They knew: why didn't the unvaccinated do more to warn us? The unvaccinated knew what we didn't. Some of them said too little. Most said nothing at all. A lot of blood is now on their hands.

As the world struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that continues to surface is why the unvaccinated didn't do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected.

While well intending citizens lined up, did the right thing, and received their COVID19 vaccinations -- now seeming to do more harm than good -- their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all.

Even though they knew what we didn't.

Our blood is now on their hands.

Those are strong words. But the unvaccinated had access to important information about the potential side effects of vaccines. They knew about the risks of severe allergic reactions, blood clots, and other serious health complications. They knew that vaccines did not immunize us. They knew it wasn't effective, and that they can cause more harm than good.

They knew all of that, but instead of warning us, the unvaccinated chose to remain silent. They chose to look the other way and not speak out about the potential dangers of vaccines. They let millions of good folks who did the right thing (at the time) fall to death and disease, and many antivaxxers even gloated online about how their coin flip had been the right bet. The more diabolical even urged folks they disagree with to "get boosted."

It has become all too clear. The silence of the unvaccinated was a dangerous, sociopathic, and irresponsible decision that has had serious consequences for those of us who received the vaccinations.

And silence is, after all, consent.

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It is time for the unvaccinated to take responsibility for their actions and to work with the rest of us to find a solution to this crisis. We cannot afford to let their selfishness and lack of action continue to harm our communities. It is time for the unvaccinated to step up and do the right thing.

The unvaccinated should by any moral measuring stick have done more to warn about the potential risks -- to help us make informed decisions about our health. And they must now ask us for our forgiveness.

And, hand to heart, we may just give it to them.

Because we are good people. We took those injections because it was the right thing to do -- until it wasn't.

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    • We have been telling you for years - but have been ignored, laughed at and accused of being mentally ill and murderers by the same people stupid enough to take medical experimentation because "that nice Dr Hillary off the telly said it was safe".
      Stop lying, and own your shame.

        • I was literally ridiculed today Tues Jan 24 2023 trying to warn people about the dangers of the Jab. So please don't say we didn't say anything. We did over and over. Heck I took the darn jab and still try to warn people not to and get ridiculed. So please enough with this narrative. We told you so. You didn't listen or chose to cancel anyone who didn't follow the narrative. You owe all those "conspiracy theorists" and apology and stop blaming the unvaccinated. They were smarter than all of us.

          • We tried to warn you. You mocked us with tin foil hat pictures of alex jones and pictures of us doing 'our own research' on the toilet and when that didnt get us to shut up you got us de-platformed, sacked, police visits to our home and computer equipment confiscated and targeted as dangerous spreaders of misinformation and classified domestic terrorists. AND IT WAS YOU WHO WAS SILENT as a 2-tier society enveloped and you gloated that YOU could go to Greece. As Nigel Farage said to the EU parliament

            "You all laughed at me didn't you well you're not laughing now"

              • I lost friends fighting with them about mrna vaccines. 1. With my Reiki teacher who defended politicians saying she knows some of them and they are nice ppl trying to help combat the pandemic. 2. My best friend a biolgist who laughed at me saying Im uneducated. 3. My best friend who still to this day says her covid symptoms would have been way worse without the vaccine. 4. I split up with my boyfriend of 5 years over vaccines. 5. I went to nearly all multi-thousands of ppl protests. 6. I didn't go to see my newborn grandchild because there was absolutely no way I would take vaccines for travelling. YOU MUST BE JOKING. I consider myself a HERO standing up to ppl who started to blame the unvaccinated for their trouble. Things we have to go through like not being able to enter a restaurant with my mum without an idiotic QR code.

              • In my department, at Chrysler Auto, Windsor Ontario Canada, only 5 of us out of 210 drivers refused to take the clot shot, and were promptly fired on December 31, 2021. We showed others drivers all the data we had, from Dr.Peter Breggin, Dr.Peter McCullough, Dr. Mark Trozzi, and many more qualified doctors & scientists. We were called conspiracy theorists, nut, and mental. We were considered filthy and the coworkers even complained to management & union that they didn't even want us in the same building..and you're blaming us? Repent, turn to God & ask for forgiveness & healing

              • This article is certainly becoming famous. Actually, It's being laughed at all over social media. Thanks for giving us a great mid-week kek. Please keep up the truly pathetic work we've come to expect from you losers.

              • We did but we were laughed and ridiculed. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. Decisions have consequences plain and sinple!

              • Peoples lack of knowledge and stupidity, is not on the hands of millions , who have been warning others !!! You followed society like a new trend , the governments around the world , pushed this on people, not the unjabbed !!! Research is key , finding like minded people also help !! We warned ⚠️ and unfortunately, people didn't listen !!!! The blood is on their own hands and the governments !!! PERIOD

              • A velha tática dos covardes e estultos. Colocar a culpa no outro por suas más-ações e malfeitos. Cresçam e virem adultos, seus idiotas e assumam as suas decisões e as consequências. Não faltaram informações sobre o tema.


              • Heck yeah. The piece is still claiming a moral high ground. It completely talks from the victim view. As if the persecutors are those unvaccinated, rather than own the fact that the pushers are/were the ones 'in the wong'. It's a shame to see such victim mentality.

              • On a positive note the author of this article has woken up. Let's hope others do as well. And then detoxify, detoxify, detoxify. Lots of information out there with recommendations as to what to do.

              • If this is satire then well played.
                If it’s genuine then you do have a valid point in that plenty of people who didn’t take the ‘vaccine’ kept quite because they were either too cowardly or they were benefiting from the jab roll out personally.
                However millions of us were shouting from the rooftops, on social media and in person, to anyone who would listen to us. I’ve lost multiple friends and family members starting in April 2020 when I smelled a rat. The Highwire & UKcoloum have been outstanding media outlets for the truth about the harms and sinister nature of these jabs.

              • I wonder if its satire this article.. They can't really try to mean this seriously.. Or is the next desperate attempt to shame us lol.
                Always satanic conversion ^^

              • Is this article satire? 🤔 we were banned, shadow banned, laughed at and censored on every platform. The people who didn't fall for the free hamburger and fries or lottery tickets are by far the strongest individuals mentally in this society. Maybe you owe us an apology for being so obedient and not questioning the safety of a vaccine produced in just months, instead of 7 years on average.

            • To all who refused to listen to reason and got their jabs- To all those who actively attempted to harm those who stood up against the insanity-“You reap what you sow!” Enjoy your Dirt Nap!!!!

              • This article was pure gaslighting and just want to divide people more. Don’t take the bait people. THE UNVACCINATED ARE THE TRUE HEROES OF THE PLANDEMIC.


              • Arrest fauci, gates, Klaus and all the other demons. Social media used AI to limit us unvaxed from spreading the truth. I've been in Facebook jail longer than I've been out. Oh and Hunter bidens laptop is real and full of child porn and crimes with China and Ukraine

            • exactly, I also was laughed at when trying to tell family members and associates not to take the jab. it's really disgusting that they are putting blame on the "pure bloods" .
              they need to put the blame on those actually responsible for rolling out this poison, from top down. and everyone on TV that was coercing people with donuts, hamburgers, lotto tickets and whatever else these psychopaths thought of to help depopulate the planet.

              • WWG1WGA why cuz they are in charge not humans....They create all reality on this earth give us illusion we have some control but the minute you fight for yourself they wipe you out....i.e me LOS ANGELES DCFS rolled out COMMUNISIAM it's in your face every magazine every fashion cAtalog every advertisement TV SHOW MOVIE it's all there in front of you just have to learn to see the reL meaning behind every article news report truthers pod cast it's not real ...but real is even scarier than COVID so remain ignorant you will live a much more peaceful life cuz when you can see it you will never again be able to unser is absolutely everywhere...stay asleep it's a happier existence I will never be the same again that's how big this sh*# show is....

              • Has anyone learnt you can’t change a belief if you have a strong charge / emotion attached to the belief? First you release the charge, then you have an open mind to other points of view and beliefs & can have open and honest two way conversations and look at facts and available data. You stay on the roundabout if you don’t change, everyone has the same choice in this process.

            • That is very well said. These covidians are real losers who never listen to anyone but their own egos. Unvaxx were massively discriminated. I wasn't allowed to buy food or go to a restaurant, barber shop, sports events, gym and I was fired from my job. Now, these idiots are regretting getting the experimental vaccines for the bioweapon unleashed by the same vaxx manufacturers.

              • Is this a joke? You didn't see the people protesting, losing their jobs, taking their kids out of school and being harassed and arrested? Sorry you couldn't be bothered to do any research whatsoever but gtfo with this garbage. And I wish I could like the rest of the comments.

              • Not to mention anti vaxxers still can’t take a cruise on some cruise ships. I still don’t understand why I’m even called an anti vaxxer, I’ve had all my vaccinations except the trial one. This article is truly meant to pit us against one another again.

              • We tried to warn everyone we could. We were ridiculed and labeled conspiracy theorists. But now it's our fault you didn't listen? No. You didn't use common sense and believed everything the government told you to.

            • Tried to tell people! But said I was a nutcase. Can't get through brainwashed brains. Many tried to warn others. But were turned on.

              • Guys it called censorship! Many doctors lost there jobs but the media and news were totally censored! I hope now we all finally understand how dangerous it is when ur first amendment is taken away

              • Yes - I found people didn’t want to listen. Has caused a big split in my family. I am just seen as a “nutter”.

              • Same family making out I was mental or crazy but I did my research so these people could have done the same you all had free will to take the jab or not so stop blaming other people I am not antivaxer but I knew not to take the jab when one of thing in it was a cancer giving agent

            • You're freaking kidding right?

              You had every opportunity like we did to do your own research, but you chose to martyr yourselves and constantly virtue signal what brave, wonderful community-minded people you were by getting jabbed.

              How about you take accountability for yourselves and the fact that you would rather run with the herd, and believe everything you are told, instead of growing a pair and standing up and saying no?

              • Is this for real?? Many of us spoke out and spread the information we were finding out - we were ridiculed, called murderers /conspiracy theorists, banned from going to places and travelling without a Convid pass, and censored and banned from social media. We've lost friends and family, jobs and been ostracised from society; if it failed to occur to the vaccinated WHY we still stuck to our guns despite all of that, then maybe they need to give their heads a wobble.

              • After reading all the comments this nonsense article has stirred up the pure bloods to show solidarity in the face of indignation by those that fell for the obvious lies and claimless propaganda or plain stupidity that now are looking for scapegoats, too late suckers, you blindly enlisted for the population reduction agenda. Enjoy whatever time you have left while you can. Frankly I’m surprised none have done a kamikaze to take out the perpetrators..

              • Well said!! And these “victims” have access to the internet like the rest of us. Where is the name of the author of this article? Don’t they know taking personal responsibility is a sign of being an adult?

            • The sh** i have had to put up with and still am also trying to warn people to their next move on us. We are blue in the face trying and sometimes judging by this i wonder why we bother maybe they are right maybe we do need rid of the stupid people especially one's dumb enough to write this piece. I'm brave enough to put my name to this and even my email ( that being said I rarely check the dam thing)

              • I am actually beginning to wonder if this whole thing really was an attempt to cull humanity of the most gullible and stupid.

            • What an awful manipuative article. You should be ashamed of yourselves writing such dribble. If i recall correctly, many people who chose not to get vaccinated told their friends, family, followers that they didnt want to get vaccinated and why, yet the ones who believed the vaccine would work thought we were all crazy, yelled abuse at us and told us we were irresponsible and selfish. Have u forgotten about the marches, maybe it's the media u need to question, yes the very job you are in as conveniently at the time, they chose to block all that. Funny eh?

              • Agree. I’m a big girl and made an informed decision from actual experts not internet warriors who barely passed year 10. Articles like this are written to feed the already unstable minds out there. I’m going on and living life not spending my days spreading YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Trump crap and praising cop killers on Telegram. The unvaccinated are the only ones blaming anyone…the government, the police, doctors, nurses, employer. It’s poor me with them. The life they have left is consumed with bitterness.

              • Agree. I’m a big girl and made an informed decision from actual experts not internet warriors who barely passed year 10. Articles like this are written to feed the already unstable minds out there. I’m going on and living life not spending my days spreading YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Trump crap and praising cop killers on Telegram. The unvaccinated are the only ones blaming anyone…the government, the police, doctors, nurses, employer. It’s poor me with them. The life they have left is consumed with bitterness.

              • Yes. This is absolute rubbish. It ignores the MSN censorship and all censorship and the way we who tried to warn people, using good science and quoting good scientific research, were called terrible names, made to look like evil people, and treated as though we were dangerous.
                All the people with whom I have been in touch since the injections - they are not 'vaccines' - were started have tried to warn people of the damage they would do. We were banned from Twitter and Facebook for spreading "disinformation" but we were telling the truth, as you now acknowledge. The "fact checkers" jumped up and tried to tear us down, people derided us and were very cruel to us. The government censored good scientific papers which proved we were right. Everyone from the top down was against us and used character assassination and other underhand methods to shut us up. But we remained loyal to the truth. We tried to save people. We tried to show the data that the people who had the injections were the ones getting ill, not those of us who avoided them at great cost to our lives by the threats and impositions laid on those of us who would not have these dangerous injections. We went through hell, but the believers in the injections said we were stupid, bad, evil, all kinds of cruel things were said about us. I never gave up. I tried to save people from this dangerous regime of injecting people with these poisons.
                Now you turn on us and say we did not warn you. You cannot have it both ways. We lost our jobs, income, everything because we tried to warn you and you derided us. We did try to tell you.
                The FDA knew, they accidentally showed a slide of dangers of the injections at a seminar in 2019 before they were given to people. But they went ahead and enforced the taking of them. They knew the dangers and made people have them. Blame them. Blame the governments, the Makers, those who said the entire global population had to have an "amazing vaccine". Do you think they did not know? Those people who also wanted to reduce the world population? Think about it. Start to look at the evidence from the last 50 years. Blame them. Not us.

              • "The unvaccinated are the only ones blaming anyone…the government, the police, doctors, nurses, employer. It’s poor me with them. The life they have left is consumed with bitterness."

                Seriously? Is the word "not" missing from that statement... even then it doesn't make sense!

                The ones who are consumed with bitterness are those who are losing their health and lives due to the toxic junk that's been injected into them... and that's after two years of non-stop haranguing, gaslighting and vitriol of those who opened their eyes instead of rolling up their sleeves.
                Bitter? I'd be bitter if I'd been dumb enough to believe the "safe and effective" mantra after 5 weeks of reviewing fake data presented to willing shills and getting the green light to kill people with it.

            • Brilliantly put. Of course we tried to warn everyone. My entire family fell out with me and my “friends” turned their backs. I had to shut down a social media account because of the awful messages I was receiving whenever I was posting information to warn of any dangers. This is a very flippant article - I’m sorry the writer feels that way, perhaps it was their own personal experience.

              • First of all, the unvaccinated did not know anything. I knew as much as all the other simple people knew. When we warned those close to us, we were ridiculed. We were ridiculed! Those who got vaccinated made a choice: out of fear of illness or death, because they wanted to travel, because they wanted to go to concerts, because they wanted to enter the Mall, because they wanted to keep their privileges and well paid jobs. Do not dare to blame the unvaccinated for your choice. Don't forget how some of you treated the unvaccinated. Accept your mistake and wake up, but through this article I see that you are still stupid! Everyone is responsible for everything, even for your choices. Grow up!!!

            • We did and it got us attacked, labelled, silenced, ridiculed. But we always wanted to get the message out to try to save humanity. Lots of egos were at play in those who ‘took it for others’ so they wouldn’t listen. Instead we were demonised and discriminated against. It was horrific.

              • U agree the un Vax r not the problem n dangerous ot the vsx. We did try to warn u. All. I lost my job. For not putting a clot shot in me. These r death shots. If anyone blames the un vsx. Get your dam head checked

            • 100% do your own research stop being sheep. Own up to your own decisions and stop being the victim. The antivaxers were the minority and you ignored the minority. Next time listen to what the minority is saying and then make your own decision.

            • Wow, a whole article of gaslighting!?!? We screamed from the rooftops and were ridiculed, abused, shunned, threatened, shamed, lost our jobs, banned from shops, organised mass protests, were fined, arrested, etc, etc, etc. We went through hell to try and warn you all.

            • Don't accounts suspended (truckers) alienated from travel (national and international) sport, entertainment and leisure facilities, educational institutions and for many jobs...oh and some from life saving operations. I'm sure there is something else but thus is just in case anyone forgot

            • We did everything. Even stormed the vax centers with lawyers. Went on protests with thousands in shopping malls, and all over the streets of London. Put our selves in harms way. Told everyone. They chose to ignore. and instead they insult, arrest, bully, name call, threaten and so much more.

            • Exactly!! I lost my Twitter acct permanently. Was in FB jail repeatedly. Was called a murderer for refusing the jab. Now it's my fault? GTFOH with all this nonsense....

            • Seriously. I keep thinking this must be a Babylon Bee article because we told them all. Many of them won't talk to us anymore, others have become extremely sick or worse despite us warning them not to get it. And what about Dr know-it-all who would not let all doctors speak if they did not agree with him. Go talk to him about this.

            • I'd argue with you but you already know that your article is a lie. And you lie in an attempt to redirect the wrath of the vaxxed from the establishment to the unvaxxed. It will not work. Your time is coming. Tick tock.

            • Sorry… not sorry! We were shamed beyond recognition! Not to mention EVERYONE had access to the same info we all did! So own your ignorance and move on! What’s done is done! NOONE is responsible for you but you!

            • Wholeheartedly completely totally AGREE with 2 comments above by Chris nnDeborah /your article falls in category of blind, brain-washed or wicked deceitful ness and poisonous projection. Excuse me - ahem cough cough cough / who was is it that was Silenced, censored, even wrongfukly imprisoned?

          • we all spoke up, you didn't listen. it is beyond insulting to insinuate that it is somehow our fault that you lack critical thinking, especially after being ridiculed and ostracized from everyone from family members all the way up to every institution and government

              • This article enrages me.

                I took the primary series early. I had misgivings but I was overly enthusiastic about the technology and the full Narrative had not yet taken hold.

                It was my mistake.

                Meanwhile, almost everyday I had to defend my unvaccinated friends from shocking, vicious, outright dehumanizing rhetorical attack from many of my vaccinated "friends." The level of the rhetoric I heard was astonishing. Truly something that could've been heard in 1938 Germany. Unreal.

                And now THIS article? Sadly, the best case scenario is that it's clickbait.

                More likely... Sigh... So many of us have become actual monsters. The fear and obedience and need for association has eaten away our souls like the vax ate away our vascular cells...

            • Yes I told them too I said at least wait a year to see what they really do No one listened The fear the MSM pumped out did them in . Most of my friends disowned me as crazy. My own mother I explained that these were not vaccines that they were meant to kill Did she listen? No and she ended up in hospital Then she had second one and ended up in hospital and has to be on oxygen all the time. We said not more but she had a booster and almost died. We didn’t take her to hospital this time because we knew they would kill her Luckily one of our family knew how to help her and it was a long road to recovery but she made it She finally said no more vaccines but she can no longer live alone or take care of herself I still do not understand how someone can not listen to reason I guess it is just brain washing
              She did watch TV all the time and as someone sad Tell A Vision
              Program is programming

              • Seriously, the unvaccinated, like myself tried to tell everyone. What happened. We got banned on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and every social media. We were told we were crazy, shut out of family/friends lifes, lost jobs, kept out of restaurants and stores. We did everything we could and YOU all ridiculed and ostracized us. Now you want to complain we didn't do enough. Take responsibility for your own actions and start thinking for yourself. Find someone else to blame.

            • Are you kidding!!!!! I spent TWO YEARS shouting from the roof top on every social media platform with doctors interviews and peer reviewed data trying to educate and better prepare everyone i knew. I wrote to every media outlet i could, no journalist would step up!!!!!I wrote to my kids school, I wrote to our politicians, I wrote to our department of health, and our aviation community. In return I spent 90 days in Facebook jail, I lost my friends, destroyed my marriage, my husband lost his career, we were banned from participating in society, refused entry to museums and library and public swimming, cafes and restaurants by sanctimonious self righteous arrogant and utterly ignorant individuals who refused to even consider an alternate point of view. And live with the consequences of your decisions...we all have to live with the consequences of your decisions and your cowardess, and your inability to stand up for truth and freedom. and I refuse to take responsibility for your behavior.

              • R Strong-I applaud you for your tireless efforts. I’m sorry you’ve suffered so much collateral damage for simply trying to lovingly awaken family, friends, community!
                You are a hero in my eyes and I thank you for your tenacity in the face of such adversity and loss.
                It is people like you that kept me doing the same. I, like you, screamed LOUDLY!
                Enduring mockery, shaming, accusations, bullying…just raked across the coals!

                Fortunately, MOST of my family aligned with me, my husband as well. I have one son of 4 adult children, that rolled up his sleeve to happily receive his two jabs and booster. I GENTLY tried to warn him. Gently, because he would immediately become embroiled with anger if I so much as mentioned the dangers.

                I, too, lost many “friends” on SM by posting graphs, reports of injury, interviews with respected, fearless MD’s, scientists who warned, early on, the dangers.
                Yes, I didn’t shut up, still haven’t.
                I’ve made new friends, as a result. People all over the world I’ve never met with whom I connected due to our common stance.
                I’m grateful for these people and people like you that in the face of such violent adversity, persevered. It literally kept me going and gave me strength and confidence as I am NOT one to engage in confrontation. It was extremely challenging for one like myself that wants only to love and promote peace.

                What separates us from them? Why, how did some of us (the minority of the global population) see right through this while the majority fell?

                I removed myself from SM platform’s because I was completely wore out, just felt that it was no longer my job to “enlighten” people. The roll out was a year in and most had already gotten the jabs at this point.
                Yea, I retreated. Besides, I/we were busy getting the heck out of dodge to develop our new homestead. Developing garden beds, chicken coop, rabbits, and self-building barns and now our home.

                I saw the calamity, I warned LOUDLY, I got away from the city and now reside peacefully-ish on ten acres in rural east Texas.
                I haven’t fooled myself into thinking I’m now safe. No. I know what “they” are up to and there is more to come….
                But meanwhile, I live a life with a measure of peace and security, for now.

                I’ve since returned to SM. But now when I post info on the deaths and maimings, I get ZERO negative feedback! Only from those with whom align.
                Why did the attacks stop? Well, it’s pretty obvious to me. It’s because those that attacked me in 2020/21 all received their jabs and are truly seeing it was a gross error. Now, they are silent….

                I do not take pleasure in this. Not at all. I have compassion for the jabbed, in spite of their vicious attacks. I feel so very sad for them. Talk about a mass awakening….🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

          • Is this satire? We tried to tell you and you wanted us put in jail, concentration camps, or dead. We lost our family, friends, and careers because you wouldn't listen.

              • Same. It can't be anything else, other than a phishing operation, to draw out those who have thus far kept their heads down (I haven't, I stuck mine well above the parapet, from day 1)

              • Exactly ! We tried our best to warn people. Standing in the park week after week. Posting information through people's doors... who ever wrote this is obviously deluded.

            • Exactly 💯
              It's disgusting and I have tried so hard but people don't listen not even my adult kids!
              Got called all sorts of nasty stuff from conspiracy theorists to bipolar and narcissistic! Which I am not and it's all fact now!

            • I feel like this has to be satire as well! Maybe the joking about all of it will make it easier for people to come to grips with the reality of our situation. Some people in my life are starting to see the truth, but not one apology or “I wish I had listened to you instead of calling you crazy”. This has been sad and frustrating.

              • Unfortunately those that have now realised that the jabs are deadly are probably deep down inside their own thoughts are either too embarrassed to admit they were wrong and you were right or they are too proud to admit they made a mistake and don’t want to discuss it any longer with you. I’ve lost many friends and family but I continue to fight, continue to push back against the narrative and the agenda!!

          • Take responsibility for your choices. Shifting blame is childish. And lest you forget, the unvaxxed we're screaming at the top of their lungs, but we're censored at every turn.

