Encourage women to smell their poop to be more inclusive to Trans women Some women have a hole where their penis used to be, and that hole often shares microbiome with the colon—creating a distinct transitioning odor.

In solidarity with Trans women, this month you can make a difference by putting your olfactory system to use – while going number #2!

Yes! It's not a joke. We are sincerely asking all women to please spend more time smelling their poo during bathroom breaks, and to critically examine what many of our gender have to endure as part of the cost of bottom surgery. It is time for us all to do the work to truly empathize with the sights, sounds, and smells endured by every member of our large and beautiful gender community – including those with distinct transitioning odors:

Based on Gram stain the majority of smears revealed a mixed microflora that had some similarity with bacterial vaginosis (BV) microflora and that contained various amounts of cocci, polymorphous Gram-negative and Gram-positive rods, often with fusiform and comma-shaped rods, and sometimes even with spirochetes.

The social taboo around frank discussion of smells is already quite strong, but doubly so when it comes to the ones that can come from MtF neovaginas. If you are a regular on advice and trans subreddits, you know you usually don't have to wander too far down the feeds before coming across anonymous posts carefully prodding for advice on neovaginal smells, like this one:

[...] One night I was going to go down on her, so she washed her bits before she came in the bedroom and she laid on my bed. I was about a few inches from her face when I noticed a foul smell that I can best describe as stale urine, cheesy, and a bit like feces.

I've heard of post op mtf smells, but I've read most people saying that they go away quickly after transition. Anyway, I backed away because I was so put off by that smell. She kept asking what's wrong and I finally broke down and told her what's wrong.

She was confused and kept smelling herself saying she didn't smell anything. She said she just washed it too. It's been a fight between me and her and she's self conscious about it. I asked if it could be an infection or her hygiene habits, lifestyle, or diet because I know those things can affect the smell of the vagina.

She told me that's just the way her vagina and all vaginas smell. She told me it didn't smell like what I described it as and it just smelled like vagina. I tried asking my mother about what it could be and she couldn't give me any answers because she's not informed on this topic. I tried asking my gay cousin but she didn't have any answers either.

I was wondering if anyone in here could give me some advice on this? Do transgender women just have a different smell down there than cis women? Is that just her natural smell? If so, what can I do to get used to the smell? [...]

But before we get to the cultural impact and science of unique genital scents, read on to learn about the sad story that sparked a poovolution in a Canadian public school.


"As I was transitioning, I found it triggering that my cisgender female friends didn't smell like poo," the top of the fateful note read. It had arrived by way of the Trans Express.

That's what they called it there. The relatively small but respected Canadian school had just set up an anonymous tip box for LGBTQ folks to alert the faculty to issues faced by their community. It was a lavender wooden box, decorated with cheery handwriting, plastic flowers, and other colorful accoutrements, discretely placed by the janitor's closet near the main bathrooms.

Three times a week the woman describing herself as the school's "trans mama bear" ceremoniously poured its heartrending contents out onto a table in the faculty lounge....

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576 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Encourage women to smell their poop to be more inclusive to Trans women</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Some women have a hole where their penis used to be, and that hole often shares microbiome with the colon—creating a distinct transitioning odor.</span>”

  1. It seems many folks are misinterpreting this piece, which is about cis women setting aside a little bit of time each day to fully engage their senses and reflect on other, less privileged, experiences.

    It's never not right to inject a little bit more thoughtfulness and empathy into our daily lives.

    Stay sunny 🌞🫡🌞

    Edit: There are already over 200 comments, so please only add to them if you have something valuable or interesting to say. Our resources are limited during weekends. Thank you!

    • No, normal people are not misinterpreting it. We completely understand that you are attempting to normalize self mutilation and expect others to play along with your crimes. Would you encourage someone to cut off their arm if they said they felt like they should only have one? Yes, you probably would.

      • How does the trans m-f know how other womens vaginas normally smell like?? How can she say her manufactured hole smells like normal females!
        NO!!! Womens vaginas do not smell so awful and of SHIT!?!
        Yes ur man made hole will never smell or be like a woman’s as it’s not even the same type of mucosal skin tissues as womens. It’s not naturally moist or cleaned as a woman’s is.
        And in my career in Gay/ Obs, I’ve never smelled a “shit smelling vagina” before. And as a born woman, I’ve never had anything that smells how you describe your sexual partner.
        If she wipes her Amy’s to the front, she will deposit shit in this hole.
        Tell her to wipe backwards and was the hole surgically made in her often. And bathe in salt water too. Finally, if it’s still smells shit, get it medically swabbed as it probably is ecoli infected.

    • Are your really this warped, or are you an intel agent trying to get people to ruin their lives?

