of this particular vaccine response, they were banned, shut down, fired, death threats, licenses revoked, all sorts of things.

    But we totally didn't say anything, and totally didn't suffer YOUR cultism. Right.

    Kindly frick off and die, just the way you demanded I do these past almost three years.

  705. 1 year ago
    Andy Innes

    You’re writing for the onion Right?!

  706. 1 year ago
    The Salamanizer

    I lost my fiancé over this shit. She literally broke up with me after six years together because of my vehement anti clot-shot, myocarditis-in-a-bottle stance. This is a joke right? This is a spoof website and this is a spoof article. Good one, The Onion. Clearly you’ve rebranded and go by now.

  707. 1 year ago
    Liberalism is a Disease


  708. 1 year ago

    You had access to the same information we all had, you chose to ignore it out of the fear they were spewing.

  709. 1 year ago

    Misery loves that the vaxxed realize they are doomed they wanna flip it. It boils down to survival of the fittest, and only the strongest and brightest survive. We tried to warn you.... they said brains not trains and the jabbed missed it.

  710. 1 year ago

    Apparently it is so much easier to blame another than to take responsibility for one's own actions. Welcome to adulthood where all actions have consequences. With an attitude full of gratefulness that you now know, it's best to make the most of what time you have remaining. Because #Suddenly is happening all around the world...

  711. 1 year ago
    Iam Pistov

    I ask in all seriousness, is this article meant to be satirical? Otherwise it doesn't make sense, is the reason I ask.

  712. 1 year ago

    what f*^#!@ing idiot wrote this article?!?!?!

  713. 1 year ago
    Bob Johnston

    No, you're not good people. Being compliant and unquestioning does not make you "good", it makes you an easy mark. Here's the bottom line, you chose to believe those who you considered to be experts and blew off every person who was critical of the vaccines. This is a "you" problem, not a "me" problem.

    Take some personal responsibility for your life.

  714. 1 year ago

    This is satire, right?

  715. 1 year ago

    Please! Is this all you jabbed up, cognitive dissonant victims can come up with? It’s your choice, own it! Maybe turn to the real culprits, aka: white coats you worship, MSM you worship, Science you worship and government you worship. Better yet, surround yourself with REAL people who care about humanity, not division…Own your mistake, point the finger right back to yourself! I’ve been alienated by family and friends from my truth…I can at least look at myself in the mirror daily, knowing I tried to warn others. Can YOU? Where’s the apology to WE WHO TRIED TO WARN YOU? Remember, we were the Grandma killers, the tinfoil hat conspirators, the non-science resisters and heartless to humanity! Again, where is our APOLOGY?

  716. 1 year ago

    The vaccinated people could unite and kill all israelites. At least they would do something right with their lives.

  717. 1 year ago

    For me it is the same reason I do not get the flu shot anymore. In the past every time I got the flu shot I contracted a very bad case of the flu. I have not had a flu shot in 20 years nor have I had a bad flu in that same time. My reasoning was the same with the mRNA shot.

    Also, there was ample evidence that if a person did not have co-morbidities, a good vitamin regime of Vit D3, K2 and Zinc were excellent and reducing symptoms & severity while shortening the duration of a virus, especially COVID.

    Having had COVID twice (both really a non-event) I still believe that this is what has saved me and my family.

  718. 1 year ago

    I want to know if this article is actually written by a jabbed person or its just created to piss us off.
    Please can we know who wrote it?
    Its going viral getting everyone angry, if it is real, I want to make sure whoever wrote it sees all of the comments from us who destroyed our lives trying to warn them. More than that I would like to speak to this person and ask them, really? How f***ing dare you?! Why didn't you research? Why did you blindly take an experimental jab without the years of safety trials required? I was already disgusted with humanity, if more are on this page, im ready to leave this world.

  719. 1 year ago

    This has to be satire, there's no other explanation for it.

  720. 1 year ago

    Is this real/serious?

  721. 1 year ago
    Debra Goldberg

    We have been warning you as LOUDLY as we could, but we were CENSORED, fired, ostracized, and ridiculed... by people JUST LIKE YOU. So instead of continuing this pattern by venting your anger at us, you should be directing it at those who set up the censhorship, who authorized the deadly shots, who misled you about them, and who kept covering the injuries up... Not those of us who saw through it and did our bests to warn you.

  722. 1 year ago

    We knew.

    We went on every platform we could to try to inform people.

    We stood before congress; and pushed the policymakers, but we were made to look like fools.

    We were censored, fired, and divorced for trying to let people know, is that not enough?

    We posted videos, statistics, and testimonies from those in charge, but they were pulled down.

    The Frontline doctors were "discredited" and their information hidden.?

    Why is it the fault of the unvaccinated, rather than the people that stifled our information.

    YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook all hid our information, the NIH called us liars, we were conspiracy theorists, fired from our jobs, and separated from our families because our information was "contributing to vaccine hesitancy."

    Why are we demonized and responsible when we did everything we could to spread information, why are the companies and platforms that held information back not being called out for restricting our speech? Why are doctors not held responsible for hiding informed consent? Why aren't Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson not held accountable for hiding studies and results? Why aren't the CEO's held responsible for lying directly to people? Why aren't our government officials held responsible for firing government employees in New York, California, and more for not complying?

    When will people learn to question what they are told?

    When will people be able to discern good and bad information based on their research as opposed to doing as they are told.


    We were told we should be fired, thrown in jail, and removed from our communities.

    It's sad. I feel bad. We tried. But losing our jobs, becoming the black sheep of our families, and having damn near every force in the world from government, to tech, to our own families calling us insane apparently was not enough.

    I appreciate your article, but at the same time it breaks my heart. How can we be held responsible for people's poor choices? The information was there, we did what we could, but we were ignored anyway. That information just was not important enough for them to research it on their won.

    When the power to discern is no longer there and people lose their ability to think, the ramifications of being vaccinated is only the start. There is so much more that we've been lied to about, and the same people that fell for the vaccine push are the same people that choose to ignore the other details and information that is out there.

    People need to open their eyes, learn for themselves, and take nothing for granted. There is a war for the mind and the mindless fall into the same traps time and time again, and I hope things change because it breaks my heart. Most times, they don't know that they are being misled.

    I appreciate you taking the time to read this response, and I hope that people can be more introspective and learn from everything that has happened, and how people have been treated as a result.

  723. 1 year ago
    Ryan Mitchell

    This must be satire. People not vaxd said since day one not do it. Where have y’all been. People lost their jobs. Kicked out of the military. Not able to see family in hospitals. Denied medical care. Doctors lost their licenses and so on. Your social media and horrible news you guys follow, including google flat out censored us when we’d report this. It still is happening on social media. What on earth are you even talking about? 🤣🤦‍♂️

  724. 1 year ago

    I told everyone I could. Get your booster.

  725. 1 year ago


    I have no idea who wrote this. I assume the person who did write it knew what a load of rubbish is was and left it off. I don't blame them for that.

    The thing is, we DID try to warn our family and friends. We were called "conspiracy theorists", "Anti-vaxxers" and a bunch of other slurs for doing so. We were deplatformed, had tweets deleted and you tube channels suspended. The doctors and medical professionals who were not paid off and who spoke out knowing they could get struck off, were smeared and labelled as crazies.

    Your blood is not on our hands, it's on the hands of the science you chose to blindly follow, and your own ignorance! Your ignorance, blind stupidity and selfishness is what saw massive discrimination towards anyone who exercised their right to bodily autonomy. The freedom to choose. You chose, and you chose wrong! You didn't want to listen to anyone but the Government who lied to you and always has done.

    Apparently we had access to important information about potential side effects of the vaccines... well, it was there for everyone to see. At one stage remember we were all unvaccinated against covid. It's just that many chose not to do their own researched. The UK government for example spent £300 million pounds on covid propaganda, to scare as many people as possible into "rolling up their sleeve". You fell for it and now you should take responsibility for your own actions.

    Once one dose has been taken, it's in your blood forever I'm afraid, more than one dose... you on borrowed time. I remember a time when the vaccinated with the help of the media were trying their best to force us to take it too. Blackmailing us with our jobs, social inclusion, being part of the family, being able to travel. Suggesting we pay more for our our health service ect ect. Or just plain threatening us. Some countries even made them law. The vaccinated didn't speak out against that kind of immoral fascism at all. They joined in in fact. #NoAmnesty there!

    2020-2021 saw just how little you had to scratch to expose the Nazi like mentality of "for the greater good" that was in most peoples hearts. The vaccinated acted like brownshirts of our generation. I'm sure if they were instructed to they'd of hunted down anyone not vaccinated and frog marched them to get one. Even held them down screaming.

    So when I read your article about how we didn't say anything, all I can do is laugh! Because that is all we were doing, marching in our thousands all around the globe against the mandates and trying to post as much as we knew online, all the while being called grannie killers. I personally went on a few marches only to have bottles thrown at me, and get called an "anti-vaxxer".

    Blame everyone but yourself and the people who tricked you into it, the people who shortened yourlives, and who have killed and injured others with these toxic poisons that have made BILLIONS for them and the drug companies who made them.

    We did our part, we are on the right side of history and many of you x3 boosted don't have much time left. They say 3-5 years.

    So don't waste time. 1. Admit you were wrong. 2. Go after those who convinced you to take it, not those who didn't.

    Good luck!


  726. 1 year ago

    One way or another. Those that lack accountability, will inevitably be held to account by forces beyond their control.
    The warnings where clear, concise, and pointed. They were ignored. This is where accountability meets inevitably. We were the “fools on the hill”. Mocked, ridiculed and ignored and ostracized. No one to blame but yourselves, if you made that choice to allow the puncture of the skin.

  727. 1 year ago

    What a bunch of Liars.
    We were threatened, ridiculed, lost jobs, kicked out of the military, silenced, couldn't buy food or goods in some countries, divided from family, and laughed at.
    You were warned!!!!!

  728. 1 year ago

    Is this for real?!

  729. 1 year ago
    Matthew Tottman

    I think you’re pointing the finger of blame in the wrong direction. The majority of us spoke our truth and were ridiculed and mocked all the way. I stood with nearly 2 million people on the streets of london on several occasions only for the press to totally ignore us AND the police brutally attack and assault us.

    We put our heads and of lives on the block only to be shunned by the world.

    To point the finger of blame on to other people for choice’s individuals make for their own well-being is what the problem is at the moment. It’s time people took responsibility for their bodies and their actions rather than relying on others to think for them.

    Turn off your TV’s and start researching. All the things we knew were there for all to see if you’d only taken the time to look and research like we had.

    I think this article is appalling and utterly disrespectful to all that lost their businesses, friends and families and have literal battle scars on their body for standing up against the ONGOING tyranny in the world today.

  730. 1 year ago

    You're kidding me right? This is some kind of joke? Not sure how much more vocal we could have been - after all YOU are the ones who censored us, shouted us down, refused to listen, took away our rights for not complying, etc, etc... and somehow it is OUR fault you did all this instead of listening? HAHAHAHAHAH good one. Taking responsibility for your own stupidness sucks, I know, but at some point, you gotta learn how to do it.

  731. 1 year ago
    Chuck Goffer JR

    Much has been written about people unvaccinated, Like Novak Jovovich the tennis pro.
    'Victimized People' recover Every Day.
    Victims, Do Not.
    The 2 shots protected against getting on a respirator, or croaking.
    I had them, got covid, and am still standing.
    Your Critical Thinking is Your job.
    Eliminating sugar (and corn syrup) that causes obesity is Your job.
    You are your own best friend. 😀. Act like it!

  732. 1 year ago
    jacquelyn sauriol

    Why were you so stupid as to trust the US Gov? YOU TRUSTED the CDC/FDA/NIH?, YOU TRUSTED messages on your phone telling you to get vaxxed?, YOU TRUSTED LIKE A CHILD. And now you are damaged, and your children are likely sterile. WHY WOULD YOU TRUST US, YOU TOLD US WE WERE CRAZY?

  733. 1 year ago

    Are you Fkn kidding me? Seriously. Take this Fkn article and shove it up your ass. We the unvaccinated were begging everyone NOT to take these shots. We got kicked off of FB. Lost our friends because of our telling them it was poison. They didn’t believe us. Fk you and your article.

  734. 1 year ago
    Mark Peter

    Some of us was warning. In-fact a lot of us. I was putting out science papers and insider government documents about how the Covid deaths were being coded Covid when they wasn't, deliberately.

    I tried to share that the PCR was rigged, even sharing the actual science report about it. I shared how end-of-life pathways, denial of NHS treatment, ventilators (especially in the US) were all artificially inflating the mortality numbers and how then a positive Covid test was calling all these deaths Covid.

    I showed how the elderly were given midazolam/morphine medicine that is known to be lethal to the elderly in large enough doses. I wrote the the MP numerous times, and told her that these jabs were dangerous and not justified when we look at the real truth behind the Covid story. I've implored her since to join the efforts of others in Parliament who are speaking and who have noticed it.

    I got completely stonewalled by her and still have the letters I was eventually sent in reply. (I had to write three times even to get a reply.)

    I got abuse all over my facebook page from it. A lot of us who were trying to talk out got massively frustrated. I pushed myself through that feeling even when I was feeling it, just to try to get the word out to prevent what I knew was coming. I tried to stop the hysterics that people were feeling. through tuning into the news every day.

    I feel so bad when I see the people in London who have been vaccine-injured. We are not your enemy. We're on your side and have been since this whole thing started. The real people who are working against you are the people you're trying to tell who still want to ignore you.

  735. 1 year ago
    Neil Carroll

    Hahahaha…. Who wrote this utter bollocks?

  736. 1 year ago

    Except we did tell everyone. We were cancelled on Twitter, doctors were arrested, silenced by Fauci, the Biden administration, Facebook, YouTube, EVERYWHERE. You chose not to listen when we tried telling you that we were all being lied to. Go read Matt Taibbi on what the government held back and lied about.

  737. 1 year ago
    Joe blow

    Clot shot victims that didn't listen are now whining we didn't tell them. Instead of attacking Big Pharma they're now turning on us while Big Pharma continues to censor the truth that they didn't listen to. Really bright people...

  738. 1 year ago
    Language Source

    I still can't figure out if this was written as satire, a subtle clever trolling (like Awaken with JP), a cynical gaslighting or just ramblings of someone who is completely and hopelessly NUTS. At the end of the day nobody else can take your IQ test for you and this whole ordeal was a massive IQ test. I guess you could say that some folks, like AOC, got a "negative" result 🙂

  739. 1 year ago
    Johnny Sinz

    You don't deserve saving, that's why. Funny idea for a piece though.

  740. 1 year ago
    Hugh mungus

    I genuinely cannot tell what is satire anymore because the world has devolved into such stupidity you couldn't come up with some of this shit if you tried.

  741. 1 year ago

    This is obviously satire !
    If it isn’t…
    Stop defending yourselves, they are crying now because they refused to listen.
    I have zero blood on my hands.

  742. 1 year ago
    Joe blow

    Clot shot victims that didn't listen are now whining we didn't tell them. Instead of attacking Big Pharma they're now turning on us while Big Pharma continues to censor the truth that they didn't listen to. Really bright people... And of course they're not listening about climate change. So they'll be poorer and poorer every year and then they'll be whining again.

  743. 1 year ago

    The blood isn’t on our hands. It’s on your own and you know it! You are the authors of your own misfortune for blindly believing the lying MSM and governments. If we didn’t fall for it all how come you lot did? How come you all weren’t smart enough to realise the vaccines were rubbish and also dangerous? That’s on you and only you! You did ZERO research! You laughed at the unvaxxed and wished us dead! Blamed us for the spread, called us superspreaders and tinfoil hatters! Until you started to notice the vaxxed were still getting Covid, still passing it on and still getting ill! How did you not know?! The unvaxxed were at marches and protests fighting for us all while you vaxxers sat at home and did NOTHING!! I am damn sure you vaxxers seen the protests or heard about them and scoffed at us for being there! You would have also seen on social media the unvaxxed crying out to you vaxxers to listen! We got censored, ridiculed and laughed at! How you have to audacity to say we didn’t do enough when we went above and beyond for all of you and lost friends and family over it all is a disgrace! You should be ashamed of yourselves for not at least having some small modicum of critical thinking in all of this and your cognitive dissonance was astounding! You reap what you sow and you can’t blame the unvaxxed for any of it. Blame the government, big pharma, MSM and lastly yourselves for ending up the way you have! You were amply warned yet you choose to ignore us! We owe you NOTHING! You owe us EVERYTHING!

  744. 1 year ago
    Alfi Guindi

    Yeah, um, you censored us.

  745. 1 year ago
    Shaun Woolhouse

    Get a grip all you had to do was do a little research into it like all of us pure bloods and you would have seen the warning signs then look at phizers report that was on the internet then taken down and tried to hide for 75 years that in it’s self was a red flag so get a grip suck it up and wait to see what’s going to happen and don’t blame the unvaccinated because it was your choice. Ps I tried warning loads of your but you thought I was wearing that tinfoil hat 🤦🏻‍♂️

  746. 1 year ago

    You have got to be kidding. Whoever wrote this is a scumbag of the lowest kind.

  747. 1 year ago

    You cowards.
    You would not have listened anyway and we were being attacked viciously by everyone.
    Your own mass formation and cognitive dissonance would never allow you to hold a critical thought contrary to the propaganda you swallowed hungrily.
    Deal with it.

  748. 1 year ago

    Not our fault when you can’t think for yourself, only believe news stories from MSM and you believe the government is actually here to help you!

  749. 1 year ago

    Shutting off comment May mean you still cannot accept or process truth. This is why we, the pure bloods, keep quiet. We are marginalized, ridiculed, and abused in all social settings and platforms. Indeed, if you blame the unvaxxed for your cognitive dissonance and compliance to take a bio weapon, then you certainly have us confused with the satanic new world order dirtbag politicians and corporations that currently own us.

  750. 1 year ago

    More like big Tech companies blocking us, brining fact checkers in place, spreading their misinformation

  751. 1 year ago

    “Even if I were pollinated and fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest pressure I have ever seen, even from partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues and doctors.
    People who were capable of such personality, courage and critical ability are undoubtedly the best of humanity. They are everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, states and ideas. They are of a special kind; they are the soldiers that every army of light wants to have in its ranks. They are the parents that every child wants to have and the children that every parent dreams of having. They are beings above the average of their societies, they are the essence of the people who have built all cultures and conquered horizons. They are there, next to you, they look normal, but they are superheroes.
    They did what others could not, they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion. And they did it because they thought they were alone, and believed they were the only ones.
    Banned from their families' tables at Christmas, they never saw anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, let their careers sink, had no more money ... but they didn't care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciation, betrayal and humiliation ... but they kept going.
    Never before in humanity has there been such a "casting", now we know who are the best on planet Earth. Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races or religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything collapsed.
    That's you, you passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest Marines, Commandos, Green Berets, astronauts and geniuses could not withstand.
    You are made of the stuff of the greatest who ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who glow in the dark."

  752. 1 year ago
    Darlene Neven

    I got a good chuckle out of this article. Interesting that the article infurs that the average layman is responsible to inform the populous of medical dangers instead of the government, public health and the medical community who have the education and access to data as well as the duty to do so.

  753. 1 year ago
    Wayne Ho

    This hit piece is probably written by a bot and AI. Who doesn't live in the reality.

  754. 1 year ago

    Honestly I literally laughed out loud when I read this - which is very rare for me. I still don't totally believe this is a serious point of view?? Come on folks - ya gotta laugh at the insanity of denial and projection of the human mind. Or as JC once said - forgive them, they know not what they do.

  755. 1 year ago

    Honestly I literally laughed out loud when I read this - which is very rare for me. I still don't totally believe this is a serious point of view?? Come on folks - ya gotta laugh at the insanity of denial and projection of the human mind. Or as JC once said - forgive them, they know not what they do.

    And now, when I try to post this comment, which again is rare, I am disallowed.

  756. 1 year ago

    Not only were we called conspiracy theorists, mocked, and ridiculed, but all social media shut down most people trying to get the truth out including prominent doctors. Those that pushed the goofy juice (Pfizer, Mod(ified)rna, politicians, media, etc) also collaborated to shut down anyone who went against the narrative. My radar was up the moment they exempted pharma from litigation for adverse events. The constant push after that was proof for me. I also refused to test or wear a mask as I looked into fibers entering the nasal cavity and migrating into the brain through the nasal membrane, and bacterial infections...

  757. 1 year ago
    kelly nestegard

    Even if what you are saying is true, that no warnings were offered, you are supposed to be an adult by now, making decisions and accepting the consequences that result. Did the unvaccinated lie to you? Did they pressure you to make a decision without complete information? Did they threaten to fire you for not 'doing the right thing'? I am disgusted by your effort to assign blame to the only group of people that, in reality bear no responsibility for your imprudent choices. It would be closer to the truth to blame the people that purposefully moronic your ability to use logic, the forced public 'education' system. Good luck.

  758. 1 year ago

    Who wrote this? And you had the same access to all the news media that we did. We warned you, you didn't listen that's on you.

  759. 1 year ago

    You have got to be kidding with this BS. Never your own fault. Never do you take responsibility for your actions. Always the victims. GFY....

  760. 1 year ago

    Is this a serious article or satire? I'd hope it was satire, but it also reads like another attempt to punish people who made a personal medical choice not to take a brand new, experimental drug with unknown side effects - short or long term. It also reads a lot like that call for "amnesty" for those who wanted to punish people who chose not to take an experimental drug.

    And seriously - with the way people were acting when governments around the world heavily pushed for people to get these experimental injections - would you have listened to someone who managed to break through the censorship and say "hey, maybe that's not a good idea"? Looking at the last 2 years, the answer is quite obviously "no". People jumped to get the shots and screamed to silence everyone who warned against possible issues.

    Nobody deserves the stuff that's happening that seems to be linked to those experimental drugs, but the case for blaming those who refused is beyond weak. 🙁

  761. 1 year ago
    H Mueller

    About two hours of online research was enough to convince me it was a hoax, the rollout of UN Agenda 21-2030. Anyone else could've done the same, all the info was readily available.