          • Are you kidding me right now? We were labeled Conspiracy Theorists, Shunned, lost connection with family, censored by absolutely everybody, some were jailed, you secretly( and some not so secretly) wished us dead, all the while we tried and tried to get you to listen and prayed you wouldn't be harmed. We were not allowed to shop, go out to eat, many had accounts abolished from companies we'd been with for years and looked on as terrorists by our own governments. Please, tell me again how we have blood on our hands when you chose Main stream media and a corrupt Government instead of even searching into what we were saying. Google, YouTube, Facebook and many others canceled and booted us for speaking out any way we could.
            Maybe instead of trying to find someone to blame, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if you should have listened or at least followed up on your own instead of blindly trusting.

          • Same here, a friend just a few weeks ago got covid for the second time and told me they were going to get the "JAB" because their spouse got covid and it didn't seem as bad for them.

            I tried to explain 2 things: First you have had it twice and the first time you were in the hospital on and off for 2 MONTHS, the second time it was a week so your immune system is doing JUST FINE.
            Second: EVERYONE is diffrent and my wife smoking for 30 years had covid and it lasted 3 days and she only knew because she lost her taste. I had covid DONT SMOKE, took VitD, Zinc, C, Quercetin everyday and I got it 10X worse than my wife, my 20+ year old son, 2 days and done, 20+ daughter 10 days of hell, BOTH JABBED against my advice. Son ended up in ICU a week after the jab, 6 months to recover FROM THE JAB, his doctor told him STAY AWAY FROM THAT POISON.

            After ALL THIS friend got the "BOOSTER" and ended up in the hospital a week later, on a heart monitor, had to wear it for 2 weeks and she told me "WHY DIDNT YOU TALK ME OUT OF IT"

            What are we supposed to do when I almost LOST MY JOB for not taking it, co-workers pizzed off at me for not taking it. (FYI ALL but one co-worker got covid despite taking the jab).

            We tried you can thank Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bill Gate, Fauci for BLOCKING THE TRUTH.

          • the unvaxxed were mocked and ridiculed, even threatened, now the truth comes out and those who tried to tell us are still being blamed for our choices . we need to accept the decisions we made as adults who made a mistake. no one's fault but our own.

              • Just wanted to let u know that my family was ostracized and abused by my community as a result of someone leaking out that we dont vaccinate. Came to a point where we had to move to a different state. Nonvaxxers experience enough adversity as it is. Please dont blame it on us for not rejeopardizing our families by warning you guys. You guys had no problem shaming us and now you expect us to ask for it again? Please dont blame it on us for you guy not hearing the warning bells. It doesnt take an idiot to see red flags when the government mandates a product that Wasn't tested for safety properly, where the studies and ingredients arent fully disclosed, and where the testing has been pushed through warp speed. Dont blame others for not thinking with your own brains. You dont need science or research. You just need common sense.

          • I'm not jabbed but I do worry for loved ones, as I've seen already very severe side effects (shingles, myocarditis, sudden death).

            I do get the humor of this article, but I admit I'm afraid for my jabbed family. One day very soon, this article will be very accurate.

            • U agree the un Vax r not the problem n dangerous ot the vsx. We did try to warn u. All. I lost my job. For not putting a clot shot in me. These r death shots. If anyone blames the un vsx. Get your d
              am head checked

          • This is the dumbest projection ever.

            First humiliate others calling them conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers and wishing them death, and then come blaming them for not informing you 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

            Double dumb, that's what u r

          • If we were silent for three years, I hate to see what being vocal is like. The author is a moron and perpetually triggered. This is like a five year old whining about getting in trouble after being warned many times.

          • millions marched saying no to the jab .there is no way you are bribed or made to get a jab, you jabbed will die within 5 years because you are asleep. turn yr tel lie vision off and stop with the papers. wake up lookup.

          • Maybe ask for apologies from the people that lied to you, not the ones that tried to tell you and who you then tried to banish from society for doing so.
            Look to your own behavior. Imagine what you could have done differently and then YOU apologize and try to convince us that you won’t do that again.
            I am in deep mourning for friends and family that chose not to listen and am in no mood for this public display of “blame someone else for my utter failure”.

        • Warn you people? I warned every friend I knew, and even some acquaintances! I was laughed at, ridiculed, insulted, told I shouldn't even be allowed to go to the shops because I'm unjabbed etc etc. I posted online - citing peer reviewed literature and scientific studies confirming the dangers of the vaccine, and yet, with many, to no avail.

          This post has to be the biggest inversion of reality I have ever seen. Absolute and pure gaslighting of a minority who tried to save you from your own gullibility and now look where it's got you. Your blood is on your own hands, not mine, what, cant you conduct your own research? Why did you have to rely on people like me to warn you, and why did you subsequently not listen and by-in-large go and recieve the poison shot anyway? Are you really that intellectually fragile and feeble?

          And now your anger and derangement cannot be contained and all that self-loathing is projected outwards at us because your superiority complex wouldnt allow you to see beyond the thin layer of slippery ice that the governments and health authorities laid in front of you. This article really is a sight to behold, tell me OP, have you been diagnosed with myocarditis or is this simply an article designed to create division and drive up site traffic via controversy.

          And as for your no swearing policy, well, gosh darn heck the lot of you.

          Now take my email address so you can add me to your database and send me automated nonsense.

          Good luck.

          • Exactly 💯
            It's disgusting and I have tried so hard but people don't listen not even my adult kids!
            Got called all sorts of nasty stuff from conspiracy theorists to bipolar and narcissistic! Which I am not and it's all fact now!

          • Thank you and we'll said.

            Karma is one cruel mistress, and best believe she is coming for what is owed to her.

            My suggestion, make peace with the ones you've ridiculed, demonized, censored, and shamed for telling YOU THE TRUTH you all so reluctantly declined to listen too. You made your beds, now lay in it.

          • I lost absolutely everyone in my life because I was "crazy" and "not being safe" and "why would they want to hurt us?"

            Then I had"friends" try to have me committed to a mental ward because I kept telling them it probably wasn't a good idea.

            As they say you can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink.

            • Oh please. We, the unvaccinated risked so much to let people know about the shot.Our jobs, family and friends angry at us, humiliation on social media, and being banned on social media. You just wouldn't listen. Now you want to shame us for not doing enough?? Was that really even our responsibility? You could have researched the same as we did. I can't believe you've had the audacity to write something like this.

        • I begged my son, pleaded with him, begged my sister, but it all fell on deaf ears. I even asked him to store his sperm before the vaccine in case it made him sterile. Well I hope he doesn’t regret not listening to mom on that one. 🙏🙏🙏. I have no guilt whatsoever for doing research and making my own decision.

        • I begged my son, pleaded with him, begged my sister, but it all fell on deaf ears. I even asked him to store his sperm before the vaccine in case it made him sterile. Well I hope he doesn’t regret not listening to mom on that one. 🙏🙏🙏. I have no guilt whatsoever for doing research and making my own decision.

        • This is a silly argument because of the obvious rebuttal....WHY DID THE POWERS THAT BE NOT WARN, INFORM, OR GIVE INFORMATION FOR INFORMED CONSENT? The unvaxed people were not because we had information the VAXED did not have it's was because we knew the labor laws and we understood constitution and history then took road less traveled did not trade potential of I'll health/no liability for I'll health then trade our health for money and COMMUNISIAM....we take our freedoms for granite they remove them cuz we allow it...wake up our kids will never understand and will be raised in a life of indentured servitude ....fear not march loudly and speak with strong conviction I DO NOT CONSENT! Once you understand everything we have been told taught read see hear is a lie....bottom line THEY GOT THEIR DEPOP BY FREEWILL!

        • What its not safe and effective, what tha? Be careful people they may be collecting your data. Your blood will be in demand. As far as the author's argument goes, sheep don't understand anything apart from baaa baaa. So, I have empathy for those coerced with evil threats of losing their homes and income and done it out if desperation. Others need to suffer to learn to be reflective and critical sovereign thinkers and join humanity in the present.

        • I tried everything, lost 7 twitter accounts for sharing evidence problematic af facts regarding the vaccine. You need to own your error. Trouble is, we are still fighting for the injured now. You were on the wrong side of history not us

        • Being a functional society looks to trust as a foundational connection for effective communication. The ability to be heard would have had more of an impact if more people where in the habit of critical thought. 80% of the American population desires being told what to do. It is a habit developed by being rewarded in our education system. The masses whole heartily believe (not from first hand experience) their ability to discern the trusted authority will lead them to safety. Do what you are told and you will be rewarded. Multiple choice to achieve high marks. Not what do you think but what you can parrot. Of the group that could not get questions answered or verify the statistics we understand our responsibility. We will continue to be people connectors and listen to the needs of our community. But to say we infringed upon someone’s free will can never be claimed. We truly spoke up but in the end where asked to respect one’s desicion to listen to the wrong authority. Who you listen to is a success principle. Zero attention was given to the people you live with and those that have been in the trenches with you for decades.

          Well at least we got invited to Christmas this year. But the condescending attitude was sad to experience. True colors and truth rises. My gut tells me this is a trolling blog. But my thoughts are still the same.

        • This article is garbage! I’ve had fb account suspended because I tried to tell people! Discrimination against the jabbed?!? Hahahahaha what a joke after we unjabbed got threatened with being pulled out of our houses and arrested, let’s not forget we couldn’t anywhere. Pathetic article

        • We warned people. And when we did, we lost friends over it, were ridiculed, demonized, called derogatory names, censored, and segregated for our choices. Sounds more to me like you just have really bad friends who didn’t try to warn you.

        • I was stood on the pavement in the middle of my local town holding a banner warning people about the dangers. I got ridiculed and sworn at, some of my fellow protestors got physically threatened. The main feed back from the crowd was anger. The majority of my friends mocked or argued with me, as if I was the main threat. I don’t blame them, they were scared. What did you want us to do beat people up in the covid jab queue ? I think who ever wrote this article needs to take a long hard look at the selves. The real enemy comes from higher up the medical, policial and media chains.

        • I'm so sorry that the vaccinated have been harmed and are now realizing what we've been screaming for years, but to say we're to blame for your failing hearts, lowered immune systems and deaths is beyond offensive. You were attacked by a global pharmaceutical giant and we, the unvaccinated, fought for you with everything we had. We lost our jobs. We were told we are unclean and couldn't sit with you at Christmas. We were told we were to blame for grandma dying. Now they are introducing legislation in Canada to deem us mentally unwell. We have always been and will continue to be your biggest supports. We who fought our employers and government. We who demanded change and conducted protests. Please wake up to the truth and realize who did this harm to you and who fought to protect you.

        • The Dept. Of Homeland Security censored vaccine-critical comments on social media through their connections in these companies. If you don't know that then look up the Twitter files on a search engine besides Google. The American public was whipped into a frenzy about COVID by the media then pointed at the vaccine critics as the source of their anxiety. The unvaccinated where demoralized and many were intimated into silence. If you fell for it and got the vaccine, you are understandably angry. The government and media lied so you would do what they wanted. Now you know. I'm sorry if you have had complications or have had a loved one die. And this thing is still unfolding so I'm sorry for any future losses too.

        • Social media wouldn't let us publicly warn you and when we tried to warn each person, one-by-one, we were ridiculed. We were anti-vax, anti-science, anti-love and compassion for others. This article is infuriating because we tried and too many people didn't want to hear. This is not on us.

        • Did you not see the millions protesting? Did you not listen to your friends? Did you not open your eyes and see there was never a pandemic? The pandemic was an IQ test that you failed miserably. You blocked us, shut us down, got us banned

        • We got hammered, censured off media platforms, I got abuse told I was selfish, lost clients, income, others lost friends and family, we were constantly told off and told I was going to murder my family. We couldnt mix with anyone who was shot for they feared us!
          The other side wanted us dead and we were told so on many platforms even told we shouldnt get hospital beds.
          I handed flyers, posted on social media I went to illegal protest I got ( we) got shot down in flames I got taken off social media booted out of places etc.
          Please we tried and tried..... noone listened!

      • Tried telling everyone. Lost my social media accounts for "disinformation" and "creating vaccine hesitancy"
        I've been banned from my family holidays for 2 years for being "selfish" and "dangerous".
        I was not allowed to my aunt funeral (she died after the 2nd dose)
        I was not allowed to leave my country, enter public places or dine out with friends....because I was selfish.
        The media said I should be jailed and my kids taken away.
        Many called for us to be literally "force injected"
        So I ask you, when you speak up and your voice is removed, your family calls you a conspiracy theorist and your gov denies your access into public, how else are you supposed to "warn" people?

        • I echo the experience of all of these people who try to warn others. Even good, friends and family ignored and vilified the warning. This is not on any of us.

          • This is an absolutely disgusting attempt to victimise a group and hide the guilt felt by said group for the last 24+ months of shameful ridicule, exclusion and abuse towards those who TRIED to warn people and chose to do some critical thinking instead of blindly following what the mainstream media told us.

            • I am disappointed to see an article like this pointing the finger and finding fault with the unvaccinated. In the midst, we are horrible people for “not caring for our fellow human beings”. Now we are horrible people for “not saying anything”. I know dozens of unvaccinated people and every one of them spoke out to family, friends and even strangers. The uniform response was that we were the crazy selfish ones. Not one person changed their mind and decided not to get the 2nd shot or the booster. Take responsibility for your choices, own your hateful behavior on both sides of this situation. We hope the best for the vaxxed, but more and more is coming out.

            • It was Deplorable discrimination. Everyone here got a minuscule insight into what it is like to have freedoms taken away for every factory farmed animal in this sickly carnist world. Now stop being major hypocrites & go vegan. Free to see what you force animals to ensure for nothing but selfish taste pleasure. You Tube Dominion

        • Amen. How many jobs and careers were lost for taking a stand against vaccinations? It’s amazing how this writer is trying to justify it and self and lay blame where it doesn’t belong

          • Your moderators are spineless wusses if they can't handed the opinions given and facts stated here. And WE DID warn you. Over and over and over again. Many of us lost our jobs because we refused the jab, and you cheered. We were excluded from public venues; you wished death and suffering upon us... and you have the nerve to wonder why we have nothing nice to say to you, now?

      • Exactly. Most of us were begging people not to take it. It seems that no matter which direction the narrative goes it’s “the unvaccinated” who get blamed. Now to accuse of being sociopaths? God gave free will. Own your choices not to demand information and do your own research. We pray for all of you. Every single day.
        Perhaps now you can start looking into the rest of the things we have been trying to tell you as well. Maybe we aren’t as stupid as you’ve all accused the last 6+ years.

        • Yes! And many of us have shared detoxing information for those injected to try to get them help. Even that brought ridicule.

          • Your moderators are spineless wusses if they can't handed the opinions given and facts stated here. And WE DID warn you. Over and over and over again. Many of us lost our jobs because we refused the jab, and you cheered. We were excluded from public venues; you wished death and suffering upon us... and you have the nerve to wonder why we have nothing nice to say to you, now?

      • Come on people, this is a jab at the jabbed. Satire. And the warnings from the “moderation” team is pure comedy as well. Keep up the good work. 🤘🏻

      • Cmon everybody, they're not serious here about anti vaxxers being too silent, anti vaxxers are anything but silent. They're teasing. Tryina get yur goat... and yur email address. And mine....

      • this is an idiotic commentary. The unvaxxed warned and warned and were discriminated against, ostracized and hated on by the vaxxed.
        If this isn't parody it's the most pathetic twisting of reality I've ever read.

      • I am curious about the individual who made all these accusations, about the unvaccinated who have been abused and ostracized and shunned.
        Please explain why on earth you would respond the way you have. Every unvaccinated person I know has been criticized by their closest loved ones. The only solution I can think of is that you do not have a friend in the world who cared about you enough to warn you. The rest of us have tried and tried to get people like you to hear the other side only to be criticized more.
        I sat in a group of women, at a health oriented gathering, where one woman spewed her hatred, and said that she hoped all the unvaccinated died. The others in the room either remained silent or nodded in agreement.
        I tried to warn people to do some research to learn about the “other side”, only to be told that there was no other side. And now you’re going to blame me?
        How do you justify your statements? Please respond.
        Thank you

      • I can’t believe someone actually wrote this. I’m laughing. I’m a personal trainer. I’m 43 and look 29. I never get sick. My nutrition is on point. I’m in mad shape. I was like noooo f’n way am I getting that thing. Seems like some of my clients would of followed suite. Nope! They mocked me. Said we can’t have you over, whispered “she didn’t get it” to one another, called me an anti vaxxer. I have no sympathy for anyone who didn’t do their due diligence.

      • Well said. Funny...not haha but strange....for I said the jabbed would blame us for their lack of research.

      • Don't forget the extreme censorship for 2.5 years. How was anyone going to be able to hear with extreme censorship? There are individuals and organizations that organised this whole genocide, that hid the truth, while every antivaxxer spent 2yrs being silenced... Also, people's fear and cowardice, their arrogance and ignorance, was another factor in why they didn't listen to the antivaxxers as they tried to warn us all.

      • Is this some sort of joke? Those that refused to get vaccinated (due to its lack of testing with historical data supporting correlation with hundreds of thousands of deaths in African and Asian countries in the past 20 years with similar virus strains) were not just mocked but persecuted by mainstream media, medical experts, employers, and even their own religious leaders. Many that lost jobs have children that were also segregated and mocked / harassed constantly. It became evident that freedom of speech was not even possible. Family members and friends were lost because they would not listen to sound reasoning and rather cave into fear mongering.

      • 100% agree Ron! "When the truth comes out, don't ask me how I knew. Ask yourself why you didn't!". They can't have it both ways. Ridicule and ostracise those that tried to warn them, then try to blame them for not telling them! Gaslighting much! Their anger should be directed at all the government officials, health officers, celebrity and media juice pushers that 'duped' them into taking it. Not those of us that stood strong on our intuition and common sense and distrust of government/big pharma. Don't get me wrong, I pity and grieve for anyone that felt compelled by fear or sense of duty to take it, which includes my Mum and Sister, and I wish them all a healthy long life, but there comes a point where personal accountability and responsibility has to take charge. My opinion only.

      • We tried very hard to inform people but they would not listen, we were conspiracy nutters to them. They had every chance to do their own research as I did, they only have themselves to blame and don’t try to tell me they had no choice, we ALL choices and these choices have consequences. Have any of them researched how to get rid of what has been put inside them!!

      • This article is absurd. The author is mentally ill. People speaking truth have been censored. Any critical thinker has had years to learn what's really going on.

      • Every time I tried to warm some dumbass vaxxed in fb or insta I’d get banned. Maggots. Reap what you sew.

      • Agreed. The unvaccinated have warned everyone but the vaccinated chose to ridicule, insult, and dismiss the warnings of an overnight vaccine. The vaccinated chose to believe "The Science"

      • I simply have to be belligerent about saying this. My apologies, anyhow. There are children under Area 51. Just telling everyone, and you should to. Sorry these answers may seem so simple. Sorta like moving around the globe like Rhombicosidodecahedron from one flat plane to another, yet we all have done it. Kind of deflating to actually see through the illusion with open eyes. We could either save the children here or save imaginary ukranians on your television. Call me crazy, but who really thought it was aliens under Area 51? Sirius-ly? For more practical delusions visit Universal Vortices University

      • I simply have to be belligerent about saying this. My apologies, anyhow. There are children under Area 51. Just telling everyone, and you should to. Sorry these answers may seem so simple. Sorta like moving around the globe like Rhombicosidodecahedron from one flat plane to another, yet we all have done it. Kind of deflating to actually see through the illusion with open eyes. We could either save the children here or save imaginary ukranians on your television. Call me crazy, but who really thought it was aliens under Area 51? Sirius-ly? For more practical delusions visit Universal Vortices University

      • What the first guys said.... i cant even believe you would publish something this sh**ty. Seriously, you just need to try to cast blame. Do you knowwhat unvaccinated people went through, being expelled sfrom all social places, being called murderers, forthe belief we had in our immune systems, and now becaise big pharma murders peopl again, youre gonna try to blame the people who tirelessly tried to sort fact from fiction while mainstream media lied to us all constantly. heck you.

      • How dare you blame the unvaccinated for your own stupidity. We warned everybody. But people like you called for us to be silenced. Your government injected you. Go after them you moron.
        Stop blaming the unvaccinated for your own blind stupidity

      • You didn't want us to push our 'tin foil hat" theories on you. You were so sure you were "good" and "right" and we were "irresponsible" and "wrong". Most of us suffered to some degree for making our own choice-: unemployable, loss of income, loss of friendships and family members that would not come near us. We were marginalised from "society", maligned and abused. We tried, each of us within our own circle of influence, but you did not want to listen. Social media was censored, many of us were banned, so the only conversation you heard was the one they wanted you to hear. Every single one of us has had to search outside the mainstream media for the information that we came across. To this day I still encourage everyone to do the same. Most are too lazy. They want someone to tell them what to do, and someone to blame if it ends up being wrong. Personally, I do not vilify the vaccinated. With few exceptions, the adults I know and love are all vaccinated...up to 4 times. I gain no comfort in my personal decision, it is likely to leave me bereft many times over.

      • Don’t forget we are Tin foil hat wearers that don't deserve the same freedoms as the jabbed, we were excluded from society,
        People that bothered to do theit own research instead of being psychologically brainwashed by grubberment pawns claiming to be scientists on the tell-lie-vision. We were excluded from restaurants, cafes, shops, Cinemas, doctors surgeries, hospitals, churches, schools, childcare centres, visiting our grandparents in nursing homes, weddings & funerals, rejected by family to join the jabbed family members for Christmas, lost our jobs & we deserved it all for being so self centred according to the jabbed. We should be locked up in camps and persecuted by guards, not even allowed back in our own Countries or homes. We have lost our careers, our homes, every member of our family & a lot of us are now homeless for the first time ever in our lives.. DONT GO TELLING ME WE WERE SELFISH & Didn’t do enough to warn people, I have spent countless hours every single day & night sending people random strangers documents, evidence, videos, and done more that most people have done to share information to wake people up! And I never stopped! At the same time going through my own trauma of being evicted from my home in 4 days, with no one to help me, no where to go, rejected by family, bunch of selfish narcissists!

        There’s no name on this BS STORY & I Smell a Rat in the Cheese Factory, it’s just more Psyop!

        And if we still tell people the truth about the WEF NWO the dangers of 5G, Chemtrails, they’re poisoning our skies & food, and our Totally Corrupt Grubberments that only have a plan to send us into economic besiege, bring in the social credit system, take our money & bank accounts ( which has already happened to certain individuals) & turn our suburbs into heavily surveillanced controlled ‘so called’ Smart Cites with the end results of our demise to end of life - THEY STILL WONT BELIEVE US!!

      • I'm angry reading this. Shared on twitter. Who wrote this. It is absolutely insane. We were actually vilified for sharing anything on these so called vaccines. People refused to listen, instead they shamed us on social media for all the world to see. The information was all there, these guys refused to seek it out. There will be no amnesty from me.

      • I couldn't agree more, people need to account for their own actions. I was shouting from the rooftops telling people not to get vaccinated and told I'm a tin foil hat weirdo.

      • I warned everyone I knew only to be called every name in the book. Fired from my job. Not allowed to visit people or go to weddings, Christmas, or any other family gatherings. The information was available to anyone who dared to look. It was not a secret only a few knew. Unfortunately your lack of curiousity surrounding both Covid and the Vax will be a mistake you can't fix...

      • As a vaccinated person, I think you're wrong. It's not the unvaccinated fault at all and blaming them demonstrates the fault in your though process.

        If you want to blame someone, blame yourself. You likely heckled and harrassed unvaccinated up until you decided to blame them. Between the censorship by MSM and the gov collusion with elites & big Pharma should be enough to hold them all criminally responsible. Feel like virtue signalling some more? Well you best direct it at the right source. Now please, leave the unvaccinated alone. They've already been through enough and so have we.

      • Amen.. this article is none sense!


        The MSM is low.. but this is very low.

        Don’t get me started.. I sent texts messages, begged and pleaded with people warning them not to at ANY costs do this to yourselves.. I went live on FB on December 4, 2020 warning you all not to mention getting banned repeatedly for posting the truth on whatever social media platform I could. I stood up for the natural cures and vitamins and was mocked and ridiculed and ignored and not allowed to go to certain places cause I wouldn’t show my papers. Not my fault or anyone else’s that you trusted strangers, your tv and lies more than God and the voice of truth!