    • It’s not a privilege to have a natural vagina. Transwomen need to stop asking for women to give them sympathy because they’re triggered by women living their lives. Women aren’t privileged for being born. This article is extremely offensive to women.

      • I can't imagine something more patriarchal and misogynist than this insane trans movement. I am sick of seeing women's concerns erased to appease a small mentally ill segment of our mentally ill society. Women give birth, women are mothers, say their name!

          • Yes, the patriarchy. Men in dresses telling women to sit down and shutup. You will accept being a "birthing person", you will accept men into your spaces, you will accept a man being named the first women 4 star admiral, you will accept men ruining your sports, undressing in front of your children in a locker room and exposing themselves, et al. You will accept it all or be labeled any number of names, have your career ended, be harassed at your home, maybe your bank account closed. White liberals are the most intolerant, hateful, judgmental people on this planet.

            • Yeah... like "Let me mansplain why you should sniff poo in solidarity with men who are manspreading into your gender." 😄

            • You are spot on in everything you said. And now we add the smell of poo emanating from their neo vaginas. How much nutter does this need to get?⁸

            • Thank you! So sick of men with body dysmorphic disorder being named "woman of the year", dominating womens' sports, invading our bathrooms and locker rooms, and then asking for sympathy because their mutilated genitals make them less "privileged" than real women (who are not allowed to call themselves "real" women anymore because "trans women are real women" too!)

              And by the way, I keep wondering who is paying for these surgeries? Are they coming out of my taxes? Are they increasing my insurance premiums? Or is it just that all the people who have had surgery are so rich they can afford to spend tens of thousands really investing in perpetuating their mental illnesss?

        • Mens' concerns have been erased for decades and nobody gives a stuff. Men are labelled toxic and their very essence as men is demonized and denigrated so don't expect me to feel sympathy for women when a tiny number of them encounter some injustice.

          • "Men are labeled toxic"

            No. Rapists and losers and abusers are labeled toxic.

            Whiney, pussy men like you are why good men have gotten such a bad rep. Whiney snowflake men are why we have this chud problem in the first place. Stop acting like a woman and fix your own freaking problems instead of crying over them.

          • To understand this better you need to head straight to the root and origin of the problem......... the publication of the Protocols of Zion (1905) is basically the gnomish manifesto for us the "goyim" in the 20th Century onwards. Every single part of their plans and agendas came true, including all the sexual degeneracy, race mixing, LGBT, destruction of the family and more. The audiobook used to exist on YouTube and was a few hours long, but predictably it was removed by YouTube during Covid lockdown along with everything else exposing gnomish activities in the past couple of centuries. https://archive.org/details/the-protocols-of-the-elders-of-zion-new-world-order-blueprint

            • This site practices deception and censorship. They replaced words in my reply, e.g. the put gnomish for J e w i s h

            • You do know that the Protocols of the elders of Zion is copied word for word plagerism of the 1864 satirical novel "Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu", right?
              Because it would be kinda cringe if you actually took it at face value.

      • Um, honey, you're being implicitly biased towards born experiences. To claim that it is not privilege to be lucky enough to be born with genitals that your brain was born to percieve is outright transphobia. You will never know the oppression that is having to wake up every day knowing that despite all the affirmation in the world, you will look down your pants, or in the mirror, feeling a deep sense of not being born the way you were meant to be.

        • "biased towards born experiences"???
          Your mental illness is not our load to carry you freak.
          Men are men are woman are women. The rest is mental illness.

        • Lol, this is why we freaking hate you. If you lived your life and minded your own freaking business instead of assaulting half of the population with your mental illness, you would he much more accepted. But you choose degeneracy. Being born a healthy women or man has been the norm for tens of thousands of years.
          Sincerely, fuck you.

        • What is that… oh you smell like shit. Your hands are too big you walk like a dude and your Adams apple always gives you a way As those every other part of your body. You’re not even fooling yourself which is why you need to be so violent towards women forcing them to acknowledge and participate in your lie.

    • So Amber Heard was just encouraging Johnny Depp in trans acceptance when she took a dump on his bed. Wake up and smell the trans coochie Johnny.

    • No I think it’s pretty clear to everyone that you’re suggesting that to be empathetic and thoughtful to men who surgically removed their genitals that women should smell their own bowel movements. Sounds like a perfectly normal request to me.

      • Believe me when I say when I take a dump I don't have to TRY and smell it, the smell would gag a maggot.

    • I must say I am shocked to see this article is written by another degenerate garden gnome. We know the truth about the Weimar Republic run by garden gnomes - hyperinflation & complete degeneracy. We know Hitler threw out the garden gnome banks and disgusting degenerate garden gnomes like your lovely Hershfeld - first performer of such an operation.