  762. 1 year ago
    Jane @hotmail.,com

    What a trumped up piece of propaganda this is , the vaxxed had same access to info as the unvaxxed ,you only got to look at phizer documents they wanted sealed up ,to see deaths and adverse reactions , also look on government website at the VAERs all accessible ,or are you just doing segregation post ,much like Nazi did to the israelites

  763. 1 year ago
    Lucy Ferr

    Are you for real ?
    Why is the author of this complete nonsense not brave enough to put their name to their work ?
    Who wrote this absolute pile of garbage ?
    Is this actually a joke ?
    This is on par with blaming a victim for being raped.
    People protested & were banned from social media left/right & Centre for stating the truth. This is a delusional & ridiculous piece of work. Everyone contributing to it going live should seek help !!

  764. 1 year ago
    Paul Collins

    I’m a husband and a father of three, fit healthy gym goer, cheff, personal trainer. Teacher, a friend to many.
    I was forced to take the jab or loose my job,now where do I stand, in fear I could leave my family behind, depressed lost and confused as to what my future holds.

  765. 1 year ago
    Spike free

    So you try to blame those that refused the jab for your ignorance?!?! I can't tell you how many articles I shared to my friends that were censored/taken down or I was suspended for up to 30 days for sharing misinformation.
    Everything we tried to share or tell people was called conspiracy theory, misinformation, lies, etc.
    If you didn't have the common sense to see this was an untested, experiment then you yourself are the only one you can blame.
    Who in their right mind would take a jab with unknown side effects and no idea on long term effect. I only wonder what will happen to the jabbed in another year or two. All you had to do was do a little deeper research on your own and you could have seen what we saw.
    Blame yourself not US> Happily free from spike protiens.

  766. 1 year ago
    James Bach

    I literally shouted myself hoarse, at the top of my lungs, to everyone on a daily basis! I sent everyone I know links to the things I'd seen and found most compelling.

    About 20% of the people I know listened and watched, the other 80% insulted me and disowned me. Many still don't talk to me because I'm a crazy conspiracy nut. They still think that. Even now?!

    I'm proud of how direct and loud I was about it. Those who didn't listen and dismissed me and people like me ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  767. 1 year ago
    Og F Orlife

    I think everyone can agree that we all have some skin in the game at this point, whether we went along with the herd or we’re somehow immune to social pressures. I think that Scott Adams‘s comments are a sign of a larger shift in consensus, we need to use critical thinking; The media industrial pharmaceutical complex will not do it for us.

  768. 1 year ago

    Wait, this isn’t satire?

  769. 1 year ago

    I love how when we DID say something, you all shunned us like the plague. "Dissinformation" at best. It's not that we didn't say anything, it's that you didn't want to hear it.

    Then... you went and turned comments off for a while. I'm not going to be rude, but think about this... The same excuses you're giving for turning comments off are the exact same excuses you used to not listen to the people who you claim "should have said more".

    Same pattern... you don't like harsh truths... and then want to blame the people you yourselves have silenced. Think hard about this. Please.

  770. 1 year ago

    This is satire right?! How many lost jobs, relationships and more because they took a public stand refused to cave. People need to stop believing everything their government tells them. Here is some advice- if they tell you something assume the opposite then wait a few weeks and do some research don’t believe it just because the bought and paid for main stream media and famous talking heads tell you something g!

  771. 1 year ago

    You realize of course that 1) The Dept. of Defense is responsible for the bioweapon known as CV-19 as well as the injection that was designed for it. 2) Big Pharma was used as a tool by the DOD to deploy the injections .. and it is Big Pharma's responsibility to give adequate information for consent. 3) Big Pharma ran advertisements on MsM telling the public that the injections were safe and effective .. which is the same as saying a firearm is safe and the bullet inside is effective. 4) Social Media at the behest of the government shut down any discussion about safe methods such as Ivermectin for responding to CV-19. 5) Those people who many of you worked for coerced/mandated/bribed you into being injected. 6) Personally I'm not an antivax person .. however, I have never had a flu vax and would never rush to get in line with anything that hasn't been proven essential. 7) Lastly .. it's your responsibility .. no one else. That skull you carry on top of your body is supposed to have a working brain .. which is also your first line of defense against dis-eases. If it's not working properly .. don't blame others for your own shortcomings.

  772. 1 year ago

    I just read your article. And it was interesting. But you have your facts wrong and should retract. We did try to tell you all, and what we received was threats, losing jobs, saying we should be locked up and wished us death. Instead of panicking and listening to people who really don’t care about humanity, you should have taken your time to research and listen. We deserve any apology from the cruel attacks that were placed on us. Take responsibility for your on action. We tried to warn you and you scoffed at us. But with all that we will pray for you all, walk with you, and try to help and do better than how you treated us. Be blessed

  773. 1 year ago

    We certainly warned everyone by telling them face to face, by warning everyone via our social media, etc but all they did was called us liars, said that we were not doctors/nurses, we are conspiracy theorists & the list goes on. We have no blood on our hands.

  774. 1 year ago

    We did warn you, then you had us removed from social media, our jobs, and our families for doing so.

  775. 1 year ago
    Free Fromblame

    This is a HUGE abuse of writing. It's gaslighting at its finest. The unvaccinated tried over and over to warn people, to tell them to do more research, to protect friends and family. They were in turn ridiculed, had friends and family refuse to see them--often to even speak to them, we're told they were guilty of murder, silenced on social media platforms, LOST THEIR JOBS, some even had children taken away by the state.

    So before you try to accuse any unvaccinated person of any neglect, or worse--harming anyone by holding back information, read the news and watch even presidential press briefings from 2021. Those who didn't receive the vaccine have taken enough abuse, and won't be accepting any more.

  776. 1 year ago

    No way in in hell this is an article written from a serious place. This is so obviously a troll piece. Unreal.

  777. 1 year ago

    Black person

  778. 1 year ago
    Francis Ngannou

    Couldn't agree more. Anti-vaccinators are extremely selfish!

  779. 1 year ago
    Yan Gertsoyg

    This sounds like Babylon Bee. All the antivaxxers were called crazy conspiracy theorists and told to shut the F Up. Those who kept talking were banned from Twitter and other social media accounts. Many lost their jobs for speaking out. And now the same people who shut them up are blaming them for not speaking?

  780. 1 year ago
    Deb S

    Your blood is not on our hands. Blame those who deceived you in the first place. The pharmaceutical companies and doctors that went along, the media, the government and their three letter agencies that lied to you. You should have done your own research and not gullibly gone along thinking you were doing the right thing. I knew it was a scam from the beginning and told people, shared articles, pages and any other info I could find to wake people up. Some were removed from facebook and other platforms. Others told me because I wasn't a doctor or a biologist that I had no business sharing any information contrary to the mainstream or that those doctors with information were crackpots or should lose their licenses. This isn't on us, the unvaccinated. It's on you for following the mainstream narrative and on those that perpetuated it.

  781. 1 year ago

    No. No, no no nooooo. You are not going to shift the responsibility to those who refused and tried to warn others. To those you called anti-vaxxers, extremist, terrorist and so many other horrid things. You screamed the truth was misinformation, you censored us and shut us down every opportunity you got. Some of you wanted us arrested and imprisoned for refusing the vaccine. If there had been cattle carts you would have been loading us on to them. You wanted us denied hospital care and Medicine. We warned you and you became monsters. You wanted us to lose our jobs, our livelihood, and wished us death because of YOUR FEARS!
    You censored us! You destroyed families, and cost people's careers. You alone allowed your fears to control you, dictate to you, and manifest within you, turning you against your fellow citizens, family members, coworkers, you became hateful monsters. But now you think you're going to blame us for your lack of critical thinking? Your inability to listen to those who had different opinions than yours, your inability to put your fears aside, to research to ask questions, to listen to all sides. Now that's our fault? Nah I don't think so. You own this it's all yours and I have Zero Empathy for you You are responsible for silencing the truth, for castrating speech... For attacking freedom!

  782. 1 year ago

    I did try on Facebook and got censored or put in jail numerous times.

  783. 1 year ago

    Is this article satire?

  784. 1 year ago

    Is this article actually real? If so I hope you don’t have children

  785. 1 year ago

    As the punchline of the famous joke said: "I sent you a bus, a rowboat, and a helicopter. What more do you want?"

  786. 1 year ago
    Kari Spano

    Is this satire?

  787. 1 year ago

    Be careful they may be playing you.

  788. 1 year ago
    Not going to tell you.

    I was canceled, belittled and argued with on Nextdoor when I brought up my own concerns. Repeatedly. And then I was banned. More than once. This article is either
    a) satire,
    b) gaslighting.

    I can't tell which.

  789. 1 year ago

    While the article is hilarious due to it's absurdity, it's also (well?) known that few people are truly ''adults'', i.e showing not only physical development, but also mental and, even possibly, spiritual evolution - a better understanding of the world that stems from desire for knowledge, curiosity and life experience. That, along with (or rather based on) social programming, makes it easy to understand why such people use 'victimisation' as a tool: it's all they know. The ''adult'' attitude would mean taking responsibility for one's own choices- which is, in fact, ALWAYS the case. But you have to be AWARE of this to acknowledge it , don't you? 🙂

  790. 1 year ago

    First, the people who planned on taking the (so-called) vaccine had access to the same information as the people who decided not to go through with it. Second, the data available was scant, so no one really knew anything about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines at the time they came out, so it was anybody's guess. Third, the people who planned on taking the shot wanted absolutely nothing to do with the opposing (unvaccinated's) opinions. Period. Fourthly, why are they still pushing the shots and the boosters to all age groups? Bottom line, it's a choice each person has to make. And finally, you are an idiot for writing this article. Obviously, you do not know what you are talking about!

  791. 1 year ago

    We did try to warn people with protests and literature, globally, nationally and locally, it was all censored.
    We all also tried with our families and loved ones, we got shut down. There is only so much pain and hurt and isolation a person can endure, in the end I came to the painful decision that it was none of my business what people chose to do as much as it is none of anyone else’s business what I chose to do.
    The information we had access to was the same information anyone else had access to, we just decided to look a little deeper and not go on what the MSM were telling us. This access to information was available to everyone if they’d cared to look, it’s still there (well most of it) and we are all working very hard to get the truth out because we do care about humanity and we do care about the injured. We all have to forgive each other and work towards a common goal of changing how everything works (or rather doesn’t work), we’ve moved on from pointing fingers and blaming the vaccinated for complying with the tyranny. I hope in time the vaccinated will also see that we were also only trying to do the right thing by not complying.
    King regards

  792. 1 year ago

    This article shows feminists are absurd and delusional, since this is a feminist website

  793. 1 year ago
    Rose Treasure

    How could the warning be issued? Anyone against the jab was shut down, attacked, vilified in public. Facebook shut us down and banned us. Twitter shut us down and banned us. Every time I tried to share the truth with people, it was blocked or tagged with "misinformation" flags.

    Honestly, how dare you? How dare you blame us when you shoved your shots in our face, tried to take our jobs and our right to travel, tried to keep us out of restaurants and grocery stores, and now it's suddenly OUR FAULT that you all took the jab? YOU are responsible for you. YOU chose to go to the doctor or the drive-thru shot location or where ever you went and receive this into your body. Nobody held you down and forced you. No one made you do this. You did it because you wanted to and for no other reason. Stop blaming other people for your decisions, and maybe next time, when someone expresses some healthy skepticism, listen. At least learn from your mistakes.

  794. 1 year ago

    Was this article meant to be a joke?
    If not, it's the most maddening opinion I've read on the subject. To insinuate that unvaxxed masses --many of whom lost relationships, jobs and who served as targets of daily ridicule and scorn for two years -- somehow withheld information from their families and friends is absolutely ludicrous.
    While I empathize with my family and friends who chose their jabs, I owe them NOTHING. They -- and you -- had access to the same info we had/have. You have a brain and you have free will. As such, I owe you nothing.

  795. 1 year ago

    This is absolutely insane and laughable. Since the vaccine was released, people lost their jobs, livelihoods, friends and family. We have been discriminated against and persecuted for our decision to remain unvaccinated. The shame and responsibility falls squarely on those who turned a blind eye to our advice. We were not silent … we were silenced.

  796. 1 year ago

    Anyone could see that a vaccine rushed out so quickly MUST have lacked the testing necessary to ensure long term safety. I oukd never lambast anyone for caving into peer pressure, governmental coercion or just plain fear but I will not stand for being told that I must answer for the lack of logical thought processes in others. Its indicative of the sad state of most people today that they rely on others to make all the decisions for them rather than accept that they lacked the fortitude to think for themselves.

  797. 1 year ago

    I may be repeating others here, but everyone, and I mean everyone I know that tried to spread awareness on social media was put in social media “jail” for 30 days, or shadow-banned at the very least. It’s been so frustrating. Even when I tried to tell my sister on so many occasions, she finally got upset with me and said, “If you don’t want to get it, then just don’t get it!” (Which is a funny statement considering that 2.5 years had gone by without me getting it. Why would I get it now?) The same sister, who I’d sent valuable and credible warnings in articles or videos from physicians and scientists who specialize in vaccines and blood disorders, refused to read or watch them and said that those doctors were known conspiracy theorists, so they were instantly discredited by her and millions of people. Furthermore, we have immediate family who are doctors, who are only doing their job based on the information and training they’ve been given. Any words of warning to them quickly went in one ear and out the other as hogwash. We have REALLY tried. The real reason this article doesn’t make sense is because it’s discounting the fact that most of our FAMILIES have gotten jabbed, and we did everything we could to prevent them from doing so. How, on any planet, would we want our beloved family members injured or worse? Bottom line, we are not to blame for finding the facts ourselves, and then being fully silenced by either social media or flat out by individuals who just couldn’t/wouldn’t listen to the truth. And I, for one, don’t feel good about being “right.” I’m flat-out horrified. You are pointing your fingers at the wrong groups. Please look to your “trusted” physicians who put you in harm’s way. THEY are the ones that knew, and they are the ones that did this to you, not us.

  798. 1 year ago

    blocked on twitter
    blocked on facebook
    put in concentration camps in australia
    threatened prison time for misinformation
    shunned by society
    shunned by media
    shunned by medical paid shills

  799. 1 year ago

    How ridiculous is this article!

  800. 1 year ago

    I hope whoever wrote this absolute train wreck and insult of an article will now do a follow up report apologizing and swearing to be better.

    What a travesty that there are people like you claiming to be a journalist. Did you do ANY research? Were you not paying attention the last 2.5 years as people fought and lost friends/family over the 💉 being dangerous and causing real harm (thousands of documented videos) ?

    This has to be an AI article. No one is that stupid, are they?

    I rarely bother to comment but I can’t believe I’m looking at these words are in print.

  801. 1 year ago

    We tried to tell you. Dr's Mallone, McCullough, Bridle, Hodgenson, Dube, and THOUSANDS of others tried to warn you. What happened? CENSORED and CANCELLED by BIG TECH, BIG PHARMA, and BIG MEDIA. Your anger is misplaced. You should be blaming government, and public health for their deceptions, not to mention the above list.
    Colleges of the Physicians and Surgeons all over the country were also in on the scam, penalizing doctors with their very careers and livelihoods should they say anything negative about the "vaccines." I know personally of one doctor who was THREATENED WITH JAIL because she would not divulge here patients' records to the College.
    And now, here you are blaming us, who were smart enough to raise the red flags, only to be shot down by your type, led by a PM's divisive, and fascistic rant about "the small fringe minority...with unacceptable views," among other divisive rhetoric, calling us "hateful, misogynistic, and racists" for resisting the call to "do the right thing."
    Above all, you should be BLAMING YOURSELF for allowing yourself to turn a blind eye to THE ABUNDANCE OF EVIDENCE that was freely available despite all of the censorship, and the sanctions. BRAVE DOCTORS all over the world tried to speak out. YOU WOULDN'T LISTEN!!!

  802. 1 year ago

    You are correct. We should have done more. We should have taken up arms to protect our citizens from this bioweapon, posing as a "vaccine", being deployed against its own people by a democidal regime.

    If you promise to listen to us we won't fail you a second time. We will take up arms together and resist evil by force.

  803. 1 year ago

    The cognitive dissonance of those that allowed “whoever” to stick needles full of experi[mental] drugs into their bodies is the only blame to go around. “My body my choice”.

  804. 1 year ago

    We DID speak up. And we were "fact-checked" and bullied into silence, over and over again. It's not my fault you refused to listen.

  805. 1 year ago
    K-Loe Black

    This article is really not an accurate representation of the position of those who took the time to research and inform themselves about the possible consequences of gene therapy. I have seen many attempts by the unvaxxed to warn the populace over and over again. All we did is get scorned by the ones vaccinated, and ghost banned by every social media platform for even attempting to do so. As a result, many kept silent seeing the results of those who were bold enough to speak out against the narrative.

  806. 1 year ago

    i would like to know the authour of this piece , and would love to see prior articles written by them , they are right of course but the real criminals are politicians and media , any good reporter or journalist checks and double checks what they put out and even has a team of researchers , so there is a criminal liability and possible litigation and prosecution , at the very least there is a very heavey burden which may as yet not be aparent as the scale of the pain inflicted becomes overwhelming and closer to home . dont forget thousands of children have be injured and possibly made infertile , with a future robbed from them and a pronise of ill health and an early death , this is very serious

  807. 1 year ago

    This has to be a joke, right? You’ve GOT to be kidding me!! WE need to ask for YOUR forgiveness?? That is INSANE! I tried and tried to convince my loved ones not to, but they were so scared, they did it anyway and not one of them has blamed me for them getting the vaccine. They are grown adults and made that awful decision. But I am not saying to them “I told you so”. We tried to warn others and were laughed at and called conspiracy theorists. Our posts were deleted and accounts blocked so we could not get the scientific evidence out there to the public who were being lied to and fed all kinds of propaganda. If it did make it out there, people defriended us, never commented on it, or reported it as fake news. The truly traumatized are the poor souls who chose to take it and are now wondering if they’ll be next to “die suddenly” and the truly brave ones are those of us who listened to our intuition/gut feelings and stood our ground even though we were being pressured by the media, the medical professionals, and our loved ones to get the vaccine and “do our part”. I’m sure my comment will not make it past your “traumatized” but “brave” employees who are reading this and will toss it aside. This is the most absurd article I have ever seen in my entire life!

  808. 1 year ago

    When we warn you and you laugh in our faces and tell us how stupid we are, we just sit back and wait. Many of us have warned many of you about SO MANY things, yet, in your pride, you think you know better than everyone else and make sure the whole world knows it. So, here we are, sitting back and waiting again to see what befalls you next.

  809. 1 year ago
    Amber Sears

    I noticed the writer failed to put their name on this. Weird. I wonder why. I also noticed you don't name the billionaire funding your entire operation in the "about" section of your website. Weird. I wonder why. You seem to have a big problem with being transparent about your funding, sources, or writers. Weird. I wonder why.

  810. 1 year ago

    This has to be one of the most idiotic immature things I have ever read. We tried to warn you all not to be led like sheep to the slaughter. You laughed at us and called us names. Your stupidity and ignorance are on your heads. Nobody forced you to take it.

  811. 1 year ago

    Lol. Kindly go f yourselves. You get what you deserve. Fascists.

  812. 1 year ago

    This is satire, right?

  813. 1 year ago

    This article rings so true. I deeply regret my injections. I live in fear of sudden cardiac event. They should apologize if they truly knew the truth.

  814. 1 year ago

    This is obviously a (well done) satire piece. Bravo👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  815. 1 year ago

    So we were wrong for not wanting to get vaccinated and now we are wrong because you did get vaccinated? Let's have our cake and eat it too.
    I'm pretty sure everyone had equal access to the limited information that the manufacturers of the vaccine were putting out there. I chose to do my research, I chose to question why thousands of medical professionals chose to lose their jobs than take the Vax. I watched as vaxed wished us death because we were the problem. Stop blaming others for YOUR choices. No one forced you to get vaxd. You had a choice and now because you chose wrong you blame someone else. This is the problem with our society now, no one can admit they were wrong and everyone else should fix it for them. GROW UP!

  816. 1 year ago

    You dumb ass mf

  817. 1 year ago
    Sam Schneider

    LOL- because we were to busy fighting against the vaccine apartheid forced on us by the ruling class

  818. 1 year ago

    This is so laughable I don’t even know where to start. All of us who knew the truth TRIED to warn those around us and were ridiculed, silenced, censored and cancelled, both by social media, friends and family. Your righteous anger should be redirected to your government, pharmaceutical companies, health agencies, news agencies, and social media platforms who ALSO knew the truth and not only LIED to you, but silenced those of us who were trying to spread the TRUTH.

  819. 1 year ago

    Is this a joke?

  820. 1 year ago
    Christy Conrad

    Do you ever stop to wonder why you are getting the response you are getting??
    It” not that these people commenting these comments are “bad people”, it’s that they have been so misused by society they have had enough and this article is soooooo far from reality, of course they would react the way they are. Don’t publish such filth and you won’t get such replies….

  821. 1 year ago

    This is obviously a joke.

  822. 1 year ago
    kevin king

    Divide and conquer. They just can't help themselves. We know how you work. You've lost.

  823. 1 year ago

    This is a satire piece….. right? RIGHT?

    There is no way you (the author who’s removed their name) were not also the same person that was burning at the cross those “horrible antivaxxers”. Calling them to pay for the deaths of seniors and medically compromised people due to theri neglect and lack of empathy for others. Seriously? Now the blood is on their hands for those who CHOSE to take the jab.

    This right here is what is wrong with society today. The inability to have your own choice and others be ok with it. There was absolute uproar and warnings that were not heeded and then there were some that understood choice lies in the individual and they are not going to be upset with your decision, either way.

    But to come straight out and try to vilify others for your choice is the same hypocrisy you chose in the beginning. Seems the anger should be pointed at yourself. But I assume it is and your lack of work on your traumas has the words pointing the wrong way.

    I’m truly sorry and feel for those that either chose willingly or were fear mongered either an employer or the main stream Shmedia in to taking the vaccines, but I flat refuse to accept any responsibility for it.

  824. 1 year ago

    You’re a narcissist, don’t blame others who have warned you and who pleaded and begged for you not to take it. Those of us that didn’t take it were treated like scum of the earth, you laughed in our faces, you told us we were killing grandmas, you said we deserved to die, you said we didn’t deserve any healthcare. You’re an awful person to have written this, you knew we were treated as conspiracy nuts and ostracized from family/friends during the holidays too. Shame on you, I hope and pray that you realize what an awful thing you have done today, and I pray you direct your anger towards the people who brainwashed you into getting this vaccine instead. Stop blaming the unvaccinated for your stupidity!