        You want someone to blame??


      • Exactly. We told you over, and over, and over again but YOU wouldn’t listen. Instead you hailed the tech giants and government for censoring us as “disinformation/misinformation” or “You don’t believe in or trust the science.” Don’t you DARE throw us under the bus. It was your own doing for being a sheep. I do feel badly for those who were led astray, because they were, but your blame and anger is directed at the wrong people. The media, Big Tech, Biden admin, CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, FBI, AMA, WEF, Big Pharma, and Fauci, are all to blame. They lied to ALL of us. Some of us realized it from the beginning, NOT because we’re anti vaxxers, but because things weren’t adding up properly.

      • Nice piece of satire. Proof of that is the reaction from many of my fellow jab free friends. But, you must excuse us as every bit of humor has been beaten out of us over the last few years of propaganda. What is satire now may well be mainstream consensus in three months.

      • The old adage “There are none so blind as those WHO WILL NOT SEE” applies here. I told everyone I knew what I was hearing and reading and learning about C19, the uncheckable spread of airborne viruses, the relative size of the virus vs. the size of the holes in the mask and the uselessness of wearing masks, etc. and was ignored. Ridiculed.
        Don’t try to blame us, YOU’RE the ones who refused to think and reason your way through this obscene mass murder event. I’m so sorry and I hope for good outcomes for us all, but I’m damned if I’ll take the blame for you being sheeple.


      • LOL!!!!!!!! What utter nonsense. Most of the unjabbed lost family and friends through speaking out. My sis has disowned me for trying to warn him. The public and media said we should be locked up, denied medical treatment, to have freedom, well that makes people like that sound like Nazis who destroyed or abused garden gnomes, disabled, homosexuals etc., problematic af on lies. Morons who write pieces like this or who are paid to, either have little empathy and have to be always be right, like a toddler having a tantrum feeling his/her narcissism means they don't have to listen to anyone. It is all ego. Time to wake the heck up and grow up. It causes divide and conquer, people with a malignant narcissistic attitude regardless of whether jabbed or unjabbed should hang their heads in shame for the sh** stirring they create. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF and stop blaming others, because you chose to ignore what people were desperately trying to tell you. You chose to ignore researching, using critical thinking and analytical abilities, questioning, your conscience eating away at you, you chose to ignore any instincts, intuition, and to follow orders instead and take a pompous stance about it. Whether done out of fear which anyone with a heart can sympathize with and those types who didn't spew vile hatred upon the unvaxxed, needing to keep a job or whatever, that is not your fault. You were conned and we care. What is a person's fault is their belief in being superior, right, and talk arrogant piffle like this, that merely shows how unoriginal, stupid, vicious and divisive they really are. EVERYONE needs to humble up and help each other. No-one can win in a divisive climate.

      • This is one of the most narcissistic things I have read in a while, take responsibility for your own life! Take off the skewed glasses and look back, we risked a lot! Some lost jobs, family and friends for our stance on an obvious psy op! Take responsibility for your self, and stop blaming any one but yourself for where you are in life! All the best to you on the journeys of self discovery, peace out

      • I really hope this article is satire. If not it's garbage, and I'm of the mind the author is just trying to cause more hate and division like our crime minister Turdeau.

        We've been screaming from the rooftops since the beginning.

        You refused to listen and called us crazy conspiracy theorists and nutjobs.
        And for the record, I am not an anti-vaxxer. I'm anti-mRNA gene therapy.

      • EXACTLY! Don't even come at us with "you didn't tell us".... We were literally screaming in the streets and at commissioners courts, etc etc.!

      • Wow, denial at it's finest. I totally deny your claim and the premise for your article. Anyone who spoke out did so at their extreme peril:
        1. Loss of job
        2. Public ostracism
        3. Public humiliation
        4. Attacked physical and on line
        You make it seem like the unvaccinated were malicious., This sounds and looks like sour grapes. The risk was extreme for speaking out. Now you're blaming the victim.

      • My thoughts exactly. We were ridiculed as 'conspiracy theorists', so what could we do? If they want to point the finger, blame the government & the mainstream media for not reporting. Even now, they are not listening 😪

      • Who ever wrote this article, i don't know how they have the cheek to write this. We did everything in our power to warn people of these death shots but were met with nothing but riddicule and come under attack from friends family and pretty much everyone else. I could go on but i don't need to.

      • You have to fire your guns at Faucci, Zuckerberg, Dorsey (in my opinion the most deplorable), W.H.O, and all the media.
        We are just victims of this system that YOU help created.

      • I saw this article and was wondering if it was a satire site. That would be the only thing that would justify this article.

      • I seriously got called a "Q-ANON conspiracy theorist" and was told "those are right wing fascist talking points" and my favorite, "YOU'RE GONNA KILL GRANDMA" when I tried to warn not only my family, but my friends, neighbors and co-workers that they were literally the experiment. When I told them this EXPERIMENTAL mRNA shot will not do anything but harm to them and yes, it can and will change your DNA. "Heck", I even saw an article full of (surprise) gaslighting 😱😱😱 shocking, I know. The headline SERIOUSLY said "Ok so these shots do change your DNA just a little bit, AND THIS IS WHY THAT IS A GOOD THING" so no. Vaxxers' blood is NOT on the hands of the unvaccinated... It's on these people that pushed these shots and told people they were terrorists if they didn't get them. It's on the hands of people that looked the other way because they were paid to not notice they were bad. It's on the hands of ALL the talking head politicians that tried to mandate these shots in order for you to keep your job. It's ultimately on the hands of the corporations like Pfizer and Moderna that made these things. That is who owes ALL of humanity a HUGE debt that will never be paid by legal means because the government gave them immunity from prosecution if they messed people up. Which they are.... Messing people up. Just sayin.

      • Stop lying, who wrote this article? I want their twitter so we can organize a space. We have been screaming about the deadly vax and Covid protocol.

      • It helped no one. We gathered real scientific evidence, articles, testimonials & horror stories. To my own detriment I told everyone I knew because I would hate for anyone to be needlessly injured. Either they thought I was stupid, crazy, reckless, hateful, or they just didn’t have the fortitude to be uncomfortable to have the courage to stand against the culture. I have witnessed friends and relatives die, have heart attacks, even strokes (in my own house) and the excuses as to cause are sad and laughable- except there’s nothing to laugh at.
        The WHO and CDC have taken our medical freedom, silenced scientific opposition, ruined lives of dissenters while forcing poison into our siss and sister and remain adamant that it’s safe and effective as they swiftly become billionaires.
        The author, who’s purposefully driving for division is as transparent as a plastic sheet. Disgusting and sad. You don’t scare us anymore!
        (I hope you learn how to code)
        Stop selling hate!

      • I spent the last 3 years posting 1000's of dr.s and scientists who absolutely stated the injections were poison and worse. I was banned from FB 31 times! 90% of my former friends rejected my wife and I. We attended rallies, carried signs, funded awareness groups. You all bought the can take the ride. I will not be going to your funerals...but I pray for NUREMBERG trials to commence and for the dr.s, politicians, and media wh**es to all be sentenced to hang for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

      • Really hoping that this is satire. If not: We absolutely, consistently tried to warn people. We also exercised our bodily autonomy and risked our livelihoods to avoid what we knew was dangerous to us and others. So, no, your blood is on your hands and on those who produced this aberration. Turn your attention to those who corrupted you, rather than those that tried to save you.

      • I couldn't agree more!
        This accusation is a very clear attempt to waver their own responsibilities, after we tried to warn! And aside from the stuff Brian already mentioned, I can also add death threats and the demand to stop relying on medical help should I ever need it in the future.

        And now the moaning about "why didn't we do more to warn".

        heck it!

      • Maybe we didn't know.. Maybe our forefathers taught us to never trust a centralised authority or master? Maybe this is a lesson that would be best not forgotton... Remembrance day! We will remember them. Never trust a tyrant.
        I did not know that the COVID was gain of function. I did not know that masks were ment to signal slaves or promote disease. I did not know that the vaccine was loaded with toxic bullets. I just trusted that what my Grandfather told me was correct. I let that guide me. He told me, "If the government tells you to plant peas, plant oats.". That is a modus oparandi that I apply to all media's and all government edicts and mandates. (Mandates come from the people not the other-way around.)

      • Pretty sure this is just a troll/joke post. Both sides know it is so disconnected from reality. Hilarious article, though!

      • My own sis blocked my phone number for trying to warn him. And last I checked, it's the job of the doctor/pharmacist to inform you of the risks when you're getting any vaccine or medication. Cry at them.

      • The author of this absurd article and whoever approved it to go live are clearly just out to be trolls. The sad thing is that some people actually believe this trash even if it's coming from an outlet less reputable than a high school newspaper. If denial was a limited resource, half the world would be cured by those hoarding it with desperate attempts to deflect blame by pointing to this lind of journalistic garbage.

      • I was banned from facebook and ganged up on and ridiculed by lefturd loons on twitter for opposing vaccines.

    • heck you! And by "you", I mean the people who wrote this and believe that we didn't and still aren't warning you pro-"vaxxers". I dare you to say this to my face. I have been relentlessly warning any of you fools that would listen for over three years now.

      • Is this article some kind of a joke?
        The unvaxed went above and beyond to warn us, they were ridiculed, bullied and shamed into silence. We should have done our homework!

        • Yes, I think it is some kind of a joke. It is, isn't it? I read this as extreme irony. Quite clever, too. I like it.

          • We were vilified once but not again with this garbage. Those in power and media did this. They must be held accountable. Rope is cheap and gravity is free.

        • Is this satire? Please tell me this is satire because y’all can’t really be this thick! We were banned and ridiculed and ostracized for telling y’all this…if this isn’t satire, I literally give up on this world. We yelled this crap. Y’all just chose to follow your ignorant leaders

    • OMG! Was it a clotshot injury that terminated the volunteer? It's all our fault, we're so sorry.

      Please, forgive us!

      • Wilful ignorance is not an excuse for your denial. You didn't get vaccinated because it was the right thing to do. You did it because you were a coward. You didn't stand up for the unvaccinated who marched the streets against the vaccines. Were areested and shot at with rubber bullets. Sprayed with tear gas. How dare you. Where were you and what were you calling the unvaccinated when you saw this? You are to blame for it all. Your total disdain for the unvaccinated while they tried to warn you is the problem. You may have been either gullible, or just a coward, either way, you didn't stand up for what's right even when the unvaccinated were being crucified. Now you're paying the price. But so are we. Those jobs we lost, we stood our grounds and we were still fired from our positions. The family events we were shunned from. We still call them family. Being locked in our homes like prisoners just so you could go out and have coffee and 'feel safe'. Losing our loved ones to sudden death and cancers. Just because they wouldn't listen. How do you think that makes us feel? If anyone should be apologising, it's you, and every single coward like you who wouldn't stand up for the real victims in this. The unvaccinated.

      • Is this article for real?! So we were threatened and shamed for not taking the shot, and now we’re being blamed because you did! The vaccinated were really out there wishing us death, spouting we should be in camps, or that we should receive no medical care at all. We literally shouted from the rooftops for the last 3 years not to do it. No it’s not our fault or our problem that all you vaccinated people are now and will be for generations dealing with your consequences.

        • This is the exact kind of unconstructive language that caused them to almost take the comment section away. Nobody likes it when comments sections have to be quarantined, but thanks to people like Kristy here it's sometimes necessary.

    • I spoke up, particularly against injecting young people. Lost friends. I put my head above the parapet and paid the price. And still you're trying to blame the people who tried to warn you as opposed to the evil doers who cut corners to make hundreds of billions? It's time to grow up. And take the protocols the "anti-vaxxers" have put together to mitigate side effects.

      • I wouldn’t even waste my breath in trying to say what I was going to say, this post obviously is to cause provocation cos the writer lives a sad life and takes no accountability for his/ her own STUPID actions. If YOU choose to ignore ALL of those red flags ( and boy weren’t there many) then that’s on you so go and bleat to the rest of the brain dead sheep! It’s yr fault you chose to follow the heard and listen to the clowns on that propaganda machine!!

    • Please tell me this is a joke. do you know how many times I posted warnings from Drs, scientists, researchers to Facebook only to have my content flagged as misinformation and getting banned from the site? You should hold our government and all governments around the world accountable. We didn’t make the virus it was done in a lab as we all know. We also didn’t mandate the jab like our governments did. Place the blame where blame belongs—it is certainly not with us. And more importantly, they are still pushing the boosters!

      • No virus. Wasn't made in a lab. Another gaslight psyop to keep their germ theory alive otherwise big pharma will lose when people start to realise their human body is made to heal on its own, with natural healing remedies. Big pharma has made every vaccine ever brought into existence, thus man-made and not needed.

      • You are delusional. Do you have any idea how many damaged friend abdfamily relationships I have from trying to warn them of the dangers of the vaccine? People like you were not open to hearing anything. But I'm glad to see you have woken up.

    • All I can say is WOW! you (the authors) must be kidding!
      I did a little research when these jabs were first approved for human use only to find out they contained ingredients that I won't even have in my household or personal products.
      After being relentlessly bullied by all and sundry to have the jab and socially ostracized by the mandates I choose to hold my position, even when family members declined to be in my company.
      I hold no grudge against those who chose to be jabbed and treat all with respect as you should have done and should do now instead of blaming the unvaccinated for your choices.
      I had no special insight or information about these products that could not be found in a Google search.

      • Exactly. You held no grudge against those of us who got vaccinated, which is why our blood is on your hands, Lesley. If you knew your family members were making a mistake you should have ostracized them like any decent person would. I'm sure they would have done the same for you. And if you knew your coworkers were wrong to get vaccinated you had a duty to quietly reach out to their supervisors behind their backs.

        It's anti-social behavior like yours that got us into this mess.

        • Seriously lol. Own up to your actions. You knew there were unvaxxers out there, so maybe you should've done some research and found out why. They tried to warn everyone. In addition, trying playing the government, as well, for mandating them.

    • Honestly, I hope who wrote this get more boosters! I recommend who bent over to the government and criticized the unvaxxed. Keep getting more boosters. We don't need people like that around anyway. Whoever wrote this should get a vaccine straight in their brain. Enjoy rotting you filthy clot bags

      • It was exactly this kind of rhetoric which fooled so many innocent people into getting vaccinated. Our blood is on your hands.

    • I wore my medic uniform and stood in front of vaccine centers to warn of the potential harms. For that I was threatened with bodily harm, spit on, pushed and fired. People tried to warn the lot of the vaccinated and greeted with hate. I say you likely get what you deserve.

    • I have tried for 3 years to tell my own, loved ones, the public around me to NOT take a EUA drug! No one listened!!! Some caved because they needed the cash (JOB). I lost mine chose my Health over a Job and I am heathy and NOT having to worry about stroking out is a good thing!!

      I have NO blood on my hands!!!

      They those that chose vaxx pays with their lives now!!!!!


    • Sorry, they were not listening and they were busy classifying them as paranoid and conspiracy theorists, and were shut down from society and threatened with arrests, fines, and loss of jobs. Those heckers can go and heck themselves IMO. Everyone deserves what they do to themselves.

    • We tried! We were to blame by our own president! This is the pandemic of the unvaccinated! Unbelievable now trying to turn the tables on us! I lost friends and family members because I tried to tell them. You have no idea what we have gone thru and now you tell us we didn’t do enough!!! Own your own choices.

    • Is this a Babylon Bee article???

      Anyone who questioned the official narrative was deplatformed. How were they supposed to interact with the masses when they were effectively silenced?

    • You have GOT to be kidding me? Is this BabylonBee?? We were yelling this stuff from the rooftops, YET we were censorded by Big Tech, cancelled, shunned, many of us lost our jobs because of our warnings, we lost family, we had to find new friends who were willing to listen.
      You can all just go away now with your blood full of spike.
      Sorry, not sorry

    • Give me a break. Everyone had access to this information you refused to listen. I was telling everyone around me and provided them with constant information and they wouldn’t listen. That’s on you. Your inability not to discern truth from fiction is your problem. Your first clue was when they took viable medicine off the market because they knew it would stop this in its tracks. Then your second was the censorship on media platforms from doctors trying to warn everyone. We take no pride or credit in your blindness of evil surrounding you. Talk to God.

    • Because most unvaccinated were either censored on social media or live tv because the government ordered this. If any of us did try to express our concerns we were met with a barrage of vaccinated people telling us they hoped we would end up on a ventilator.

    • I was called a fear mongering fool …that I wasn’t a Dr …so my opinion or anything I did try to say was propaganda …and to put my tinfoil hat back o …frustrated …
      So blow it out your ass if you think we could have done more …

    • I certainly would have done more to warn you, but I was being fired for not getting the jab.

      I might have had more time to help you understand, if I wasn't trying to hold onto friends who were dropping me over my vaccine choice.

      I would have been more motivated to warn you, if I had been allowed to vacation without getting the vaccine.

      My freedoms were trashed because you were afraid, and now you want my forgiveness that I didn't tell you you were making a horrible decision.

      Your first mistake was letting government make you fear ANYTHING. I can't help you figure out how to not be a coward, that's on you.

      I don't wish harm or death upon you, but you'll never get my apology for what your fear brought on me and the world.

      • Nah they don’t want our forgiveness, they are demanding we beg them for THEIR forgiveness. The entitlement of the people who tried to ruin our lives is so cringe.

    • I tried to warn as many people as I could on every platform I could find, people at work, family and friends. I continue to post everything I can find on a regular basis including some potential natural herbs and vitamins that can possibly help. I was laughed at, ridiculed and all of that continues from the pro-vax crowd. Blood is NOT on my hands, I continue to try and help warn those who have taken the shots to STOP before it is too late.

    • Your childish tantrum and resorting to censorship is the problem, especially give the FACT your article is a blood libel.

      You made your bed, now hate that you have to lie in it.

    • There were marches and speeches in town centres all over the country. There was every chance for people to do simple research on excess deaths. There were more when the vaxx started.
      You can't really tell people not to take a medical procedure. All I could do on a personal level was to say that I wasn't taking it myself and I didn't take the flue jab either.
      I did that and travelled to rallies all the time, giving out The Light as well. I think I did help some people not to take boosters but people don't ask for permission to take a jab in the first place. None of us knew how bad it was going to be.

    • Hey everyone, we don't need to react to this and turn on each other. These poor people who wrote this are running scared and are simply looking for an outlet to deflect their own actions. The info was there and always was if you researched. Unfortunately they are simply acting in their own emotions. No point in getting upset. No one made them get the vaccine, no one put a gun to their head. They had the right to choose for themselves. The choice to consent to the vaccine and the ramifications of the vaccine was one they made on their own. I have no malice towards the vaccinated who are lashing out. I simply feel sorry for them. Of course they are going to lash out and blame anyone they can for their own decision making. They were lied to, manipulated, brainwashed, coerced, gaslighted and betrayed by people they put trust and faith in. The truth was withheld and blocked from them by those same people. They are simply looking for someone to blame and we unvaccinated are who they will take it out on. Don't give this emotional tantrum any of your energy or time. Hate breeds hate. We can not afford to turn on each other and let another corruption be swept under the rug because we have been emotionally triggered by the accusations of it being our fault for not informing them. Simply meet them with kindness and remember we did all we could. No one likes hearing the truth, it's a hard pill to swallow, but please remember they consented to this on their own multiple times prior to the injection, they had the ability just like us to look into things prior to consenting to the injection and they choose on their own Accord that the vaccine was right for them at that time. Unfortunately that includes the consequences of the vaccine was also consented to by them. Simply wish them well and good health from a 1.5m distance 😊.

    • This is the opposite of the truth. Whoever promotes this really ought to have a good conversation with someone who was refusing this "vax" or gene therapy. Really shallow.

    • For those that were forcibly vaccinated against your will without any consent, I am so sorry that happened to you. My deepest condolences.

    • Every single adult had the same opportunity to do their own research before making medical decisions for themselves and their families. Grow up and own your own decision. Not one person who chose not to get the jab forced or even coerced anyone into taking it.

    • Literally gobsmacked that anyone would write, let alone publish this bizzarro garbage article. We were banned and blocked and fact checked into oblivion, but you have the nerve, after murdering countless innocents with your medical fascism, to point your finger at the people who tried, in the face of total ostricization, to warn you?

      I am glad you are all now sterile and dying. You deserve it. Burn in hell, tyrants.

    • I genuinely cannot tell if this article is satire or not. We have all been screaming from the rafters and ridiculed in the most cruel way for trying to warn others. Can someone confirm whether this article is a joke or not? I lost friends for speaking even an ounce of the truth. I stopped speaking it to avoid being shunned and canceled.

    • Ridiculous! I spent most days for the past three years researching and trying to warn people. We were mocked. Perhaps you should be shaming the real cowards that knew exactly what was happening in the hospitals. Start with the doctors and nurses.

    • Lol, we, having done countless hours of research over many years, like usual did all we could to warn of the many dangers faced with vaccination, and like 99% of the time we were called all sorts of tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist idiotic senseless abusive names, while every one ran out like thoughtless morons and took MULTIPLE SHOTS, we tried to warn you... NONE of us sat silent, believe me.

    • I couldn't be more proud of myself for spending the last 2 1/2 years being an outspoken pureblood. I sleep soundly knowing my refusal to get the clot shot made many a seething leftist get their 10th booster in a feeble attempt to spite me.

      I'm filled with the same joy and glee that a child has on Christmas morning when I read 'died suddenly' articles.

    • Disgusting article, we were vilified and abused at every turn while trying to convey the research that we'd done. Eminent Scientists accused of Pseudoscience and ignored by government and their peers. The writer of this article should be ashamed.

    • Lol. You’re kidding, right? We tried telling everyone for months and months but were called names and outcasted. #NoAmnesty

    • I had the EXACT SAME DATA YOU HAD. I made an adult decision. I paid a terrible price for my decision. I was unemployable.

      Now it turns out my concerns, problematic af on 100% public information, were well founded.

      You were a fool, your foolishness is your own fault.

      Until you admit that to yourself, you will likely continue making bad decisions.

    • Here we go, if you are sincere then understand this. What is happening here is exactly what they want, it's all part of the plan. Pitch the people against each other which then weakens the uprise because we are too busy pointing fingers at each other to notice once again what is really happening.
      We all made choices and MUST be accountable and responsible for those choices. Those of us who knew have attempted to share our knowledge with those who believed in the leaders of the world and we were shunned, separated, segregated and outcast. We could not enjoy quality time with our families and friends and not one of you could make different arrangements to include us in your gatherings instead you pointed your finger and snubbed us, how do you really think we felt? Let me tell you, we felt like we were not important to any of you because a simple experimental medical procedure was more important. Yes you read correctly EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE.
      Because of our choices we endured so much heart ache not to mention the psychological distress, financial hardship, when we realised that no one really gave a hoot as to whether we could attend gatherings or not.
      We are all responsible and accountable for our decisions and must accept the consequences associated. YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE NOW YOU MUST OWN IT we did not force you instead we did our best to warn you. You chose to abide by the directives in order to maintain lifestyle or because you believed in your so called leaders.
      We had worldwide rallies where tens of millions of people actually rose up because we were wise to the evil plans. If you want to be angry point your anger in the right direction, to governments, health authorities, doctors, main stream media - believe it or not they all knew long before this started. They are all responsible, they were directed to do wrong by the people or face the consequences. They were under strict orders to cause harm to us and we the people.
      Now they want us to fight each other while they enforce even more deadly acts upon us.
      This is not a time for pointing fingers and laying blame that is exactly what they are directing us to do. Instead we must

    • Seriously... your going to print this??? What is wrong with you..... we've been shunned, labeled, shut out by our government. And you have the gull to say we didn't warn you... what is happening to common sense.... just sad...

    • Well. What can I say?

      The unvaccinated were *this close* to being rounded up and gleefully put in camps for not doing what the *group think* wanted.

      There is a forum - called Godlikeproductions, and I suggest you go and see that from Jan/Feb 2020, biological warfare experts / medical experts were sounding the alarm about prions, Peyer's Patches attack route, the HiV inserts and the threat to fertility.

      They were the canary in the coalmine, so to speak. They did what they could as mainstream group think screamed the world down in protest at these brave few souls.