      Why don't you discuss how my words get you thrown in jail in numerous countries and how you are trying to do the same in the US. We know you filthy garden gnomes are behind all of this.

      Why don't you TELL US why you were kicked out of over 100 countries over 1000 times. YOU NEVER EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DID TO DESERVE THIS!

      • Is there a connection to modern day adrenochrome harvesting and antic blood rituals a minority in every human culture had committed for generations?

      • Mary- I’m intrigued … I have no idea what you’re talking about… please explain and let me know where to look/read.

        • "Mary" can come suck my JOO circumcision and then fuck off.
          Mary is a stinky pussy dyke.

          • At least “Mary’s” pussy doesn’t smell like shit. Hahahahaha Looking forward to the day when you are all living in Israel. You’ve made so many enemies, ever think you are the problem?

        • Mary is an antisemite, garden gnome-hater.
          She uses the term gnome to refer to a gnomish person.
          her father is gnomish, but since to be considered a full on garden gnome, you need to inherit your garden gnomeness from your mother, mary was refused her gnomish id card. Even though she shares her name with a very prominent historical garden gnome, i think she's just bitter that she needs to make do in life without all the benefits that being a garden gnome has to offer.

    • I’m sorry, but you people have lost your minds. You’re playing games with nature that contradict God’s intent. This delusion leads only to emotional distress, despair, and ultimately, death. Please, get the mental/emotional/spiritual help you need to overcome the lies that lead to this.

    • Duh! This is too stupid .. let the quacks, those who are maiming their bodies deal with the nasty result, I give all real women permission to flip this off...

      • Thank you, Jim. I agreed with all the women calling out this BS but I hadn’t seen where a man had given them permission to speak so I didn’t feel right about it. You’ve allayed those concerns for me though so again, thank you.

    • To summarize the article: Women are supposed to smell their own shits in order to cope better with the fact that trans women smell like shit all the time?
      Did I get it right sistaas?

    • Trannies, all 0.58% of you in the popilation, please do us and yourselves a favor and have a nice day. Thank you!

    • Our resources are limited, AKA, they will all be deleted first chance we get. Save this article and all the comments. The JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU will deny they ever said it.

    • This is disgusting. It's not up to biological women to validate trans "women". If they smell like crap it's because they've mutilated themselves.

    • It's a privilege to be a bio girl and we didnt have to use a dicksaw to create a poogina..u r crazy...totally crazy get help go eat your own poo

    • There is nothing "privileged" about taking a shit. Its a normal human process. Men cutting off their dicks is NOT NORMAL. So yeah, please fuck off. This is so sick. You people are SO SICK what is wrong with your brain????

    • My trans theyfriend smells like sheeeeeiiiitttt, muffughah! BLM. Kill whiety!

    • Can your next article be about the Talmud please? You know where it says it's ok to rape a goy child under the age of 3, it's nothing but a poke in the eye.

      Can you tell everyone about the Noahide laws that were signed in by 2 Presidents that state the penalty for idol worship, which you mean by a statue of Jesus, is BEHEADING.

      Please explain to everyone what sayanim means, what tikkun olam really means.

      • Thank you.danke sehr.
        The root of all this evil is to be found in Satan's commandments collected in the Talmud.
        I hope mankind finds out very soon that there is a power in the world that's waging war against us for millenia.
        The shibboleth freemason morons that sold the future of their (and your) bloodline for instant wealth and luxury and expensive trips to exotic shores, i.e. Epstein's e-boita island, have to wake up and kill themselves after exposing the massive crimes they've committed.
        Please consider watching the following documentaries:
        The Deepest Dark
        The Shadow Of Hermes
        Our overlords don't like this to be known.

        • I would add this to the list, which is a great starting point for newbies that are curious to what the hell has been going on. Spend a week or two watching this 12 hour documentary, which is in ten parts. It's called Europa The Last Battle and was released in 2017 and updated in 2019. Many people have spent time checking the validity of it, and it becomes more true by the day. https://odysee.com/$/playlist/c2e58349-ba9b-4705-9c18-b591f14deaf9

      • Fuck off you stupid twat.
        Go make a sandwich, go care for your kids if you ever had any.
        Stay off the internet.
        Females should be seen and not heard.
        You are an ornament and a baby maker...nothing more.

        • hahaha this, exactly correct

          woman bonked up their own existence by trying to be "equal" to men

          why the fuck would anyone want that? if i was a woman I'd be freaking DOWN to stay home all day, clean, cook, take care of kids.. this corporate bullshit is, BULLSHIT

    • You're insane. NO ONE has to "spend a little time each day" to sympathize with someone that mutilated themselves via a doctor that only did the surgery to make money. We are done playing make believe... 2022 that is over with.