  825. 1 year ago
    scott carl

    This cannot be real. It must be a ChatGPT bot, because no one would say such an awful thing to the heroic men and women who begged their families and neighbors to not get the jab, and got punched in the gut over and over again for their troubles. No one is that self absorbed, that callous.

  826. 1 year ago
    Kevin M.

    Unbelievable! You people are the most ignorant morons to ever exist! If you have a problem with this you need to look no further than the FAKE NEWS, social media morons, your political representatives and your ignorant friends and family! Once again the ignorant left wants to put blame where it does not belong!

  827. 1 year ago
    C. Smith

    I could fill the Library of Congress with Twitter comments alone on how many doctors (all of them censored, all of them deplatformed) of the warnings that they issued regarding this 'vaccine'. You idiots participated in said censorship signaling that you were either: Too ignorant to care or Too biased to be concerned about your own health. If every one of you dies from a heart attack, you'll just be another statistic in the sad state of affairs that this country finds itself in when 'the left' stood on a hill and screamed and yelled about how the 'unvaxxed' are 'killing us all' and now you want to blame us? We're the problem? Maybe you should listen next time we warn you. We warned you about a litany of issues (Gay marriage leading to child grooming) and you just sat silent. STFU and own your stupidity. It's not our fault you've chosen ignorance.

  828. 1 year ago

    By "unvaxxed" do you mean the government and health agencies? Because Fauci, Walenski, CDC, NIH, etc not only told us they were safe, but silenced those that dared disagree.

  829. 1 year ago

    Is this an actual serious article 🤣

  830. 1 year ago

    Nope. You all were wrong and now refuse to admit that you were fooled because like sheep, you followed what the wolf told you to do. Us unvaccinated told you from day 1 that the vaccines were useless but you called us ignorant, stupid, said we were causing covid to continue and even wished death on us. I lost friends and even family members over being unvaccinated. I even lost my old job too.

    But now that you refuse to accept responsibility for your actions and that it was your own actions of ignoring us and injecting yourselves with poison, you are trying to place the blame on the unvaccinated. It sad and pathetic that you are resorting to this.

  831. 1 year ago

    Is this satire?

  832. 1 year ago
    Dr. Rogers

    This is great. Very well done article.
    Puts things in perspective holding a mirror in the face of the narrative following herds.

    And one needs to take only a quick look through the comments to see the polarity amongst them.

    That is at least one goal achieved by the architects of this pandemic: Divide and Conquer.

  833. 1 year ago

    Diesen Artikel kann man nur als satanische Umkehr bezeichnen. Wenn man merkt dass man Mist gebaut hat, versucht man den Spiess umzudrehen.

  834. 1 year ago
    Josh b

    Please tell me this is satire!
    We spoke out like crazy and the media censored us en masse as a matter of public policy. They called us dangerous on a daily basis!

  835. 1 year ago
    Pure Blood

    Can someone please tell me whether this is satire or just victim shaming/gas lighting???

  836. 1 year ago

    Is this article real or satire? The unvaxinated were literally shouting warnings for the past two years. They had massive protests all over the world against mandates. The governments and media labeled them as conspiracy theorists and nutjobs. They are they ones to blame if anyone.

  837. 1 year ago

    Gutter journalism at its best!!! Own your choice, you were warned!!!

  838. 1 year ago
    Joe Mott

    You told everyone to shut up and comply and attacked anyone that spoke out. The Blood is on your hands and those like you!

  839. 1 year ago
    patricia bowman

    I am 70. Live in Montreal. From April/2020 I was seeing radiation sickness and DID NOT stay quite at all. The first year all my family got jabbed. I was put out of church. I sent Francios Legault and V. Plante contact information to 2 high scientist who had the proof of this jab being a bioweapon. Now Karen Kingston ( forensic contract ex. Pfizer expert ) has proof that Pfizer manufactured and marketed a bioweapon that unsuspected humanity took and it is causing harm and death. Her assessment of the contracts of Pfizer with governments is not binding as these are known bioweapons manufactured by Pfizer on purpose. My heart is more than just sick over this. Do not accuse us who knew of silence. You are passing the blame of genicide on us. Shameful. You want to blame someone? Help us bring them to justice with active tribunals. This I believe. Thanks.

  840. 1 year ago

    Surely, you are jesting. The unvaccinated were threatened, ridiculed, censored, and persecuted every time we mentioned the dangers of the shot. I tried to talk my brother, other family members, and friends out of these shots, but was called a conspiracy theorist. The message board where I objected to the shots called me a kook and much worse things. On Facebook, I couldn't post the truth because it was always censored or made to look untrue by bogus fact checkers that never really addressed the true points of the doctors and scientists' evidence.

  841. 1 year ago

    And what about those of us (unvaccinated) that did everything we could to warn everyone ?

  842. 1 year ago
    Unvaxxed and Free

    This is parody right? It has to be.
    The unvaccinated DID warn yo. We warned the whole world.

    We didn't have 'access' to any information that you didn't also. We just read, questioned, and researched it. We didn't blindly accept what the mass propaganda machine fed us. WE warned, we begged, pleaded even, for ppl to wake up, to stop and THINK for a minute before injecting a completely new gene therapy drug into your bodies. YOU KNEW there wasn't enough info. YOU chose to be the 'hero' and 'do your duty', as Fauci and others shamed you into doing.

    The vaccinated loved the kudos they got when they posted their vaccine cards. They gloated. They shamed us for not falling in line like good little soldiers. They censored us when we tried to tell the truth. They cut us off from social events and said it was our own fault. The vaxxed said we shouldn't get medical care if we chose not to get jabbed. The vaxxed WANTED US DEAD because we chose freedom over fear.

    So stop your gaslighting the public. Your blood is on your own hands. And the hands of those who forced you to comply, who shamed you, who coerced, bribed and threatened you if you did not.

    How about you go after THOSE people?

    How about you praise the unvaxxed for our prescience and forethought. Give US kudos for our sincere efforts to share the truth while the whole world tried to suppress us. Wake up.

  843. 1 year ago

    I’m not sure what rock the author has been living under. The unvaccinated have been screaming warnings from the rooftops over the past 2+ years. They have been sharing scientific articles and fax. The studies did not prove that the vaccines stopped transmission nor did they prove that they were safe and effective. The people you should really be angry at are the doctors and the medical organizations, they are the ones that push this through, guaranteed safety and advocacy without any scientific data to support those statements. Your anger is misdirected. Go after the medical community and the government.

  844. 1 year ago

    So first we were basically ostracized for not being vaccinated, told we are diseased, can get and spread covid, wanted to kill grandma. Couldn’t eat at some restaurants without a vax card, told we couldn’t travel etc. Couldn’t speak freely about the vax. No we, those who choose not to get the vax are responsible yet again? How does this make any sense? It’s so unfair to place the blame yet again on us who didn’t get vaccinated. Take responsibility for your own actions and decisions, as we have for the past what 3 years? Stop blaming other people. This is insane

  845. 1 year ago

    You won't publish this but here goes anyway.
    I tried to warn people, All I got back were insults and physical threats. I was shut out of society, alienated from friends and family, nearly lost my job, got harassed out in public for not following arrows or smothering myself in homemade poisonous gel, or refusing to wear a mask. You all played along. YOU all ganged up on others because our choices supposedly "prevented" you from going to clubs and restaurants. YOU attacked those who just wanted to be left alone.
    Admit it. You listened to a bunch of liars and swallowed the whole thing and no amount of counter arguments woould persuade you, because I don't have a frame with a logo around my head. You wished us dead and in camps.
    I don't have your blood on my hands and I'm more than ready to be compassionate with those who fully realize they have been lied to and acted out of fear. But this? Piss off. It's your own damned fault

  846. 1 year ago

    You won't publish this but here goes anyway.
    I tried to warn people, All I got back were insults and physical threats. I was shut out of society, alienated from friends and family, nearly lost my job, got harassed out in public for not following arrows or smothering myself in homemade poisonous gel, or refusing to wear a mask. You all played along. YOU all ganged up on others because our choices supposedly "prevented" you from going to clubs and restaurants. YOU attacked those who just wanted to be left alone.
    Admit it. You listened to a bunch of liars and swallowed the whole thing and no amount of counter arguments would persuade you, because I don't have a frame with a logo around my head. You wished us dead and in camps.
    I don't have your blood on my hands and I'm more than ready to be compassionate with those who fully realize they have been lied to and acted out of fear. But this? Piss off. It's your own damned fault

  847. 1 year ago

    You can’t be serious with this article right like this is satire? Did you not see what has happened in the past three years to the people who stood the ground and we’re not comfortable with getting the vaccine? And we’re forced to keep it a secret out of fear of being blackballed from society.

  848. 1 year ago
    Nunya business

    Frick you. YOU ridiculed US. YOU said we would kill others if we didn’t get the jab. Many lost jobs and lifelong careers because of people like YOU. WE were derided and called selfish, conspiracy theorists and mentally ill. YOU wanted us to show our vax status just to go to restaurants and many other places. We didn’t hide the truth from you, you chose to ignore it. Go frick yourselves.

  849. 1 year ago
    Anon A. Moss

    "LOL" said the unaccountable pharmaceutical conglomerate.


  850. 1 year ago

    This has to be satire, right? We were mocked, censored, shunned, in some cases harassed by law enforcement, and made out to be scum of the earth by you self-righteous know-it-alls who shouted ‘follow the science’ while denying the FACT that there was no established science to back up your fauci-ism. Own it, and reap the rewards. You’ll get zero sympathy from those of us who tried to get you to approach it all with caution and skepticism.

  851. 1 year ago

    I'm currently in the middle of a nasty divorce. My husband would not listen, mocked me for not taking the vax, made fun of my 'conspiracy theories', shut down our marriage. This insanity isolated my mother to die alone, locked me out of the hospital, broke some very close relationships with 'friends' I had known for 20 years, divided families, destroyed our trust. No Amnesty for the cruelty. I'm never going to forgive Fauci for this scamdemic.

  852. 1 year ago

    Such a pathetic, gas-lighting article. You had plenty of warning despite all your efforts not to hear.
    Many people suffered a lot for daring to speak up.

    Remember that picture out of Nazi Germany of that one guy in a crowd who refused to salute? Usually Captioned "Be this guy"? Well, that was not you, you pompous ass. You failed the test. If you were alive then, you would have loaded the opposition into the boxcars right along with your fellow stupid sheep. Think thats unfair hyperbole? I wish it was. Take time to look at the pure hate and venom coming from your twitter accounts. "Put them in camps!", "Take their kids away!", "They are evil!".

    TL:DR: To hell with your gaslighting. You owe reparations to the people who suffered at your hands.

  853. 1 year ago

    This is SATIRE, right?!?
    The unvaccinated rallied, fought, begged, and pleaded.
    We’re still fighting for colleges to LIFT mandated vaccination requirements for our students to attend college.
    We were discriminated against and banned from entering many places in many cities.
    There is NO blood on our hands.
    Not a drop.

  854. 1 year ago

    Dear Author, My thoughts go out to you if you or your family members who chose to get the Covid 19 vac have suffered negative affects from your choice. I hope this article is satire, whether it is or not, it certainly affected many people. I would love if authors discontinued the use of divisive language. We are all human beings who made the best choice that we could. At the time I consulted with my healthcare professionals, who advised me against getting an experimental vaccination. I checked in with them regularly and I researched the issue myself. Given the information I came across, I chose to not receive an experimental vaccine. I am the only person in my family and extended family who made that choice. In the beginning I shared information and then I began to realize that I had to respect my family and friends decisions to get vaccinated. Each individual is responsible for their health care decisions. I was ostracized and not allowed to attend family functions. This situation highlighted the need for our society to adhere to respectful boundaries. No one should feel comfortable asking someone else persons health information. If this is not satire I respectfully recommend that you seek health from a mental health professional. Wishing you good health.

  855. 1 year ago

    I'm 100% sure this is satire, trying to get us hyped.

    HOWEVER, I will not lie...I want millions to die...They deserve it.

    Entire bloodlines wiped out down to their children's children.

    I was in Northern Cali when it started and they set up curfews, lockdowns, closed businesses, schools, churches, walks in the parks.

    I wasn't allowed to go into stores, restaurants, hospitals, venues etc.

    They wanted to fine me, fire me, force me and were looking at laws to jail or even TAKE AWAY people's children if not vaxxed.

    And all these nice people allowed it...Didn't stand with us...Pretended to not know, not see.

    So now nurses, teachers, doctors and "Nice" people are dying of multiple illnesses including a HUGE spike in cancers and I'm supposed to feel bad for you after warning and pleading with you?

    After you told me you didn't believe me, but refused to look at CDC/NIH/FDA data?

    Get those Haiti size body pit ready for 2023-2024it's going to get interesting when their kids start REALLY dropping like flies and they realize what they've done.

    It's going to be amazing.

  856. 1 year ago
    Baby Dog of Justice

    I am still out of work due to mandates and the pig headedness of HR Departments, Midwit Managers & BS Board of Directors who (like the writer) still refuse to admit they were wrong!

  857. 1 year ago

    Insanity. We did try we prayed….we were shamed called names, outcasted, threatened… kept from going in businesses wanted nazi type in papers passport…. . Lost friends lifetime friends and family members because you all j ew better….What else could we say and do? When you are brainwashed and won’t listen…. God help you.

  858. 1 year ago
    Denise Williamson

    It became suggested to us long ago to stop trying to wake up those that were asleep because all we were receiving was abuse. I was ganged up on in Facebook for days before I had to block everyone that was mocking me, calling me names it's like they called in the troops. It was heartbreaking. I couldn't stop my own family from doing it so I tried my best to stop other people. I spent the better part of All Summer in Facebook jail. I can't help anyone from jail. I've Been Told that I was wacko along with other derogatory terms other than a conspiracy theorist. I've been told by my family that I'm mentally ill. I'm sorry. We were asked to step up to do our part to help with people up. And we did. This is the most slanted piece I have ever read and it doesn't identify who is speaking. Is this a consensus or is this one angry person. Do you think we want to watch billions of people die? Do you think they're going to leave us alone? No. We were supposed to take the jab so though we may live longer than you we get to be poisoned and starved and locked in our homes or locked up in internment camps. We don't have a lot to look forward to. But we did our best to wake people up regardless of the insults that were hurled at us. Anyone that would vaccinate their child against something that is 99.9997% recoverable from is not thinking for themselves they are listening to the government, they have put their lives in the government's hands. It's a shame we cannot trust our government that they have been doing this crap for hundreds of years, poisoning our servicemen experimenting on the black population, it goes on and on. So my last attempt. Wake up you cannot trust the government. Not only is our way in of life and danger our lives and our countries are in danger because this is not just an American problem. We are not the enemy Putin is not the enemy the only enemy is the evilness that lives in every country so everyone must wake up and fight and stand up. Even if you've already been vaccinated don't you still have a duty to your country? Quit tossing the blame on us. Our numbers are small compared to yours.

  859. 1 year ago

    Whoever wrote this is truly a sociopath who knows what a total lie the entire article is. We dont fall for your Marxist revolutionary tactics. And sadly you don’t even realize, you are one of “the useful idiots”.

  860. 1 year ago
    Carrie D.

    I spoke out to every single person I knew and to my community at large, many of whom I didn't know.

    I called the County Supervisor and begged her and gave her information even from the corrupt WHO that was advising at that time not to inject.children while they were actively targeting the 12-18 year olds in my community for their toxic experiment.

    I met with the General Manager of my Community Association and gave him the same information, warning him that if he allowed those death buses on our private community property knowing the information I told him he was opening both our Association and himself up to personal liability for any harm caused to residents.

    I opened about 12 different accounts on NextDoor because NextDoor kept closing accounts when I told the public what was going on....and the public response in my community was to vilify me and to call for more censorship. My small business was destroyed and even now when many people realize that I tried to warn them and know that I was right - my business still has not recovered because the egos of these people are so massive that they will never thank me for trying to warn them, let alone apologize to me for their attempts to shame and shut me up.

    I LOST EVERY SINGLE FRIENDSHIP I HAD because for the first time there was a life or death issue that I knew I had to cross every personal and professional boundary to communicate in order to try to save anyone. I did not just warn the people I love. I downright harassed them by contacting them daily to tell them what I was learning....all of which was dismissed and shut down. They told me to stop giving them information! And I continued to give more information anyways!!!

    Even knowing I was crossing boundaries that might harm my friendships, I continued on because I decided that in life or death, trying to save a life is more important than trying to keep a friend. I don't think I did end up saving even one person. One of my customers was even willing to sit in my home and be hosted to watch Peter McCullough explain why people should not get the vaccine. It was an hour long interview with excellent information. Her family got the vaccine though and she wanted to go to Hawaii so even after having listened to that information and comprehended it and even having known me for years and trusting me as someone with more time and interest than most people to do research, she still made the choice to get the jab. She probably knows by now that that was a mistake and has not made any mention of it to me but again - it is not that she wasn't told and didn't know. It was that she prioritized not having disruption to her life over doing what was necessary to protect her health.

    I wish you would write an article that acknowledged the people like me. I think we were the minority but we were a noisy and determined minority. People who know us must have known we spoke from conviction of the truth if our message and absolute care and concern for others. We had literally nothing to gain at all in terms of our own protection or well being by telling people to skip the vax. I feel like I lost everything during this fiasco. I was punished at every turn, even by people I loved and who I had thought loved me too, for doing what I knew was right for their benefit.

    I would like to acknowledge on the other hand. My fiance also knew what was going on and he told his parents and begged and pleaded with them (they got the vax anyway and now his mom is seeing a specialist at Stanford because she went from 20/20 vision to 80% blind in one eye with damage to her other eye also due to vax injury and his father has had weird health things too post vax with less direct/clear ties to vax injury) but my fiance did not warn any of his friends or colleagues. As a result, his business has remained healthy and all his friendships, many with vaxxed people, are in tact.

    At the time and now, I agree, that it is sad and wrong that there were only a small percentage of us who were actually willing to speak up at the risk of losing everything but in hindsight, since no one listened to me anyway, and no one has apologized for their cruelty to me let alone thanked me for caring enough about them to try and tell them, I probably would have been better off if I too had kept my mouth shut and just let people make their own decision without my input.

    I am really sad that you have written the article you wrote if this is a genuine message you're wanting to put out into the world. I feel like your blanket condemnation unjustly includes people like me who did everything we could to help and protect people like you who just did not want to listen to us. Those of us who did speak for you and who stood up against the medical tyranny will not endure the physical consequences or pain from receiving a deliberately toxic injection, but the emotional pain of being shunned, hated, rejected and just cut off from people we genuinely care about and love not to mention the other things we sacrificed as a result of being deemed "unclean" by society, is not something that should be minimized.

    Really, I had no idea I was able to withstand the loss of all my friends and some of my family which hurt way more than the harm to my finances when my small business failed because my community turned against me for speaking out. It is wrong and just ignorant to claim that the people who genuinely tried to warn others have not suffered greatly. We really have and at least in my case, my losses of friendship, familial closeness and income from my small business show no signs of recovery.

    Thank you for reading my story.

  861. 1 year ago

    Ha, ha very funny from an unjabbed who lost one's friends and family because day in, day out I warned them because I loved them.

  862. 1 year ago

    I warned eveyone I knew from the onset, when panadameic 2as being declared for a bug less deadly than the flu. I was called names and ostracized my family. They did not, and still do not want to hear the truth. The facts have always been there. We can all take the imitative to search. Please take responsibility and stop blaming the unjabbed. Time to stop the blame game and grow up.

  863. 1 year ago

    Hi, just a quick response to your article titled “They knew: why didn't the unvaccinated do more to warn us?”

    Well well, what can I say ? other than speak for myself, and hearing similar stories from other people I know that also did similar things in response to the whole C19 hype and hysteria.

    It was clear to me within weeks that the whole thing was a setup, a false narrative, and it was also clear to me that most people were feed reasons for concern. And in the beginning I can understand the resistance I faced when I didn’t fall into the narrative myself, but openly opposed it with reason and respect for the fear people naturally had from media and authority telling them doom is around the corner.
    In these first few months, I carried on life as normal, I never put on a mask, I never social distanced -except for respecting peoples personal space when it was obvious they were scared, and I was vocal about my concerns, mostly to deaf ears, ridicule and open hostility from those around me. People simply didn’t want to know, and made that abundantly clear.
    I shopped at stores with mask mandates without wearing a mask, and when confronted, I politely explained why I didn’t wear a mask, and pointed to the exemptions in the mandates that allowed me to go without a mask if I simply chose not to…most people didn’t actualy read the mandates, only the headlines. And all mandates had an “out” so authorities could turn around after and say “we didn’t force anyone -look at the text of the mandate”, even in the few instances they made it in to law, the laws to had the “out” wording in there.
    Ive never been tested for C19, and I have never been restricted because of any mandate -even though her has been many attempts at restricting me, I stood my ground and prevailed every step of the way, whether it was masking, testing, public transport, public or private offices or shops.
    Through it all I tried to talk to people to figure out who if any would be receptive, and in more peripheral circles I was a little more outspoken as I didn’t worry about ruining friendships, but all the way with respect for peoples opinions when they made it clear they would have none of it. All of this regarding the socalled pandemic and its possible impacts on health and restrictions around it. I was ridiculed, threatened, excluded, mobbed, ruined friendships, frozen out by a large portion of my family and colleagues…and we weren’t yet at the vaccine issues yet.

    Then the first rumors of a route to a possible inoculation started surfacing, the news was troubling to say the least, skipping animal trials, untested technologies, developers new in the field, emergency authorizations for something looking more like a bad taste joke than an emergency, critical science voices censored and canceled.

    By the time the first shots hit the clinics around the world we all had almost a year of information that by the way was equally available to everyone interested, and what I learned by looking into it made it very clear that I will never subject to it -or for that matter anything else ever presented to me from the same crowd of influencers, industries and authorities, they made it very clear by their actions that they have no regard for the well-being of billions of people in this world, and the number of doses pushed out in a short time well beyond their capacity to produce in the same time also showed me that this had been well orchestrated and planned for a very long time, they cant produce enough flu shots for the industrial populations in a normal year yet they can muster plenty for several doses for the same people in months -hell no. many of the c19 related established patents were even way bach in 2009-2012 !

    I was still talking to people up until they got their first dose, but quickly it became obvious they are not interested, and they believe the media narrative. And now they are paying the price for that ignorance, many have paid in full. More will. Sadly.