      Now you see that even the risk of organ donation and blood donation is very real, and very, very dangerous. The vaccinated are now walking time bombs of mental and physical destruction from a biological warfare pathogen designed to age the body, destroy the immune system, speed up any and all frailties a person may have, decrease their fertility, and then? Kill them.

    • I have literally been kicked off of facebook 4-5 times for trying to get this word out, but a certain political party pushes for more censorship of "misinformation". Are you going to listen to us this time when we tell you about our first amendment rights and how they are under attack? Clearly our words about the vaccine fell on deaf ears. These ones will too, and then are you going to blame us again?

    • Whoever wrote this story is just a big pharma shill! We warned you for 2 years censored us, you should be embarrassed you wrote the story, you should be ashamed of yourself for all the ridicule and death threats you made towards us anti-vaxxers.

    • We told you. Repeatedly. We refused so much that governments did everything their laws allowed them to to force people to get vaccinated and even then some decided to pass new laws to allow further force.

      This is not on us.

      It's on you.

      We told you. You didn't want to listen. You were afraid. And, you know, a lot of us understood that and still do. However, you can't unvaccinate yourself.

      Turning this around like it's *our* fault somehow it egregiously wrong. I would go so far as to say that it's completely *a*moral. Not immoral. Amoral.

      This, coming from the same group of people who wished death on the unvaccinated.


      What you did is not my responsibility.

      I don't wish death or misery on anyone but I am an ardent supporter of "personal responsibility." In other words, you made your bed now lie in it.

    • After all the abuse we anti-vaxers took, after being accused of murder, after being looked down upon for "not doing the right thing" for humanity, after being shut down and alienated from family and friends... just shut the f up Health and Wellness mag and no we will not ever apologize. And by the way what kind of mag are you if you "didn't know"?

    • Cry more. Cry while you still have time.

      Because we're not listening to you any more.

      The vaccines are ravaging your bodies, killing so many off and making way for republican voters. The Church of Blue is dying and you did it to yourselves.

      And I'm glad.

    • Every time we tried to say something we were silenced, bullied, ridiculed and in some cases threatened by those we tried so desperately to keep safe.

    • Most of the unvaccinated did speak up and try to urge the sheep not to follow however the fear mongering by the media prevented our voices from being heard …. Let’s be clear we were labeled as antivaxers or as wearing tin foil hats conspiracy theorists. I am A nurse and I can Whole heartedly say I was At the brink of losing my job over a vaccine I didn’t Trust. I was Treated like a lepper. Anyone with a wifi connection and a source to log onto google could look up the speed at which it was made. The mumps vaccine was the shortest in length of time to be tested and produced and that took ten years. That In it’s self was enough to prove to me this wasn’t safe or properly worked out. In fact anyone with an apple phone should know better we all know the newest iOS has following bug fixes and updates to be corrected before it works properly. Shame on the sheeple for blaming the sensible.

    • Millions of us tried to warn all of our family and friends, to no avail, we even marched to parliment houses around the world and what did we get for it, mainstream media ignoring us or telling everyone we are terrorists. Many in Australia who went the Canberra to protest where attack by RAD weapons and thousands are still trying to physcially recover from the damage it did to their bodies, they where also sprayed with something that burnt their skin. So please don't tell us we didn't try we did becuase we love you all, we tried but the governments and main stream media made it almost impossible for us to be heard....
      We love you and know this, many are working on medical remedies to help reverse most of the damage done to you all... we know you where onky doing what you thought was right, but so where we...and have been attacked for it.

    • We did, Endlessly we cried and screamed, you didnt listen. Then you said we couldnt come to Christmas dinner. You reap what you sow.

      Dont worry though, I'm sure they will come up with a Vaccine for the Vaccine, and make billions of dollars off it. Then when that turns out to be poison too they will make a Vaccine for the Vaccine that was for the Covid Vax.

      Nothing to see here move along sheep.

    • The writer seems to have forgotten that, every time I tried to tell people "Don't do it!" my posts were deleted then I was banned from Twitter, FaceBook, etc. So, we TRIED. We were ridiculed and treated like 2nd class citizens, for trying to help the ones who didn't figure it out. That's how I knew, I figured it out. Not hard, not a mystery. Maybe I 'knew' and others didn't, because I threw away my TV in 2009.

    • We screamed it from the rooftops and were censored, ridiculed and called granny killers. This article takes so much audacity that it must just be or click bait.

    • Why write this when everybody knows it isn’t true? When there are tons of videos of people begging others standing in line to get jabbed not to get the vaccine? When it’s so obviously the exact opposite of what happened?

    • Message from a Canadian
      Are you living under a rock? Let me tell you what happened to the ones you now call "the unvaxxed" thanks to your brainwashing mainstream media (Legacy Media). Firstly, we were censored. I got all my social media accounts shut down, my laptop was fried, and 3 of my phones as I tried to get the word out. Then we had our rights violated, we weren't allowed in any public place. I personally wasn't allowed to go to the gym, to hockey, to any restaurant, malls, you name it. The only thing I was allowed to enter was a grocery store, the bank, and the hospital incase of an emergency. Then we lost our jobs if we didn't subserviently comply to the mandates. I personally lost my job and my hopes to buy a home all went down the drain. It's been over a year now, and I'm still having a difficult time finding employment that will take a pureblood. My family, friends, and peers all turned their backs on me and called me the worst names ever. So then I petitioned, and protested for the first time in my area trying to warn individuals. I went to my local hospital to warn them of the studies abroad ignored. I contact my local MP and I was made fun of. And with the little money I had in my savings I managed to get to go to the Ottawa Trucker Convoy in February 2022 volunteer to help; I even bought 20 big turkeys to donate, and bought roses for the female truckers. And once that was shut down by the Stasi I returned home, and started volunteering.

      I did everything in my power to try to warn people, and to boot, I'm an introvert. I've been relatively quiet my whole life up until now: I literally lost everything I used to care for, not to mention my reputation for merely trying to tell the truth. If I had a second chance at it, I'd still do it. Whomever wrote this is one of the most spineless writers of our generation.

    • The author of this article should hang themselves. At the very least should they should volunteer to be sterilized so as to not pollute the human gene pool.

    • A Dr. in Biological Sciences, Alessandro Siani, wrote this piece of crap. Like he didn't understand the risks.

    • When I tried to warn people or linked them to the reports, people either didn’t want to talk about it, called me crazy, or ignored me. This is a very strange argument when the blame is clearly on big Pharma and FAUCI who lied and now young people are dropping dead.

    • I have some strong words for the author if this "article" but I'm sure if I write them I'll be sensored just like we were all sensored, ignored, gaslighted, accused, belittled, mocked, and threatened when we warned you. We had no special access that you didn't have. We had a he[[ of a lot more common sense. You didn't listen and this article is machiavellian social manipulation. I have one word for you and it rhymes with weevil.

    • Surely, this was written in jest. I've lost lifelong friends trying to get them to not take the vaccine. People talking behind my back and suggesting online that I should be fired from my job. You all just wouldn't listen.

    • is this a stupid joke, or is the author of this article just an absolute brain dead moron? I warned everyone and was mocked,

    • It's not April Fools, but I almost fell for this article. Don't deceive yourself, everyone is experiencing their just rewards. Those who chose to get the mRNA injection will suffer whatever (potential) consequences they may suffer. I promise that those who forced this injection on their children will suffer at a whole other level. Those of us who chose to not take the injection have also paid for our choices. Nobody gets off for free on this wheel. Welcome to our shared reality. I have paid dearly for my choices, it's now time for the vaxxed to accept responsibility and realize that whatever comes your way was of your choosing.

    • You need to start doing some research and think for yourself. The information was there for you.
      You simply took the easy way of allowing the media to make this life threatening decision for you. Instead of being angry at pure bloods you should turn your anger at the people how have done this to you, and continue to vaccinate people.

    • Hmmm, I'm wondering if the people writing this story went to conservative "places" like Rumble or Gab or Truth Social or Parler or even GETTR during the last 3 yrs to actually LOOK and READ and LISTEN so they could form their own opinions instead of just blaming conservatives for their own incompetence. I was liberal, then I went to these places. I actually heard truth.

    • Own your decisions, I’ve lost countless friends and was disowned by a parent for trying to tell them of the harm the vaccines caused. How dare you try to throw this on us. How dare you say we don’t care when we have watched loved ones becoming sick over and over. Own your decision and acknowledge your own actions. (01/24/2023- dating this)

    • We did! And you all told us we should be thrown in PRISON, we should lose our jobs, OUR CHILDREN, we should be locked in our homes, shouldn't be allowed to WORSHIP, should be SENT TO EFFING CAMPS!! You LOSERS are the reason we are in the effing mess. YOU didn't think for yourselves. YOU didn't listen to reason or think critically. YOU ALLOWED FEAR TO CONTROL YOU. You were and still are the problem. Don't ever tell us "WHy didn't you try harder." You didn't want to hear truth. And you still don't. That is why you censor.


    • This is such a st*pid article full of lies and misconceptions. We have been banned, ostracized and cast aside by the "good" vaccinated people. Remember the "pandemic of the Unvaccinated"? They hated us at the time for trying to tell the truth. And the vast majority is still NOT listening to us as they are brainwashed by the media, Hollywood elite and influencers and our own government agencies (I am looking at you DCD & FDA). .

    • The vaccinated demanded we lose our jobs as we were telling them of the dangers. What rock have you been living under. We’ve been screaming it from the rooftops because we were censored on all platf

    • You had the same information we did, you could have asked the same questions. Instead you worked over time to ruin our lives, destroy our families to get your jab and where your masks. It is not a vaccine and the masks do not protect you, it is a bioweapon but the proverbial "you" said, "My doctor cares about my health". NO THEY do not, they get paid every time they get you on a pill and vaccine. Do your research please.

    • Unfortunately this reads as no more than another way to point fingers at someone else. You all laughed at us, and bought into gov't/media propaganda. It was never the right thing to do. All the people who decided to participate in this experiment did so on their terms and most were so extremely happy they did - showing photos and other virtue signaling activities. We were shamed and ridiculed, labeled and shut out from society and now you are trying to blame us for your inability to do your own research. You need to start "adulting" and own the choice you made.

    • This cannot be a serious article 🤦🏼 EVERYONE had access to the information. Some of us took the time to look into it. Then when we attempted to sound the alarm we were censored, ridiculed, called various names and demonised. This article is absolute rubbish. 👎

    • Is this for real? President Biden basically asked for the unvaccinated to lose their jobs. Unvaccinated were ridiculed and called murderers. People tried to speak out but were silenced.

      Here’s another truth, masks don’t work either.

    • those others did speak up and told others ,but they were silenced by those who believed the rhetoric, now still being ostracized , and made to be the scapegoat just isnt fair

    • We tried to tell you about a lot of things and you refused to listen. You called us preppers and conspiracy theorists. You called us haters and right wing nuts. The last thing I'm going to tell you is the USA is going to fall if you continue to laugh at the warning signs. Once this nation absolves itself to the one world government you won't be laughing and you'll be shaking your heads saying, 'Why didn't they do more to warn us(?)'. I'm sorry but it's getting harder to forgive you.

    • A. For a long time you couldn’t be told because you empowered a government that loves to lie.
      B. When you could be told you didn’t listen because you were “doing the right thing” and you were “following the science”.
      This article is gaslighting at its best. You made a conscious decision. You had access to the same information. You only had to ask. So no blood is on the hands of the UN-jabbed. You can blame the medical professionals. You can blame Fauci, you can blame yourself, but you can’t blame those who did the right thing.

    • I am a yoga and Pilates teacher. I teach preventative health. I had clients for over ten years drop me. Like that. The city of Los Angeles did not let the unvaccinated in public spaces (like yoga studios) so all the studio owners turned me away. Nobody wanted to listen, not even people who I had worked with for ten years. They iced me. Wouldn’t give me eye contact. One of my long-term clients with Parkinson’s died shortly after taking the shot. I had been banned from seeing him by his family because I gave him the information about negative side-effects. I told who I could and lost clients, friends and colleagues. My own family I couldn’t convince. Even one of my three sons. I remember the sadness in my teens face when he was denied entry into some super hero movie at the local theater with his friends. He knew that in an instant he had lost all his friends (and couldn’t see the latest Marvel flick). People hid after awhile (the truth) because it was painful, alienating, and economically disastrous. I remember when our president called me “pestilence” and when my sister said she could no longer speak to me. I have blood on my hands because I hid. Yes I started to hide after awhile. The whole thing was just too much. Trying to explain and share articles and being constantly mocked. Yes I might have done more but I got very tired. It was an impossible situation. What a mess we all made of it. And I will admit my part, but only as a singular voice against a storm of institutional power and propaganda.

    • Please turn your anger to big tech and mainstream media for goodness sake. Misplaced anger will only lead you further into their trap.

      They censored and silenced us at every point. It was so painfully challenging having all our posts deleted everywhere and getting kicked off all the major platforms.

      It is because of THEM you didn’t hear the truth. THEY have blood on their hands. If you really truly want to stand for something then stand against the lying media, big tech, and government.

    • Our messages to everyone were blocked/cancelled/censored. We tried for the past few years to offer another point of view and were totally shutdown. Your anger should be at the media and the 'leaders' who have orchestrated this whole thing. They have been lying to us all. Some of us just figured it out sooner. It never sat well with me. Still doesn't !

    • I cried, I begged. I became the family outcast. This crime against humanity does not fall on the unvaccinated. We used the same resources available to everyone. We tried to share the knowledge of experts who were silenced but you do NOT vaccinate in the midst of a pandemic without bearing the consequences of mutation. We were denied oir jobs, social and family interaction, some of us died because we were denied medical treatment for unrelated illnesses while the vaccinated laughed and cheered. Children were denied treatment and organ transplants because they or their parents weren't vaxxed. Oh no. You do NOT get to play the victim here, not with us. The shame is yours because YOU were silent?, YOU were complicit. Blame Fauci, Gates, etc. Lay your complaint at their feet. I wish you healing, and health. I've never rejoiced in your injuries or deaths. I am not a jackal. What I am is done.

    • I spent 10,000 USD and thousands of hours trying to warn the vaccinated morons that the virus was treatable with hydroxclorine, antibiotics, and ivermectin, but you ridiculed and censored me. Live with your decision and don't blame the pure bloods among us. We are the future, not the ignorant crowd followers.

    • I did try, i was trolled, gaslit, and told i was crazy to countless eye rolls. In the end, i had to help my friends who were forced to get it undergo it, the detox routine for free. Fine.

      Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda morning and night, 3 months.

      High doses of L-Argnine, NAC, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Quercetin, so much Vitamin D you think its insane,

      Tons of ginko biloba to stave off and eventually cure the brain fog.

      3 - 6 months if you survived this long your blood will be reconditioned mostly. Avoid exercise like its the plague.

    • I myself is one of those that told people not to jump on the vaccine bandwagon. I was screaming it from then rooftops. You want to blame somebody. Blame the social media platform forms that suspended our accts and banned us from platforms for say DO NOT TAKE THIS POISON. Don't you dare put the blame on the unvaccinated. We did speak up, we were silenced by big tech, big pharma and the FBI. You reap what you sow, and we told you so.

    • I take offense to this article. I posted published research, statistics, testimony from credentialed medical specialists and more, in order to raise awareness of the actual risks. In thanks, I was at best ignored, or worse ridiculed, accused of being a conspiracy theorist, a non-expert unable to read and comprehend basic scientific principles. I'm done cases ridiculed by my extended family.

      Then, to add insult to injury, as an active duty military member, was forced by our toxic politics to choose between vax, or throw away 23 years of service and retirement benefits that I've sacrificed much for in order to ensure my wife and children could continue to be provided for.

      At least they didn't get the shot. I had to make a calculated risk decision for them, knowing full-well it could backfire on me. I owe you nothing, and many more like me attempted to warn others repeatedly.

    • I live in Canada and I couldn't get on a plane or train for a long time. People I considered friends turned me away from their tables and I very nearly lost my job. People insulted my intelligence both to my face and when I wasn't around. True friends defended me. Honestly, if this isn't parody, shame on you for trying to blame this on us. Blame the coercive rollout program, the State, and big pharma's complete indemnity from liability.

    • This has got to be SATIRE. I was on my hands and knees begging my family not to take it.
      But the people, whoever wrote this article for one, who decided what the "right thing" was could not be persuaded. Everyday I have to set aside the worry of what could happen to my children because adverse events have already happened in my circle. Strokes, blood clots, aggressive cancer and I blame our government, media, drs, AND the propagandized into oblivion idiots that demanded how we all must act. Of course, these demands seemed reasonable at the time for a certain type of people that constantly declare their moral and intellectual superiority.
      Sorry, Gaslighter extraordinaire, there is no amnesty that will be given to you or any of the others listed above. At least not without an apology.....and of course this article is for the high browed dumb people looking to point a finger anywhere but themselves.
      Encouraging people to take another booster is "mean"?
      How's this: NUREMBERG CODE. Especially for the lying Mockingbird media to which you seem to be member.

      • Right on, sis! Everything you said and more, except that there were only 2 people in my family who took it. One is literally a communist, the other was in the military. I tried warning people, telling them it was experimental, that homeless people weren’t getting it, it’s against domestic and international law to coerce people to take it. I tried pointing out that the same government that was suddenly uber concerned about their health, was failing to encourage exercise, eating a well balanced diet, optimal sleep, drinking enough clean water, you know, the basics of health to boost the immune system. I was pointing out to people all the crap that was going on that had never been done before, which fell into one of two categories; things that stoked fear, and, things (mostly unlawful) that limited freedom. We told people we liked and people we didn’t! Our consciences are clear. I noticed that the coward who wrote it neglected to put his/her name on it!

    • I can only assume this is some one's idea of dark humour. To blame the unvaccinated for the ignorance and arrogance of the vaccinated is preposterous. Thanks for the laugh. A tongue in cheek emoji would have made it better.

    • Sadly, this is not completely credible. I stood outside these clinics and gave people CDC information about risks vs benefits and tried to talk the people out of it. I am an RN. It was very unsuccessful. The cops were called on me. I heard the cries of the children. After I tried to make sure parents were FULLY INFORMED. I was forced to leave by cops as they said I was simply “protesting”. Please know that not all of us sat back and did nothing. Today my heart remains heavy. While I was segregated (literally in my office cubicle) I prayed many prayers while jab takers wished death on me. Many of us pray for you daily. On behalf of those who feel people didn’t warn you, I am sorry. My heart hurts for what you are feeling.

    • The biggest load of sh** out there.. this article should be reported for false information.. how dare you 🖕🏻The vaccinated thought the were superior because they were stupid enough to fall for the scam ... maybe they have buyers remorse and look like fools . There will be no blood on our hands and they can all go get stuffed . 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    • Well, this is a switch! Those accusations and blaming/shaming tactics should be towards the government's, media and general public that effectively silenced those that DID try to warn people! The unvaxxed were ridiculed, ostracized and punished for trying to speak out! Doctors that did try were threatened and many of them had their licenses taken away and livelihoods destroyed! So, blame your government and media, not the unvaxxed!

    • Is this a satire site?! You cannot be serious 😒

      I assessed the risk for myself and my children just like any clear thinking adult, starting with the fundamental knowledge that you cannot trust pharmaceutical companies, media or politicians.

      I argued with family members and friends who uninvited me to events as a result of being unvaccinated. Not to mention the media suppression of information.

    • I thought this was satire, it is isn't it? I'm about to just go start an organic farm and check out, if things are really this ridiculous.

      Anyone who belives this freaking sh** can go heck themseves....Including the freaking author.

    • I'm still trying to figure out if this whole article is a parody or actually serious. On the off-chance that it's the latter: Why didn't we say more? Because every time we did, we were shunned, often by friends going back several decades, had our comments flagged and muted on social media, were dismissed by media pundits and "experts," and in more than a few cases threatened with loss of employment. There were even those who suggested we be forcibly vaccinated. So no, it's you who need to be asking for our forgiveness; and there are plenty on our side who are not at all disposed to give it.

    • If you read your last part about why you don't have comments open because of shills those shills were the people the everyone was silencing when we did speak out about the vaccines and why would we have blood on our hands when you should be going the the ones who pushed it down your throat

    • I tried to warn numerous people — and was told I should wear a tinfoil hat. I have lost access to my own sons and their families as a result. So you can do something vulgar and obscene with your absurd “blood on their hands” garbage. I spoke up. My conscience is utterly clear.

    • Have been ridiculed for the past two years teying to warn people, have friends unfriend me, people call me all sorts of names, please do not say we did not do more to warn you.. ultimately, you must own your own decisions and stop pushing blame for your own choices, you had the same ability to research like us, you could have asked more questions, you could have said no, but why didn't you?

    • If you vaccinated fools are too lazy to research what a government is illegally putting into your body without you asking any questions , it's being injected into your body and you don't want to know what is in there ???
      and you would have sneered and laughed at anyone who tried to warn you ... well you deserve what's coming and that is imminent death , as all the genuine scientists are saying not the fake one you've watched on TV the real experts are saying you are going to die some quicker than others but the spike protein is doing its job inside you and massive clots are developing every day so it won't be long you had better get your affairs in order

    • You cannot be serious!!!!WTH We DID inform you and you told us you hoped we would get Covid and DIE!!!! Stop with your sanctimonious, self-righteous BS!!!

    • The fact that you're censoring dissenting comments, should explain why you might not have heard our concerns about a vaccine rushed into production.

    • Um, lots of us spoke up. I even went so far as to warn people about post-vaccine myocarditis and almost lost my job when someone reported me to my employer. I warned my family to stop getting vaccines and told my friends why I stopped at 2 doses. No one believed me. I'm not sure what else you want us to do here.
      Prominent physicians like Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, and the FLCCC people lost their licenses for speaking up. Bill 2098 in CA calls it " misinformation" when someone questions the vaccines. That should give you pause.

    • Everyone was given free will by God at birth. I don't know any unvaccinated person who remained silent. We are the ones who have been ostracized by our families and friends for telling them what was really going on. People hear what they want to hear and, sadly, there were too many who didn't listen.

    • They tried like anything. They were ridiculed. Ostracised.
      Felt to make small. They went to rallies week after week.
      Surely the writer is doing this for attention?

    • The information was out there for anyone with an inquiring mind, no one had more access than anyone else, all anyone needed was a will to look for it. We got called conspiracy theorists, tin foil hat wearers and a whole lot worse. We posted on FB, on Twitter and most social media. We know you were all under a lot of pressure to take it, we ALL WERE. Some of us just said NO and it cost us - friends, family, jobs etc. Whoever wrote this needs to look inwards and examine where they decided to be a part of an experiment and not blame others for their decision. Supplement Bromelain and N-Acytl-Cysteine (NAC), it might help.

    • Hi. I got 2 shots cuz I trusted our gov. I got very sick with the second and decided not to get anymore. Now my vaccinated friend is mocking me and saying I am stupid for believe the storyline. In his defense he did tell me he thought the shots were unsafe. But he didn't push it. Why didn't he warn me MORE? I still have minor problems from the second shot. That guy is not my friend anymore.

    • Own up to your own irresponsible behaviors. You blame all your problems on others. I say again. Own up to your own irresponsible behaviors.

    • Trying to warn the know-it-all "trust the science" people I got shouted at, hung up on, disinvited to family functions, called a 'conspiracy theorist', laughed at and told to mind my own business. The same information, for example the VAERS site, was available to you that I used to make my decision and try to warn the know it alls. Don't you dare try to shift the blame for your arrogance to the people who were fired, kept from using restaurants and ridiculed for not being as gullible as you.

    • The info I had access to, the vaccinated had access to! It’s their own fault for not doing their due diligence and not questioning things that became questionable, such as: why do i need it if you have it!!?? Plenty of us were saying plenty of stuff. I was banned 7 times for thirty days each time from Facebook last year!! It’s not anyone’s fault the vaccinated limited their news resources only to the ones who censored what they needed to hear, as disinformation and misinformation. The vaccinated wanted censorship in the name of protecting others. Looks like they did a fantastic job dooming themselves. Free Speech is a gem to cherish and what a way to learn the harm that comes from lack of freedom of information and speech, than to harm oneself with a disability or death!