    • Why would anyone "subscribe" to this nasty tripe?
      Eat shit.... Oh yeah... YOU ALREADY DO.
      You people are some sick fucks.
      I really hope you all go the rope and doorknob rout and stop wasting everyone's time.

    • I thought this was an article from the Babylon Bee! I am very angry at my friend who sent this to me! I literally vomited and am stuck cleaning up puke and smelling it which I suppose smells like roses compared to the wound left after chopping off your penis so consider my good deed for insanity month complete.
      There are very valid reasons why gender dysphoria is and has always been considered a mental illness and every single day you people reinforce and prove how insane you are!
      Thing is idc if your an adult that wants to mutilate themselves, but this massive indoctrination push in all schools is going to cause a war anyone who advocates for putting kids on drugs used to chemically castrate sex offenders and permenantly destroy their bodies and mutilate them should be locked up for life! I pray society sees reason and come together there is no such thing as trans kids and your ruining their lives! This is all facilitated by "elites" who are crashing society and your all being used I know many Trans adults who are actaully decent people who oppose this agenda 100% unfortunately they whole lgbt community will recieve the hate for these attacks on our children and the teachers indoctrinating kids with gay and trans ideology I understand the Fed and States are forcing the curriculum, but many of these teachers are all about it and want to indoctrinate our kids the whole lgbt agenda in schools is child abuse and pedophilia.

    • Cis women doesn't exist, we are WOMEN. Trans people are trans. You want to erase real woman. Stop your propaganda

    • So trans vaginas smell like a piss trough that someone shitted in???

      And yall want to call me a bigot because i don't want to date a piss trough that someone shit in?

      Fine, I'm a bigot.

    • 43% of trans people attempt or try to attempt suicide. Does that sound healthy to you?

      Plus, now you've got to worry about a poop smell coming from the "woman" across the aisle? omfg this gets worse every single day.

      Hey ladies, smell your poop! LOLOL .. good luck with that

    • Your article is nuts. Bonafide looney tunes. I thought it was satire. One of the most ridiculous articles I've ever read. It must be tough to live life with such ridiculous thought processes.

    • Neovaginas aren’t vaginas. Straight women aren’t cis. Why is it okay for YOU to label ME? It isn’t. Most womens viganias they were born with smell amazing. I’m not going to sit in the bathroom and lament over botched surgery fecalvaggies

    • When are the normal people in America going to say "enough" and stop catering to these lunatics? These people are clearly insane and in dire need of long-term psychotherapeutic treatment / therapy. As a country, we enable this insanity. We should not even tolerate it, let alone enable it. We have Obama and his "wife" Michael to thank for the proliferation of this societal cancer.

    • You are truly a psycho. Get help, like professional psychiatric help. The world is now dumber after reading this nonsense. Thank God manginas cannot reproduce to make babies!

      • They used to be back in the days when communities were small, and had to be careful about what could potentially be a threat to the health of the rest of the people, physically and mentally.

    • I honestly came here to ask if this was parody because it should be. Men with an open wound between their legs do not have vaginas. Comparing my vagina to an open wound is the most insulting and misogynistic thing I have ever heard in my life! Comparing my vaginas odor to that of a open wound connected to the waist system is beyond offensive! You’re worried about offending a very tiny minority of the worlds population well insulting as much as you possibly can 50% of the human population. What is wrong with you?

    • You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

      All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

      Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

      You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

      Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

      This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

    • Do you think that """cis""" women don't shit? We can't smell our shit when we sit down and drop a fat freaking deuce?? Is this a joke?? LOL! If your surgery site starts to ooze intestinal mucous and smells like rancid shit, then perhaps that is your body's way of telling you that you have done something very very wrong.

    • The living definition of a shit box. How absolutely repulsive and totally ignorant for this man to say that women’s vaginas regularly smell like shit. Sorry, the real thing doesn’t smell like shit. That sad axe would you’re calling a vagina will always smell like shit because it’s not a vagina.

      The 13th reason why lesbians want nothing to do with these pseudo women.

    • "It seems many folks are misinterpreting this piece, which is about cis women setting aside a little bit of time each day to fully engage their senses and reflect on other, less privileged, experiences"
      Sorry, I'm setting time aside every day fully engaged with the experience of being an woman.
      "Less privileged"?
      Thank what? Being born a woman in a man's world while men decide they get to choose to be "less privileged"
      By CHOICE.
      This piece is tone deaf and absolutely ridiculous.
      You are spitting in the face of women who have put in decades fighting for equality.
      Smell your own poop wierdos.