    But don’t come here and blame us for not saying anything, we said plenty!! YOU didn’t listen! And many of you threatened us to stay silent around you or else…

    Im actualy heartbroken that you chose not to listen, and that you have to suffer the consequences, infact we have to suffer the consequences to, we will be here without our families, friends and community, left to clear up the depbries after the fact, and we did try to warn you, most of us anyway.

  864. 1 year ago
    Damien McCuinn

    We did warn you, we warned you the moment things started to smell.
    Thanks to Elon you now know the level of suppression we faced at the hands of the Government under both Biden and Trump.
    We tried warning you when they started demanding people take the vax, you didn't listen
    We pointed to all the mothers having miscarriages, you didn't listen and the government ran to hide the numbers
    We pointed to the children dropping dead, you didn't listen and the Government rushed to blame it on something else
    We SCREAMED as people on TV were stroking out and dropping dead on TV, but you believed the lies and misinformation while telling the Government to continue to supress and remove people like us from society.

    Don't ask us why we were silent, because we weren't. You just deafed yourselves to the truth and now you pay for your arrogance.

  865. 1 year ago

    Comments disabled, then re-enabled "on a trial basis," and now once again cleared. Lol. Instead of getting mad at those who were right all along, why don't we all sue Big Tech for censoring the information that turned out to be correct from the get go, as well as the gov't alphabet soup agencies and the jab manufacturers who put them up to it?
    Nice math fail, by the way - on multiple fronts. No way "the vocal minority" was only 25%. Or did you mean 15%? Either way, it was probably more like 75-80%. That's how it seemed before all the comments got nuked - again.

  866. 5 years ago
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    Update: 20 minutes into this experiment and we have already lost one volunteer. Immediately cease using the comment form to send abuse -- try to write positive messages of solidarity instead.

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    • 1 year ago
      Brian Martin

      We have been telling you for years - but have been ignored, laughed at and accused of being mentally ill and murderers by the same people stupid enough to take medical experimentation because "that nice Dr Hillary off the telly said it was safe".
      Stop lying, and own your shame.

      • 1 year ago

        Word. 🙏

        • 1 year ago
          Deborah B

          I was literally ridiculed today Tues Jan 24 2023 trying to warn people about the dangers of the Jab. So please don't say we didn't say anything. We did over and over. Heck I took the darn jab and still try to warn people not to and get ridiculed. So please enough with this narrative. We told you so. You didn't listen or chose to cancel anyone who didn't follow the narrative. You owe all those "conspiracy theorists" and apology and stop blaming the unvaccinated. They were smarter than all of us.

          • 1 year ago
            Chris Moisey

            We tried to warn you. You mocked us with tin foil hat pictures of alex jones and pictures of us doing 'our own research' on the toilet and when that didnt get us to shut up you got us de-platformed, sacked, police visits to our home and computer equipment confiscated and targeted as dangerous spreaders of misinformation and classified domestic terrorists. AND IT WAS YOU WHO WAS SILENT as a 2-tier society enveloped and you gloated that YOU could go to Greece. As Nigel Farage said to the EU parliament

            "You all laughed at me didn't you well you're not laughing now"

          • 1 year ago


          • 1 year ago

            Trolling is all they have left, sad.

          • 1 year ago

            I lost friends fighting with them about mrna vaccines. 1. With my Reiki teacher who defended politicians saying she knows some of them and they are nice ppl trying to help combat the pandemic. 2. My best friend a biolgist who laughed at me saying Im uneducated. 3. My best friend who still to this day says her covid symptoms would have been way worse without the vaccine. 4. I split up with my boyfriend of 5 years over vaccines. 5. I went to nearly all multi-thousands of ppl protests. 6. I didn't go to see my newborn grandchild because there was absolutely no way I would take vaccines for travelling. YOU MUST BE JOKING. I consider myself a HERO standing up to ppl who started to blame the unvaccinated for their trouble. Things we have to go through like not being able to enter a restaurant with my mum without an idiotic QR code.

          • 1 year ago
            Daniel Allison

            In my department, at Chrysler Auto, Windsor Ontario Canada, only 5 of us out of 210 drivers refused to take the clot shot, and were promptly fired on December 31, 2021. We showed others drivers all the data we had, from Dr.Peter Breggin, Dr.Peter McCullough, Dr. Mark Trozzi, and many more qualified doctors & scientists. We were called conspiracy theorists, nut, and mental. We were considered filthy and the coworkers even complained to management & union that they didn't even want us in the same building..and you're blaming us? Repent, turn to God & ask for forgiveness & healing

          • 1 year ago

            What a joke!!,you did it to yourself!!

          • 1 year ago

            This article is certainly becoming famous. Actually, It's being laughed at all over social media. Thanks for giving us a great mid-week kek. Please keep up the truly pathetic work we've come to expect from you losers.

          • 1 year ago

            We did but we were laughed and ridiculed. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. Decisions have consequences plain and sinple!

          • 1 year ago

            Peoples lack of knowledge and stupidity, is not on the hands of millions , who have been warning others !!! You followed society like a new trend , the governments around the world , pushed this on people, not the unjabbed !!! Research is key , finding like minded people also help !! We warned ⚠️ and unfortunately, people didn't listen !!!! The blood is on their own hands and the governments !!! PERIOD

          • 1 year ago

            Anonymous? Why?

          • 1 year ago
            Marcio Bastos

            A velha tática dos covardes e estultos. Colocar a culpa no outro por suas más-ações e malfeitos. Cresçam e virem adultos, seus idiotas e assumam as suas decisões e as consequências. Não faltaram informações sobre o tema.

          • 1 year ago


          • 1 year ago

            Heck yeah. The piece is still claiming a moral high ground. It completely talks from the victim view. As if the persecutors are those unvaccinated, rather than own the fact that the pushers are/were the ones 'in the wong'. It's a shame to see such victim mentality.

          • 1 year ago

            On a positive note the author of this article has woken up. Let's hope others do as well. And then detoxify, detoxify, detoxify. Lots of information out there with recommendations as to what to do.

          • 1 year ago

            If this is satire then well played.
            If it’s genuine then you do have a valid point in that plenty of people who didn’t take the ‘vaccine’ kept quite because they were either too cowardly or they were benefiting from the jab roll out personally.
            However millions of us were shouting from the rooftops, on social media and in person, to anyone who would listen to us. I’ve lost multiple friends and family members starting in April 2020 when I smelled a rat. The Highwire & UKcoloum have been outstanding media outlets for the truth about the harms and sinister nature of these jabs.

          • 1 year ago
            David Banner

            I wonder if its satire this article.. They can't really try to mean this seriously.. Or is the next desperate attempt to shame us lol.
            Always satanic conversion ^^

          • 1 year ago
            Cigar 502

            Well said Shirl. We warned them now they want to dump the guilt on the unvaccinated.

          • 1 year ago

            others as an escape, no apostrophe. 🤗

          • 1 year ago
            Jeffrey Dommer

            Is this article satire? 🤔 we were banned, shadow banned, laughed at and censored on every platform. The people who didn't fall for the free hamburger and fries or lottery tickets are by far the strongest individuals mentally in this society. Maybe you owe us an apology for being so obedient and not questioning the safety of a vaccine produced in just months, instead of 7 years on average.

          • 1 year ago

            To all who refused to listen to reason and got their jabs- To all those who actively attempted to harm those who stood up against the insanity-“You reap what you sow!” Enjoy your Dirt Nap!!!!

          • 1 year ago

            This article was pure gaslighting and just want to divide people more. Don’t take the bait people. THE UNVACCINATED ARE THE TRUE HEROES OF THE PLANDEMIC.


          • 1 year ago

            Is this even serious I wonder

          • 1 year ago

            You were warned, but you chose no to listen, own your own stupidity.

          • 1 year ago
            Cmd mak

            This author is hilarious

            What a noob.

          • 1 year ago
            Lisa Taylor

            Arrest fauci, gates, Klaus and all the other demons. Social media used AI to limit us unvaxed from spreading the truth. I've been in Facebook jail longer than I've been out. Oh and Hunter bidens laptop is real and full of child porn and crimes with China and Ukraine

          • 1 year ago

            exactly, I also was laughed at when trying to tell family members and associates not to take the jab. it's really disgusting that they are putting blame on the "pure bloods" .
            they need to put the blame on those actually responsible for rolling out this poison, from top down. and everyone on TV that was coercing people with donuts, hamburgers, lotto tickets and whatever else these psychopaths thought of to help depopulate the planet.

          • 1 year ago

            WWG1WGA why cuz they are in charge not humans....They create all reality on this earth give us illusion we have some control but the minute you fight for yourself they wipe you out....i.e me LOS ANGELES DCFS rolled out COMMUNISIAM it's in your face every magazine every fashion cAtalog every advertisement TV SHOW MOVIE it's all there in front of you just have to learn to see the reL meaning behind every article news report truthers pod cast it's not real ...but real is even scarier than COVID so remain ignorant you will live a much more peaceful life cuz when you can see it you will never again be able to unser is absolutely everywhere...stay asleep it's a happier existence I will never be the same again that's how big this sh*# show is....

          • 1 year ago

            Has anyone learnt you can’t change a belief if you have a strong charge / emotion attached to the belief? First you release the charge, then you have an open mind to other points of view and beliefs & can have open and honest two way conversations and look at facts and available data. You stay on the roundabout if you don’t change, everyone has the same choice in this process.

          • 1 year ago
            Just B Kind


          • 1 year ago

            #empty hospitals ...should have been a clue..duh

          • 1 year ago

            That is very well said. These covidians are real losers who never listen to anyone but their own egos. Unvaxx were massively discriminated. I wasn't allowed to buy food or go to a restaurant, barber shop, sports events, gym and I was fired from my job. Now, these idiots are regretting getting the experimental vaccines for the bioweapon unleashed by the same vaxx manufacturers.

          • 1 year ago

            Is this a joke? You didn't see the people protesting, losing their jobs, taking their kids out of school and being harassed and arrested? Sorry you couldn't be bothered to do any research whatsoever but gtfo with this garbage. And I wish I could like the rest of the comments.

          • 1 year ago

            Not to mention anti vaxxers still can’t take a cruise on some cruise ships. I still don’t understand why I’m even called an anti vaxxer, I’ve had all my vaccinations except the trial one. This article is truly meant to pit us against one another again.

          • 1 year ago

            We tried to warn everyone we could. We were ridiculed and labeled conspiracy theorists. But now it's our fault you didn't listen? No. You didn't use common sense and believed everything the government told you to.

          • 1 year ago

            Tried to tell people! But said I was a nutcase. Can't get through brainwashed brains. Many tried to warn others. But were turned on.

          • 1 year ago

            Guys it called censorship! Many doctors lost there jobs but the media and news were totally censored! I hope now we all finally understand how dangerous it is when ur first amendment is taken away

          • 1 year ago
            Janet Redbond

            Yes - I found people didn’t want to listen. Has caused a big split in my family. I am just seen as a “nutter”.

          • 1 year ago

            Same family making out I was mental or crazy but I did my research so these people could have done the same you all had free will to take the jab or not so stop blaming other people I am not antivaxer but I knew not to take the jab when one of thing in it was a cancer giving agent

          • 1 year ago


          • 1 year ago

            Dumb shit

          • 1 year ago

            You're fricking kidding right?

            You had every opportunity like we did to do your own research, but you chose to martyr yourselves and constantly virtue signal what brave, wonderful community-minded people you were by getting jabbed.

            How about you take accountability for yourselves and the fact that you would rather run with the herd, and believe everything you are told, instead of growing a pair and standing up and saying no?

          • 1 year ago

            Is this for real?? Many of us spoke out and spread the information we were finding out - we were ridiculed, called murderers /conspiracy theorists, banned from going to places and travelling without a Convid pass, and censored and banned from social media. We've lost friends and family, jobs and been ostracised from society; if it failed to occur to the vaccinated WHY we still stuck to our guns despite all of that, then maybe they need to give their heads a wobble.

          • 1 year ago
            Smart blood

            After reading all the comments this nonsense article has stirred up the pure bloods to show solidarity in the face of indignation by those that fell for the obvious lies and claimless propaganda or plain stupidity that now are looking for scapegoats, too late suckers, you blindly enlisted for the population reduction agenda. Enjoy whatever time you have left while you can. Frankly I’m surprised none have done a kamikaze to take out the perpetrators..

          • 1 year ago


          • 1 year ago

            Well said!! And these “victims” have access to the internet like the rest of us. Where is the name of the author of this article? Don’t they know taking personal responsibility is a sign of being an adult?

          • 1 year ago

            The shit i have had to put up with and still am also trying to warn people to their next move on us. We are blue in the face trying and sometimes judging by this i wonder why we bother maybe they are right maybe we do need rid of the stupid people especially one's dumb enough to write this piece. I'm brave enough to put my name to this and even my email ( that being said I rarely check the dam thing)

          • 1 year ago

            I am actually beginning to wonder if this whole thing really was an attempt to cull humanity of the most gullible and stupid.

          • 1 year ago

            What an awful manipuative article. You should be ashamed of yourselves writing such dribble. If i recall correctly, many people who chose not to get vaccinated told their friends, family, followers that they didnt want to get vaccinated and why, yet the ones who believed the vaccine would work thought we were all crazy, yelled abuse at us and told us we were irresponsible and selfish. Have u forgotten about the marches, maybe it's the media u need to question, yes the very job you are in as conveniently at the time, they chose to block all that. Funny eh?

          • 1 year ago

            Agree. I’m a big girl and made an informed decision from actual experts not internet warriors who barely passed year 10. Articles like this are written to feed the already unstable minds out there. I’m going on and living life not spending my days spreading YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Trump crap and praising cop killers on Telegram. The unvaccinated are the only ones blaming anyone…the government, the police, doctors, nurses, employer. It’s poor me with them. The life they have left is consumed with bitterness.

          • 1 year ago

            Agree. I’m a big girl and made an informed decision from actual experts not internet warriors who barely passed year 10. Articles like this are written to feed the already unstable minds out there. I’m going on and living life not spending my days spreading YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Trump crap and praising cop killers on Telegram. The unvaccinated are the only ones blaming anyone…the government, the police, doctors, nurses, employer. It’s poor me with them. The life they have left is consumed with bitterness.

          • 1 year ago

            You meant "drivel", and I concur.

          • 1 year ago
            Lesley Shurlock

            Yes. This is absolute rubbish. It ignores the MSN censorship and all censorship and the way we who tried to warn people, using good science and quoting good scientific research, were called terrible names, made to look like evil people, and treated as though we were dangerous.
            All the people with whom I have been in touch since the injections - they are not 'vaccines' - were started have tried to warn people of the damage they would do. We were banned from Twitter and Facebook for spreading "disinformation" but we were telling the truth, as you now acknowledge. The "fact checkers" jumped up and tried to tear us down, people derided us and were very cruel to us. The government censored good scientific papers which proved we were right. Everyone from the top down was against us and used character assassination and other underhand methods to shut us up. But we remained loyal to the truth. We tried to save people. We tried to show the data that the people who had the injections were the ones getting ill, not those of us who avoided them at great cost to our lives by the threats and impositions laid on those of us who would not have these dangerous injections. We went through hell, but the believers in the injections said we were stupid, bad, evil, all kinds of cruel things were said about us. I never gave up. I tried to save people from this dangerous regime of injecting people with these poisons.
            Now you turn on us and say we did not warn you. You cannot have it both ways. We lost our jobs, income, everything because we tried to warn you and you derided us. We did try to tell you.
            The FDA knew, they accidentally showed a slide of dangers of the injections at a seminar in 2019 before they were given to people. But they went ahead and enforced the taking of them. They knew the dangers and made people have them. Blame them. Blame the governments, the Makers, those who said the entire global population had to have an "amazing vaccine". Do you think they did not know? Those people who also wanted to reduce the world population? Think about it. Start to look at the evidence from the last 50 years. Blame them. Not us.

          • 1 year ago

            "The unvaccinated are the only ones blaming anyone…the government, the police, doctors, nurses, employer. It’s poor me with them. The life they have left is consumed with bitterness."

            Seriously? Is the word "not" missing from that statement... even then it doesn't make sense!

            The ones who are consumed with bitterness are those who are losing their health and lives due to the toxic junk that's been injected into them... and that's after two years of non-stop haranguing, gaslighting and vitriol of those who opened their eyes instead of rolling up their sleeves.
            Bitter? I'd be bitter if I'd been dumb enough to believe the "safe and effective" mantra after 5 weeks of reviewing fake data presented to willing shills and getting the green light to kill people with it.

          • 1 year ago

            Pretty sure the article is satire.

          • 1 year ago

            Brilliantly put. Of course we tried to warn everyone. My entire family fell out with me and my “friends” turned their backs. I had to shut down a social media account because of the awful messages I was receiving whenever I was posting information to warn of any dangers. This is a very flippant article - I’m sorry the writer feels that way, perhaps it was their own personal experience.

          • 1 year ago

            First of all, the unvaccinated did not know anything. I knew as much as all the other simple people knew. When we warned those close to us, we were ridiculed. We were ridiculed! Those who got vaccinated made a choice: out of fear of illness or death, because they wanted to travel, because they wanted to go to concerts, because they wanted to enter the Mall, because they wanted to keep their privileges and well paid jobs. Do not dare to blame the unvaccinated for your choice. Don't forget how some of you treated the unvaccinated. Accept your mistake and wake up, but through this article I see that you are still stupid! Everyone is responsible for everything, even for your choices. Grow up!!!

          • 1 year ago

            We did and it got us attacked, labelled, silenced, ridiculed. But we always wanted to get the message out to try to save humanity. Lots of egos were at play in those who ‘took it for others’ so they wouldn’t listen. Instead we were demonised and discriminated against. It was horrific.

          • 1 year ago
            unvaxed threat to society

            Agreed 100%

          • 1 year ago

            U agree the un Vax r not the problem n dangerous ot the vsx. We did try to warn u. All. I lost my job. For not putting a clot shot in me. These r death shots. If anyone blames the un vsx. Get your dam head checked

          • 1 year ago

            100% do your own research stop being sheep. Own up to your own decisions and stop being the victim. The antivaxers were the minority and you ignored the minority. Next time listen to what the minority is saying and then make your own decision.

          • 1 year ago

            Wow, a whole article of gaslighting!?!? We screamed from the rooftops and were ridiculed, abused, shunned, threatened, shamed, lost our jobs, banned from shops, organised mass protests, were fined, arrested, etc, etc, etc. We went through hell to try and warn you all.

          • 1 year ago

            Absolutely 💯 correct 👏

          • 1 year ago


          • 1 year ago
            P SMITH

            Don't accounts suspended (truckers) alienated from travel (national and international) sport, entertainment and leisure facilities, educational institutions and for many jobs...oh and some from life saving operations. I'm sure there is something else but thus is just in case anyone forgot

          • 1 year ago

            We did everything. Even stormed the vax centers with lawyers. Went on protests with thousands in shopping malls, and all over the streets of London. Put our selves in harms way. Told everyone. They chose to ignore. and instead they insult, arrest, bully, name call, threaten and so much more.

          • 1 year ago

            Perfect answer!

          • 1 year ago

            Exactly!! I lost my Twitter acct permanently. Was in FB jail repeatedly. Was called a murderer for refusing the jab. Now it's my fault? GTFOH with all this nonsense....

          • 1 year ago

            Seriously. I keep thinking this must be a Babylon Bee article because we told them all. Many of them won't talk to us anymore, others have become extremely sick or worse despite us warning them not to get it. And what about Dr know-it-all who would not let all doctors speak if they did not agree with him. Go talk to him about this.

          • 1 year ago

            I might be a conspiracy theorist but at least I don't have myocarditis.. just sayin

          • 1 year ago
            Keith Taylor

            I'd argue with you but you already know that your article is a lie. And you lie in an attempt to redirect the wrath of the vaxxed from the establishment to the unvaxxed. It will not work. Your time is coming. Tick tock.

          • 1 year ago

            Spot on!

          • 1 year ago

            Sorry… not sorry! We were shamed beyond recognition! Not to mention EVERYONE had access to the same info we all did! So own your ignorance and move on! What’s done is done! NOONE is responsible for you but you!

          • 1 year ago

            Wholeheartedly completely totally AGREE with 2 comments above by Chris nnDeborah /your article falls in category of blind, brain-washed or wicked deceitful ness and poisonous projection. Excuse me - ahem cough cough cough / who was is it that was Silenced, censored, even wrongfukly imprisoned?

          • 1 year ago

            well said

          • 1 year ago

            we all spoke up, you didn't listen. it is beyond insulting to insinuate that it is somehow our fault that you lack critical thinking, especially after being ridiculed and ostracized from everyone from family members all the way up to every institution and government

          • 1 year ago


          • 1 year ago

            This article enrages me.

            I took the primary series early. I had misgivings but I was overly enthusiastic about the technology and the full Narrative had not yet taken hold.

            It was my mistake.

            Meanwhile, almost everyday I had to defend my unvaccinated friends from shocking, vicious, outright dehumanizing rhetorical attack from many of my vaccinated "friends." The level of the rhetoric I heard was astonishing. Truly something that could've been heard in 1938 Germany. Unreal.

            And now THIS article? Sadly, the best case scenario is that it's clickbait.

            More likely... Sigh... So many of us have become actual monsters. The fear and obedience and need for association has eaten away our souls like the vax ate away our vascular cells...

          • 1 year ago

            Yes I told them too I said at least wait a year to see what they really do No one listened The fear the MSM pumped out did them in . Most of my friends disowned me as crazy. My own mother I explained that these were not vaccines that they were meant to kill Did she listen? No and she ended up in hospital Then she had second one and ended up in hospital and has to be on oxygen all the time. We said not more but she had a booster and almost died. We didn’t take her to hospital this time because we knew they would kill her Luckily one of our family knew how to help her and it was a long road to recovery but she made it She finally said no more vaccines but she can no longer live alone or take care of herself I still do not understand how someone can not listen to reason I guess it is just brain washing
            She did watch TV all the time and as someone sad Tell A Vision
            Program is programming

          • 1 year ago

            Seriously, the unvaccinated, like myself tried to tell everyone. What happened. We got banned on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and every social media. We were told we were crazy, shut out of family/friends lifes, lost jobs, kept out of restaurants and stores. We did everything we could and YOU all ridiculed and ostracized us. Now you want to complain we didn't do enough. Take responsibility for your own actions and start thinking for yourself. Find someone else to blame.