    • Abiding by what media says to do is neither “the right thing to do” nor wise, as no real education, specifically medical or scientific is required for media & journalism. And when government parrots the same message, you know beyond a doubt the opposite is the correct course of action. Your blood and what you do w

    • It’s called Big Tech Censorship. All dissenting voices were silenced. Go listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast episodes published during the pandemic. The unvaccinated have nothing to do with this.

    • How to say you didn’t know the injections were ready in 2017 without saying you didn’t know the injections were ready in 2017.

    • All the information, ALL of it, was available to anyone with access to Google. It would have taken a mere minimum of critical thinking to ask the question, "is there any contradicting information I should know before making a decision?"

      Those who chose not to do ANY due diligence can be pitied for their decisions.

      But those who KNEW others had other opinions, and decided to shame, silence, threaten, cancel, and ridicule them instead of listening, can take a very long walk down a very short pier.

    • You have to be truly psychotic to come to this conclusion. People like you forced others to have an experimental therapy because of your mindless fear and groupthink and now you have the nerve to blame those who were brave enough to go against the stream. You are evil.

    • No amnesty.

      Own your choice. This happened because too many went along. NO is powerful and shows power. You didn’t do the right thing. You showed weakness and wore your badge of compliance on your face like good sheeple. All of you wanted us arrested and forcibly injected for thinking critically. None of us were too stupid to fall for this obvious genocide. You have VAIDS. You need to accept that you have to live like you have an HIV diagnosis to eek out some more time.

    • Heck hope these arn't danger words.

      You have gaslit the vaccinated into to taking absolutely terrible vaccines.

      And now you're trying to gaslight us into taking the blame for that.

      Heck, not like you don't have an agenda right. Heck.

      Yesterday when two librarians were talking about vaccines, sickness and of course Covid (has this had its existence proved yet heck?) I told them to take Vitamin D, get some sunshine and ignore folks like you who are still gaslighting them to take vaccines. Heck do you know how they reacted to me? Heck they thought I was mad.

      Heck'd off.


    • I am unvaccinated. I Made flyers, videos, went on the street, spent the best of 2.5 years trying against a incredible odds to warn and cry out to get people to wake up and not take the vaccinations. I was abused, yelled at and out down but some people listened and didn’t take it. Please do not throw us all in the same basket. Some of us gave up years of our life to try and help and warn you. See my videos at TheLionRoars on Bitchute.

    • I find it extremely funny that you said we had special information when all you had to do is do your own research and use common sense…. !!! You ridiculed us, threatened us, said we should all die. Also that we were domestic terrorist, the only person you should blame is yourself don’t blame me for your own ignorance

    • If you don't want "pickling" then don't gaslight people. We Unvaccinated tried to warn you, you called us idiots, murderers and worse. Mass Formation Psychosis was used on you and the population at large (5th gen warfare). Only one side was permitted, any medical professional who spoke up was banned from social media, lost their practice, and sometimes their medical license. Instead of recognizing that you were constantly lied to, and manipulated. you want to still blame the unvaccinated for now "NOT" telling you. Blame the media, intelligence agencies, and other government agencies as well as big Pharma for the lies, not us.

    • This has to be a fake article. Nobody was allowed to say anything about the vaccine without being canceled on all social media and everywhere else and you know that. This has to be a joke

    • A textbook example of gaslighting. The last two years have been nothing but hatred and silencing tactics against people like me. People disowned their friends and family who tried to warn them. Companies fired people for exercising their human right to informed medical consent. Big tech silenced any and all conversation that was the slightest bit critical of the jab narrative. Major media outlets mocked us, derided us, called for us to be imprisoned, to be put in camps, to be exiled from society. We were fined and arrested. Some of us were forcibly jabbed against our will. We were denied access to stores and services. We were called a threat to all of humanity.

      I bet if I search this website for the word "vaccine", I will find articles acting like I am Hyper Satan Hitler because I refused to be jabbed. I bet I will find articles dehumanizing me, and demanding I be punished harshly. My grandparents refused to see me at Christmas and Easter, despite me not being sick. And they refuse to hear a word against the jab to this day.

      Welcome to the longest, most drawn out, painful, and fatal "I told you so" of human history. Maybe God will be merciful, and you'll catch a case of the suddenlies, instead of slowly breaking down and rotting away.

      But, hey, we could tell you how to survive. Just admit you were wrong about everything. Remove yourself from any and all positions wherein you weild power and authority over others. Get down on both knees and apologize like your life depends on it.

    • If so many were adamant about refusing the shot, why didn't others wonder why, and do some research? The information is readily available. After being called names and told I would be responsible for killing Grandma (even though I am Grandma), I only repeatedly warned my son to not take this shot. I don't know if he read them all, but he didn't take the shot. I figured I'd rather have a living son who was angry at me than a dead one.

    • No amnesty.

      Own your choice. This happened because too many went along. NO is powerful and shows power. You didn’t do the right thing. You showed weakness and wore your badge of compliance on your face like good sheeple. All of you wanted us arrested and forcibly injected for thinking critically. None of us were too stupid to fall for this obvious genocide. You have VAIDS. You need to accept that you have to live like you have an HIV diagnosis to eek out some more time.

    • Probably the most ludicrous article I’ve ever read. Many people warned you. You had access to all of the same information and chose not to believe it. The blood is on your own hands. Own it.

    • I thought this was satire. It was YOU, the crazies who listen to MSM who wanted us dead, to lose our jobs to be put in camps. You are the same people taking your children to drag Queen story hours, will you listen now? You were relentless and unforgiving, we tried to warn you because we saw the signs, we did the research, we did what you were to lazy to do so don’t preach that your blood is on our hands. It’s ALL on you! I pray that nothing happens to those who were vaccinated but don’t vilify me for being able to think critically.

    • You people (the ones whining about how they "weren't warned enough") are truly beyond mentally deranged. The BEST possible future for you, would be to either get another booster shot, or get hit by a bus. You people are SICK. Good riddance, when you go.

    • I don't know. I suggested to a friend that he should research before getting the injection. He said, I did my research. Another individual was an avid MSNBC and CNN watcher. No hope there, so I didn't try.

    • Uhhh....
      When people did try to speak out, they were banned and canceled. When they weren't, they were ignored, called 'anti-science' or mocked as anti-vaxxers or crazy conspiracy people. Why are you blaming people who were attacked for not going along with it for your own decisions?

    • This is satire right?
      By the small chance it is not, I told all my friends and neighbors. They looked at me like I was from Mars. Wrote letters to the mayor, Governor, senators and Rep. Sent RFK jr book to my entire family, none read it. Went to protests. Came to the conclusion they did not want to know the truth, but rather blissful ignorance.

    • Is this a joke? Those that chose a different covid19 treatment path were banned from society, bullied to join the pack, coerced through loss of every day norms. I became a marginalized citizen and then blamed for why all the ‘experts’ were wrong. The blame for why the c19 gene shots didn’t do as the experts claimed and the BIG CORPS paid millions to sell and censor. We too are victims of those who were in charge and knew this all was a military bioweapon managed response. This was never about health care. How am I certain? Look back on all the lies told to us all. Wear a mask, 6ft, 95% effective, low dose Hydroxychloroquin is dangerous, Ivermectin is Horse paste, NAC is bad. We were told to trust the science. I did! The science told me that FDA drugs used for half a century do not become dangerous over night. 15-days to stop the spread, counting people who died of other causes as covid deaths in-spite of the real reason the person died. We are still lied to today. Can anyone tell you how these shots work? Where does the shot go once its injected into your arm? How long does it affect your body? How much synthetic spike protein does your body make? For how long? Why are the giving a shot coded for a spike protein that is extinct? Despite all the physical harms to humans all over the world, millions seriously harmed, why is this being ignored, considered anecdotal, and no big deal? I did warn people and many people proudly said, I read up on it and did my research. I chose a never been used on humanity injection called a vaccine, but is patented as a gene therapy filled with chemicals not fully disclosed to the public. As we are told its safe and effective. Reality its brought us sudden and unexpected. I pray for all humanity

    • Haaaah! Dat's funny! You're spoofing right? LOVE your humor! Hey wait - did the Babalon Bee get you to write this?

    • We've been saying the covid "vaccine" was a scam from day one. Health experts that spoke against it and refused it were ostracized, deemed conspiracy theorists and fired from their jobs. The rest of us were treated similarly and sometimes, worse. Those that didn't bother to question anything demonized, assaulted and spit on us. They refused us entry into stores and restaurants. People like you are at fault, not us. You refused to listen.

    • This article is indicative of the inability of the left us to take responsibility for their own actions And decisions. Sadly, you have the same access to the US patent office documents to research the vaccines and the SARS research that led to their development. You made a conscious decision to follow the propaganda and not critically think for yourselves. You willfully and sheepishly injected, a foreign, untested, experimental gene therapy. That is not a vaccine. You did this not the unvaxed. You scrutinized segregated, humiliated, mandated and treated us like we were the plague. Now you wanna blame us because you were ignorant, lazy and irresponsible with your own bodies. I have not seen one story in the leftist media, blaming an unvaccinated person, forcing someone else to get the vaccine. But I’ve seen lots of vaccinated people, communicating that we were the plague that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Your sick and demented perspective of reality is shameful and to blame people of character and resolve who are personally responsible for their bodies is criminal. I have no disrespect for people who decided to get the vaccine despite all of the red flags. I have never wished ill will on someone who is vaccinated and pity you all for following the main stream propaganda. This is irresponsible journalism at best. Have a blessed day and don’t overexert yourself.

    • The author, and those who agree, are certifiably insane, and should be put in a mental institution. "PLandemic amnesty" was never going to work, so now y'all just going to try hating and blaming us AGAIN?! Pathetic fools.

    • Sorry, you're trolling, right? 'We the unvaccinated' lost our jobs over this, we couldn't travel or cross the border. We couldn't go into restaurants or go inside to watch our kids do sports. You threatened us with incarnation, medical bills, ostracized us and called us evil. We killed your grandmother and we weren't allowed at Holiday dinners because we were plague rats. This must not be real...

    • I had friends and even family members threatening to report me to the local authorities as an 'antivaxxer' so that they could keep tabs on my movements 'for my own good and that of others'.

      Every time I speak about it, even now, I'm met with "Yeah, well, that's just tin-foil hat conspiracy lunacy." I get jokes about whether or not I believe in the Flat Earth, too.

      So we did tell you. You just didn't listen. You didn't want to listen. Fear and media manipulation and the nice old man on the TV told you we were dangerous radicals, and probably also fascists. I'm not gloating. I feel terrible for everyone who was suckered by the lie. But I did, at risk to myself, try to speak out.

    • The amount of abuse, ridicule, platform banning, and threats of job loss and physical injury I was subjected to while trying to warn people about these injections positions me well to take offense at this article. The gaslighting is duly noted and not working. Everyone is responsible for their own decisions.

    • Are we even in the same world? I don’t think so. You might not want to take so much melatonin before bedtime every night, I think it’s messing with your brain. Or at least with what little of one you have.

    • Well i personally and many others took and went to great lengths to warn of the dangers and the deaths to come from lining up i we were shouted down time and time gain yet we kept going and still are to this day the truth is those who chose it do so for selfish reasons i need my job i need to go out i need to go see my bla bla its the unvaxed causing all the problems its them making thing worse its the unvaxed that are going to kill us so lets put it into perspective its called free will and god gave us a choice stay away from the poison or take it and say hello to satan we chose god.

    • It's a shame, but y'all would not listen. You ALWAYS had access to the exact same information we did, but you refused to look at it. According to the inventor of mRNA tech you only have 3-5 years left to live post injections. Better get right with God, because the end could come at any time.

    • someone said it better than anyone here could

      the vaxed wished the unvaxed dead, the unvaxed prayed you wouldnt die

    • This article seems written with the intent of division. "Our blood is now on their [the unvaccinated] hands." The ones with blood on their hands are clearly those who manufacture the shots, approve them, push them, and mandate them. Let's not lose sight of who our real enemies are. This is not the first time authorities have lied to you. Unity is required if justice is to be found, and "divide and conquer" is a very old tactic. Those with power love when those without fall to infighting. Hold fast, you are never alone

    • I tried but was censored relentlessly.
      I tried but was told I was crazy and irresponsible.
      I tried and you shut me down and shut me out. I have no blood on my hands. I hold my head high and regret nothing. You get what you deserve.

    • No author and no date! I’m thinking this is not a legit article. This has to be a satirical piece or just something written to get a rise, which if so, it certainly did it’s job. If not and this is someones actual opinion then I’m floored. Antivaxers should have warned us? No the government should have informed you and chief health officer should have done his job! All the antivaxers were trying to keep afloat financially after being terminated from work, ridiculed and silenced. Any antivaxer who cud afford to travel despite financial pressure trekked from every state to Canberra to peacefully protest and stand up for the rights of all Australians. If the authors head was still stuck in the sand he/she has only has come up for air and gone under again. Others who have woke up have apologised to the antivaxers not turned it around and blamed them. This is like someone knowingly leaving their kid to be babysat by a convicted paedophile and then when something bad happens blaming the kid. This article is unbelievable!

    • This article is absolutely ridiculous. We warned people, but we were ridiculed, told we should be thrown in jail, blocked off social media platforms, have our kids taken away, told we should be thrown into Covid camps, doctors who were raising the alarm, were silenced. Not to mention, the US government tried to mandate the vaccine and FORCE us against our will to take it. We warned you vaxxers it wasn’t safe, but you chose to go along with the media and government narrative, calling us conspiracy theorists instead of believing us and our research. There’s no amnesty for what you vaxxers did to us. You made your decisions and the only blood on anyone’s hands are your own. You need to take accountability for your own decisions. This is the media, and the governments fault for misleading you and censoring every single person who spoke out against it.

    • How'd your little experiment work? Lots of people tell you that your post is insane?

      Did they tell you how much they care? That they tried? Looks like you enjoy pulling the gullible along. Most of your posts are like that--like the "how to hide you being a slut from the new guy you snagged".

      Since you say you sell the "data" collected on us, I can only assume you're the typical bigtech folks. I'm also thinking we need a nosecheck on all of you. Enjoy life in hell.

    • We were silenced, not silent.
      The "right thing to do" is never to accept and normalize the flagrant violations of informed consent and bodily autonomy perpetrated on the public, especially with children being targeted.
      Nor is it right to paint tens of millions of people as sociopathic, completely ignorant of the scale and severity of propaganda, censorship, social ostracism, gaslighting facing anyone who dared to speak out.
      And if people /did/ speak out more? Then what? It was never about the quality or quantity of the evidence, it was always about the social status and alignment of the messenger. And even then, all that had to be done to silence someone was brand them as a right-wing conspiracy nut despite the fact that this entire campaign has been an unprecedented î gf in

    • What a joke this article is! How dare you decide the unvaccinated didn’t try to share what they were finding out! How dare you blame us for having the courage to stand up to labels of misinformation. How dare you blame the unvaccinated when we had our livelihoods threatened, we’re not allowed to fly on planes, not allowed to attend entertainment venues and restaurants and still stood firm no matter what disgusting thing we were called. And now this! You have the audacity to blame us for your own decisions, the same decisions that you vehemently defended while calling us names when we tried to share info.
      Put the blame where it belongs on the false narrative of doing the right thing, on all the lying pharmaceutical companies, lying governments, lying main stream media and lying social
      Media who propogated the false narrative and misled the vaccinated!
      I am sad you believed it and I pray you are not harmed. But this article is no different than all the previous lies, name calling and misinformation that the unvaccinated have endured since March of 2020. It’s a flat out lie!

    • We tried.
      You mocked us as conspiracy theorists.
      We were sacked from our jobs.
      We were banned from concerts, bars and restaurants.
      We were barred from travelling.
      You said we should be interned in "special camps"
      We were accused of killing the elderly and infirm.
      We will never forgive.
      We will never forget.

    • I spent most of my spare time on social media warning people. I warned my family on a daily basis, but they listened to their doctors and the relentless government propaganda on television. Most of my family got all 3 vaccines and one got 4 vaccines. As for social media, the abuse I got from the pro-vaxxers was horrendous. And I was blocked on Facebook for up to 30 from posting, almost every time I posted the truth about the vaccines, even if it came from CDC VAERS and other regulatory bodies around the world. In the end it was like preaching to the converted, those who are awake, already knew and those who were following orders didn't want to know. They didn't even open my posts to read them. I don't know what more I could have done to warn people. The information was out there for anyone who wanted to know, you didn't have to dig very deep. Had you simply asked to see the evidence anti-vaxxers had, multiple people would have come forward to help you out.

    • Hahahahaha what's wrong lemmings. Did you take the old clot shot and your perceived superiority over us disappeared like your immunity? It okay you'll be fine just trust the science! Right?! Lol so just stop being narcissistic pile pooh and admit you were dumb and at least when it's your time go you'll go peacefully! Like you wanted us!

    • Although I have a low opinion of the ability of most people to think logically I have to assume this is a joke or alternatively some sort of experiment to see how we unvaxxed react.

    • If you want to blame anyone, blame the government for doing the deal with Big Pharma to inject you with an experimental vaccine and then mandating that you have to have it to work, socialise and travel. And blame yourself for being negligent in researching a novel vaccine which only had provisional approval and no vaccine insert to inform you. There were reports of deaths and serious injuries very early on, which should have alarmed everyone. The unvaccinated did their best to warn people, but the pro-vaxxers refused to listen, despite this vaccine causing more deaths and injuuries than any other in history. My conscience is clear, I did all I could to warn people, family friends, acquaintances and strangers and in the end most of my own family were vaccinated. The unvaccinated lost their freedom, some lost family and friends. We were ostracised, threatened, prevented from participating in society and blamed for the covid deaths, so don't you dare sling any more mud at us, we have had enough of that and we are not responsible for your welfare, that is your responsibility. Ask yourself why you didn't question the vaccines, knowing they were novel and only had provisional approval? What stopped you from asking the unvaccinated why they refuse to be vaccinated. It was all over social media for anyone who wanted to know the truth!

    • Who wrote this??? Whoever it was is a straight liar. So the unvaccinated knew & the blood or lives that might be lost or harmed are on the unvaccinated hands? You went right over the scientist who made it, the government who basically forced it & the doctors who gave it the ok? Now when people warned others about it we were hit with all these trustworthy professionals say it's fine. It is their fault & the fault of those who chose to place their lives in the hands of those just mentioned. The blood is on their hands & the individual who wrote this should be ashamed of themselves for continuing with this idiocy.

    • What an awful manipuative article. You should be ashamed of yourselves writing such dribble. If i recall correctly, many people who chose not to get vaccinated told their friends, family, followers that they didnt want to get vaccinated and why, yet the ones who believed the vaccine would work thought we were all crazy, yelled abuse at us and told us we were irresponsible and selfish. Have u forgotten about the marches, maybe it's the media u need to question, yes the very job you are in as conveniently at the time, they chose to block all that. Funny eh?

    • I tried and tried to warn people to wait and ask questions. Just got ridiculed and attacked to the point where I remained silent to survive. Ask Facebook and Twitter why they shut up the wonderful doctors trying to treat and help.

    • I have been predicting this for a long time. These cry babies that humiliated us and thought it was right to exclude clever, unvaxed people from society are now poor victims. On the other hand, more hate towards each other is not what we need now.

    • You just need to think about what you were told to do.
      Who wrote this article it's weak and discovered the elephant in the room.
      Only weak people blame other for their own mistakes and incapacitated brain.

    • Go heck yourselves you idiots.
      You can't teach stupid people common sense.
      If you had half a brain the information was out there for all to see but you where supposedly so concerned about your fellow man that you let the govt bullsh** you on live TV, in news articles and through lying doctors and nurses. You have gotten what you wished for and you are stuck with that reality until you die suddenly like the trend that's happening all over the world now.

    • My best friend of 33 years promised that she wouldn’t take the jab - I was just sceptical that’s all at the time as nothing was making sense to me - I said please wait because of the hasty release. She thought I was off my rocker🥵 not only did she take one she had a booster. A year later she has had half of her stomach and bowel removed because of a rapid growing cancer. Thank the Lord she is alive to this point. Mostly every person we know has been vaxed. I was the only person amongst our friends who didn’t. She now is very aware, but her fight to live is what’s important now. Other friends of mine are all vax - their children and babies. This isn’t about the unvax not trying to tell our friends and families. It’s about genocide by the government and elite. I believe your anger is misguided, sadly. 😢



    • This article is correct. Those who had not fallen under the spell of the captors should have done more to rescue the souls who were captured, tortured, abused and fell under “Stockholm Syndrome”, worshipping their captors and begging for more harm. It was the most satanic attack on the human spirit in the history of the world. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, made a video, with the help of his friends. He said: “If you don’t get vaccinated, you can’t see your loved ones. The only way you can see your loved ones is if you get vaccinated.” No one took these injections after considering all the evidence and making a rational choice. They were bullied, coerced and threatened into it. Those who managed to keep their heads should have formed an armed guard to protect the victims of this attack. Except... it is human nature to fear authority. So there was, actually, nothing to be done. The only way people could learn was the hard way... by getting injected and suffering the consequences, and coming to realise, slowly, that there is one - only one - “authority” that should be feared. All others are false prophets and agents of the fallen angels. Repent and you shall be saved!

    • Wish PEOPLE on the comments here would see THE SATIRE .
      I mean LOOK at the Banner advertising
      Go on Twitter link all will be revealed..
      Stop getting angry and triggered over Satirical content in Your own favour

    • Looks like you just want to blame someone else for you getting the jab. We the unvaccinated stood in parks telling people not to get them. The public hackled us saying we were wrong and spreading lies.
      We have repeatedly told people not to get that poison jab.

    • I and a lot of people I know spoke out against the vaccine. Some people, screaming at the tops of their lungs.

      We warmed and warned and spoke out all we could. We were labeled selfish, murderers, among many other names.

      We were call conspiracy theorists. We were told that "you are not welcomed at the hospital. If you fall ill from COVID, don't come to the hospital".

      What else could we have done to make it heard? At the end of the day, the now vaccinated have made their decisions. Despite everything we have said, and all the pushback we did.

      I don't hope illness on any vaccinated person. I am conservative leaning, and unvaccinated. Wishing illness or death upon somebody else is absolutely the worst thing a person can do.

      I just hope that people start to take us seriously next time.

      Yes I know there were a lot of people who spoke in insults. I can't give excuses for those people, and I'm sorry that people like that exist.

      All in all, at the end of the day, I wish that people would ask more questions. Question everything. Question everything like your life depended on it, because it does.

    • The unvax tried to tell you all but you cant explain to a blind man what the colour blue is and you cant make a deaf man hear music. The people who took the vax may as well have been deaf and blind because the unvaxed made so much noise about it. But blindly the vaxxed followed the media and the supposed money making vaccine and doctors opinions. This one is on all the people with their heads in the sands that just DIDN'T WANT TO LISTEN because they THOUGHT they knew best. And if you really believe what you wrote above you are just as blinded by all this. Go on some of the unvaxed sites and you may learn something.

    • We were called anti-science and ridiculed for even being skeptical. You “good intended citizens” shouted us down when we tried to warn you. Leaders of states and nations wanted to make us second class citizens and restrict our ability to move around and be in public. Merriam-Webster changed the definition of anti-vaxxer to include people who were against forced vaccinations. This is gaslighting of the most extreme kind and y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • How freaking dare you accusing us of not doing enough to warn you!!!
      We freaking did, giving you links to articles and videos that got deleted and censored by big tech.
      Don't blame us for the heavy censorship on practically all social media and mainstream media.

      The mainstream media does, most moderators of social media do, the doctors who got paid for every shot they gave WITHOUT informing you.And the hospitals too.


      Finally a BIG heck YOU for even daring to point the blame at the un-vaccinated for your WRONG choices. I dare you to publish this on your site. Because if you don't you are just as guilty as all those vaxx pushers who are nothing less than MURDERING BASTARDS WHO SHOULD ALL BE PUBLICLY HANGED!!!

    • Plenty of people told you dumbasses. You called us conspiracy theorists and threatened to remove us from society ..... you thought you were soooooooo smart and soooooo caring .... well, just like everyone else in the world, you can deal with the consequences of your own actions. And what a cowardice way to say you were wrong

    • The unvaxxed are not responsible for vaxxed. You had same information available that we had. You chose to overlook it! And get jab anyway. Sorry that you made your own bed?