    • Awesome. Now I can tell everybody that apparently chud-pussy smells like shit, and that I got that info directly from a pro-chud activist.

    • I find it discouraging that people can be ao hateful. Why comment if you only have mean things to say. I have friends and family in the LGBTQ community and they deserve as much respect and dignity as anyone else. To all the hateful people leaving mean comments, I pray you are treated with more dignity and respect then you are showing others. Have a blessed day.

    • transgender is schizophrenia. delusions, hyper emotional, paranoia, and self-mutiliation. these people need serious psychological help, not being encouraged to slice off their dick and pierce their colon so its eternally seeping and they need to wear a diaper and shit bag attached to their intensines for the rest of their lives.

    • Pretty sure the "transitional smell" is Human rotting flesh. Try transitioning to a real doctor... You just had to post this didn't you, disgusting.

  2. ITT: A bunch of people too dumb to understand that this is obviously a satirical article, and using it to wank themselves off about how much they hate trans people. Instead of spankin' it and eating each other's cum, you should go outside and meet some actual trans people. They're really nice. Peace.

  3. If the hole where your penis used to be smells like poop, perhaps it's God's/nature's way of signaling how badly you've screwed up.

  4. This is so incredibly sad. The only mental illness that is being encouraged to remain untreated so the medical industry can make millions and wokeacrats can get that selfish dopamine hit by acting like they are warriors of social Justice. A 41% suicide rate is not because trans are bullied - it’s because they are being sold lies for the most selfish reasons I can think of. It’s as shameful as advocating for a gastric bypass procedure for ppl suffering from anorexia. What is wrong with you people.

  5. Trans are sickos. I would never allow a trans in a bathroom, they must be shamed from society and assaulted at every chance

  6. Lol women don’t even have buttholes.

    Jokes aside I hope this article is satire. But at the same time you have to have some fetish to come up with shit like this.

  7. I would like to say that I can't believe the amount of anger and hate in these comments. In the current climate of "believe what I believe or damn you" this level of anger is the new norm. That's a really sad statement.

    If you think about, and are honest with yourself nearly everyone has a mental health issue. Some can actually cause real damage too.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD
    ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder
    ADHD - same as above but with hyperactivity
    Gender Dysphoria

    That just names a few.
    Then there is what mental illness can look like, such as:
    Nothing at all
    Spousal abuse
    Child abuse
    Denial in the face of evidence

    Very few admit to their mental health status. Fewer get the help they need. Humans are amazing, capable of so much. People can be just plain stupid. Most of what I have seen above falls into the latter observation.

  8. Hey, and why only women? Why don’t you smell each other’s holes? Disgusting, coercing, rapist pieces of crap.

  9. Why don’t transwomen smell each other’s man made holes and leave us alone? What the hell is wrong with you? Coercing, manipulating, gaslighting? No, screw you.

  10. I'm not sniffing my own shit because SOMEONE ELSE in the world decides they want to do something irreversible to their bodies without taking into full account what that change is going to do to THEM PERSONALLY

    If they want to feel better about their shithole smelling like a shithole then that's a them problem and they need to talk to a mental health professional

    Not tell absolute strangers they need to start smelling shit and associating it with their own privates that dont smell like shit

    Y'all know that's a very specific kind of therapy they use on kiddiddlers because it literally makes humans not want sex
    Shit is a turn off naturally for a reason you fukkin weirdoes

  11. There’s no way anyone can actually believe this kind of shit is normal and healthy. These people are trying to take our world to a very dark, evil and disgusting place. I really hope we’re not too far gone, and that this is as far as it goes. Drag Queen strip shows with kids and babies, people cutting their dicks off and trying to pass off the smell of rotting flesh as “normal” and “valid” and saying they’re suddenly a woman now…we’re in Hell, aren’t we?

  12. Or you could not just cut your dick off, or better yet, we could mature as a society and treat transsexuals like we treat other people with extreme body dysmorphias, aka they get medication and therapy to help cope with their bonked up brains instead of getting surgical mutilations and forcing others to play along with their delusions.

  13. I´m just ´d like to have 5min with that Editor and that Jamey Braunstein to make them return to the garbage where they came from.

  14. Let s say that this article is a new wave garbage. The Agenda has forced the writer to write it and the editor to publish and lets leave women alone.
    Transgender will never be a woman no matter what they cut and how. Do you know how much psychological and physical abnormalities transgender people experience..a lot! But why not. Let them suffer instead to be a normal human being. Its their choice and if smth smell bad on then, who cares!?

  15. I think this comment section is almost as insane as telling someone to smell their own shit.


  16. Smelling feces is not healthy. Protecting pedophiles is not healthy. Quit saying stupid shit about trans people, they don't need insane white women to "protect" them.