          • 1 year ago

            This is a joke right!??

          • 1 year ago
            R Strong

            Are you kidding!!!!! I spent TWO YEARS shouting from the roof top on every social media platform with doctors interviews and peer reviewed data trying to educate and better prepare everyone i knew. I wrote to every media outlet i could, no journalist would step up!!!!!I wrote to my kids school, I wrote to our politicians, I wrote to our department of health, and our aviation community. In return I spent 90 days in Facebook jail, I lost my friends, destroyed my marriage, my husband lost his career, we were banned from participating in society, refused entry to museums and library and public swimming, cafes and restaurants by sanctimonious self righteous arrogant and utterly ignorant individuals who refused to even consider an alternate point of view. And live with the consequences of your decisions...we all have to live with the consequences of your decisions and your cowardess, and your inability to stand up for truth and freedom. and I refuse to take responsibility for your behavior.

          • 1 year ago

            R Strong-I applaud you for your tireless efforts. I’m sorry you’ve suffered so much collateral damage for simply trying to lovingly awaken family, friends, community!
            You are a hero in my eyes and I thank you for your tenacity in the face of such adversity and loss.
            It is people like you that kept me doing the same. I, like you, screamed LOUDLY!
            Enduring mockery, shaming, accusations, bullying…just raked across the coals!

            Fortunately, MOST of my family aligned with me, my husband as well. I have one son of 4 adult children, that rolled up his sleeve to happily receive his two jabs and booster. I GENTLY tried to warn him. Gently, because he would immediately become embroiled with anger if I so much as mentioned the dangers.

            I, too, lost many “friends” on SM by posting graphs, reports of injury, interviews with respected, fearless MD’s, scientists who warned, early on, the dangers.
            Yes, I didn’t shut up, still haven’t.
            I’ve made new friends, as a result. People all over the world I’ve never met with whom I connected due to our common stance.
            I’m grateful for these people and people like you that in the face of such violent adversity, persevered. It literally kept me going and gave me strength and confidence as I am NOT one to engage in confrontation. It was extremely challenging for one like myself that wants only to love and promote peace.

            What separates us from them? Why, how did some of us (the minority of the global population) see right through this while the majority fell?

            I removed myself from SM platform’s because I was completely wore out, just felt that it was no longer my job to “enlighten” people. The roll out was a year in and most had already gotten the jabs at this point.
            Yea, I retreated. Besides, I/we were busy getting the heck out of dodge to develop our new homestead. Developing garden beds, chicken coop, rabbits, and self-building barns and now our home.

            I saw the calamity, I warned LOUDLY, I got away from the city and now reside peacefully-ish on ten acres in rural east Texas.
            I haven’t fooled myself into thinking I’m now safe. No. I know what “they” are up to and there is more to come….
            But meanwhile, I live a life with a measure of peace and security, for now.

            I’ve since returned to SM. But now when I post info on the deaths and maimings, I get ZERO negative feedback! Only from those with whom align.
            Why did the attacks stop? Well, it’s pretty obvious to me. It’s because those that attacked me in 2020/21 all received their jabs and are truly seeing it was a gross error. Now, they are silent….

            I do not take pleasure in this. Not at all. I have compassion for the jabbed, in spite of their vicious attacks. I feel so very sad for them. Talk about a mass awakening….🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

          • 1 year ago

            Amen! I could not have articulated my response better.

          • 1 year ago

            Is this satire? We tried to tell you and you wanted us put in jail, concentration camps, or dead. We lost our family, friends, and careers because you wouldn't listen.

          • 1 year ago

            It has to be satire. That’s the first feeling I got.

          • 1 year ago

            Same. It can't be anything else, other than a phishing operation, to draw out those who have thus far kept their heads down (I haven't, I stuck mine well above the parapet, from day 1)

          • 1 year ago

            Babylon Beesque

          • 1 year ago

            Exactly ! We tried our best to warn people. Standing in the park week after week. Posting information through people's doors... who ever wrote this is obviously deluded.

          • 1 year ago

            That's what I was wondering. This can't possibly be a serious article???

          • 1 year ago

            The absurdity of Democrats has far exceeded satire so it makes it hard to tell

          • 1 year ago

            Not the first time that this site published articles so ridiculous that they must be satire

          • 1 year ago

            Exactly 💯
            It's disgusting and I have tried so hard but people don't listen not even my adult kids!
            Got called all sorts of nasty stuff from conspiracy theorists to bipolar and narcissistic! Which I am not and it's all fact now!

          • 1 year ago

            Satire… that’s exactly what I am thinking 🤔

          • 1 year ago

            I feel like this has to be satire as well! Maybe the joking about all of it will make it easier for people to come to grips with the reality of our situation. Some people in my life are starting to see the truth, but not one apology or “I wish I had listened to you instead of calling you crazy”. This has been sad and frustrating.

          • 1 year ago

            Unfortunately those that have now realised that the jabs are deadly are probably deep down inside their own thoughts are either too embarrassed to admit they were wrong and you were right or they are too proud to admit they made a mistake and don’t want to discuss it any longer with you. I’ve lost many friends and family but I continue to fight, continue to push back against the narrative and the agenda!!

          • 1 year ago

            Take responsibility for your choices. Shifting blame is childish. And lest you forget, the unvaxxed we're screaming at the top of their lungs, but we're censored at every turn.

          • 1 year ago

            Are you kidding me right now? We were labeled Conspiracy Theorists, Shunned, lost connection with family, censored by absolutely everybody, some were jailed, you secretly( and some not so secretly) wished us dead, all the while we tried and tried to get you to listen and prayed you wouldn't be harmed. We were not allowed to shop, go out to eat, many had accounts abolished from companies we'd been with for years and looked on as terrorists by our own governments. Please, tell me again how we have blood on our hands when you chose Main stream media and a corrupt Government instead of even searching into what we were saying. Google, YouTube, Facebook and many others canceled and booted us for speaking out any way we could.
            Maybe instead of trying to find someone to blame, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if you should have listened or at least followed up on your own instead of blindly trusting.

          • 1 year ago

            Same here, a friend just a few weeks ago got covid for the second time and told me they were going to get the "JAB" because their spouse got covid and it didn't seem as bad for them.

            I tried to explain 2 things: First you have had it twice and the first time you were in the hospital on and off for 2 MONTHS, the second time it was a week so your immune system is doing JUST FINE.
            Second: EVERYONE is diffrent and my wife smoking for 30 years had covid and it lasted 3 days and she only knew because she lost her taste. I had covid DONT SMOKE, took VitD, Zinc, C, Quercetin everyday and I got it 10X worse than my wife, my 20+ year old son, 2 days and done, 20+ daughter 10 days of hell, BOTH JABBED against my advice. Son ended up in ICU a week after the jab, 6 months to recover FROM THE JAB, his doctor told him STAY AWAY FROM THAT POISON.

            After ALL THIS friend got the "BOOSTER" and ended up in the hospital a week later, on a heart monitor, had to wear it for 2 weeks and she told me "WHY DIDNT YOU TALK ME OUT OF IT"

            What are we supposed to do when I almost LOST MY JOB for not taking it, co-workers pizzed off at me for not taking it. (FYI ALL but one co-worker got covid despite taking the jab).

            We tried you can thank Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bill Gate, Fauci for BLOCKING THE TRUTH.

          • 1 year ago
            tony c

            the unvaxxed were mocked and ridiculed, even threatened, now the truth comes out and those who tried to tell us are still being blamed for our choices . we need to accept the decisions we made as adults who made a mistake. no one's fault but our own.

          • 1 year ago


          • 1 year ago

            Just wanted to let u know that my family was ostracized and abused by my community as a result of someone leaking out that we dont vaccinate. Came to a point where we had to move to a different state. Nonvaxxers experience enough adversity as it is. Please dont blame it on us for not rejeopardizing our families by warning you guys. You guys had no problem shaming us and now you expect us to ask for it again? Please dont blame it on us for you guy not hearing the warning bells. It doesnt take an idiot to see red flags when the government mandates a product that Wasn't tested for safety properly, where the studies and ingredients arent fully disclosed, and where the testing has been pushed through warp speed. Dont blame others for not thinking with your own brains. You dont need science or research. You just need common sense.

          • 1 year ago

            I'm not jabbed but I do worry for loved ones, as I've seen already very severe side effects (shingles, myocarditis, sudden death).

            I do get the humor of this article, but I admit I'm afraid for my jabbed family. One day very soon, this article will be very accurate.

          • 1 year ago

            100% correct

          • 1 year ago

            The 'Unvaxxed' are the BOMB 😝🥳💕
            Proud of all of you 🙏

          • 1 year ago

            U agree the un Vax r not the problem n dangerous ot the vsx. We did try to warn u. All. I lost my job. For not putting a clot shot in me. These r death shots. If anyone blames the un vsx. Get your d
            am head checked

          • 1 year ago

            Who wrote this lol

          • 1 year ago

            Well said 👏👏👏

          • 1 year ago

            This is the dumbest projection ever.

            First humiliate others calling them conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers and wishing them death, and then come blaming them for not informing you 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

            Double dumb, that's what u r

          • 1 year ago

            We tried our best. Sry the mass media is against humankind.

          • 1 year ago

            If we were silent for three years, I hate to see what being vocal is like. The author is a moron and perpetually triggered. This is like a five year old whining about getting in trouble after being warned many times.

          • 1 year ago
            Jesse M Jungbluth

            We did. You chose not to listen.

          • 1 year ago

            millions marched saying no to the jab .there is no way you are bribed or made to get a jab, you jabbed will die within 5 years because you are asleep. turn yr tel lie vision off and stop with the papers. wake up lookup.

          • 1 year ago
            Cara Duty

            Oh my … you took the jab and how are you doing? ⚠️ danger ⛔️ danger!

          • 1 year ago

            Awesome well said.

          • 1 year ago
            K miller

            Maybe ask for apologies from the people that lied to you, not the ones that tried to tell you and who you then tried to banish from society for doing so.
            Look to your own behavior. Imagine what you could have done differently and then YOU apologize and try to convince us that you won’t do that again.
            I am in deep mourning for friends and family that chose not to listen and am in no mood for this public display of “blame someone else for my utter failure”.

        • 1 year ago

          Warn you people? I warned every friend I knew, and even some acquaintances! I was laughed at, ridiculed, insulted, told I shouldn't even be allowed to go to the shops because I'm unjabbed etc etc. I posted online - citing peer reviewed literature and scientific studies confirming the dangers of the vaccine, and yet, with many, to no avail.

          This post has to be the biggest inversion of reality I have ever seen. Absolute and pure gaslighting of a minority who tried to save you from your own gullibility and now look where it's got you. Your blood is on your own hands, not mine, what, cant you conduct your own research? Why did you have to rely on people like me to warn you, and why did you subsequently not listen and by-in-large go and recieve the poison shot anyway? Are you really that intellectually fragile and feeble?

          And now your anger and derangement cannot be contained and all that self-loathing is projected outwards at us because your superiority complex wouldnt allow you to see beyond the thin layer of slippery ice that the governments and health authorities laid in front of you. This article really is a sight to behold, tell me OP, have you been diagnosed with myocarditis or is this simply an article designed to create division and drive up site traffic via controversy.

          And as for your no swearing policy, well, gosh darn heck the lot of you.

          Now take my email address so you can add me to your database and send me automated nonsense.

          Good luck.

          • 1 year ago

            Such a perfect response, it can't be topped so I'll just say I agree 1000 percent! 👏

          • 1 year ago

            👏👏 well said

          • 1 year ago

            Perfectly said! Thank you!

          • 1 year ago

            Exactly 💯
            It's disgusting and I have tried so hard but people don't listen not even my adult kids!
            Got called all sorts of nasty stuff from conspiracy theorists to bipolar and narcissistic! Which I am not and it's all fact now!

          • 1 year ago

            So sorry - that is awful. I know how you feel. 🤗🤗🤗

          • 1 year ago

            Thank you and we'll said.

            Karma is one cruel mistress, and best believe she is coming for what is owed to her.

            My suggestion, make peace with the ones you've ridiculed, demonized, censored, and shamed for telling YOU THE TRUTH you all so reluctantly declined to listen too. You made your beds, now lay in it.

          • 1 year ago

            I lost absolutely everyone in my life because I was "crazy" and "not being safe" and "why would they want to hurt us?"

            Then I had"friends" try to have me committed to a mental ward because I kept telling them it probably wasn't a good idea.

            As they say you can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink.

          • 1 year ago

            Oh please. We, the unvaccinated risked so much to let people know about the shot.Our jobs, family and friends angry at us, humiliation on social media, and being banned on social media. You just wouldn't listen. Now you want to shame us for not doing enough?? Was that really even our responsibility? You could have researched the same as we did. I can't believe you've had the audacity to write something like this.

          • 1 year ago
            Lu Bielefeld

            Perfect! I totally agree.

        • 1 year ago
          Sharon Moccia

          I begged my son, pleaded with him, begged my sister, but it all fell on deaf ears. I even asked him to store his sperm before the vaccine in case it made him sterile. Well I hope he doesn’t regret not listening to mom on that one. 🙏🙏🙏. I have no guilt whatsoever for doing research and making my own decision.

        • 1 year ago
          A heart broken mom

          I begged my son, pleaded with him, begged my sister, but it all fell on deaf ears. I even asked him to store his sperm before the vaccine in case it made him sterile. Well I hope he doesn’t regret not listening to mom on that one. 🙏🙏🙏. I have no guilt whatsoever for doing research and making my own decision.

        • 1 year ago

          This is a silly argument because of the obvious rebuttal....WHY DID THE POWERS THAT BE NOT WARN, INFORM, OR GIVE INFORMATION FOR INFORMED CONSENT? The unvaxed people were not because we had information the VAXED did not have it's was because we knew the labor laws and we understood constitution and history then took road less traveled did not trade potential of I'll health/no liability for I'll health then trade our health for money and COMMUNISIAM....we take our freedoms for granite they remove them cuz we allow it...wake up our kids will never understand and will be raised in a life of indentured servitude ....fear not march loudly and speak with strong conviction I DO NOT CONSENT! Once you understand everything we have been told taught read see hear is a lie....bottom line THEY GOT THEIR DEPOP BY FREEWILL!

        • 1 year ago
          Wagiman Gammin

          What its not safe and effective, what tha? Be careful people they may be collecting your data. Your blood will be in demand. As far as the author's argument goes, sheep don't understand anything apart from baaa baaa. So, I have empathy for those coerced with evil threats of losing their homes and income and done it out if desperation. Others need to suffer to learn to be reflective and critical sovereign thinkers and join humanity in the present.

        • 1 year ago

          Who wrote the article?

        • 1 year ago

          I tried everything, lost 7 twitter accounts for sharing evidence based facts regarding the vaccine. You need to own your error. Trouble is, we are still fighting for the injured now. You were on the wrong side of history not us

        • 1 year ago
          Michael Beringer

          Being a functional society looks to trust as a foundational connection for effective communication. The ability to be heard would have had more of an impact if more people where in the habit of critical thought. 80% of the American population desires being told what to do. It is a habit developed by being rewarded in our education system. The masses whole heartily believe (not from first hand experience) their ability to discern the trusted authority will lead them to safety. Do what you are told and you will be rewarded. Multiple choice to achieve high marks. Not what do you think but what you can parrot. Of the group that could not get questions answered or verify the statistics we understand our responsibility. We will continue to be people connectors and listen to the needs of our community. But to say we infringed upon someone’s free will can never be claimed. We truly spoke up but in the end where asked to respect one’s desicion to listen to the wrong authority. Who you listen to is a success principle. Zero attention was given to the people you live with and those that have been in the trenches with you for decades.

          Well at least we got invited to Christmas this year. But the condescending attitude was sad to experience. True colors and truth rises. My gut tells me this is a trolling blog. But my thoughts are still the same.

        • 1 year ago

          This article is garbage! I’ve had fb account suspended because I tried to tell people! Discrimination against the jabbed?!? Hahahahaha what a joke after we unjabbed got threatened with being pulled out of our houses and arrested, let’s not forget we couldn’t anywhere. Pathetic article

        • 1 year ago

          We warned people. And when we did, we lost friends over it, were ridiculed, demonized, called derogatory names, censored, and segregated for our choices. Sounds more to me like you just have really bad friends who didn’t try to warn you.

        • 1 year ago

          I was stood on the pavement in the middle of my local town holding a banner warning people about the dangers. I got ridiculed and sworn at, some of my fellow protestors got physically threatened. The main feed back from the crowd was anger. The majority of my friends mocked or argued with me, as if I was the main threat. I don’t blame them, they were scared. What did you want us to do beat people up in the covid jab queue ? I think who ever wrote this article needs to take a long hard look at the selves. The real enemy comes from higher up the medical, policial and media chains.

        • 1 year ago

          I'm so sorry that the vaccinated have been harmed and are now realizing what we've been screaming for years, but to say we're to blame for your failing hearts, lowered immune systems and deaths is beyond offensive. You were attacked by a global pharmaceutical giant and we, the unvaccinated, fought for you with everything we had. We lost our jobs. We were told we are unclean and couldn't sit with you at Christmas. We were told we were to blame for grandma dying. Now they are introducing legislation in Canada to deem us mentally unwell. We have always been and will continue to be your biggest supports. We who fought our employers and government. We who demanded change and conducted protests. Please wake up to the truth and realize who did this harm to you and who fought to protect you.

        • 1 year ago

          This is ridiculous. We were demonized for "not doing our part".

        • 1 year ago
          Elise M

          The Dept. Of Homeland Security censored vaccine-critical comments on social media through their connections in these companies. If you don't know that then look up the Twitter files on a search engine besides Google. The American public was whipped into a frenzy about COVID by the media then pointed at the vaccine critics as the source of their anxiety. The unvaccinated where demoralized and many were intimated into silence. If you fell for it and got the vaccine, you are understandably angry. The government and media lied so you would do what they wanted. Now you know. I'm sorry if you have had complications or have had a loved one die. And this thing is still unfolding so I'm sorry for any future losses too.

        • 1 year ago

          Social media wouldn't let us publicly warn you and when we tried to warn each person, one-by-one, we were ridiculed. We were anti-vax, anti-science, anti-love and compassion for others. This article is infuriating because we tried and too many people didn't want to hear. This is not on us.

        • 1 year ago

          Did you not see the millions protesting? Did you not listen to your friends? Did you not open your eyes and see there was never a pandemic? The pandemic was an IQ test that you failed miserably. You blocked us, shut us down, got us banned

        • 1 year ago

          We got hammered, censured off media platforms, I got abuse told I was selfish, lost clients, income, others lost friends and family, we were constantly told off and told I was going to murder my family. We couldnt mix with anyone who was shot for they feared us!
          The other side wanted us dead and we were told so on many platforms even told we shouldnt get hospital beds.
          I handed flyers, posted on social media I went to illegal protest I got ( we) got shot down in flames I got taken off social media booted out of places etc.
          Please we tried and tried..... noone listened!

      • 1 year ago

        Tried telling everyone. Lost my social media accounts for "disinformation" and "creating vaccine hesitancy"
        I've been banned from my family holidays for 2 years for being "selfish" and "dangerous".
        I was not allowed to my aunt funeral (she died after the 2nd dose)
        I was not allowed to leave my country, enter public places or dine out with friends....because I was selfish.
        The media said I should be jailed and my kids taken away.
        Many called for us to be literally "force injected"
        So I ask you, when you speak up and your voice is removed, your family calls you a conspiracy theorist and your gov denies your access into public, how else are you supposed to "warn" people?

        • 1 year ago

          I echo the experience of all of these people who try to warn others. Even good, friends and family ignored and vilified the warning. This is not on any of us.

          • 1 year ago

            This is an absolutely disgusting attempt to victimise a group and hide the guilt felt by said group for the last 24+ months of shameful ridicule, exclusion and abuse towards those who TRIED to warn people and chose to do some critical thinking instead of blindly following what the mainstream media told us.

          • 1 year ago

            I am disappointed to see an article like this pointing the finger and finding fault with the unvaccinated. In the midst, we are horrible people for “not caring for our fellow human beings”. Now we are horrible people for “not saying anything”. I know dozens of unvaccinated people and every one of them spoke out to family, friends and even strangers. The uniform response was that we were the crazy selfish ones. Not one person changed their mind and decided not to get the 2nd shot or the booster. Take responsibility for your choices, own your hateful behavior on both sides of this situation. We hope the best for the vaxxed, but more and more is coming out.

          • 1 year ago
            VeganAndy - Tik Tok animal rights activist

            It was Deplorable discrimination. Everyone here got a minuscule insight into what it is like to have freedoms taken away for every factory farmed animal in this sickly carnist world. Now stop being major hypocrites & go vegan. Free to see what you force animals to ensure for nothing but selfish taste pleasure. You Tube Dominion

        • 1 year ago
          Jerry Todd

          Amen. How many jobs and careers were lost for taking a stand against vaccinations? It’s amazing how this writer is trying to justify it and self and lay blame where it doesn’t belong

          • 1 year ago
            Paps Lazaru

            Your moderators are spineless wusses if they can't handed the opinions given and facts stated here. And WE DID warn you. Over and over and over again. Many of us lost our jobs because we refused the jab, and you cheered. We were excluded from public venues; you wished death and suffering upon us... and you have the nerve to wonder why we have nothing nice to say to you, now?

          • 1 year ago

            Maybe look at local Governments pollitions,health departments.there the one saying vaccines are safe.

      • 1 year ago

        Exactly. Most of us were begging people not to take it. It seems that no matter which direction the narrative goes it’s “the unvaccinated” who get blamed. Now to accuse of being sociopaths? God gave free will. Own your choices not to demand information and do your own research. We pray for all of you. Every single day.
        Perhaps now you can start looking into the rest of the things we have been trying to tell you as well. Maybe we aren’t as stupid as you’ve all accused the last 6+ years.

        • 1 year ago

          Yes! And many of us have shared detoxing information for those injected to try to get them help. Even that brought ridicule.

          • 1 year ago
            Paps Lazaru

            Your moderators are spineless wusses if they can't handed the opinions given and facts stated here. And WE DID warn you. Over and over and over again. Many of us lost our jobs because we refused the jab, and you cheered. We were excluded from public venues; you wished death and suffering upon us... and you have the nerve to wonder why we have nothing nice to say to you, now?