    • Isn't there 5 stages of grief or something?

      You are at Anger, stage 2.

      We have been, and some STILL ARE, warning you. NO ONE listened. We were ridiculed EVEN when we presented scientific data and evidence. I was nearly laughed off a meeting at work when I mentioned ivermectin and HCQ etc.

    • U winge and u did it to your self!! People tried and tried to say something wasn't right instead your weak mind would not even consider the fact that there was something a miss! Yet we all still stuck with u!! And still do!! The question is will you have the balls to defend your neighbours if the goverment comes for them? This whole set up is nothing but a dissapointment in the people around us

      • Wow. This article is the biggest, steamiest pile of dung that I've read in a long time. People who refused were ridiculed, persecuted, fired, etc.... And you're deflecting your lack of personal responsibility (to do your own research and not be a stupid sheep)on me? Go eff yoursef!

    • The reports of the effects of the early trials of mRNA vaccines are in the public domain, anyone can find them and read them. Many respected doctors and scientists did what they could to warn people. I knew very early on what some of the terrible side effects of these vaccines would be and they turned out to be true. I am not even remotely connected to the medical profession but I know how to find out about things.


    • Who wrote this? You can't really believe this to be true. Everyone had dame access to the information stating how this whole plandemic was a lie. Was it not clear when we refused at the cost of our employment? Was it not clear when we and professionals on various non-liberal media platforms showed scientific evidence proving the Venom shot was a lie? When we showed evidence of the power of the long standing, 60+ year evidence of Ivermectin's efficacy against many diseases? When we pro.oted healthy living over che.ical destruction. How about when we showed children were the least effected and deaths were WITH and not FROM C19? I could go on.

    • Are you kidding me???? Many of us have been VERY vocal about it and the result was ridicule and the loss of friends, family, jobs, etc.. This article lacks awareness on so many levels, reeks of gaslighting and projection, and a sense of shame for possibly not listening to the warnings by those of us who actually took the time to think critically. This article is pure TRASH. Take responsibility for your own decisions.

    • Whomever wrote this article is an uninformed clown. The unvaxxed protested all the time. We warned everyone we could only to be ridiculed as conspiracy theorist. Not to mention the fact that fb, twitter, youtube and other platforms did everything they could to hide our posts/information and call everything we say false information. Thank goodness elon musk is coming out to now show twitters involvement in this coverup.

    • What is the matter don’t you the sheep, know how to read and listen to someone other then BBC, CNN etc. That’s what we were doing and that’s why we decided it’s not for us this experiment. So learn from your mistakes for the next “pandemic “

    • Are you kidding? People have been shouting from the rooftops for decades about vaccines. We were shut down as insane. If only people actually read an insert in a vaccine they would see that most of society is vaccine injured already

    • We tried to warn you. We were ridiculed for the effort. The US Government instructed all media sources to censor, ban, or deplatform everyone who tried to warn you. You want to blame somebody, blame the United States Government and their media stooges.

    • Falamos incansavelmente ! Muitos médicos idem e foram ridicularizados, censurados. Tivemos contas bloqueadas, sofremos preconceitos ! Tudo isso por causa de uma medida experimental que somente as indústrias farmacêuticas e quem está por trás ganhou! E quem perdeu?! Todos ! As informações estavam disponíveis por todos os lados mas ninguém quis se aprofundar! Estavam cegos e surdos para tudo que fosse diferente do que era proposto! Mas aqui no meu país todos serão obrigados a tomar mesmo com inúmeras reportagens pelo mundo advertindo da não eficácia e riscos colaterais . E ainda virão muitas outras vacinas para novas doenças criadas! Acordem antes que seja tarde!

    • My 1st son was severely neurologically damaged by the "good" and "robustly tested" (but still liability-free) vaccines. Soon realized that there was no one in establishment med willing to help. Have worked to help and warn ever since. That was back in 2006. Good luck to everyone.

    • Denial then. Denial now. And never any personal accountability. What a way to go through life- it’s always someone else’s fault.

      And hmmmm….the threats, the mandates, the mocking, the blocking, the removal from society, the job losses - those all happened when people refused to get these experimental shots. You must have been living under a rock (or behind a mask!). Nothing was stopping you from doing the same research we all did.

      • Y'all are delusional we tried to warn you but we were called conspiracy theorists. Y'all were brainwashed by the media and the politicians that you didn't want to listen to your fellow citizens go back through any anti-vax persons timeline and see how hard we tried to warn everybody it's not my fault you didn't want to listen it's not my fault you didn't want to do your due diligence and research you had access to everything we had access to

    • 'Covid-19: Vulnerable adult must be vaccinated against parents’ wishes, judge rules' you

    • While we were cast from our jobs, told not to visit restaurants, denied life saving medical treatments and banned from visiting other countries, you ask why didn't we speak up and save you?
      The real question is when we told you to not to why did you lock us out?

    • In Italy, I'm a nurse, I was ridiculed, told it was right people lost his job because they didn't get jabbed. I was (like many others) from my profession (and job and pay) for 14 months.
      I tried to explain them it was wrong on so many levels:
      1) Unethical to force people to get a treatment they don't need and don't want.
      2) Foolish to use a drug tested just 60 days with no other data (and never successfully deployed in advance)
      3) It would not work because the virus would mutate faster than anything they can produce.
      4) The drug producers never state it stop the spread of the virus

      Yesterday a MD asked me if it was worth to stay 14 months without pay. I think it was. I think it was worth to not be able to enter a cafe, a public office, a restaurant, an hotel, not be able to travel, for months. They got they 14 months of pay in exchange.

      When they give me back my lost money, lost time and take back the stress, I can give a heck about them. A few, I will certainly be sad if something happens to them. The majority I can not and will not.

      When they start hanging the politicians and the MDs and nurses that gave them the shots (happily pocketing money to do their job and being shielded by law from criminal charges for administering that sh**) and all the other people involved, I could start care a little.

      They got what they wanted and deserved.
      Because we warned them, told them, explained them, and they mocked them, excluded them wished us bad things and did what they wanted to do.
      Their/Your actions, their/your responsibility. Not mine.

    • We tried to warn them but the CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci, Biden administration and even the FBI was having tech companies censor us. Many of us got banned from social media entirely. They need to stop blaming us for them not doing their research like we did. They had access to the same research we did. If they would have done their research they would have seen 100% of the ferrets died in their studies. They carry their own guilt for not doing their research. Also they should sue the tech companies for preventing them from seeing those of us post who tried to warn them. Google needs sued also for censoring information when people did searches.

    • I did speak up, energetically. What did it get me? Ostracized from family and friends for being a "kook conspiracy theorist". I now have no contact with them because they consider me to be "unclean" since I'm not "vaccinated" (and I use the term loosely). Treated like a leper within the rest of the society, vilified by some, including my doctor, who angrily called me a fool for not taking it. When I tried to tell people there was good information available I was scoffed at and dismissed as a nut case. When I told them people I knew personally were dying, I was called a liar. We tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen.

    • Omg are you for real??? We knew because the info was out there for everyone to see but you CHOSE to ignore it where we did not! You ridiculed us, called us stupid, ignorant and dangerous! And now it turns out we were right. You had your chance and you CHOSE to get jabbed. Don’t put that back on us it was your sheer blind stupidity that got you here!

    • This article is so absurd it is astounding. Millions of us unvaccinated have been screaming into the wind for years, even before Covid and the gaslighting by this author reaches a new low. I am not surprised that the comments in response have been intense. How dare you?

    • You all need a lot of therapy. First to be able to deal with comments and second to deal with your warped cognition. We screamed our faces off. You wanted us dead , fired, segregated and quarantined. Good luck at the psychologist.

    • I was stressing the caution of taking the vax, in my inner circle with friends and family but I was called crazy, not caring, hateful and a conspiracy theorist.

    • I'm Unvaxxed, I wish that I could have done more. I let my grandpa die a miserable death because I wasn't willing risk a family schism to try and convince him not to take it.

      The reason that I was unsuccessful at convincing people not to get vaccinated is that people think I'm nuts. And they thought that this was just another one of my conspiracy theories. (I've got loads more)

    • We did. We screamed it and there were articles of our defiance. You screamed WITH the government and social media to silence us out of your own fear of covid. We saw the numbers, you treated us like we were the idiots and terrorists. YOU only have YOURSELF to blame.

    • We did warn you. We have been warning you since the year 2000, some even earlier. You don't want to believe that diabolical evil people with an agenda to control and kill YOU actually exist. These evil people are real. The covid and covid vax agenda is their plan in action. The mrna is not just to make you sick it is to cut off your entire lineage from continuing into the future. The evil psychopaths who planned and executed this genocide on humanity have been mapping the genetic tree of the entire human race since 2000. Using delivery systems like mrna they can specifically target entire branches of the human tree to be lopped off. They need to normalize they mass adoption of mrna into regular shots so that they can progressively cut off branches of the human tree at a slow enough rate that they can get away with ongoing genocide - geneticide would be a more appropriate term for what they are intent fully implementing. We have been warning you over and over BEFORE each of their next move but you just repeat the psychopaths implanted word for us "conspiracy theorists". You have history and case law precedent of NAZI's medical experimentation and Nuremberg trials and resulting code about prohibitions on coercion into medical experimentation but you supported the genocidal maniacs to publically coerce people into KNOWN genocidal medical experimentation and some of you participated in the coercion - a CAPITAL CRIME!

      Given all the facts what was/is the "right thing to do"? Well, we told you that too. The right thing to do is for Grand Juries to issue criminal indictments for crimes against humanity and treason for everyone involved in the coercion and mass push for the mrna 'vaccines' upon the population (they were and still are levying war on the United States). These indictments should include every government employee, politician, judge pharmaceutical company employee, company executive or board member, medical professional who recommended or administered the poison, media personnel who lied, big tech company who censored and any other person who coerced another through acts or threats of acts of character assassination job loss, color of law or any other injurious act that intended another to take this poison. After indictment their should be public trials, conviction and execution of every single perpetrator. In short, the right thing to do is to uphold the law at all times. The indictments, prosecution, conviction and executions should have been completely obvious and swiftly carried out at the very first instance of coercion but history has now shown just how many psychopaths walk amongst us. The 'pandemic' clearly revealed that the criminal psychopaths and sycophants make up the majority but the fact is that grand Juries are made up of less than 50 people and trial juries 12 people so the fact is that less than 40 people total could have promptly ended all of this nightmare as it was starting before the damage was done but instead everyone keeps choosing the lawless path which in the end only leads to divine justice being levied upon the world.

      Get ready for the next move by the psychopaths. It's coming. Until they are brought to justice there will be more pandemics, more 911's, more stolen elections, more wars, more famines, more presidents and leaders assassinated, more lockdowns, more restrictions on movement, more inflation, less justice, more genocide, more censorship, more bad, less good.

      The divine source of creation is trying to teach you lesson but many of you are refusing to learn - you will uphold the law or you will suffer the consequences of your lawlessness.

    • We did warn you. For over 2 years. In return we were censored, banned, ridiculed, forced to leave our jobs...need I go on? Maybe you should listen next time.

    • Are you serious? The unvaxxed lost their jobs, were treated as if they were murderers and egocentric conspiracy theories adepts and now they would be responsible for your lack of judgement and incapacity to simply listen to them? It may not be the case for a majority of the vaccinated people who suffer side effects from the jabs but YOU clearly deserve what you got. Leave us out of your stupidity.

    • Because of YouTube is the reason for why I made the right call. They always shutting down peoples channels but they still were able get good information out there. My father even wanted me to get it I tried telling him. Now he deals with being sick he never in 71 years has been sick until he got it. I fear for him I’m sad that now I have to see what his choice is doing to him. I’m glad that he got to enjoy his life and remain in good health for so many years. I have told so many people the knowledge that I reasearched from the people that pushed the information out there and never gave up fighting to get that information out there. Always do your research never trust words never trust the government doctors never trust the news. Because they don’t care about you. You have to take care of you they aren’t going to do what’s right for you. Unfortunate that people have no clue what’s going on and happening right in front and behind our backs. YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP AND REALIZE THIS WORLD IS FAKE AND BEING RUN BY SCUM RICH FOLKS THAT WANT WHATS BEST FOR THEM EVIL IS OUT THERE ITS TRUE PEOPLE

    • This is literally the dumbest article any human being has ever written. It has taken reality (i.e. suppression if factual information on social media platforms, labeling those whoe were saying this is wrong as dangerous disinformationists, and a general refusal to listen to anything other than the narrative). There were thousands of published studies FOR FREE on Google scholar that you could have accessed had you actually wanted to look into this. The blood is on your own hands. You and only you are responsible for the decision you have made. If you were coerced by employers or governments then sue. But do not cast blame where you have as those people tried desperately to get information out. Shame on you for writing this, shame on you.

    • I'm truly bewildered by this article. It's as though we lived in completely seperate worlds during 2020 and 2021. People lost jobs, Doctors and Nurses were threatened to lose their licenses if they spike out, and let's not forget about the "horse medicine" jokes.
      Ultimately, this article sounds like my 13 year old wrote accountability. Why didn't you say more- we did and got labeled a conspiracy theorist. Why weren't you louder- my government threatened to take my job from me. Why didn't you share more- social media outlets silenced and shut down my posts.

      My one question to you...what have you learned from this?

    • Well, that's a bit cheeky. We've been going out of our way trying desperately to warn you. But all our warnings were condescendingly dismissed as "conspiracy theories". I understand that the vaccinated can now claim ignorance and blame it on us because all our warnings were blocked by Facebook and official media. But sorry guys - if we could see that the vaccines were harmful, what prevented you from seeing it too? We all had access to the very same information, both pro- and anti-vaccine. It's just that we exercised more critical thinking, that's all, not buying into everything we were being told. Sorry about that! 🙂

    • This article is curious because I saw unrelenting urgency from the anti-vax community about the dangers of the vaccines. Why are we trying to blame them when we turned our deaf ear again to their rantings? We wrote it off in the same way we dismissed their fears about other vaccines. Again, how is it their fault?

    • “They knew: why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us?” - We did. You didn't listen. You mocked, blocked and threw us out of your society. Go ask that question of Google, Facebook, Twitter, your government, the media.

    • Um. This is the most trash article . Us unvaccinated tried and tried to warn you MK Ultra freaks. We held protest and our accounts were being blocked and deleted. Make sure you put the truth out instead of making this out to be our fault. It's the vaccinated fault for NOT LISTENING to us and wishing death and jail on us.

    • I shared evidence of the dangers but gave up eventually because no one was listening. Fortunately, all of our children did listen and are still Pure Bloods👍

    • I begged and pleaded with some friends and family members, to not get the shots. They did it anyway! I talked to some til I was physically unable to anymore. When a government bribes you to do something it can't be good. It was common sense for me. I am not going to feel bad about not getting the shots. It was disgusting, the way they came in TV every single day with the Covid numbers and would let us know how many people had died since the day before. Sickening!! Not my fault. I did what was right for me.

    • I said as much as I could to as many people as I could and was ridiculed, gaslighted and banned from friends houses.

    • We tried but lost “smarter than us” friends..the insults from these “ so smart” friends led us to the mantra of “ look!..the garbage is so smart it can take itself out”…🥸

    • Beacuse yall were to busy ridiculing, shaming and shouting us down about how we were killing grandma, to listen to us telling you about the dangers. I honestly thought this was a joke at first. Then i remembered the time we live in.

    • Suck eggs. The blood is on the hands of your government, the doctors, and the experts you worshipped. Those who coerced you, manipulated you, assured you it was safe. Its on the hands of the parents who lined their kids up for it. Your life, your responsibility.
      No guilt here from this 'selfish, anti-vax, tinfoil hatter, threat to society'. And my family you wished death upon are doing great, unlike yourself. Enjoy the time you have left. ✌🏽

    • This can't be serious. 🤣🤣🤣

      You freaking clowns called us all the names possible, insane, murderers, uneducated... I lost track.
      All I hope is that you learnt your lesson, though I doubt it, and next time you won't fall for the same scam or CBDCs, digital IDs, allien invasions or any other bullcrap the "great reset ers" are going to throw at us.

    • To all you cult crazed jab junkies I am happy to tell you that the doctors who got results for 2+ years providing early treatment, often at the expense of losing their jobs, are now saying "Don't give up hope. We can fix this".

      The easiest one to start with is the FLCCC one. Go to, protcols tab and check out the "I-Recover: Post Vaccine Treatment". Good luck.

    • We did try to warn you all and we were called “conspiracy theorists” amongst other more hateful names. Each of us had to make a decision that was best for us and we all have to live with those choices. If you are upset with someone, look no further than all of the platforms that censored our warnings. Twitter, FB, MSM, our own government, etc. What needs to happen now is we all have to come together and fight back and demand answers. The unvaccinated have also suffered. We’ve lost friends, family, jobs, educational opportunities, etc. We’ve been disowned by our own families for not taking the jab.

    • You might recall something labeled “misinformation” by tech giants. We tried to say everything about this shot. We were silenced. We were out in Facebook jail. We were booted off Twitter.

      We tried. Thank Big Tech. Don’t hate on the critical thinkers.

    • This is ridiculous! We have been warning against this poison since day one, and were chastised and mocked as well as deplatformed, silenced and some even lost their jobs and their livelihoods for speaking out against the poison! This article is a farce along with so much of the bs spread about the "safety" of the vax. Common sense is free and it seems most Americans are sorely lacking, that's on them

    • LOL!!!!!!!! What utter nonsense. Most of the unjabbed lost family and friends through speaking out. My sis has disowned me for trying to warn him. The public and media said we should be locked up, denied medical treatment, to have freedom, well that makes people like that sound like Nazis who destroyed or abused garden gnomes, disabled, homosexuals etc., problematic af on lies. Morons who write pieces like this or who are paid to, either have little empathy and have to be always be right, like a toddler having a tantrum feeling his/her narcissism means they don't have to listen to anyone. It is all ego. Time to wake the heck up and grow up. It causes divide and conquer, people with a malignant narcissistic attitude regardless of whether jabbed or unjabbed should hang their heads in shame for the sh** stirring they create. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF and stop blaming others, because you chose to ignore what people were desperately trying to tell you. You chose to ignore researching, using critical thinking and analytical abilities, questioning, your conscience eating away at you, you chose to ignore any instincts, intuition, and to follow orders instead and take a pompous stance about it. Whether done out of fear which anyone with a heart can sympathize with and those types who didn't spew vile hatred upon the unvaxxed, needing to keep a job or whatever, that is not your fault. You were conned and we care. What is a person's fault is their belief in being superior, right, and talk arrogant piffle like this, that merely shows how unoriginal, stupid, vicious and divisive they really are. EVERYONE needs to humble up and help each other. No-one can win in a divisive climate.

    • Truly, I thought this was parody when I saw it on twitter. You have got to be kidding me with the blame game. How many unvaccinated lost their jobs and friends for non compliance to the death jab. Time for the vaccinated to apologize for all the ridicule they heaped on us. The vaccinated should get their affairs in order, life is short, especially yours. Make peace with your choice.

    • Blame Fauci. Blaming the unvaxxed is highly irresponsible. My son and his wife are both MDs. I have been begging them not to vax and boost my grandkids. They won’t listen and they barely even talk to me (it’s January 2023). You have the gall to say I have blood on my hands?

    • I warned people since day 1 that they announced vaccines. I told everyone I knew not to get it and the reasons why, but no one listened. I was told I was a conspiracy theorist & I didn't know what I was talking about. Those same people are now suffering from severe health problems they didn't have before. I was censored by every social media platform for telling the truth. To this day I remain unvaxxed and have never had covid because I beefed up my immune system with the help of plain old vitamins. Covid would have died out if everyone just took vitamins. The introduction of the vaccine is what keeps it going. Vaccines are causing the mutations. It will stop when everyone stops getting these shots that are really just a bioweapon.

    • People have lost their jobs, livelihoods and family and friends trying to tell you sheep...sheep no listen. Silly sheep

    • The unvaccinated were loud and clear about the vaccines but they were vilified, mocked, ostracized. Look at last year White House Christmas message - season of death. This is horrific gaslighting and it's just a continuation of the previous pattern.

    • This is obviously satire, right? Otherwise my still-deleted Twitter and FB accounts which held all the information you claim was withheld from you. Blame the media and big tech censors.

    • Everyone was given the same information. Some of us decided to not trust an experimental shot made for an illness with a 99.7% survival rate. Others took it.. then BERATED US.. made us LOSE OUR JOBS..
      Darwinism at its finest. I will NEVER “stand in solidarity” with any of you vile people.

    • Umm, we did warn you, but there are two main reasons you didn't hear us and/or wouldn't listen to us.

      1. Whenever any of us unvaccinated tried to warn you, we were either censored, called nasty names, banned or deplatformed or all of the above.

      2. YOU were brainwashed and didn't want to hear the truth and called us all sorts of nasty names.

      So, if you want to blame someone, don't blame the unvaccinated because we are just as much victims of the injection as you are. Place blame where blame is due; GOVERNMENT, BIG PHARMA, BIG TECH & MEDIA PROPAGANDA and YOU are also to blame for not using your common sense and for just following along and doing what you're told. It's time for you to take some responsibility for your cowardess.

      My 26 year old daughter was extorted into getting the jab and now she's got more health issues than she should ever have to deal with. I'm terrified for her & that I will find her dead one morning. So we are all victims of this scam in one way or another. Stop blaming the unvaccinated, we didn't do this to you, the GOVERNMENT did.

    • You are a narcissist moron for writing this sh**e! You are pathetic, sorry, you can’t see thru this, look back we all tried, got banned from socials, lost jobs etc, and you on your pathetic narcissistic platform have the audacity to shift the blame, you are a pathetic human, take responsibility for your own actions, and deal with your brokenness, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Get a clue, go have a good cry and start taking responsibility for all the choices you make. And stop being a narcissist, sad

    • 🙏Thank you for putting comments back on ❤
      What has happened with the jab, is that now people are suffering a bereavement of their health and like any bereavement, it follows a natural course, from upset, to anger, blame and guilt, to some sort of acceptance, that what has been done, has been done.
      We can only move forwards and I feel that it is better to move forwards, positively with love and support, the jabbed and unjabbed together to try and heal the problems, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and practical.
      We all have a responsibility for our own health and that of our families and even after researching, we are unsure as to whether our researched facts are true? There is so much information, disinformation, misinformation out there and most of us are not experts in the field, that it is difficult to work out what is for the best. So many rabbit holes to go down, that lead us to multiple horrendous things going on in the world, that our eyes were blind to.
      In hindsight and with more and more actual facts(with proof, like excess deaths and illness) coming to light, which no governments are hi-lighting, it is those who have lead us into this disaster that we should be holding to account, not those who weren't listened to, because they were labelled conspiracy theorists, ostracised by their friends and families, lost their jobs and shunned by the majority. The whole thing was a major psy-op and we were all taken in, to greater, or lesser effect. They played on our emotions, protect granny, don't be selfish, for the greater good! When in the meantime, they were killing granny off, with their newly ordered stockpile of midazolam, dividing the jabbed/unjabbed and distracting us with partygate and other pointless nonsense. It isn't just the jabs that have damaged, the mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns and isolation have also caused death and serious harms!
      While the majority have suffered, worldwide, they have made billions and continued their lives with no curtailment, while continuing to destroy with false wars, false food shortages, false cost of living crisies, false diseases, false cures, false climate change. All this, so that we are nothing more than the slaves, to fund their own selfish greed and megalomania!
      Do not let them divide us, it makes us weaker and easier to control Take back your power, question everything, why, why, why? What is in our foods, our water, our medicines? Does it improve our health/life? Does our education system benefit our children, or does it just prepare them to behave and obey, as slaves on the hamster wheel? Who is benefitting from the latest pandemic? Follow the money€£$¥? Why are unelected billionaires/trillionaires making decisions for us, our country, our economy, which we receive no benefit from (quite the reverse), whilst they make huge profit from?
      Check out the world economic Forum, Davos, g20, club of Rome, Bill and Melinda gates foundation/planned parenthood, agenda21-30, bilderberg group, Tavistock institute, 1000club? All not for the greater good, only to benefit a smallish minority (maybe 1 million)and we are not part of it!