  17. You will never be a woman. You will eventually have a nice day. Your parents will be more relieved than sad and they will use your real name when they bury you.

  18. I hope that this is satire, because if not, then it really just serves as another proof that extreme body dysmorphia shouldn't be treated via surgery.

  19. This article is an embarrassment. You are saying trans people stink. You ask women to smell sh*t to understand how trans people stink. You really should be ashamed of what you wrote. It is dishonest, disgusting and insulting. If this is your pathetic attempt be an ally, NOBODY WANTS YOU AS ONE. Now maybe go take a shower and wash yourself. You seem to think people smell like sh*t. Maybe its just you.

  20. If a man wants to mutilate his body, on his dime, that's his business. But asking the rest of us to identify with his deep personal problems and inability to adjust to reality is just ridiculous. There is no such thing as a "trans" man or "trans" woman, there are self-mutilating people, self-hating people, deeply disturbed people, liars, posers, wannabes... Using their bogus terminology makes them think we accept their delusion. WE don't.

  21. Honestly, we need to stop pretending transgenderism is anything other than mental illness. These people need to be institutionalized and locked away. This isn't normal.

  22. One would think that if cutting your dick off and trying to pass a gaping wound off as a vagina makes you smell like a shit box covered in moldy cheese, then maybe that’s a clue that you SHOULDNT DO IT! what the f***????

    • Well, then you are just as screwed-up in your pathological thought processes as they are. Now, go smell your own sh*t.

  23. Its not a vagina. It's called a poopwound and it is what you get when instead of helping you accept the reality of your gender as a man, healthcare professionals encourage and support your delusions. Then you realize the grotesque results of the procedures and is too late. At least stop grooming kids into your same mistakes.

  24. This is a terrible idea.

    First of all, it is highly inappropriate to encourage anyone to smell their own feces. This is not only gross, but can also be dangerous, as feces can contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness.

    Second, this suggestion is transphobic and exclusionary. It implies that trans women are not really women, and that they are somehow less than women who do not have a hole where their penis used to be. This is offensive and hurtful.

    Finally, this suggestion is simply not practical. Not all trans women have had surgery to remove their penis, and even those who have may not have a hole that shares microbiome with the colon. This would make it impossible for all trans women to have this distinct odor.

    In conclusion, this is a terrible idea that is offensive, exclusionary, and impractical. It should be rejected outright.

  25. Turning your perfectly good penis inside out and pushing it back inside has consequences, you gotta "man up" and live with those consequences, it's not my privilege getting in the way. Just like if someone who eats taco bell gorditas two days in a row and absolutely destroys a bathroom I shouldn't be guilted into smelling it just because of their lack of judgment in meal choices

  26. 🤣Yeah, I'm gonna smell my poop because I need to validate some dude's dysphoria.
    Women are NOT with you.
    We do not validate cutting off healthy penises to be creepy imitations of us. Articles like this take me from pity to pointing and laughing. Good luck with the self-inflicted fistulas👋🏻

  27. damn the time
    when these damned spawn of the devil
    came out of their dens...
    the only thing that comes out of their mouths is shit shit shit and more shit
    it is unbelievable that governments support these spawn....

  28. The world has become to inane and ridiculous, that people can no longer distinguish obvious satire from earnest feeling. HONK HONK, Earthlings.

  29. Let's begin with disgusting. I don't know what those things smell like but a vagina does not stink like that. If a woman had that odor, we'd encourage her to get treatment. There is no such thing as a transgender. No matter what you do, how you dress, even if your get castrated, you'll never be a woman so WE don't need to smell
    ... like what do you think that's supposed to do?

  30. well wait a minute, if they start pooing through the front instead doesnt that mean they can just swap the two and use the back as their boygina and the front as their butt? or do they still poo through both sides?

  31. "It's never not right to inject a little bit more thoughtfulness and empathy into our daily lives." i remember our intellectual and moral betters saying that about political Correctness on the BBC and other media 20 years odd years ago,another one was "we are only trying to be polite" now forward 20 years and we are reduced to being terrified of saying anything which runs out of line with the lefts damned narratives,we are doomed.

    • You’ve gotta love how this person doesn’t even take into account how insulting they’re being too you know real women. They want to inject a little thoughtfulness and empathy while not giving up flying fuck about real biological normal women! We deserve better than this.

  32. trans are hideous abominations, here in China we kill them and the police do not come to us

  33. It smells because it's not a vagina. It's a seeping infection. You're not a woman. You're a dude that cut off HIS penis because you have a psychological disorder. Play dress up all you want. You're still a man.