      • 1 year ago
        Alison Fauci

        Come on people, this is a jab at the jabbed. Satire. And the warnings from the “moderation” team is pure comedy as well. Keep up the good work. 🤘🏻

        • 1 year ago
          Grauci Fauci

          Agreed totally

        • 1 year ago
          Dr. Mengele Fauci

          Total disinformation of information that has been misinformed about.

          [email protected]

        • 1 year ago
          Gavin Uchiha

          D-Rank satire 🥱

        • 1 year ago
          Paul Lambert

          It doesn't matter that the article itself is satire. It is helping to bring to the surface a very real split in human society today. How quickly some people can turn on others! After two years of being suppressed, it is time that we finally get to lash out verbally.

      • 1 year ago

        Cmon everybody, they're not serious here about anti vaxxers being too silent, anti vaxxers are anything but silent. They're teasing. Tryina get yur goat... and yur email address. And mine....

      • 1 year ago

        this is an idiotic commentary. The unvaxxed warned and warned and were discriminated against, ostracized and hated on by the vaxxed.
        If this isn't parody it's the most pathetic twisting of reality I've ever read.

      • 1 year ago

        I am curious about the individual who made all these accusations, about the unvaccinated who have been abused and ostracized and shunned.
        Please explain why on earth you would respond the way you have. Every unvaccinated person I know has been criticized by their closest loved ones. The only solution I can think of is that you do not have a friend in the world who cared about you enough to warn you. The rest of us have tried and tried to get people like you to hear the other side only to be criticized more.
        I sat in a group of women, at a health oriented gathering, where one woman spewed her hatred, and said that she hoped all the unvaccinated died. The others in the room either remained silent or nodded in agreement.
        I tried to warn people to do some research to learn about the “other side”, only to be told that there was no other side. And now you’re going to blame me?
        How do you justify your statements? Please respond.
        Thank you

      • 1 year ago
        Daniel Allison

        Thinking again, is this piece satire?

        • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago
        Hot Chick

        I can’t believe someone actually wrote this. I’m laughing. I’m a personal trainer. I’m 43 and look 29. I never get sick. My nutrition is on point. I’m in mad shape. I was like noooo f’n way am I getting that thing. Seems like some of my clients would of followed suite. Nope! They mocked me. Said we can’t have you over, whispered “she didn’t get it” to one another, called me an anti vaxxer. I have no sympathy for anyone who didn’t do their due diligence.

      • 1 year ago
        Lady Hermann

        Well said. Funny...not haha but strange....for I said the jabbed would blame us for their lack of research.

      • 1 year ago
        Britt Stavins

        Don't forget the extreme censorship for 2.5 years. How was anyone going to be able to hear with extreme censorship? There are individuals and organizations that organised this whole genocide, that hid the truth, while every antivaxxer spent 2yrs being silenced... Also, people's fear and cowardice, their arrogance and ignorance, was another factor in why they didn't listen to the antivaxxers as they tried to warn us all.

      • 1 year ago

        Is this some sort of joke? Those that refused to get vaccinated (due to its lack of testing with historical data supporting correlation with hundreds of thousands of deaths in African and Asian countries in the past 20 years with similar virus strains) were not just mocked but persecuted by mainstream media, medical experts, employers, and even their own religious leaders. Many that lost jobs have children that were also segregated and mocked / harassed constantly. It became evident that freedom of speech was not even possible. Family members and friends were lost because they would not listen to sound reasoning and rather cave into fear mongering.

      • 1 year ago

        This is a joke, right?

      • 1 year ago

        100% agree Ron! "When the truth comes out, don't ask me how I knew. Ask yourself why you didn't!". They can't have it both ways. Ridicule and ostracise those that tried to warn them, then try to blame them for not telling them! Gaslighting much! Their anger should be directed at all the government officials, health officers, celebrity and media juice pushers that 'duped' them into taking it. Not those of us that stood strong on our intuition and common sense and distrust of government/big pharma. Don't get me wrong, I pity and grieve for anyone that felt compelled by fear or sense of duty to take it, which includes my Mum and Sister, and I wish them all a healthy long life, but there comes a point where personal accountability and responsibility has to take charge. My opinion only.

      • 1 year ago

        We tried very hard to inform people but they would not listen, we were conspiracy nutters to them. They had every chance to do their own research as I did, they only have themselves to blame and don’t try to tell me they had no choice, we ALL choices and these choices have consequences. Have any of them researched how to get rid of what has been put inside them!!

        • 1 year ago

          Ivermectin will destroy the spike protein, but they refuse to believe it......

      • 1 year ago
        Critical Thinker

        This article is absurd. The author is mentally ill. People speaking truth have been censored. Any critical thinker has had years to learn what's really going on.

      • 1 year ago
        Unk jones

        Every time I tried to warm some dumbass vaxxed in fb or insta I’d get banned. Maggots. Reap what you sew.

      • 1 year ago

        My experience with vaccinated people as well… what happened to my body my choice???? Anyone?

      • 1 year ago

        Is this article for real?????????

      • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago

        Is this satire? The rampant censorship could not have gone unnoticed.

      • 1 year ago

        Exactly, I list family members respect and friend for speaking out against the covid vaccine.

      • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago

        you said it right

      • 1 year ago

        No refunds.

      • 1 year ago

        Agreed. The unvaccinated have warned everyone but the vaccinated chose to ridicule, insult, and dismiss the warnings of an overnight vaccine. The vaccinated chose to believe "The Science"

      • 1 year ago
        Marshal clark

        I simply have to be belligerent about saying this. My apologies, anyhow. There are children under Area 51. Just telling everyone, and you should to. Sorry these answers may seem so simple. Sorta like moving around the globe like Rhombicosidodecahedron from one flat plane to another, yet we all have done it. Kind of deflating to actually see through the illusion with open eyes. We could either save the children here or save imaginary ukranians on your television. Call me crazy, but who really thought it was aliens under Area 51? Sirius-ly? For more practical delusions visit Universal Vortices University

      • 1 year ago
        Marshal clark

        I simply have to be belligerent about saying this. My apologies, anyhow. There are children under Area 51. Just telling everyone, and you should to. Sorry these answers may seem so simple. Sorta like moving around the globe like Rhombicosidodecahedron from one flat plane to another, yet we all have done it. Kind of deflating to actually see through the illusion with open eyes. We could either save the children here or save imaginary ukranians on your television. Call me crazy, but who really thought it was aliens under Area 51? Sirius-ly? For more practical delusions visit Universal Vortices University

      • 1 year ago

        Is this a joke article? Has to be

      • 1 year ago

        What the first guys said.... i cant even believe you would publish something this shitty. Seriously, you just need to try to cast blame. Do you knowwhat unvaccinated people went through, being expelled sfrom all social places, being called murderers, forthe belief we had in our immune systems, and now becaise big pharma murders peopl again, youre gonna try to blame the people who tirelessly tried to sort fact from fiction while mainstream media lied to us all constantly. Frick you.

      • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago
        Richard berger

        How dare you blame the unvaccinated for your own stupidity. We warned everybody. But people like you called for us to be silenced. Your government injected you. Go after them you moron.
        Stop blaming the unvaccinated for your own blind stupidity

      • 1 year ago

        Absolutely agree

      • 1 year ago

        You didn't want us to push our 'tin foil hat" theories on you. You were so sure you were "good" and "right" and we were "irresponsible" and "wrong". Most of us suffered to some degree for making our own choice-: unemployable, loss of income, loss of friendships and family members that would not come near us. We were marginalised from "society", maligned and abused. We tried, each of us within our own circle of influence, but you did not want to listen. Social media was censored, many of us were banned, so the only conversation you heard was the one they wanted you to hear. Every single one of us has had to search outside the mainstream media for the information that we came across. To this day I still encourage everyone to do the same. Most are too lazy. They want someone to tell them what to do, and someone to blame if it ends up being wrong. Personally, I do not vilify the vaccinated. With few exceptions, the adults I know and love are all vaccinated...up to 4 times. I gain no comfort in my personal decision, it is likely to leave me bereft many times over.

      • 1 year ago

        Don’t forget we are Tin foil hat wearers that don't deserve the same freedoms as the jabbed, we were excluded from society,
        People that bothered to do theit own research instead of being psychologically brainwashed by grubberment pawns claiming to be scientists on the tell-lie-vision. We were excluded from restaurants, cafes, shops, Cinemas, doctors surgeries, hospitals, churches, schools, childcare centres, visiting our grandparents in nursing homes, weddings & funerals, rejected by family to join the jabbed family members for Christmas, lost our jobs & we deserved it all for being so self centred according to the jabbed. We should be locked up in camps and persecuted by guards, not even allowed back in our own Countries or homes. We have lost our careers, our homes, every member of our family & a lot of us are now homeless for the first time ever in our lives.. DONT GO TELLING ME WE WERE SELFISH & Didn’t do enough to warn people, I have spent countless hours every single day & night sending people random strangers documents, evidence, videos, and done more that most people have done to share information to wake people up! And I never stopped! At the same time going through my own trauma of being evicted from my home in 4 days, with no one to help me, no where to go, rejected by family, bunch of selfish narcissists!

        There’s no name on this BS STORY & I Smell a Rat in the Cheese Factory, it’s just more Psyop!

        And if we still tell people the truth about the WEF NWO the dangers of 5G, Chemtrails, they’re poisoning our skies & food, and our Totally Corrupt Grubberments that only have a plan to send us into economic besiege, bring in the social credit system, take our money & bank accounts ( which has already happened to certain individuals) & turn our suburbs into heavily surveillanced controlled ‘so called’ Smart Cites with the end results of our demise to end of life - THEY STILL WONT BELIEVE US!!

      • 1 year ago

        I'm angry reading this. Shared on twitter. Who wrote this. It is absolutely insane. We were actually vilified for sharing anything on these so called vaccines. People refused to listen, instead they shamed us on social media for all the world to see. The information was all there, these guys refused to seek it out. There will be no amnesty from me.

      • 1 year ago

        I couldn't agree more, people need to account for their own actions. I was shouting from the rooftops telling people not to get vaccinated and told I'm a tin foil hat weirdo.

      • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago

        I warned everyone I knew only to be called every name in the book. Fired from my job. Not allowed to visit people or go to weddings, Christmas, or any other family gatherings. The information was available to anyone who dared to look. It was not a secret only a few knew. Unfortunately your lack of curiousity surrounding both Covid and the Vax will be a mistake you can't fix...

      • 1 year ago

        As a vaccinated person, I think you're wrong. It's not the unvaccinated fault at all and blaming them demonstrates the fault in your though process.

        If you want to blame someone, blame yourself. You likely heckled and harrassed unvaccinated up until you decided to blame them. Between the censorship by MSM and the gov collusion with elites & big Pharma should be enough to hold them all criminally responsible. Feel like virtue signalling some more? Well you best direct it at the right source. Now please, leave the unvaccinated alone. They've already been through enough and so have we.

      • 1 year ago
        Pissed off

        Amen.. this article is none sense!


        The MSM is low.. but this is very low.

        Don’t get me started.. I sent texts messages, begged and pleaded with people warning them not to at ANY costs do this to yourselves.. I went live on FB on December 4, 2020 warning you all not to mention getting banned repeatedly for posting the truth on whatever social media platform I could. I stood up for the natural cures and vitamins and was mocked and ridiculed and ignored and not allowed to go to certain places cause I wouldn’t show my papers. Not my fault or anyone else’s that you trusted strangers, your tv and lies more than God and the voice of truth!

        You want someone to blame??


      • 1 year ago
        Betsy G

        Exactly. We told you over, and over, and over again but YOU wouldn’t listen. Instead you hailed the tech giants and government for censoring us as “disinformation/misinformation” or “You don’t believe in or trust the science.” Don’t you DARE throw us under the bus. It was your own doing for being a sheep. I do feel badly for those who were led astray, because they were, but your blame and anger is directed at the wrong people. The media, Big Tech, Biden admin, CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, FBI, AMA, WEF, Big Pharma, and Fauci, are all to blame. They lied to ALL of us. Some of us realized it from the beginning, NOT because we’re anti vaxxers, but because things weren’t adding up properly.

      • 1 year ago

        Nice piece of satire. Proof of that is the reaction from many of my fellow jab free friends. But, you must excuse us as every bit of humor has been beaten out of us over the last few years of propaganda. What is satire now may well be mainstream consensus in three months.

      • 1 year ago

        Dr. Hillary??

      • 1 year ago
        Charles from Coastal Texas

        The old adage “There are none so blind as those WHO WILL NOT SEE” applies here. I told everyone I knew what I was hearing and reading and learning about C19, the uncheckable spread of airborne viruses, the relative size of the virus vs. the size of the holes in the mask and the uselessness of wearing masks, etc. and was ignored. Ridiculed.
        Don’t try to blame us, YOU’RE the ones who refused to think and reason your way through this obscene mass murder event. I’m so sorry and I hope for good outcomes for us all, but I’m damned if I’ll take the blame for you being sheeple.

      • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago

        LOL!!!!!!!! What utter nonsense. Most of the unjabbed lost family and friends through speaking out. My brother has disowned me for trying to warn him. The public and media said we should be locked up, denied medical treatment, to have freedom, well that makes people like that sound like Nazis who destroyed or abused israelites, disabled, homosexuals etc., based on lies. Morons who write pieces like this or who are paid to, either have little empathy and have to be always be right, like a toddler having a tantrum feeling his/her narcissism means they don't have to listen to anyone. It is all ego. Time to wake the frick up and grow up. It causes divide and conquer, people with a malignant narcissistic attitude regardless of whether jabbed or unjabbed should hang their heads in shame for the shit stirring they create. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF and stop blaming others, because you chose to ignore what people were desperately trying to tell you. You chose to ignore researching, using critical thinking and analytical abilities, questioning, your conscience eating away at you, you chose to ignore any instincts, intuition, and to follow orders instead and take a pompous stance about it. Whether done out of fear which anyone with a heart can sympathize with and those types who didn't spew vile hatred upon the unvaxxed, needing to keep a job or whatever, that is not your fault. You were conned and we care. What is a person's fault is their belief in being superior, right, and talk arrogant piffle like this, that merely shows how unoriginal, stupid, vicious and divisive they really are. EVERYONE needs to humble up and help each other. No-one can win in a divisive climate.

      • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago

        This is one of the most narcissistic things I have read in a while, take responsibility for your own life! Take off the skewed glasses and look back, we risked a lot! Some lost jobs, family and friends for our stance on an obvious psy op! Take responsibility for your self, and stop blaming any one but yourself for where you are in life! All the best to you on the journeys of self discovery, peace out

      • 1 year ago

        I really hope this article is satire. If not it's garbage, and I'm of the mind the author is just trying to cause more hate and division like our crime minister Turdeau.

        We've been screaming from the rooftops since the beginning.

        You refused to listen and called us crazy conspiracy theorists and nutjobs.
        And for the record, I am not an anti-vaxxer. I'm anti-mRNA gene therapy.

      • 1 year ago

        EXACTLY! Don't even come at us with "you didn't tell us".... We were literally screaming in the streets and at commissioners courts, etc etc.!

      • 1 year ago

        Wow, denial at it's finest. I totally deny your claim and the premise for your article. Anyone who spoke out did so at their extreme peril:
        1. Loss of job
        2. Public ostracism
        3. Public humiliation
        4. Attacked physical and on line
        You make it seem like the unvaccinated were malicious., This sounds and looks like sour grapes. The risk was extreme for speaking out. Now you're blaming the victim.

      • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago

        My thoughts exactly. We were ridiculed as 'conspiracy theorists', so what could we do? If they want to point the finger, blame the government & the mainstream media for not reporting. Even now, they are not listening 😪

      • 1 year ago

        Who ever wrote this article, i don't know how they have the cheek to write this. We did everything in our power to warn people of these death shots but were met with nothing but riddicule and come under attack from friends family and pretty much everyone else. I could go on but i don't need to.

      • 1 year ago

        Babylon Bee needs to hire this writer! 👏🏻😂

      • 1 year ago
        Eduardo Conrado Duque

        You have to fire your guns at Faucci, Zuckerberg, Dorsey (in my opinion the most deplorable), W.H.O, and all the media.
        We are just victims of this system that YOU help created.

      • 1 year ago

        I saw this article and was wondering if it was a satire site. That would be the only thing that would justify this article.

      • 1 year ago
        John Paleski

        I remain proudly unvaxed!

      • 1 year ago
        Danglin'Fury Thunder Snow

        I seriously got called a "Q-ANON conspiracy theorist" and was told "those are right wing fascist talking points" and my favorite, "YOU'RE GONNA KILL GRANDMA" when I tried to warn not only my family, but my friends, neighbors and co-workers that they were literally the experiment. When I told them this EXPERIMENTAL mRNA shot will not do anything but harm to them and yes, it can and will change your DNA. "Heck", I even saw an article full of (surprise) gaslighting 😱😱😱 shocking, I know. The headline SERIOUSLY said "Ok so these shots do change your DNA just a little bit, AND THIS IS WHY THAT IS A GOOD THING" so no. Vaxxers' blood is NOT on the hands of the unvaccinated... It's on these people that pushed these shots and told people they were terrorists if they didn't get them. It's on the hands of people that looked the other way because they were paid to not notice they were bad. It's on the hands of ALL the talking head politicians that tried to mandate these shots in order for you to keep your job. It's ultimately on the hands of the corporations like Pfizer and Moderna that made these things. That is who owes ALL of humanity a HUGE debt that will never be paid by legal means because the government gave them immunity from prosecution if they messed people up. Which they are.... Messing people up. Just sayin.

      • 1 year ago
        Davis W.

        Stop lying, who wrote this article? I want their twitter so we can organize a space. We have been screaming about the deadly vax and Covid protocol.

      • 1 year ago

        It helped no one. We gathered real scientific evidence, articles, testimonials & horror stories. To my own detriment I told everyone I knew because I would hate for anyone to be needlessly injured. Either they thought I was stupid, crazy, reckless, hateful, or they just didn’t have the fortitude to be uncomfortable to have the courage to stand against the culture. I have witnessed friends and relatives die, have heart attacks, even strokes (in my own house) and the excuses as to cause are sad and laughable- except there’s nothing to laugh at.
        The WHO and CDC have taken our medical freedom, silenced scientific opposition, ruined lives of dissenters while forcing poison into our brothers and sister and remain adamant that it’s safe and effective as they swiftly become billionaires.
        The author, who’s purposefully driving for division is as transparent as a plastic sheet. Disgusting and sad. You don’t scare us anymore!
        (I hope you learn how to code)
        Stop selling hate!

      • 1 year ago

        Who's the israelite that wrote this?

      • 1 year ago

        I spent the last 3 years posting 1000's of dr.s and scientists who absolutely stated the injections were poison and worse. I was banned from FB 31 times! 90% of my former friends rejected my wife and I. We attended rallies, carried signs, funded awareness groups. You all bought the can take the ride. I will not be going to your funerals...but I pray for NUREMBERG trials to commence and for the dr.s, politicians, and media prostitutes to all be sentenced to hang for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

      • 1 year ago
        Chris P.

        Really hoping that this is satire. If not: We absolutely, consistently tried to warn people. We also exercised our bodily autonomy and risked our livelihoods to avoid what we knew was dangerous to us and others. So, no, your blood is on your hands and on those who produced this aberration. Turn your attention to those who corrupted you, rather than those that tried to save you.

      • 1 year ago

        I couldn't agree more!
        This accusation is a very clear attempt to waver their own responsibilities, after we tried to warn! And aside from the stuff Brian already mentioned, I can also add death threats and the demand to stop relying on medical help should I ever need it in the future.

        And now the moaning about "why didn't we do more to warn".

        Frick it!

      • 1 year ago

        Maybe we didn't know.. Maybe our forefathers taught us to never trust a centralised authority or master? Maybe this is a lesson that would be best not forgotton... Remembrance day! We will remember them. Never trust a tyrant.
        I did not know that the COVID was gain of function. I did not know that masks were ment to signal slaves or promote disease. I did not know that the vaccine was loaded with toxic bullets. I just trusted that what my Grandfather told me was correct. I let that guide me. He told me, "If the government tells you to plant peas, plant oats.". That is a modus oparandi that I apply to all media's and all government edicts and mandates. (Mandates come from the people not the other-way around.)

      • 1 year ago

        Pretty sure this is just a troll/joke post. Both sides know it is so disconnected from reality. Hilarious article, though!

      • 1 year ago

        this “article” has got to be parody. at least i’m hoping it is.

      • 1 year ago
        Joe biden lost

        This story is moronic..

      • 1 year ago

        My own brother blocked my phone number for trying to warn him. And last I checked, it's the job of the doctor/pharmacist to inform you of the risks when you're getting any vaccine or medication. Cry at them.

      • 1 year ago

        Much as I wasn't gullible enough to fall for the jabs, I'm also not gullible enough to fall for this satire.

      • 1 year ago

        The author of this absurd article and whoever approved it to go live are clearly just out to be trolls. The sad thing is that some people actually believe this trash even if it's coming from an outlet less reputable than a high school newspaper. If denial was a limited resource, half the world would be cured by those hoarding it with desperate attempts to deflect blame by pointing to this lind of journalistic garbage.

      • 1 year ago
        many possibilities

        I was banned from facebook and ganged up on and ridiculed by lefturd loons on twitter for opposing vaccines.

      • 1 year ago
        Roger Jenkins

        I was not silent!
        I spoke truth!
        I was labeled!
        My mind has not changed!

      • 1 year ago

        Exactly correct! We talked, they ignored us. Their decisions are on them

    • 1 year ago

      Frick you! And by "you", I mean the people who wrote this and believe that we didn't and still aren't warning you pro-"vaxxers". I dare you to say this to my face. I have been relentlessly warning any of you fools that would listen for over three years now.

      • 1 year ago

        Is this article some kind of a joke?
        The unvaxed went above and beyond to warn us, they were ridiculed, bullied and shamed into silence. We should have done our homework!

        • 1 year ago

          Yes, I think it is some kind of a joke. It is, isn't it? I read this as extreme irony. Quite clever, too. I like it.

          • 1 year ago

            We were vilified once but not again with this garbage. Those in power and media did this. They must be held accountable. Rope is cheap and gravity is free.

        • 1 year ago

          Is this satire? Please tell me this is satire because y’all can’t really be this thick! We were banned and ridiculed and ostracized for telling y’all this…if this isn’t satire, I literally give up on this world. We yelled this crap. Y’all just chose to follow your ignorant leaders

    • 1 year ago

      OMG! Was it a clotshot injury that terminated the volunteer? It's all our fault, we're so sorry.