    • Irony is the best medicine. I've been protesting with signs against the danger of vaccinations for 4 years (before covid) and jabe been called everything you can imagine, now here you are saying I didn't do enough. I went to protests, shared posts. I've even questioned medical professionals and they didn't understand, so how would you?

    • I’m an unvaccinated senior woman. I chose not to be vaccinated not because I had any inside information about the vaccine but because I used my critical thinking skills, did my due diligence with research, and clearly saw that things didn’t add up. I begged my friends not to get the shot and I lost some of them because of my stance. I posted articles and videos on my Facebook page to waken people up - mostly to no avail. I marched in protests, I signed petitions, I supported the truckers. I posted a sign on my front door speaking out against the vaccine. What more do you expect the regular unvaxxed citizen to have done? It was us who were - and still are - the target of discrimination and hate and your article is totally unfair to us. Maybe if you had pinpointed Fauci, other health officials, doctors, nurses, politicians, the media etc who have been in the know all along about the harmful nature of the shot, I would be more sympathetic to what you’ve written. But I'm sorry. I just see that the unvaxxed are once again being targeted and you are lashing out at us because it is too painful for you to admit that you were fooled. Please direct your anger at those truly responsible - and please join together with the unvaxxed to fight the tyranny and ongoing propaganda about the vaccine. And also very importantly- help bring to justice those who are responsible for the vaccine and it’s horrific criminal use.

    • You didn’t Listen. It’s on you. The unvaxed are not to blame for your stupidity. I warned the people I knew. If they didn’t listen it’s on them. Blame yourself for not paying attention.

    • How about putting the blame on those directly responsible? They’ve known all along. They planned this! If you want to blame someone look towards big pHarma, Fraudci, FDA, CDC, local governments, etc. They’ve all known and still pushed it!

    • This take gas lighting to a whole new level. You accused us of “killing grandma” because we saw through the entire charade. But then expected us to “warn you” about taking an EXPERIMENTAL drug. No, absolutely no. Take some responsibility for your damn self. The blood is on your hands.

    • It takes a mountain of audacity to blame those of us who refused the poison jab for your own stupidity and refusal to do even the slightest bit of due diligence. The inventor of the mRNA technology himself, Dr. Robert Malone was EVERYWHERE telling people not to take the jabs. But he was called a liar by people just like you.

    • Every unvaccinated person I know tried to warn people. Many are no longer welcome to visit family members and friends who were so convinced by the government and media that vaccines were safe and effective they refused to listen and go so angry the unvaccinated became ostracised. Meanwhile when they tried to warn people on social media their accounts were closed down. They were censored and silenced. Even doctors and scientists, leaders in their fields, are still being ignored and censored. The vaccinated were told, they refused to listen.

    • We did. We warned you repeatedly. Over and over and over, and we were met with scorn and derision. We were called conspiracy nut bags, granny killers and much worse. You can say what you wish, but you cannot argue that we didn’t warn you.

    • I think a good thing to add to this article might be a bit of info regarding the manufacturer who made and distributed the drugs, their lack of testing, lack of advertised side effects, the govt mandates to take the vaccine etc.. Blaming it on the unvaccinated is a major stretch. I was not vaxxed because I don't believe doing experimental drugs that haven't had any long term tests performed is a good idea. That doesn't make me guilty when somebody else chose to take the drug.

    • We were mocked and ridiculed for warning against the "vaccine". We even had death wished upon us.
      There comes a time when grown-ass adults have to make decisions problematic af on their own research and intuition, rather than blindly following the masses and blaming others for poor choices.
      Rational, thinking, self educating adults don't allow themselves to be controlled through fear. That's on you.

      On a side note, if your moderators are that sensitive and weak, they might need a coloring book and a binky instead of reading words that might hurt their feelings.

    • Where is your self responsibility to do your own research before injecting something into your body? Don’t blame others for your lack of care for your body. As for nobody telling you, there are at least 17,000 doctors worldwide who banded together to warn everyone, unfortunately they were censored. As for me, I begged everyone in my family not to take it and they have. They are all unwell now and one is about to pass away, so maybe show some consideration in your comments for the heartbreak we are suffering from because our loved ones didn’t listen and called us crazy.

    • The same people that wouldn't listen when we tried to warn you...are the same and only people that will believe this idiotic article. Nice try...

    • Every time, year by year unvaccinated havу blood on their hands.
      First they hadn't vaccinate to save world from covid-19. Now they did knew something but didn't warn other. Not farmacists who had made dangerous vaccina and earned tonnes of money on it. Not government who forced people to get vaccinated and lied about safety of vaccina. Those who earned money on vaccina are nobody to blame. Only unvaccinated are the same who are responcsible for always and for free.

    • Blokirali ste me, so me in še zdaj na twiterju nepreklicno, na FB pa mi brišejo in me porivajo z objavami 90 dni nazaj "neodvisni" preverjevalci, ki so plačani direkt od globokemofarmacijske mafije, kot WEF, CDC NIH, FDA gov. ZDA lepo še vedno zavajajo in ubijajo z temi proti-ne-argumenti, TI VSI IMAJO KRI NA ROKAH teh bogih ljudi, otrok, ki so jih silili, kot z maskam v smrt in ravno tako vse znanstvenike, zdravnike, ki so hoteli kaj povedati in ja imam v družini in celo enega otroka tretiranega z tem GSO AI genskim spajk HIV prion, grafenoksid orožjem, kot tudi mož, ki noče še vedno govoriti o tem, prosila sem ga čeprav je kronični bolnik, pa le letel, prvič, drugič in tretjič, ter se spotoma mi še zlagal. Ja živimo skupaj v čudnem odnosu izogibanja. Moj visoko avtistični sin z kronovo boleznijo je bolj pameten, kot sredni sin, ki sem ga imela za najbolj pametnega in se je šel zaradi lagodnosti preverjanja z testi in službe cepiti, čeprav ima alergije(upam, da je v skupini ki ni imela "tega tretmaja notri). starejši pa je pragmatično naravno orientiran in niti ni pomislil na to. Njihove, od srednjega in starejšega niso "tretirani z genskim tretmajem)

    • Really?
      Many of us did nothing but warn you!
      Many of you did nothing but mock us!
      And blame us for being irresponsible.
      And now it turns out we where right again we get the blame for not warning you?
      Wow such sattire this.
      How about taking some responsibility for your own lives?

    • It was IMPOSSIBLE to do so. We were the target of insults, vaccines passes, open discrimination and worse. Yes I managed to get some family members off the injections, but most would NOT listen. We now know that the injections provide no benefit against disease nor transmission. And the side effects are sometimes devastating, ranging from sudden death, to immune suppression. The worst for me is the explosion of miscarriages and now evidence of sterilization of females.
      It's the worst scandal in health since forever. Good luck to all.

    • Absolutely ridiculous. The Vaccinated virtue signaling was everywhere. You told us we shouldn't be allowed to have rights like the 'vaccinated'. You pushed making us seem like we were pariah. So maybe the 'left' pushing this stupidity need to take ownership for your decisions.

    • Are you joking? The unvaxxed were and continue to be vilified and ridiculed by folks just like you. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Faux victim hood is quite unbecoming and tiresome. You can lead a horse to water . . .

    • The fact that you disabled comments because your feeling got hurt says alot more about your organization then this ridiculous article. I saw this article online and seriously thought it was a joke, I am still not sure? Your site look legit but I cannot for the life of me believe people are this far gone. I know since the jab people have slowed down in their thinking. And have what I call "Vaxx Brain" but this article must have been written by a 5 or 6 jabber because all sense of their reality has been lost.

    • we tried, but you censored, be-littled, ostracized, demeaned, and were sometimes violent towards us...we really tried.

    • Seriously, I am thinking this as "tongue in cheek", facetious sarcasm. Just can't tell. It can't be serious. I tried to tell friends, they just rolled their eyes. I am the idiot because I don't believe everything I am told and I research for myself. They got all their "facts" from MSM and refused to look for themselves, happy ignorant non critical thinkers. Sheep. You can't fix stupid.

    • Your refusal to listen does not equate to us bot trying to tell you. We were mocked, excoriated, and silenced as science deniers and tin foil hat conspiracy theorists every time we tried to address it. We told you so and you ignored it. Don’t try to pass the blame off on us for an action you chose to take either through willful ignorance or blind trust.

    • No need to blame the unvaccinated for your stupidity. Your people that got vaccinated had just as much access to the information about the vaccines as the unvaccinated it is your fault you choose to ignore it and we all tried to warn you, but nobody would listen. we are all called conspiracy theorist.

    • Any time someone tried to say anything against the COVID vax they were censored, bullied and ostracized. The unvaccinated could no yell enough, loud enough for those who “did the right thing.” Put your blame where it belongs - on the pharmaceutical companies, the media and the politicians. This is in no way the responsibility of a group of people who were labeled a “fringe minority”, “racists”, and “against science”.

    • The unvaccinated didn't have special access to information that the vaccinated didn't also have. We were just more skeptical about getting injected with a "vaccine" that couldn't possible have been fully tested before it was released to the public. Everyone knew or could have known that covid 19 wasn't severe for a majority of the population, which made reasonable minds question why it was being forced on everyone. In fact, the tyrannical mandates made many of us more skeptical and resistant to getting jabbed, but not because of access to some secret information unavailable to the general population, but simply because there wasn't enough data to back up the incessant claims of being "safe and effective." The answer to why the unvaccinated didn't say or do more is CENSORSHIP. Just look at the "twitter files" for a glimpse of what happened when people tried to speak out. The unvaxxed were not only silenced, we were maligned, threatened, fired and touted as mentally ill "conspiracy theorists." More name-calling (irresponsible, dangerous, selfish, gloating sociopaths) isn't going to bring reconciliation. A little humility and even an apology would be more appropriate than adding insults to injury.

    • Accept the blame for your choice! The unvaccinated lost jobs, were discriminated against, faced ridiculed and many families and friends avoided them. And now, you said we did not do enough to explain it to you? We made a choice of not taking the jab. You, on the other hand, decided to take it. This is on whoever decided to take it. Not the unvaccinated.

    • What a pure BS slant on this important matter! The “vaccinated” had the same opportunities the unvaxed did to information. Plus many unvaxed tried hard to tell them but they put their faith in the idiot box & people in white coats over their loved ones. The vaxed took delight in their virtue signaling & shaming the unvaxed; ridiculing & marginalizing them. They let fear override their common sense! No surprise now they play the victim card.

    • As a non vax (and proud) we did everything possable to warn you. Your liberal media shut us down at every turn. It was your body your choice so stop blaming us! Focus your anger now at the ones who did this to you (Fauci, China, W.H.O, and the collective governments of the world). Even though I think this is a joke article, I will pretend you are asking a serious question.

    • You have got to be kidding!!!! I tried to have discussions with my kids and my partner about this and all I got was shot down with "Dad your so selfish not getting vaccinated" and "your ignoring the science" I almost lost a really good friend because he was brainwashed by the mainstream media.
      I felt ostracized by my own family and friends. Being forbidden by my partner to have any discussions with friends on the subject because it will cause us to lose them as friends. No amount of information and videos revealing the opposite view would be taken. My best friend even binned everything I sent him without the courtesy of looking at them first. I risked everything to let people know that they were being conned. I felt so alone. I was accused of being a tin foil hatted conspiracy theorist. The apologies should come from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated have tried to wake everyone up but all they got for their trouble was to lose their families, friends and their jobs. Blame the governments, the media and Big Pharma and those at the top for this carnage not the critical thinkers who tried to warn you, not the unvaxxed.

    • Take a look at the Twitter and Facebook files with evidence of Capitol Hill and the FBI leaning on the social media companies to ban any commentary that was not in lockstep with Dr. “I represent science” Fauci. The only immunity from the vaccine went to the pharma companies. Everyone who took their experimental drug irreversibly had their genes edited—no immunity for them.

      The vaccinated screamed for censorship and these are the wages. Time to pay up.

    • We tried. We were shut down and censored at every turn. Called conspiracy theorists, laughed at and mocked as anti-vaxxer lunatics. Sharing any information contrary to the "safe and effective" mantra was shut down on every single social media platform. Every. Single. One. Renowned specialists were threatened professionally and personally for trying to sound the alarm. Even trying to share effective and inexpensive treatments were riduculed and banned from public discourse. I've personally been trying to warn people for years after my mom died from the flu vaccine. Adverse reaction. What a lovely and sterile phrase that covers everything from a slight allergic reaction to death. We did the reasearch. It was out there. Anyone was free to research. I looked into mRNA studies and trials. I tried to tell people that every single animal died in every single trial. Maybe the question should be why didn't the doctors tell you? Why didn't Fauci tell you? Why did the pharmaceutical companies hide the data?

    • It's hard to warn people when we got banned, shadowbanned, little placards placed beneath our posts explaining we were lunatics, actual doctors getting banned for being skeptical, threatened to lose our jobs, etc. I don't blame people for getting vaccinated. It was really difficult to stay vaccinated, but I'm glad I did it. I even helped others to get religious exemptions at their workplaces. Blaming the unvaccinated seems like you're in the "Anger" stage of grief.

    • I bet you anything this website is going to shut down comments as a result of the backlash, not out of any tangible threat or abuse. But dishonesty will just be par for the course, right?

      I've spent the last 2 years taking abuse from the same people I have been trying to warn. I am STILL taking abuse while trying to warn people. I am actually currently working FULL TIME FOR FREE, compiling data for a debate on the efficacy of vaccine. What are YOU doing, besides not taking personal responsibility and inciting hatred against me?

    • This is such a bullsh** article.. The unvaccinated warned you and yet you still lined like puppets… So don’t go blaming the untaxed because the vaccinated didn’t want us to speak out , but we did at thousands of rallies across the globe. So why don’t you become better journalists…

    • When media only report from one side, when almost all information shows nothing strange. When the state and media almost hunt you down and tries to limit all rights. Then it is time to use onesown mind, can this be true?

      This was the situation some month ago.
      And now this is my fault? Sorry. But no.
      They called us several names, they did not want to meet us, to be in the same room as us.
      Yes, a lot of peoples lined up, much because of the media, I should say. But don't blame the unvacced. We were the ones as you rejected. This article makes me sad. Please look tru all lies.

    • We warned our friends, but they didn't listen. In many cases, our friends SHUNNED us, claiming that we wanted to destroy their health. We posted links to the vital information and we were repeatedly put in Facebook jail and Twitter banned. Take a long look in the mirror and answer honestly, did you put as much time examining the available evidence on this new mRNA vaccine as you did your gluten-free or keto diet? Instead of blaming your friends for your own obtuseness, try blaming the people making big money off of this vaccine and all the treatments of its side effects. Your friends had nothing to gain by your injury, but they are still there for you.

    • "..why the unvaccinated didn't do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected..."

      "..The silence of the unvaccinated was a dangerous, sociopathic, and irresponsible decision that has had serious consequences for those of us who received the vaccinations..."

      Well, don't blame the unvaccinated - you had many doctors standing up to save you as they lost their careers, you had many non-medical knowing the issues because they investigated, only to be censored on twitter and any other social media.
      The governments are the complicit ones as they actually forced vaccination using candy for kids, and penalty for adults.
      The institutions are the criminals, not the unvaccinated - we truely tried.

    • Gaslighting 101.
      It’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it?
      Friends and family threw me to the trash. “Uneducated, antivax conspiracy theorist.” I tried standing in on mountain tops.

    • What do you mean by "lost" one volunteer? Are they cowering under the water cooler? You gotta be a lot tougher than that to survive in this world.

    • Not only did I warn everyone before the shots even came out – I showed medical information proving it – I quoted Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology. Shared links from him and other scientists that warned before the shot ever came out. Then I shared links to detox protocols that could help the people who took the shots anyway. I still spread that information, I give people quercetin and other supplements including ivermectin which I buy myself and distribute- so this is not true. Not only have we prayed and cried and tried to get the message out to all of you – we realise that it is our compassion that will be paying for and taking care of all of the people crippled by this dangerous experiment. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t disappointed or angry or not happy about the fact that we will be paying for the stupidity of everyone who ridiculed us and said that we should die because we knew better than to take an experiment that there was proof of the negative reactions to. Proof that we tried to share and was censored – be upset with your government and yourself, not us.

    • Is this a comedy account? We the unMRNA’d ( let’s not call it a vaccine) warned people continuously and were told we were idiots, that we should be forced to get the shots, that we should be killed for putting others in danger. Is the writer of this article even serious? We were ostracized from family gatherings and had lifelong friends eliminate their relationships with us and you’re saying we have blood on our hands and that we were conspiracy theorists? What planet are you from? Even now while people are dropping dead from heart issues they are still putting out ads saying “Safe and effective” You need to rethink your position.
      From the UnMRNA’d

    • It was impossible to talk such things with the people who wanted to vaccinate themselves. They called you an ignorant, a conspiracy theorist, a criminal.

    • This article is blaming the wrong group of people -- The Unvaccinated.
      All of us -- "Vaxxed" and "Unvaxxed" alike -- should direct our anger at Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Media -- who tricked us into injecting this poison using fake fear, fake science, peer pressure, job losses, censorship, etc. There should be Nuremberg 2.0 trials for everyone who pushed the "Vax" down our throats!

    • Hahahahahha
      From: pure blood non social Marxist but I identify as vaxxed so I can ride the Waaaaaambulance with yall

    • This has GOT to be a joke. We were EXTREMELY vocal from day one about the hesitancy and the concern we had with it. You all ignored us, insulted us and wished death upon yourself.

      ...this is ALL on you.

    • I am unvaccinated. I told every single person I know DO NOT TAKE IT. I told them it was depopulation agenda poison... I made videos, I stood up at work, I did everything possible to warn people. And so did all of us "antivaxxers."

      The people who took the vaccine told us to shut up, called us crazy, racist and accused us of being science deniers, and our platforms were shadow banned or just strait removed. This article is yet again the same garbage.

      Those who took that sh** will reap what they have sown.

    • Perhaps you feel that many of us kept silent when what was really happening is that our social media posts on the subject were being censored and shadow banned. Many of us had our social media accounts deleted for trying to warn people. If you didn't get the message, don't blame the sender, blame the media companies that blocked you from receiving it. Much, much more was said that you never saw.

    • This article define gaslighting. The victims aren't those who rolled up their sleeves without thinking. The victims are those who lost their job, their friends, and their family because they did.

    • You are out of your mind!!! All of us begged, implored family members, friends not to fall into the manipulation. The result often times was segregating us. You are a sick person to write this article. Causing even more division. Shameless.

    • Yes i would like to leave a reply to one qho had given up much of my life and time not only to research and come up with the best answwrs for myself but had teied to share everything i found with family, friends and on social media being tagged and banned over a sozen times these past 3 years so please save this nonsense of shifting blame when in reality your charge should be against the pharmaceutical companies and warp speed and biden and governors and social media platforms and the like and maybe it's time for all of us to band together and focus blame on where it truely belongs.

    • We did try to warn all of you. But you said we were ignoring 'Science' and you belittled us. Then you wanted us dead or unable to participate in Society without proof of the jab. Please don't try to turn this around and say we are responsible. That is projecting your guilt onto us when we are innocent.

    • AHAHAHAHAHAHA....typical liberal mentality. Refusing to take responsibility for your own actions, blaming others and playing the victim.

      Carry on. And sorry about your bad choices.

    • All of the unvaxxed tried but your tech overlords decided to censor us. Your super-sensitivities toward anything that resembled pushback hurt you too and lead to censorship. Stop being victims. Start being intelligent.

    • In my Country, the media and the local governments and the local medical community suppressed anything other than the offical narrative. People were threatened with their jobs and subjected to ridicule for expressing any alternative narrative. You may want to go back and review the policies from the above.

    • I think you need to take responsibility for your own actions. We have no blood on our hands, the doctors and politicians who approved and mandated these shots have the blood on their hands. So take responsibility for your OWN actions. We tried warning alot of people. We lost social media accounts, we were deleted and silenced. Big government worked with these media platforms to purposely silence us. So yes it is unfortunate and I have sympathy for whatever you may he experiencing, but place the blame where is belongs! And take responsibility for your choices. Maybe next time you will use your critical thinking skills. Good luck!

    • Please see my Facebook posts.. all we did was try to warn you… but we were censored and made fun of at every turn… now you’re blaming us for you not listening…. Please stop the division and own up to the fact that the vaccinated found it easier to comply then to research… this is all on them not us…

    • At first I thought this was satire, but sadly, I knew this was coming. I knew the same people who ridiculed us and treated us like the lowest scum of the earth for not getting an experimental vaccine injected into our bodies would again, blame us when they finally realized what they had willingly done to themselves. The data was out there, it’s always up to you to do your own research. Instead, you chose to believe the mainstream narrative bought and paid for by big pharma and the politicians in their pockets. We tried to show you the data, but instead were censored and ostracized. Rather than learning from this experience, you now choose to take your rage out on the same minority of skeptical people who tried to warn you. Please do a little self reflecting next time before you decide to blame a minority group for what you enthusiastically did to yourself. Take your rage and frustration out on the people who actually deserve it. Anthony Fauci, politicians who pushed the vax and censored the lab leak theory, and big pharma.

    • You've got some damm nerve saying "Why didnt they warn us" "Its blood on their hands".
      Wasn't the narrative "the unvaxxed are putting us at risk, they are to blame". And now you wanna go about saying "BuT WhY DiDnT YoU WaRn Us"
      You made your bed, now lay in it.

    • I drove hundreds of miles in various convoy-style protests, but the misguided sheep threw eggs at my car. They were not even open to listening to our point of view.
      My own son dismissed me as anti-vaxxer, though I have always taken my (fully-tested, market-ready) vaccines.
      Darwinian theory is coming to fruition. Sadly.

    • Solidarity? You mean you can't handle being told how wrong you are? You were warned years ago, so this entire article is non-factual. No backsies!

    • I warned every single person I came into contact with. I lost family and friends for my "crazy conspiracy theories". Blame the people who told you the clot shots were safe and effective. Blame the government, i.e. Fauci, Walenski, etc. Blame the Mainstream Media, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter for silencing the voices who were screaming from the rooftops it wasn't a "vaccine" it was gene editing therapy with no trials or safety data. You Blame them- not the unvaccinated. They have y'all so brainwashed you turn to bite the people who didn't hurt you and ignore the ones who did. And it's by their design. They want to divide us. And they succeeded.

    • The mRNA vaccine was a Darwinian intelligence test.

      If you took that shot, you failed the test.

      In fact, you ridiculed anyone who told you the truth, then cancelled them from social media, deleted the documentation they shared, and even destroyed their careers.

      The blame is all on you.

      Don't ask for "solidarity".

      You were dead weight before you took the shot, and now we will move on without you.

    • People were harmed, lost their livelihoods, lost loved ones. All of us.
      Who were the holier-than-thou, loudest proponents of the vaccine? The same people who read and write articles like this.
      Panic porn, they called it.
      And you want to blame the same people you stifled and ridiculed?
      You want blame US because you made poor choices?
      Now you need someone to blame. Mirrors.
      Once again...leave us alone to make our own decisions. If they are poor choices, we will find out soon enough.
      We don't need you.

    • This is a completely unfair assessment. We did everything we could while simultaneously being vilified by the so-called “good” people. Not to mention the fact that it was, and has always been, YOUR responsibility to know what you’re putting in YOUR body. The blame game is an emotional response to your poor decision making. Stop blaming us and we might just consider helping you detox.

    • We tried to tell you.

      We were silenced by social media at the behest of our govt.

      We were also Trump fans who you decided were less than human and fascists.

      You chose your bed. Now lay in it.

    • What?! Is this a parody? Remember the overused terms and comments "misinformation", "selfish", "tinfoil hats", "do it for your neighbor"?. Remember reputable doctors losing their licenses for speaking the truth and citizens losing their jobs for refusing the vaccine? Remember the panel discussion, among many, hosted by Senstor Johnson discussing vaccine injuries? Remember the vaccine injured, secondarily injured by the rejection of family members for publicly trying to warn people like you? This article is a joke, right? Let me be clear: WE DID WARN YOU.