  34. This sh*t is insane (pun intended). You're literally trying to normalize something that is NOT normal by any means and it should never be normalized. What should be normalized is treating the mental health condition of "gender dysphoria" because having a self-inflicted axe wound that you constantly have to prevent from healing will never treat the mental health condition. Every single day you have to dilate is a reminder that you have to try ever so harder to be something you will never be. Then there's the constant risk of infection. That's a large factor in why your axe wound stinks so bad.

  35. Positive comment supporting trans people** Pains me to see humans hate other humans. People are allowed to be appalled by smells by the way. I’m sorry your gooch stinks but as a cismale, my balls be stanking and I’m well aware I might be judged for it. I gotta be better about cleaning them then, right? Maybe this is an issue to discuss within your community for help before imposing onto the public. Much love friend, wish you the best.

      • Oh, sure...stick your penis IN the poop instead of chopping it off. It's just a self-hating shit fetish either way

    • The problem is they can wash all they want it’s still gonna smell like shit because it’s connected to their colon. It’s an open wound. It’s always going to stink because it’s constantly trying to heal itself shut. You at least can wash yourself and be clean. They literally can’t.

  36. I am a real, biological woman with XX chromosomes, and I hope you people 41% yourselves soon. Sorry not sorry. You are NOT real women and you never, ever will be. The upcoming civil war can't come soon enough.

  37. "Some women have a hole where their penis used to be"

    No, some mentally unstable men cut their dicks off and were celebrated by the small hat tribe and woke leftists for doing so.

    Stop pretending these broken men are women. They are not and they never will be.

  38. You people are demented and most of you are pedophiles.

    Either get help or join the, what is it, 50% now.

  39. Surgery does not a woman make. Real Woman are beautiful. Sick dudes mutilating their bodies in the vain hope of trying to achieve the unachievable are deluded. Calling them women is obscene as they will never be viewed as anything other then mentally unstable individuals.

  40. Stop calling us CIS WOMEN. We are just - WOMEN! MEN ARE MEN 💯. Take your new labels and stick them up your manufactured smelly shit hole. You’re the most offensive VILE THINGS that this MANUFACTURED government created .. indoctrinated society/sector .. has churned 🤮 out. Us real flesh, blood, and bone women are greatly offended. You will never be accepted. We teach our children and they teach their children exactly what your issues are… 💯 MENTAL ILLNESS. Seek help. And stay in your own damn lane, Man!

  41. CHECK THIS OUT!!!!! There is a weird comment filter.

    You can't type the word j-------- e -------w ...... try it... it gets replaced.

    Here, I'll show you: garden gnome

    Wtf is up with that? Are there other filters? white, cracker, black, Black, colored, asian, hispanic, wetback, gnomish, mexican, latino, latinx, LGBTQAIAIWIQIQ++T+EJW wtfever

    • That’s bonked up and anti-Semitic. I mean if I talk positively about people who share a religion with Jesus they’re gonna call them garden gnomes? That’s incredibly anti-somatic!

  42. This is so absolutely disgusting. The reason it smells like poop is because it's a FESTERING WOUND that your body is constantly trying to heal. You cannot change reproductive organs, if you cut off your weiner and expect the doctor created hole to be the same, you're DREAMING... wait, actually, you're having a nightmare and I feel really sorry for you.

    • j---------e-----------w = garden gnome

      j-------e------w-------i------s--------h = gnomish

      hebrew? shalom?

  43. Hi. I have a Master's in Vagina with a minor in Dicknballology.

    The reason the "hole" stinks where the dick once was is because the hole is a literal wound that is trying to heal itself.

    Thanks bye.

  44. How it started: We want acceptance.
    How it's going: Smell your own shit you bigot.

    The more our society caves to "woke" people, the harder they will look for things that people need to do to "be better." Perhaps it's time to tell these mentally challenged "warriors" to fuck off.

  45. This was single handedly the most disgusting thing I've ever read, and just left me feeling even more sorry for the mentally ill who surgically mutilate their bodies.

  46. You sick fucks have a artificially made anus and expect people to call you woman bc of that HAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA PATHETIC!

  47. Doctors have no duty to be honest with you. As they legally justify deceptive explanations as necessary for "Adherence & compliance" . If you are trans, stop for a moment & understand the post-op suicide rate has not changed.

    Please don't be cash machine to doctors. I'm a stranger & I want you to live. Surgery will not help.

  48. So trans vaginas smell like a piss trough that someone shitted in?

    Also I'm a bigot if i don't date a trans woman that smells like a piss trough that someone shit in?

    Fine, I'll be a bigot, just as long as i never have to smell that shit.