      Please, forgive us!

      • 1 year ago

        Wilful ignorance is not an excuse for your denial. You didn't get vaccinated because it was the right thing to do. You did it because you were a coward. You didn't stand up for the unvaccinated who marched the streets against the vaccines. Were areested and shot at with rubber bullets. Sprayed with tear gas. How dare you. Where were you and what were you calling the unvaccinated when you saw this? You are to blame for it all. Your total disdain for the unvaccinated while they tried to warn you is the problem. You may have been either gullible, or just a coward, either way, you didn't stand up for what's right even when the unvaccinated were being crucified. Now you're paying the price. But so are we. Those jobs we lost, we stood our grounds and we were still fired from our positions. The family events we were shunned from. We still call them family. Being locked in our homes like prisoners just so you could go out and have coffee and 'feel safe'. Losing our loved ones to sudden death and cancers. Just because they wouldn't listen. How do you think that makes us feel? If anyone should be apologising, it's you, and every single coward like you who wouldn't stand up for the real victims in this. The unvaccinated.

      • 1 year ago

        Is this article for real?! So we were threatened and shamed for not taking the shot, and now we’re being blamed because you did! The vaccinated were really out there wishing us death, spouting we should be in camps, or that we should receive no medical care at all. We literally shouted from the rooftops for the last 3 years not to do it. No it’s not our fault or our problem that all you vaccinated people are now and will be for generations dealing with your consequences.

        • 1 year ago

          This is the exact kind of unconstructive language that caused them to almost take the comment section away. Nobody likes it when comments sections have to be quarantined, but thanks to people like Kristy here it's sometimes necessary.

    • 1 year ago

      I spoke up, particularly against injecting young people. Lost friends. I put my head above the parapet and paid the price. And still you're trying to blame the people who tried to warn you as opposed to the evil doers who cut corners to make hundreds of billions? It's time to grow up. And take the protocols the "anti-vaxxers" have put together to mitigate side effects.

      • 1 year ago


      • 1 year ago

        I wouldn’t even waste my breath in trying to say what I was going to say, this post obviously is to cause provocation cos the writer lives a sad life and takes no accountability for his/ her own STUPID actions. If YOU choose to ignore ALL of those red flags ( and boy weren’t there many) then that’s on you so go and bleat to the rest of the brain dead sheep! It’s yr fault you chose to follow the heard and listen to the clowns on that propaganda machine!!

        • 1 year ago

          it has to be satirical

    • 1 year ago

      This is satire- right?

      • 1 year ago

        Uh, this question is satire right?

        • 1 year ago

          I don’t think the jabbed have communally admitted to being duped yet, so this must be satire. At least for now.

      • 1 year ago

        I do believe it is and it made me chuckle🤣

      • 1 year ago

        It must be. If not, only a professional victim would write this.

      • 1 year ago

        I'm asking the same question))

      • 1 year ago
        Black sheep

        Moderators controlling the comments?
        These would be the same moderators who would have shut down anyone trying to warn you all in the past. 🙃

    • 1 year ago
      Chuck Lacalle

      Please tell me this is a joke. do you know how many times I posted warnings from Drs, scientists, researchers to Facebook only to have my content flagged as misinformation and getting banned from the site? You should hold our government and all governments around the world accountable. We didn’t make the virus it was done in a lab as we all know. We also didn’t mandate the jab like our governments did. Place the blame where blame belongs—it is certainly not with us. And more importantly, they are still pushing the boosters!

      • 1 year ago

        No virus. Wasn't made in a lab. Another gaslight psyop to keep their germ theory alive otherwise big pharma will lose when people start to realise their human body is made to heal on its own, with natural healing remedies. Big pharma has made every vaccine ever brought into existence, thus man-made and not needed.

      • 1 year ago

        You are delusional. Do you have any idea how many damaged friend abdfamily relationships I have from trying to warn them of the dangers of the vaccine? People like you were not open to hearing anything. But I'm glad to see you have woken up.

    • 1 year ago

      All I can say is WOW! you (the authors) must be kidding!
      I did a little research when these jabs were first approved for human use only to find out they contained ingredients that I won't even have in my household or personal products.
      After being relentlessly bullied by all and sundry to have the jab and socially ostracized by the mandates I choose to hold my position, even when family members declined to be in my company.
      I hold no grudge against those who chose to be jabbed and treat all with respect as you should have done and should do now instead of blaming the unvaccinated for your choices.
      I had no special insight or information about these products that could not be found in a Google search.

      • 1 year ago

        Exactly. You held no grudge against those of us who got vaccinated, which is why our blood is on your hands, Lesley. If you knew your family members were making a mistake you should have ostracized them like any decent person would. I'm sure they would have done the same for you. And if you knew your coworkers were wrong to get vaccinated you had a duty to quietly reach out to their supervisors behind their backs.

        It's anti-social behavior like yours that got us into this mess.

        • 1 year ago

          Seriously lol. Own up to your actions. You knew there were unvaxxers out there, so maybe you should've done some research and found out why. They tried to warn everyone. In addition, trying playing the government, as well, for mandating them.

    • 1 year ago

      Plant Corn, get corn.

    • 1 year ago
      Pickle juice

      Honestly, I hope who wrote this get more boosters! I recommend who bent over to the government and criticized the unvaxxed. Keep getting more boosters. We don't need people like that around anyway. Whoever wrote this should get a vaccine straight in their brain. Enjoy rotting you filthy clot bags

      • 1 year ago

        It was exactly this kind of rhetoric which fooled so many innocent people into getting vaccinated. Our blood is on your hands.

    • 1 year ago

      I wore my medic uniform and stood in front of vaccine centers to warn of the potential harms. For that I was threatened with bodily harm, spit on, pushed and fired. People tried to warn the lot of the vaccinated and greeted with hate. I say you likely get what you deserve.

    • 1 year ago
      Mr. Joseph Bahadoor

      I have tried for 3 years to tell my own, loved ones, the public around me to NOT take a EUA drug! No one listened!!! Some caved because they needed the cash (JOB). I lost mine chose my Health over a Job and I am heathy and NOT having to worry about stroking out is a good thing!!

      I have NO blood on my hands!!!

      They those that chose vaxx pays with their lives now!!!!!


    • 1 year ago

      Sorry, they were not listening and they were busy classifying them as paranoid and conspiracy theorists, and were shut down from society and threatened with arrests, fines, and loss of jobs. Those frickers can go and frick themselves IMO. Everyone deserves what they do to themselves.

    • 1 year ago

      We tried! We were to blame by our own president! This is the pandemic of the unvaccinated! Unbelievable now trying to turn the tables on us! I lost friends and family members because I tried to tell them. You have no idea what we have gone thru and now you tell us we didn’t do enough!!! Own your own choices.

    • 1 year ago
      Mike d

      Is this a Babylon Bee article???

      Anyone who questioned the official narrative was deplatformed. How were they supposed to interact with the masses when they were effectively silenced?

    • 1 year ago
      Escalating Eris

      Dude, we told you. You just sent us pictures of cats in tinfoil hats.

      • 1 year ago
        Sidney pureblood

        Best comment. 🤣

    • 1 year ago
      laurie cook

      You have GOT to be kidding me? Is this BabylonBee?? We were yelling this stuff from the rooftops, YET we were censorded by Big Tech, cancelled, shunned, many of us lost our jobs because of our warnings, we lost family, we had to find new friends who were willing to listen.
      You can all just go away now with your blood full of spike.
      Sorry, not sorry

    • 1 year ago
      Jill Fancher

      Give me a break. Everyone had access to this information you refused to listen. I was telling everyone around me and provided them with constant information and they wouldn’t listen. That’s on you. Your inability not to discern truth from fiction is your problem. Your first clue was when they took viable medicine off the market because they knew it would stop this in its tracks. Then your second was the censorship on media platforms from doctors trying to warn everyone. We take no pride or credit in your blindness of evil surrounding you. Talk to God.

    • 1 year ago

      Because most unvaccinated were either censored on social media or live tv because the government ordered this. If any of us did try to express our concerns we were met with a barrage of vaccinated people telling us they hoped we would end up on a ventilator.

    • 1 year ago

      I was called a fear mongering fool …that I wasn’t a Dr …so my opinion or anything I did try to say was propaganda …and to put my tinfoil hat back o …frustrated …
      So blow it out your ass if you think we could have done more …

    • 1 year ago

      I certainly would have done more to warn you, but I was being fired for not getting the jab.

      I might have had more time to help you understand, if I wasn't trying to hold onto friends who were dropping me over my vaccine choice.

      I would have been more motivated to warn you, if I had been allowed to vacation without getting the vaccine.

      My freedoms were trashed because you were afraid, and now you want my forgiveness that I didn't tell you you were making a horrible decision.

      Your first mistake was letting government make you fear ANYTHING. I can't help you figure out how to not be a coward, that's on you.

      I don't wish harm or death upon you, but you'll never get my apology for what your fear brought on me and the world.

      • 1 year ago

        Nah they don’t want our forgiveness, they are demanding we beg them for THEIR forgiveness. The entitlement of the people who tried to ruin our lives is so cringe.

    • 1 year ago

      I tried to warn as many people as I could on every platform I could find, people at work, family and friends. I continue to post everything I can find on a regular basis including some potential natural herbs and vitamins that can possibly help. I was laughed at, ridiculed and all of that continues from the pro-vax crowd. Blood is NOT on my hands, I continue to try and help warn those who have taken the shots to STOP before it is too late.

    • 1 year ago

      Your childish tantrum and resorting to censorship is the problem, especially give the FACT your article is a blood libel.

      You made your bed, now hate that you have to lie in it.

    • 1 year ago

      There were marches and speeches in town centres all over the country. There was every chance for people to do simple research on excess deaths. There were more when the vaxx started.
      You can't really tell people not to take a medical procedure. All I could do on a personal level was to say that I wasn't taking it myself and I didn't take the flue jab either.
      I did that and travelled to rallies all the time, giving out The Light as well. I think I did help some people not to take boosters but people don't ask for permission to take a jab in the first place. None of us knew how bad it was going to be.

    • 1 year ago

      Hey everyone, we don't need to react to this and turn on each other. These poor people who wrote this are running scared and are simply looking for an outlet to deflect their own actions. The info was there and always was if you researched. Unfortunately they are simply acting in their own emotions. No point in getting upset. No one made them get the vaccine, no one put a gun to their head. They had the right to choose for themselves. The choice to consent to the vaccine and the ramifications of the vaccine was one they made on their own. I have no malice towards the vaccinated who are lashing out. I simply feel sorry for them. Of course they are going to lash out and blame anyone they can for their own decision making. They were lied to, manipulated, brainwashed, coerced, gaslighted and betrayed by people they put trust and faith in. The truth was withheld and blocked from them by those same people. They are simply looking for someone to blame and we unvaccinated are who they will take it out on. Don't give this emotional tantrum any of your energy or time. Hate breeds hate. We can not afford to turn on each other and let another corruption be swept under the rug because we have been emotionally triggered by the accusations of it being our fault for not informing them. Simply meet them with kindness and remember we did all we could. No one likes hearing the truth, it's a hard pill to swallow, but please remember they consented to this on their own multiple times prior to the injection, they had the ability just like us to look into things prior to consenting to the injection and they choose on their own Accord that the vaccine was right for them at that time. Unfortunately that includes the consequences of the vaccine was also consented to by them. Simply wish them well and good health from a 1.5m distance 😊.

    • 1 year ago
      Samuel Melton

      This is the opposite of the truth. Whoever promotes this really ought to have a good conversation with someone who was refusing this "vax" or gene therapy. Really shallow.

    • 1 year ago

      For those that were forcibly vaccinated against your will without any consent, I am so sorry that happened to you. My deepest condolences.

    • 1 year ago
      Edy Whitehead

      Every single adult had the same opportunity to do their own research before making medical decisions for themselves and their families. Grow up and own your own decision. Not one person who chose not to get the jab forced or even coerced anyone into taking it.

    • 1 year ago

      Literally gobsmacked that anyone would write, let alone publish this bizzarro garbage article. We were banned and blocked and fact checked into oblivion, but you have the nerve, after murdering countless innocents with your medical fascism, to point your finger at the people who tried, in the face of total ostricization, to warn you?

      I am glad you are all now sterile and dying. You deserve it. Burn in hell, tyrants.

    • 1 year ago

      I genuinely cannot tell if this article is satire or not. We have all been screaming from the rafters and ridiculed in the most cruel way for trying to warn others. Can someone confirm whether this article is a joke or not? I lost friends for speaking even an ounce of the truth. I stopped speaking it to avoid being shunned and canceled.

    • 1 year ago
      Julie Nicholls

      Ridiculous! I spent most days for the past three years researching and trying to warn people. We were mocked. Perhaps you should be shaming the real cowards that knew exactly what was happening in the hospitals. Start with the doctors and nurses.

    • 1 year ago
      A wolf

      Lol, we, having done countless hours of research over many years, like usual did all we could to warn of the many dangers faced with vaccination, and like 99% of the time we were called all sorts of tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist idiotic senseless abusive names, while every one ran out like thoughtless morons and took MULTIPLE SHOTS, we tried to warn you... NONE of us sat silent, believe me.

    • 1 year ago
      Seethe, cope, & dilate

      I couldn't be more proud of myself for spending the last 2 1/2 years being an outspoken pureblood. I sleep soundly knowing my refusal to get the clot shot made many a seething leftist get their 10th booster in a feeble attempt to spite me.

      I'm filled with the same joy and glee that a child has on Christmas morning when I read 'died suddenly' articles.

    • 1 year ago
      Joe Geffert

      Gas. Lighting. Wow...

    • 1 year ago

      We tried to warn you but you called us crazy conspiracy theorists and demanded we be banned from social media.

    • 1 year ago

      Disgusting article, we were vilified and abused at every turn while trying to convey the research that we'd done. Eminent Scientists accused of Pseudoscience and ignored by government and their peers. The writer of this article should be ashamed.

    • 1 year ago

      Lol. You’re kidding, right? We tried telling everyone for months and months but were called names and outcasted. #NoAmnesty

    • 1 year ago

      I had the EXACT SAME DATA YOU HAD. I made an adult decision. I paid a terrible price for my decision. I was unemployable.

      Now it turns out my concerns, based on 100% public information, were well founded.

      You were a fool, your foolishness is your own fault.

      Until you admit that to yourself, you will likely continue making bad decisions.

    • 1 year ago

      Everyone needs to cease participation in this discussion asap.

    • 1 year ago

      Here we go, if you are sincere then understand this. What is happening here is exactly what they want, it's all part of the plan. Pitch the people against each other which then weakens the uprise because we are too busy pointing fingers at each other to notice once again what is really happening.
      We all made choices and MUST be accountable and responsible for those choices. Those of us who knew have attempted to share our knowledge with those who believed in the leaders of the world and we were shunned, separated, segregated and outcast. We could not enjoy quality time with our families and friends and not one of you could make different arrangements to include us in your gatherings instead you pointed your finger and snubbed us, how do you really think we felt? Let me tell you, we felt like we were not important to any of you because a simple experimental medical procedure was more important. Yes you read correctly EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE.
      Because of our choices we endured so much heart ache not to mention the psychological distress, financial hardship, when we realised that no one really gave a hoot as to whether we could attend gatherings or not.
      We are all responsible and accountable for our decisions and must accept the consequences associated. YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE NOW YOU MUST OWN IT we did not force you instead we did our best to warn you. You chose to abide by the directives in order to maintain lifestyle or because you believed in your so called leaders.
      We had worldwide rallies where tens of millions of people actually rose up because we were wise to the evil plans. If you want to be angry point your anger in the right direction, to governments, health authorities, doctors, main stream media - believe it or not they all knew long before this started. They are all responsible, they were directed to do wrong by the people or face the consequences. They were under strict orders to cause harm to us and we the people.
      Now they want us to fight each other while they enforce even more deadly acts upon us.
      This is not a time for pointing fingers and laying blame that is exactly what they are directing us to do. Instead we must

      • 1 year ago


    • 1 year ago
      Ronald Walton

      I did. Constantly.

      You refused to listen and read the clinical submissions I supplied.

      So, Bite Me

    • 1 year ago

      Seriously... your going to print this??? What is wrong with you..... we've been shunned, labeled, shut out by our government. And you have the gull to say we didn't warn you... what is happening to common sense.... just sad...

    • 1 year ago
      Mel's pet fruit bat

      Well. What can I say?

      The unvaccinated were *this close* to being rounded up and gleefully put in camps for not doing what the *group think* wanted.

      There is a forum - called Godlikeproductions, and I suggest you go and see that from Jan/Feb 2020, biological warfare experts / medical experts were sounding the alarm about prions, Peyer's Patches attack route, the HiV inserts and the threat to fertility.

      They were the canary in the coalmine, so to speak. They did what they could as mainstream group think screamed the world down in protest at these brave few souls.

      Now you see that even the risk of organ donation and blood donation is very real, and very, very dangerous. The vaccinated are now walking time bombs of mental and physical destruction from a biological warfare pathogen designed to age the body, destroy the immune system, speed up any and all frailties a person may have, decrease their fertility, and then? Kill them.

    • 1 year ago
      Matt L

      I have literally been kicked off of facebook 4-5 times for trying to get this word out, but a certain political party pushes for more censorship of "misinformation". Are you going to listen to us this time when we tell you about our first amendment rights and how they are under attack? Clearly our words about the vaccine fell on deaf ears. These ones will too, and then are you going to blame us again?

    • 1 year ago

      Whoever wrote this story is just a big pharma shill! We warned you for 2 years censored us, you should be embarrassed you wrote the story, you should be ashamed of yourself for all the ridicule and death threats you made towards us anti-vaxxers.

    • 1 year ago
      Dr. O

      are you mentally moronic?

    • 1 year ago
      shane guillot

      WOW...I'd take this article about tone deaf

    • 1 year ago

      This shit is hilarious!

    • 1 year ago

      We told you. Repeatedly. We refused so much that governments did everything their laws allowed them to to force people to get vaccinated and even then some decided to pass new laws to allow further force.

      This is not on us.

      It's on you.

      We told you. You didn't want to listen. You were afraid. And, you know, a lot of us understood that and still do. However, you can't unvaccinate yourself.

      Turning this around like it's *our* fault somehow it egregiously wrong. I would go so far as to say that it's completely *a*moral. Not immoral. Amoral.

      This, coming from the same group of people who wished death on the unvaccinated.


      What you did is not my responsibility.

      I don't wish death or misery on anyone but I am an ardent supporter of "personal responsibility." In other words, you made your bed now lie in it.

    • 1 year ago

      This is satire right?

      • 1 year ago

        Who can tell anymore?

    • 1 year ago
      Marlene Lajoie

      After all the abuse we anti-vaxers took, after being accused of murder, after being looked down upon for "not doing the right thing" for humanity, after being shut down and alienated from family and friends... just shut the f up Health and Wellness mag and no we will not ever apologize. And by the way what kind of mag are you if you "didn't know"?

    • 1 year ago

      Cry more. Cry while you still have time.

      Because we're not listening to you any more.

      The vaccines are ravaging your bodies, killing so many off and making way for republican voters. The Church of Blue is dying and you did it to yourselves.

      And I'm glad.

    • 1 year ago

      Every time we tried to say something we were silenced, bullied, ridiculed and in some cases threatened by those we tried so desperately to keep safe.

    • 1 year ago
      Desiree Best

      Most of the unvaccinated did speak up and try to urge the sheep not to follow however the fear mongering by the media prevented our voices from being heard …. Let’s be clear we were labeled as antivaxers or as wearing tin foil hats conspiracy theorists. I am A nurse and I can Whole heartedly say I was At the brink of losing my job over a vaccine I didn’t Trust. I was Treated like a lepper. Anyone with a wifi connection and a source to log onto google could look up the speed at which it was made. The mumps vaccine was the shortest in length of time to be tested and produced and that took ten years. That In it’s self was enough to prove to me this wasn’t safe or properly worked out. In fact anyone with an apple phone should know better we all know the newest iOS has following bug fixes and updates to be corrected before it works properly. Shame on the sheeple for blaming the sensible.

    • 1 year ago

      Millions of us tried to warn all of our family and friends, to no avail, we even marched to parliment houses around the world and what did we get for it, mainstream media ignoring us or telling everyone we are terrorists. Many in Australia who went the Canberra to protest where attack by RAD weapons and thousands are still trying to physcially recover from the damage it did to their bodies, they where also sprayed with something that burnt their skin. So please don't tell us we didn't try we did becuase we love you all, we tried but the governments and main stream media made it almost impossible for us to be heard....
      We love you and know this, many are working on medical remedies to help reverse most of the damage done to you all... we know you where onky doing what you thought was right, but so where we...and have been attacked for it.

    • 1 year ago
      Rusty Shackleford

      We did, Endlessly we cried and screamed, you didnt listen. Then you said we couldnt come to Christmas dinner. You reap what you sow.

      Dont worry though, I'm sure they will come up with a Vaccine for the Vaccine, and make billions of dollars off it. Then when that turns out to be poison too they will make a Vaccine for the Vaccine that was for the Covid Vax.

      Nothing to see here move along sheep.

    • 1 year ago
      Brain damage

      Get woke ,get ded.
      Not mine or anyone else's job to babysit a bunch of brain dead idiots.

    • 1 year ago
      CK Bond

      The writer seems to have forgotten that, every time I tried to tell people "Don't do it!" my posts were deleted then I was banned from Twitter, FaceBook, etc. So, we TRIED. We were ridiculed and treated like 2nd class citizens, for trying to help the ones who didn't figure it out. That's how I knew, I figured it out. Not hard, not a mystery. Maybe I 'knew' and others didn't, because I threw away my TV in 2009.

    • 1 year ago
      Virginia Ingrim

      We screamed it from the rooftops and were censored, ridiculed and called granny killers. This article takes so much audacity that it must just be or click bait.

    • 1 year ago

      Why write this when everybody knows it isn’t true? When there are tons of videos of people begging others standing in line to get jabbed not to get the vaccine? When it’s so obviously the exact opposite of what happened?

    • 1 year ago

      Why don't you blame the people who made it and forced it.