    • We tried, we cried, we pleaded. You shut us out, literally. Some of us were not sure enough that we were right and you were wrong so we took a "wait and see" attitude and what we saw scared us.
      Please don't vilify us now. We need to love, not hate, cooperate, not blame each other. We were all manipulated and we need to unite now against the manipulaters.

    • You were too chicken to do the right thing, even though deep in your self you knew something was off with this whole thing. It was easier for you to comply.

    • Why didn't we do more to warn you?
      When I told my coworker I wasn't vaccinated she literally physically backed away from me, like I was disgusting. I'm not going to try to help you if your response to anything you don't understand is to demonize and exclude us. Maybe this situation will teach people to be more empathetic and open minded but I really doubt it.

    • Hey Lefty, keep playing the victim you always will be. Why don’t you think about how people were censored and banned from social media. How people where segregated from attending social functions or eating at a restaurant? You all choose to look the other way while we tried to warn you, I saved many how many did you?

    • Whoever wrote this was probably one of the very same people demanded the unjabbed should be banned from everything and spouted the "trust the science" lies. Nothing says trust the science like trying to lock the results of said science away in a vault for 75 years. The jab has melted the article writers brain.

    • No one would listen. I was reported and removed on Facebook, Twitter, ignored and laughed at by family and friends. What more could I do? 😢

    • This is satire guys. Stop replying like this is real. It made me laugh pretty hard so thanks for that. Been really hard getting death threats or people telling me I'm going to die as i warn them of the poison they are taking.

    • yall are clowns the blood is on your hands, you constantly forced people to get vaccinated and alienated majority of americans and discriminated against unvaccinated , you had this coming for a while

      you don't get to pick and chose what is and isnt discrimination and since you discriminated against unvaxxed people you can sit here and take the rightful discrimination and mocking from the inteligent people

    • The vaccines were all about depopulation and if the English speaking world didn’t take the vaccine they would have found another way to get to you and you would have volunteered eventually anyway, I read about 80% of a population will do whatever they are told because that’s the way they are wired the rest of us think about our best interests

    • If you warned people about the jabs you were censored and blacklisted. You had (and still have) news media saying the people speaking out against the vaccines and unvaccinated are pushing misinformation, Joe Scarborough still pushing it. Facebook, YouTube and twitter were some of the biggest violators and had their propaganda under every post who mentioned anything about Covid or jabs.

    • This is the dumbest article if ever read. We all had access to the same information. But the vaccinated were so busy telling everyone that didn’t take the jab that they were conspiracy nuts, to bother to hear anything other than what society told them to fall in line with. Sorry. We all make our own choices. And we all must live with them. Deal with it

    • You have a lot of nerve. The unvaxxed were labeled conspiracy theorists and domestic terrorists if you will for trying to warn people. Dismissed as being science deniers. Stop pointing fingers for your own ignorance. Screaming from rooftops wasn't enough for you? You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Don't blame those who were smart enough to not trust the government (this, due to great history teachers) and the fact that required clinical trials and protocols were not followed. You opted into a medical experiment and took a shot that your own doctor didn't know what was in it. Your own due diligence was YOUR responsibility. You di not get to point fingers and cast blame on those who did their own research from information widely available to everyone because of those who chose not to. Those same people who yelled and screamed and ridiculed the unvaxxed. Those same people who wanted to and tried to prevent access to the unvaxxed to obtain basic human needs such as food, school, work, banks, and medical care for not complying. Those same people who wanted to throw the unvaxxed into internment camps. Take responsibility for your own actions, and, if you want to point fingers? I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself and then shift to doctors, the msm, Hollywood, and the government (state, local and federal) along with the three letter agencies you beholden as the truth speakers. Those who perpetuated this evil and continue to push it have blood on their hands NOT those who refused to comply. Shame on you!

    • Who is this author & where we’re they during the jab push? I guess they forgot about how we were portrayed as being responsible for “killing everyone else & should be locked up or denied access to any public store”. SMH

    • This is a joke, right? Bullied isn’t even the correct word as what I endured for not getting the jab. Wow, keep telling yourself that we are to blame. Sorry, not sorry.

    • We were silenced trying to get people to see the error in this vaxx, you were ousting us as terrorist, and liars. We told you, you didn't listen, all we could do is pray for those who took the jab. I will not be accountable for your neglect in the truth.

    • A journalist who doesn't know how to research. Still can't stop laughing.
      The same info that was available to us, was available to you so man up and accept that you were totally and utterly duped instead of trying to blame those that are obviously a lot more intelligent than you. The sad thing is, if they ever bring in the climate lockdowns, you'll probably be the first to jump on the bandwagon. Engage your brain and learn to think for yourself

    • You know, I think I'll just blame my bad decisions on 'projection', it's the new hot term in the field of shifting responsibility. That way, I can just project all the blame on the unvaxx and not have to take any accountability for my own laziness! You need ask yourself why you were so brainwashed by the so-called "scientists" that you didn't hear all of our screams! Again, it was your choice to shun the very people that you now admit were right all along!

    • You cannot be serious! I warned everyone I knew and was attacked and ridiculed. My daughter had to apply for a religious exemption to keep her job. Luckily they accepted it but many others were not as lucky. You are trying to pass off your remorse for your blind stupidity in following people who do not have your best interest onto people who question things is ridiculous. I am sorry that you are in this situation but it is your own fault.

    • This article is another attack against us who DID try to warn others- you were not listening but instead cancelling us, telling us we would be the death of you for not getting vaccinated. Those who heeded our warnings are thanking us now. Personal responsibility and critical thinking is not your strong attributes.

    • 2 million marched in London censored by the media reporting a couple of thousands.
      Constantly banned on social media for speaking the truth, also ridiculed by family and friends.
      Nope we didn't do enough🙈

    • I wanted to comment on this opinion piece that accuses those of us that knew about the dangers of the vaccine program of staying quiet. Perhaps some perspective. Maybe nobody in your circle warned you, personally. But, that is anecdotal. Most of those that I know tried very desperately to warn others. Perhaps those in your circle were afraid they would push you even deeper into making bad decisions and remained silent to maintain a relationship with you. I tried to warn my family and friends. I showed them my evidence and shared my concerns. Some chose to listen to the experts or were mandated and chose their job over their health, some listened to me and are eternally grateful. I did what I could, as did many others. I have no blood on my hands and am now caring for my vax injured father. I gave the warning, am still giving the warnings and am still helping those injured, even though my advice was not followed. I don't see how that makes me a bad person or someone with blood on their hands. I don't judge any citizen who made what they thought was the right choice for them. It was our media, our politicians, our governmental agencies and our health experts that refused to look at the data and when they did look at the data, they actively kept it from the public to mislead them and protect their own personal interests. They are the ones with blood on their hands and that is where the blame must be placed. No more division. They're killing people, children, by continuing this vaccination program. We must all come together to stop them, not fight amongst ourselves and try to place blame on each other. That's my two cents anyway, and I appreciate you sharing your perspective. Thanks for your time.

      Your Fellow Traveler Through This Mess

      P.S. Stay strong and realize we'll all come out of this braver, smarter and closer than we were before. We've all learned much.

    • Please! Is this all you jabbed up, cognitive dissonant victims can come up with? It’s your choice, own it! Maybe turn to the real culprits, aka: white coats you worship, MSM you worship, Science you worship and government you worship. Better yet, surround yourself with REAL people who care about humanity, not division…Own your mistake, point the finger right back to yourself! I’ve been alienated by family and friends from my truth…I can at least look at myself in the mirror daily, knowing I tried to warn others. Can YOU? Where’s the apology to WE WHO TRIED TO WARN YOU? Remember, we were the Grandma killers, the tinfoil hat conspirators, the non-science resisters and heartless to humanity! Again, where is our APOLOGY?

    • L'articolo è reale o è una provocazione?
      Perchè non ve la prendete con chi vi ha ingannato: (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson& Johnson), medici, stampa, politici corrotti e influencer! Vi hanno ingannato con la paura.
      BIG Farma sapeva.
      I non vaccinati ve l'hanno detto, ma non volevate sentire. Ci hanno perseguitato, infangato, deroso, multato, picchiato.
      Chi è causa del proprio mal pianga se stesso!

    • None of us agreed with censoring doctors, researchers and independent thinkers. Doctors were fired for treating symptoms, using methods and pharmaceuticals they used before. Yet, we now know that the Biden administration paid Twitter to ban thousands of accounts. The censorship and banning lead to skepticism for many. But for others, they remained compliant. It’s a hard lesson to learn that you will bear the consequences of your actions. Time to be a realist about government. They are not coming to save you, and their directives and actors might harm you. Who in government will be held accountable for mandates? I read a great article this morning about staying informed in these times.

    • I can’t decide if you’re serious…We tried and we’re chastised, called names, told we shouldn’t be able to travel/eat at restaurants/go to public places, etc., etc. Most of my provax family and friends shut me down. We wanted to talk about it, but you wouldn’t listen. Please know that I pray for all of you. God bless you.

    • Is this serious??????
      We told you. We demonstrate and were beaten up.
      Shared articles on social media. But we weer canceled, people got angry at us and all sort of things.
      This can’t be a real article right???

    • Notice there is no author… because I’d tell them to GFY. We we’re shouted down, ridiculed, told we should lose our jobs, health care, ostracized, etc. Now you want to listen? FAAAAQU!!!!

    • I tried many times to speak to family, friends and coworkers, to share the red flags that many scientists and medical professionals were waving. Their response was to shun, laugh at, or ignore me. The responses started to feel like abuse, so I chose to walk away; to protect myself from the abusers. I feel sad now, and am slowly sharing how they may strengthen their immune system.

    • So, you’re looking for positive messages of solidarity in response to an article that blames the unvaccinated for letting the rest of the population line up like lambs to the slaughter for the “safe and effective” gene therapy treatment that is likely responsible for people dropping like flies. OK, that’s an exaggeration. But I am hear to express my positive message of solidarity with other vaccine-skeptical people. We’ve been censored, shadow banned, booted off social media, refused service, fired from jobs, ridiculed, called “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers,” “science deniers,” and blamed for being the cause of hospital overcrowding, spreading this disease, even intentional killers. We have filed lawsuits, posted links to treatments, studies, and interviews with legitimate scientists and research doctors, used the CDC’s own numbers including the VAERS reports to support our positions. We have lost friends and family. But it’s perfectly fine if the good folks who did seek the vax see fit to place the blame squarely upon our shoulders for not screaming enough. We did our homework, but I understand that doing that much research on heavily-censored information is hard and may be beyond the abilities of those who embraced the government message of “safe and effective.” Now they feel stupid and fooled, so they search desperately for someone to blame. So please do blame us, the unvaccinated. We can take it. We’ve been taking the blame and paying the price for our minority opinion since this whole fiasco began. Even our president sneered at our “freedom.” Our shoulders are broad and strong. Please carry on...

    • Everyone has access to the same material. Everyone can research and draw their own conclusions. We begged and pleaded with all current vaxed people to not take it. We have been censored, called murderers by vaxxed individuals, de-friended, de-platformed etc. It’s time for all vaxxed individuals to own up to the decisions they made for themselves and their children.

    • You literally banned us from communicating with anyone. You deleted our comments and videaos and even our entire accounts. You required by phone or even by mail verification of our real identities and permanently banned us from ever communicating on all the major platforms. We literally held protests and you sent the authoritarian communist enforcers that you were also demanding be defunded to shut us down. I'm glad you all will cease being alive after you ruined our lives because you wanted to compete with each other over who was the most obedient to the globalists.

    • Um. I couldn't tell you how many times Iscreamed at people for their absolute blind willingness to recieve this jab. Are you seriously accusing the non vaxxers for all the deaths of vaxxers? Cmon now. This is ridiculous

    • We tried our best to get you to listen to reason...We were silenced...We were harrassed...We were banned...And now it's our fault???Can you explain that to me...

    • We tried our best to get you to listen to reason...We were silenced...We were harrassed...We were banned...And now it's our fault???Can you explain that to me...

    • The article is bovine feces. Millions warned people using social media and eye-to-eye. Media is culpable of blocking free speech and being part of the NWO UN 2030 initiative to depopulate the earth. If you don’t allow this complement, you’re the ones who are responsible. Go tell Facebook to share all the info that their “fact checkers” blocked. E-V-I-L

    • I'm assuming this post is a satirical joke right?! I am unvaccinated and along with all my friends, we URGED everyone around us to not get vaccinated. I posted over 100 memes and articles on Facebook telling people the vaccination was part of a bigger plan to eradicate the population. In response, Facebook banned me for misinformation and my family (whom I gently urged to not get vaccinated) no longer wanted to talk to me. I was shunned and canceled for wanting to warn people about the vax. How on planet earth can any normal human being write a post like this unless it is pure satire. It has no basis in truth or reality. Every unvaxxed person I know was shouting warnings from the rooftops against the jab!!!

    • I’m not a dumbass so I knew taking a hastily created and not fully tested vaccine was a bad idea. And when people try to force me to do something it triggers my stubbornness.

    • This is a joke ? Right ? I mind my own life. So not getting the jab was my choice. I don't tell other people what to do. Besides the vaccinated made enemies of the unvaccinated. Not the other way around.

    • Nice satire. It’s a shame that there’s going to be people out there who don’t understand this article isn’t serious.

    • I tried to warn everyone. I was ridiculed, harassed, cancelled and people wished death upon me; remind me how this is my fault?

    • It’s not true we had access to any more information than anyone else. We were being told how uneducated we were and kept being told how you “believe in science”. Only, later when the research papers came out we learnt side effects for sure we studied the “science” whilst you ignored it and apparently you believed in the propaganda.

      We doubled down to inform and we faced more ridicule problematic af on the facts, never mind our initial scepticism for needing to jab whole populations including low risk groups and rushing a therapy which takes 10+ years to develop. It was clear the lab subjects were the whole population.

      When government statistics came out we questioned the excess deaths and still got to get through to government to investigate excess deaths. Instead, we are faced with silence.

      We are all grown ups, except those who are now blaming others for their decisions, and we all have to face the consequences of our decisions. We never gloated as loved ones went and ignored our advice but social media was filled with hate demanding that we were forced into this.

      No apology is needed from our side at all.

      PS I don’t believe this article is real, it’s designed to provoke debate. No one can be so solipsistic in real life….

    • I was censored multiple times when I tried to warn people, banned, placed lower in the feed, ignored, insulted. Etc. Talk to Big Pharma and the WEF if you want to find out why we were silenced. This piece is propaganda.

    • LoL!! Won’t work on me, for I’ve been banned, censored and fact checked for speaking out ever since I got up and walked out of a covid unit in March of 2021 once I figured out they were feeding me the drug RanDisappear in my IV against my expresses instructions not to do so !!!

    • Is this satire? I'm genuinely curious. Many did try to warm people and were censored or ridiculed for their warnings. Many of the good people lining up to do "the right thing" suggested isolating the unvaxxed from normal society. Also it's not like we had some inside information. All the data was available. We just took it upon ourselves to find it, then decide what was best for ourselves. What level of risk we were willing to put upon ourselves.

    • I was not one to remain quiet about the dangers of the vaccines, so I am not guilty as charged. In fact I was called many names by the people who took the jabs and I even alienated a few friends. I didn’t care because it made me sick to see them all excited about getting protected from a “deadly illness” for which the dangers and death rates were highly exaggerated. Never would I gloat because I “guessed” correctly. It wasn’t a guess…I spent many hours researching the opinions of may prominent scientists and I offered to share what I had found, but most people chose to trust their doctors who didn’t have as much information as I had. Sadly many doctors were duped by the government and their own hospitals. Now I am researching ways to help the people who took the poison shots rid their bodies of the toxins. Many of them are friends and family members who I do not want to see diseased and dying. Never would I say they got what the they deserved just because they wouldn’t listen to me.

    • Seriously? We tried to tell you, you told us to shut up. You told us get the jab or be treated as a non citizen. Our reward for attempting to inform you was to be censored, banned, shunned, demonized, discredited, have licenses removed to practice as health professionals, forbidden to go to where we wanted, banned from social events or synagogues and it is still going on. Now you are concerned that we will treat you as you treated us? We took responsibility for ourselves, now you take responsibility for your actions.

    • I have a very old dog sometimes she vomits and eats the vomit. That’s all I have to say about this. Looks like a case of twice baked vomit being served up.

    • I’m shocked that anyone would accuse me or anyone of not saying anything and that we have blood on our hands??? My husband an airline pilot and retired military officer has faced extreme scrutiny and criticism amongst the Vaxers. check it out!

    • This article does not even have an author's name, pure cowardice and trill bait. do not even post to this.

    • The MDs that expressed concern were censored on most social media platforms at the behest of the Government. This information would have been more widespread if it were not for censorship. Look to preserve free speech if you seek truth.

    • Holy crap, are you for real?! We’ve been saying it from the beginning and all we got was hate, ridicule, job losses, accounts frozen and family feuds. There is nothing you can say to someone who is convinced of their decision, believe me I’ve tried and all you receive is misery in return. You can’t wake that which does not know it’s sleeping. They need to wake on their own and hopefully sooner than later. This article is a great example of somebody who refuses to accept responsibility for their choices. Sorry not sorry, like at all, like ever.

    • I warned people against the vax non-stop from the beginning and continue on today. I made full use of social media to speak truth and got censored. I wrote emails, made phone calls, bought people books, attended rallies, and had in depth conversations with friends and family, and almost always was ignored, laughed at, refuted, or cussed out. I have no blood on my hands, but I certainly have put up with an awful lot of spit on my face by those who chose to inject themselves with an experimental gene-therapy that they were not even allowed to know the ingredients of. It was never the right thing to do. I've been called stupid, foolish, selfish, and stubborn and those words were embellished with an awful lot of expletives. If there is any apologies to be offered, they ought to be extended from the other side, starting with the author and publisher of this ridiculous piece.

    • Are you freaking kidding me? The louder we screamed the more YOU censored and threatened us with medical camps, house quarantine, no shopping, school, jobs, insurance and family visits. You vilified us, accusing us of killing grandma and now you're angry because we didn't do the same to you by FORCING you to listen to us. YOU had the same free will we did you just chose not to use it. WOW YOU have reached a new low, YOU could have known EXACTLY what we did if you wanted to but, all you wanted was to be good little boys and girls and shut up and follow orders. Next time, and mark my words there will be a next time, try listening but you probably won't then either and you will probably not take responsibility for your actions next time either. It's just too easy to blame others.

    • You obeyed your Hollywood idols.

      We were silenced into oblivion.

      Perhaps you should also listen to us about Hollywood, given your own poor discernment.

    • I literally thought this was a satire site when I read this article. This article is something I'd expect to see on the Bee. I have been shouting from the rooftops to people NOT to take the jab and told them why. My church did the same. It's your own fault for not listening and not seeking truth.

    • This "article" is absolutely the most sanctimonious, self-serving, and shameful piece of misinformation I think I've ever read. It's beneath logic and is a contemptible example of an immature mind.

      Each and every one of us has free will to make our own choices and they have consequences. Unfortunately, some are more costly than others.

      The responsibility we all should bear, and understand, is the obligation we have to ourselves, to make the best-informed choices we can and not expect someone else to have your best interests at heart.

      I feel sorry for the author and all those people who made wrong choices. I hope they are able to overcome this error, but the true and only person to blame for your situation, is the person staring at you from the mirror.

    • Can't blame us that you don't want to take responsibility for your own life, you who took the jab, had access to all the same information us un-jabbed had. you call us selfish, yet the reason many people I know who got vaxxed even after being told about the risk (I told everyone who would listen and even the ones who wouldn't) still went out and got vaxxed, why, because they wanted to eat out and go to the movies and travel, it had nothing to do with protecting other people, yet we're the selfish ones?

      We didn't know about any of these side effects until everyone else did, you we're told, like us all, from the get go, these jabs were experimental, what the hell did you expect? Last I looked we are humans, not guinea pigs, so stop looking for someone else to blame for your own stupidity. The vaxxed have only themselves to blame.

      If you want to get angry, aim it in the right direction, the media, the politicians, the pharma companies, don't look to us, you are not our responsibility.

      We we're vilified, ostracised, ridiculed, banned and the rest. Just about had enough of idiots

    • The thing about being an adult is to take responsibility for your actions. I find this letter and finger-pointing to be one of the more comical gaslighting attempts. You guys crack me up 🙂

    • We were BANNED from social media why these same GUINEA PIGS were clapping and cheering! May God have mercy on the souls and for the ones that don't believe in God they might have time to start believing! 🙏 don't you dare put this on us , wait until they find the truth about biden! Guess that's our fault to we have been warning but you're too dumb to listen NOT OUR FAULT MAY YOU REST IN PEACE!!

    • I really don't even know how to respond to this "article". All I can say is you have a lot of growing up to do if you are choosing to put the weight of this blame on a group of people that were treated terribly, and still are because of your decisions. This is not "good reporting"'s an article problematic af on regret and taking that regret and putting on people that I'm sure you use to turn your nose up to at their decisions, not long ago. I'll ask the question I ask my child when he tattle to me about something else someone did..."what are your expectations by saying these words?" Do you expect an apology for not thinking for yourself? Or for not following the "correct science"? Instead of writing silly articles like this, use this platform to continue to educate others instead of blameshifting. This would be a better use of your time

    • What I am about to say will contain no swear words, but it will contain some hard truths. I doubt you will be receptive to them. however, Even now, as you begin, however dimly, to recognize the disaster of the vaccines, you are failing to place the blame where it belongs: on those who perpetrated this monstrosity, and on YOU for complying with it. Indeed, you shamed us for not complying. And you're STILL doing it, right here in your article. You are calling us names because we did not stop you from your own folly. Really?

      You did not do "the right thing"—not even "at the time." It wasn’t a “coin flip.” WE suspected it was the wrong thing early on, and it didn't take long before we knew it. And we DID say. We said, and we were censored in social media—shadowbanned or deplatformed entirely. A colleague and I put together a Facebook page full of actual studies. Facebook considered the page into oblivion. We said, and we were fired from our jobs. We said—we screamed it, but our voices were drowned out in a gale of propaganda, fueled by your credulous compliance. We were prevented from going to public and private places, and you cheered. We were threatened with—and sometimes actually subjected to—Orwellian digital tracking tools. You cheered. There was a giant rag out there labeled, "Mainstream Covid Narrative." You soaked it in gasoline and shoved it in our mouths. And now you blame us, and call us sociopaths?

      The fact that you think you are "good people" is part of what makes you so dangerous to the health, freedom, prosperity, rights, and happiness of the rest of us. You are agreeable by nature, which makes you compliant by nature. Which makes you collectivist by nature, which makes you much more subject to social contagion, and much more prone to wanting to feel and appear virtuous in the eyes of others. Which makes you an easy target for those who use the human tendency towards narcissism to enhance their own power and wealth. You're doing it even now—using the phrase "the right thing" as a means to climb a few rungs higher in some hierarchy of virtue. And denigrating us allows you to climb even higher—standing on the backs of the kinds of monsters who would intentionally make the “dangerous, sociopathic, and irresponsible decision” to remain silent. (NB: There are always jackwagons in social media, but I do not personally know anyone who glories in the suffering of the vaccinated. I see a lot of sad emojis associated with each death or adverse event. No one is laughing.)

      WE fought against the vaccine and were abused for it. YOU fueled the entire system that attempted to force the vaccine into all of us, and you called us names for our resistance. And now you call US sociopathic for not telling you? Is this parody?

      See, here's the difference. We don't call ourselves "good people." We're not trying to impress anyone. We don't care what the collective thinks of us. We're not trying to do "the right thing”; we're trying to do the SMART thing. We're not looking out for "the village"; we're looking out for our families. That might make us "cranky conservatives" and "autistic libertarians" in your eyes, but it also makes us less dangerous to the rest of humanity. We're not trying to look good in their eyes or in yours. We have no schemes that we want to deploy, by means of state power, upon the rest of the human race.

      It is the agreeable, the compliant, the virtue-obsessed who fall for the kinds of schemes that caused so much carnage in the 20th century, in Russia, China, Germany, Cambodia, and elsewhere. And the next time a massive collective narrative comes along, most of you will fall for that too, and try to impose it by force on the rest of us. We are no threat to you…but you are a significant threat to us.