    • 1 year ago

      Message from a Canadian
      Are you living under a rock? Let me tell you what happened to the ones you now call "the unvaxxed" thanks to your brainwashing mainstream media (Legacy Media). Firstly, we were censored. I got all my social media accounts shut down, my laptop was fried, and 3 of my phones as I tried to get the word out. Then we had our rights violated, we weren't allowed in any public place. I personally wasn't allowed to go to the gym, to hockey, to any restaurant, malls, you name it. The only thing I was allowed to enter was a grocery store, the bank, and the hospital incase of an emergency. Then we lost our jobs if we didn't subserviently comply to the mandates. I personally lost my job and my hopes to buy a home all went down the drain. It's been over a year now, and I'm still having a difficult time finding employment that will take a pureblood. My family, friends, and peers all turned their backs on me and called me the worst names ever. So then I petitioned, and protested for the first time in my area trying to warn individuals. I went to my local hospital to warn them of the studies abroad ignored. I contact my local MP and I was made fun of. And with the little money I had in my savings I managed to get to go to the Ottawa Trucker Convoy in February 2022 volunteer to help; I even bought 20 big turkeys to donate, and bought roses for the female truckers. And once that was shut down by the Stasi I returned home, and started volunteering.

      I did everything in my power to try to warn people, and to boot, I'm an introvert. I've been relatively quiet my whole life up until now: I literally lost everything I used to care for, not to mention my reputation for merely trying to tell the truth. If I had a second chance at it, I'd still do it. Whomever wrote this is one of the most spineless writers of our generation.

    • 1 year ago
      Brett Lothian

      Are you on drugs? Your ignorance, is your responsibility.

    • 1 year ago
      Steve Pureblood

      The author of this article should hang themselves. At the very least should they should volunteer to be sterilized so as to not pollute the human gene pool.

    • 1 year ago
      Fedup withYou

      A Dr. in Biological Sciences, Alessandro Siani, wrote this piece of crap. Like he didn't understand the risks.

    • 1 year ago

      When I tried to warn people or linked them to the reports, people either didn’t want to talk about it, called me crazy, or ignored me. This is a very strange argument when the blame is clearly on big Pharma and FAUCI who lied and now young people are dropping dead.

    • 1 year ago
      Rebecca Campbell

      I have some strong words for the author if this "article" but I'm sure if I write them I'll be sensored just like we were all sensored, ignored, gaslighted, accused, belittled, mocked, and threatened when we warned you. We had no special access that you didn't have. We had a he[[ of a lot more common sense. You didn't listen and this article is machiavellian social manipulation. I have one word for you and it rhymes with weevil.

    • 1 year ago

      Obviously this is satire!!!.. But people have been so traumatized by the vociferous vaxes that they have lost their sense of humor!!

    • 1 year ago

      Surely, this was written in jest. I've lost lifelong friends trying to get them to not take the vaccine. People talking behind my back and suggesting online that I should be fired from my job. You all just wouldn't listen.

    • 1 year ago

      is this a stupid joke, or is the author of this article just an absolute brain dead moron? I warned everyone and was mocked,

    • 1 year ago

      It's not April Fools, but I almost fell for this article. Don't deceive yourself, everyone is experiencing their just rewards. Those who chose to get the mRNA injection will suffer whatever (potential) consequences they may suffer. I promise that those who forced this injection on their children will suffer at a whole other level. Those of us who chose to not take the injection have also paid for our choices. Nobody gets off for free on this wheel. Welcome to our shared reality. I have paid dearly for my choices, it's now time for the vaxxed to accept responsibility and realize that whatever comes your way was of your choosing.

    • 1 year ago

      You need to start doing some research and think for yourself. The information was there for you.
      You simply took the easy way of allowing the media to make this life threatening decision for you. Instead of being angry at pure bloods you should turn your anger at the people how have done this to you, and continue to vaccinate people.

    • 1 year ago

      Hmmm, I'm wondering if the people writing this story went to conservative "places" like Rumble or Gab or Truth Social or Parler or even GETTR during the last 3 yrs to actually LOOK and READ and LISTEN so they could form their own opinions instead of just blaming conservatives for their own incompetence. I was liberal, then I went to these places. I actually heard truth.

    • 1 year ago

      Own your decisions, I’ve lost countless friends and was disowned by a parent for trying to tell them of the harm the vaccines caused. How dare you try to throw this on us. How dare you say we don’t care when we have watched loved ones becoming sick over and over. Own your decision and acknowledge your own actions. (01/24/2023- dating this)

    • 1 year ago
      Dana Scully

      We did! And you all told us we should be thrown in PRISON, we should lose our jobs, OUR CHILDREN, we should be locked in our homes, shouldn't be allowed to WORSHIP, should be SENT TO EFFING CAMPS!! You LOSERS are the reason we are in the effing mess. YOU didn't think for yourselves. YOU didn't listen to reason or think critically. YOU ALLOWED FEAR TO CONTROL YOU. You were and still are the problem. Don't ever tell us "WHy didn't you try harder." You didn't want to hear truth. And you still don't. That is why you censor.


    • 1 year ago

      suffering with the consequences of your own decisions is called being an adult, suck it up.

    • 1 year ago
      Alain B

      This is such a st*pid article full of lies and misconceptions. We have been banned, ostracized and cast aside by the "good" vaccinated people. Remember the "pandemic of the Unvaccinated"? They hated us at the time for trying to tell the truth. And the vast majority is still NOT listening to us as they are brainwashed by the media, Hollywood elite and influencers and our own government agencies (I am looking at you DCD & FDA). .

    • 1 year ago

      Just reading “experimental” was all I needed to know.

    • 1 year ago

      The vaccinated demanded we lose our jobs as we were telling them of the dangers. What rock have you been living under. We’ve been screaming it from the rooftops because we were censored on all platf

    • 1 year ago

      This is a joke, right? You cannot possibly be serious.

    • 1 year ago
      Lady Hermann

      You had the same information we did, you could have asked the same questions. Instead you worked over time to ruin our lives, destroy our families to get your jab and where your masks. It is not a vaccine and the masks do not protect you, it is a bioweapon but the proverbial "you" said, "My doctor cares about my health". NO THEY do not, they get paid every time they get you on a pill and vaccine. Do your research please.

    • 1 year ago

      Maybe it was flagged as misinformation and our social media suspended us for speaking out.

    • 1 year ago

      Unfortunately this reads as no more than another way to point fingers at someone else. You all laughed at us, and bought into gov't/media propaganda. It was never the right thing to do. All the people who decided to participate in this experiment did so on their terms and most were so extremely happy they did - showing photos and other virtue signaling activities. We were shamed and ridiculed, labeled and shut out from society and now you are trying to blame us for your inability to do your own research. You need to start "adulting" and own the choice you made.

    • 1 year ago

      This cannot be a serious article 🤦🏼 EVERYONE had access to the information. Some of us took the time to look into it. Then when we attempted to sound the alarm we were censored, ridiculed, called various names and demonised. This article is absolute rubbish. 👎

    • 1 year ago

      Is this for real? President Biden basically asked for the unvaccinated to lose their jobs. Unvaccinated were ridiculed and called murderers. People tried to speak out but were silenced.

      Here’s another truth, masks don’t work either.

    • 1 year ago
      tony c

      those others did speak up and told others ,but they were silenced by those who believed the rhetoric, now still being ostracized , and made to be the scapegoat just isnt fair

    • 1 year ago

      This HAS to be SATIRE! 😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • 1 year ago

      We tried to tell you about a lot of things and you refused to listen. You called us preppers and conspiracy theorists. You called us haters and right wing nuts. The last thing I'm going to tell you is the USA is going to fall if you continue to laugh at the warning signs. Once this nation absolves itself to the one world government you won't be laughing and you'll be shaking your heads saying, 'Why didn't they do more to warn us(?)'. I'm sorry but it's getting harder to forgive you.

    • 1 year ago
      Danny Milner

      A. For a long time you couldn’t be told because you empowered a government that loves to lie.
      B. When you could be told you didn’t listen because you were “doing the right thing” and you were “following the science”.
      This article is gaslighting at its best. You made a conscious decision. You had access to the same information. You only had to ask. So no blood is on the hands of the UN-jabbed. You can blame the medical professionals. You can blame Fauci, you can blame yourself, but you can’t blame those who did the right thing.

    • 1 year ago

      I am a yoga and Pilates teacher. I teach preventative health. I had clients for over ten years drop me. Like that. The city of Los Angeles did not let the unvaccinated in public spaces (like yoga studios) so all the studio owners turned me away. Nobody wanted to listen, not even people who I had worked with for ten years. They iced me. Wouldn’t give me eye contact. One of my long-term clients with Parkinson’s died shortly after taking the shot. I had been banned from seeing him by his family because I gave him the information about negative side-effects. I told who I could and lost clients, friends and colleagues. My own family I couldn’t convince. Even one of my three sons. I remember the sadness in my teens face when he was denied entry into some super hero movie at the local theater with his friends. He knew that in an instant he had lost all his friends (and couldn’t see the latest Marvel flick). People hid after awhile (the truth) because it was painful, alienating, and economically disastrous. I remember when our president called me “pestilence” and when my sister said she could no longer speak to me. I have blood on my hands because I hid. Yes I started to hide after awhile. The whole thing was just too much. Trying to explain and share articles and being constantly mocked. Yes I might have done more but I got very tired. It was an impossible situation. What a mess we all made of it. And I will admit my part, but only as a singular voice against a storm of institutional power and propaganda.

    • 1 year ago
      Kate Holehouse

      Please turn your anger to big tech and mainstream media for goodness sake. Misplaced anger will only lead you further into their trap.

      They censored and silenced us at every point. It was so painfully challenging having all our posts deleted everywhere and getting kicked off all the major platforms.

      It is because of THEM you didn’t hear the truth. THEY have blood on their hands. If you really truly want to stand for something then stand against the lying media, big tech, and government.

    • 1 year ago
      Robyn Bohlen

      Our messages to everyone were blocked/cancelled/censored. We tried for the past few years to offer another point of view and were totally shutdown. Your anger should be at the media and the 'leaders' who have orchestrated this whole thing. They have been lying to us all. Some of us just figured it out sooner. It never sat well with me. Still doesn't !

    • 1 year ago

      I cried, I begged. I became the family outcast. This crime against humanity does not fall on the unvaccinated. We used the same resources available to everyone. We tried to share the knowledge of experts who were silenced but you do NOT vaccinate in the midst of a pandemic without bearing the consequences of mutation. We were denied oir jobs, social and family interaction, some of us died because we were denied medical treatment for unrelated illnesses while the vaccinated laughed and cheered. Children were denied treatment and organ transplants because they or their parents weren't vaxxed. Oh no. You do NOT get to play the victim here, not with us. The shame is yours because YOU were silent?, YOU were complicit. Blame Fauci, Gates, etc. Lay your complaint at their feet. I wish you healing, and health. I've never rejoiced in your injuries or deaths. I am not a jackal. What I am is done.

    • 1 year ago

      I spent 10,000 USD and thousands of hours trying to warn the vaccinated morons that the virus was treatable with hydroxclorine, antibiotics, and ivermectin, but you ridiculed and censored me. Live with your decision and don't blame the pure bloods among us. We are the future, not the ignorant crowd followers.

    • 1 year ago

      I did try, i was trolled, gaslit, and told i was crazy to countless eye rolls. In the end, i had to help my friends who were forced to get it undergo it, the detox routine for free. Fine.

      Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda morning and night, 3 months.

      High doses of L-Argnine, NAC, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Quercetin, so much Vitamin D you think its insane,

      Tons of ginko biloba to stave off and eventually cure the brain fog.

      3 - 6 months if you survived this long your blood will be reconditioned mostly. Avoid exercise like its the plague.

    • 1 year ago
      Big Brad

      I myself is one of those that told people not to jump on the vaccine bandwagon. I was screaming it from then rooftops. You want to blame somebody. Blame the social media platform forms that suspended our accts and banned us from platforms for say DO NOT TAKE THIS POISON. Don't you dare put the blame on the unvaccinated. We did speak up, we were silenced by big tech, big pharma and the FBI. You reap what you sow, and we told you so.

    • 1 year ago

      I take offense to this article. I posted published research, statistics, testimony from credentialed medical specialists and more, in order to raise awareness of the actual risks. In thanks, I was at best ignored, or worse ridiculed, accused of being a conspiracy theorist, a non-expert unable to read and comprehend basic scientific principles. I'm done cases ridiculed by my extended family.

      Then, to add insult to injury, as an active duty military member, was forced by our toxic politics to choose between vax, or throw away 23 years of service and retirement benefits that I've sacrificed much for in order to ensure my wife and children could continue to be provided for.

      At least they didn't get the shot. I had to make a calculated risk decision for them, knowing full-well it could backfire on me. I owe you nothing, and many more like me attempted to warn others repeatedly.

    • 1 year ago
      Jake Reynolds

      I live in Canada and I couldn't get on a plane or train for a long time. People I considered friends turned me away from their tables and I very nearly lost my job. People insulted my intelligence both to my face and when I wasn't around. True friends defended me. Honestly, if this isn't parody, shame on you for trying to blame this on us. Blame the coercive rollout program, the State, and big pharma's complete indemnity from liability.

    • 1 year ago

      This has got to be SATIRE. I was on my hands and knees begging my family not to take it.
      But the people, whoever wrote this article for one, who decided what the "right thing" was could not be persuaded. Everyday I have to set aside the worry of what could happen to my children because adverse events have already happened in my circle. Strokes, blood clots, aggressive cancer and I blame our government, media, drs, AND the propagandized into oblivion idiots that demanded how we all must act. Of course, these demands seemed reasonable at the time for a certain type of people that constantly declare their moral and intellectual superiority.
      Sorry, Gaslighter extraordinaire, there is no amnesty that will be given to you or any of the others listed above. At least not without an apology.....and of course this article is for the high browed dumb people looking to point a finger anywhere but themselves.
      Encouraging people to take another booster is "mean"?
      How's this: NUREMBERG CODE. Especially for the lying Mockingbird media to which you seem to be member.

      • 1 year ago

        Right on, brother! Everything you said and more, except that there were only 2 people in my family who took it. One is literally a communist, the other was in the military. I tried warning people, telling them it was experimental, that homeless people weren’t getting it, it’s against domestic and international law to coerce people to take it. I tried pointing out that the same government that was suddenly uber concerned about their health, was failing to encourage exercise, eating a well balanced diet, optimal sleep, drinking enough clean water, you know, the basics of health to boost the immune system. I was pointing out to people all the crap that was going on that had never been done before, which fell into one of two categories; things that stoked fear, and, things (mostly unlawful) that limited freedom. We told people we liked and people we didn’t! Our consciences are clear. I noticed that the coward who wrote it neglected to put his/her name on it!

    • 1 year ago
      Ted Kuntz

      I can only assume this is some one's idea of dark humour. To blame the unvaccinated for the ignorance and arrogance of the vaccinated is preposterous. Thanks for the laugh. A tongue in cheek emoji would have made it better.

    • 1 year ago

      Sadly, this is not completely credible. I stood outside these clinics and gave people CDC information about risks vs benefits and tried to talk the people out of it. I am an RN. It was very unsuccessful. The cops were called on me. I heard the cries of the children. After I tried to make sure parents were FULLY INFORMED. I was forced to leave by cops as they said I was simply “protesting”. Please know that not all of us sat back and did nothing. Today my heart remains heavy. While I was segregated (literally in my office cubicle) I prayed many prayers while jab takers wished death on me. Many of us pray for you daily. On behalf of those who feel people didn’t warn you, I am sorry. My heart hurts for what you are feeling.

    • 1 year ago

      What a bunch of bs lol. Who wrote this garbage and where are the sources? Delusional

    • 1 year ago

      The biggest load of shit out there.. this article should be reported for false information.. how dare you 🖕🏻The vaccinated thought the were superior because they were stupid enough to fall for the scam ... maybe they have buyers remorse and look like fools . There will be no blood on our hands and they can all go get stuffed . 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    • 1 year ago

      Some epic trolling here. LOL! Some very clever articles.

    • 1 year ago
      Glenn Lambert

      Lol .. you are kidding right🤦‍♂️

    • 1 year ago

      Well, this is a switch! Those accusations and blaming/shaming tactics should be towards the government's, media and general public that effectively silenced those that DID try to warn people! The unvaxxed were ridiculed, ostracized and punished for trying to speak out! Doctors that did try were threatened and many of them had their licenses taken away and livelihoods destroyed! So, blame your government and media, not the unvaxxed!

    • 1 year ago

      Is this a satire site?! You cannot be serious 😒

      I assessed the risk for myself and my children just like any clear thinking adult, starting with the fundamental knowledge that you cannot trust pharmaceutical companies, media or politicians.

      I argued with family members and friends who uninvited me to events as a result of being unvaccinated. Not to mention the media suppression of information.

    • 1 year ago
      Big Jake

      I thought this was satire, it is isn't it? I'm about to just go start an organic farm and check out, if things are really this ridiculous.

    • 1 year ago

      Anyone who belives this fricking shit can go frick themseves....Including the fricking author.

    • 1 year ago
      Mike Freeman

      I'm still trying to figure out if this whole article is a parody or actually serious. On the off-chance that it's the latter: Why didn't we say more? Because every time we did, we were shunned, often by friends going back several decades, had our comments flagged and muted on social media, were dismissed by media pundits and "experts," and in more than a few cases threatened with loss of employment. There were even those who suggested we be forcibly vaccinated. So no, it's you who need to be asking for our forgiveness; and there are plenty on our side who are not at all disposed to give it.

    • 1 year ago
      Jim McLain

      The hell we didn't try to warn you! You fricking fricks can frick right off with this fricking bullshit!

    • 1 year ago

      If you read your last part about why you don't have comments open because of shills those shills were the people the everyone was silencing when we did speak out about the vaccines and why would we have blood on our hands when you should be going the the ones who pushed it down your throat

    • 1 year ago

      I tried to warn numerous people — and was told I should wear a tinfoil hat. I have lost access to my own sons and their families as a result. So you can do something vulgar and obscene with your absurd “blood on their hands” garbage. I spoke up. My conscience is utterly clear.

    • 1 year ago

      Have been ridiculed for the past two years teying to warn people, have friends unfriend me, people call me all sorts of names, please do not say we did not do more to warn you.. ultimately, you must own your own decisions and stop pushing blame for your own choices, you had the same ability to research like us, you could have asked more questions, you could have said no, but why didn't you?

    • 1 year ago

      If you vaccinated fools are too lazy to research what a government is illegally putting into your body without you asking any questions , it's being injected into your body and you don't want to know what is in there ???
      and you would have sneered and laughed at anyone who tried to warn you ... well you deserve what's coming and that is imminent death , as all the genuine scientists are saying not the fake one you've watched on TV the real experts are saying you are going to die some quicker than others but the spike protein is doing its job inside you and massive clots are developing every day so it won't be long you had better get your affairs in order

    • 1 year ago
      Kathleen Thompson

      You cannot be serious!!!!WTH We DID inform you and you told us you hoped we would get Covid and DIE!!!! Stop with your sanctimonious, self-righteous BS!!!

    • 1 year ago

      The fact that you're censoring dissenting comments, should explain why you might not have heard our concerns about a vaccine rushed into production.

    • 1 year ago


    • 1 year ago
      J Fox

      Name of the author please?

    • 1 year ago

      we ALL had access to the same information, don't blame us, the unvaxxed, for your stupidity.

    • 1 year ago

      Um, lots of us spoke up. I even went so far as to warn people about post-vaccine myocarditis and almost lost my job when someone reported me to my employer. I warned my family to stop getting vaccines and told my friends why I stopped at 2 doses. No one believed me. I'm not sure what else you want us to do here.
      Prominent physicians like Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, and the FLCCC people lost their licenses for speaking up. Bill 2098 in CA calls it " misinformation" when someone questions the vaccines. That should give you pause.

    • 1 year ago

      Everyone was given free will by God at birth. I don't know any unvaccinated person who remained silent. We are the ones who have been ostracized by our families and friends for telling them what was really going on. People hear what they want to hear and, sadly, there were too many who didn't listen.

    • 1 year ago

      They tried like anything. They were ridiculed. Ostracised.
      Felt to make small. They went to rallies week after week.
      Surely the writer is doing this for attention?

    • 1 year ago

      Is this article a joke? It must be, as the author would need to be beyond ignorant to write such BS.

    • 1 year ago

      This has got to be a joke site , right?
      Or scammers trying to get your email address 🖕

    • 1 year ago

      This is a satirical article right?

    • 1 year ago

      The information was out there for anyone with an inquiring mind, no one had more access than anyone else, all anyone needed was a will to look for it. We got called conspiracy theorists, tin foil hat wearers and a whole lot worse. We posted on FB, on Twitter and most social media. We know you were all under a lot of pressure to take it, we ALL WERE. Some of us just said NO and it cost us - friends, family, jobs etc. Whoever wrote this needs to look inwards and examine where they decided to be a part of an experiment and not blame others for their decision. Supplement Bromelain and N-Acytl-Cysteine (NAC), it might help.

    • 1 year ago

      Hi. I got 2 shots cuz I trusted our gov. I got very sick with the second and decided not to get anymore. Now my vaccinated friend is mocking me and saying I am stupid for believe the storyline. In his defense he did tell me he thought the shots were unsafe. But he didn't push it. Why didn't he warn me MORE? I still have minor problems from the second shot. That guy is not my friend anymore.

    • 1 year ago

      Own up to your own irresponsible behaviors. You blame all your problems on others. I say again. Own up to your own irresponsible behaviors.

    • 1 year ago
      ds williams

      Trying to warn the know-it-all "trust the science" people I got shouted at, hung up on, disinvited to family functions, called a 'conspiracy theorist', laughed at and told to mind my own business. The same information, for example the VAERS site, was available to you that I used to make my decision and try to warn the know it alls. Don't you dare try to shift the blame for your arrogance to the people who were fired, kept from using restaurants and ridiculed for not being as gullible as you.

    • 1 year ago
      Pure blood

      The info I had access to, the vaccinated had access to! It’s their own fault for not doing their due diligence and not questioning things that became questionable, such as: why do i need it if you have it!!?? Plenty of us were saying plenty of stuff. I was banned 7 times for thirty days each time from Facebook last year!! It’s not anyone’s fault the vaccinated limited their news resources only to the ones who censored what they needed to hear, as disinformation and misinformation. The vaccinated wanted censorship in the name of protecting others. Looks like they did a fantastic job dooming themselves. Free Speech is a gem to cherish and what a way to learn the harm