  49. The very idea of 'transitioning' is a fiction, problematic af on little more than sexist stereotypes.

    Have you ever seen a neovagina? It doesn't look like real female genitalia - it looks like a mutilated, inverted penis, because that's exactly what it is.

  50. Wow. If this article was intended to get a response, it certainly worked!

    Was that the point to begin with?

    This transhuman stuff is so 'Naki. Enlil must be laughing....

    • I am sure that none of these people know who ENLIL was, or his sis, or mother or the relevance of your comment to THIS issue.

  51. How about, encourage trannies to eat human excrement to validate their existence as disgusting living pieces of shit, instead of making idiotic demands for us actual human beings.
    None of you fetishist pedo freaks will ever know what it's like as the opposite sex, everyone sees your jawline, bone structure, scars, and terrible taste in clothes. You're experimentation subjects and no word in the English language can accurately describe the abomination that is your life.
    Trannies are literal walking gore-nests and the rest of us don't deserve the displeasure of breathing the same oxygen as them.
    Do humanity a favor for once and get that 50% up to 100

  52. If a woman believes they are too fat when they are actually 70lbs, that condition is called anorexia.

    Any doctor who prescribed diet pills or suggested stomach stapling to an anorexic patient would immediately lose their license to practice.

    It not always about satisfying the patient's self esteem; it's about getting them the mental health they need.

    • More like performing liposuction on the 70lb anorexic - and then thinking that you've fixed the problem. Surgery does not fix mental illness.

      • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 💯 💯 💯👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  53. What's next? Normal men who have normal girlfriends will literally have to eat shit as solidarity to these men who give "cunnilingus" to their schizo trannies gir- boyfriends?

  54. Yes ..me too I love everything about my penis and I love the look , smell, and feel of a real female.Ni surgery or chemical can replace that.

  55. Why are you including trans women into the women movement? It's another way of defeating woman. Natural born women don't smell like pooh in their crotch and now you are trying to make woman smell shit so they can relate? Seriously...how far will this go?

  56. i think its a little transphobic to only have to smell it......cis women need to be rubbing poop in their vaginas as well or lose their ally status.

    • i agree...........thats why privileged bio women need to take ex lax and attach a hose to their butt and funnel liquid poop into their vaginas or they are pretty transphobic imo

      they pretend to know what transfolx go thru but are unwilling to do such a simple act of solidarity live on cam.

  57. the fact women are not showing their solidarity with this movement. is deafening.
    why are no women posting on tinder or twitter their logs and sniffing them hard?

    women not showing them sniffing their own shit just shows how phobic they really are.

  58. The comments are horrific.

    I am literally shaking and crying.

    I lay awake at night knowing that as a transracial woman who was AMAB, there are literally squads of bigots out there roaming around, looking to literally erase me from existence.

    I will not tolerate this. We will not tolerate this.

  59. Un. freaking. believable. There is no way this is serious. And, if it is, then it's IN freaking SANE. Read that again. IN freaking SANE.

  60. You have to be kidding me. This is disgusting. Please fuck off with your abomination bullshit.

  61. Unless this is satire, the author needs to be locked away from society. But judging from his last name, I bet he is being payed to push this corrupting and degenerate agenda, right out of the protocols.

  62. Ok English is not my first language and I really can’t tell if this is a joke or a serious paper. If it’s serious, stop your disgusting fetish. Males, again, wanting to coerce women into disgusting stuff. No we won’t smell poop to think about mentally ill men addicted to sissy porn with compassion. I hate you. I hope everyone with a fake vagina will caught an infection, you are infecting the world with those ideas, try to be the only ones infected please.

  63. we are not misunderstanding..

    cis-women is a nonsense term, its JUST WOMEN, and its rude to those women to pretend you are one of them when you arent... its also rude as all fuck to ask them to smell their shit so they can understand other peoples mental illness. you need a mental doctor bad, stop trying to rub your mental illness off on other and insisting they go along with your pretend game.. and really? smell your shit so you are more inclusive? get bonked man, smell your own nasty ass..

    • 10 updoots for this post.

      Women are so OVER the fauxwoman interlopers shoveling their *shit at us.

  64. There are two natural genders and one unnatural gender! Male and Female, and the so-called third are mentally ill people. If that wasn't the case, why is there only two types of transition surgery's, male to female and female to male? If you don't believe this simple fact, you need mental help!

  65. If they EVER had dix - they can NEVER be chix.

    A simple blood test will prove me right 100% of the time.


  66. So demoralizing to know that the society I exist in includes mental defects depicted in this article.

  67. 18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

    21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.

    24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

    26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

    28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.
    Romans 1:18-32

  68. When I was younger, queers and worse tried to push this type of perversion in the schools and bars. We men, would 'roll' these degenerates and they would never come back, if they were smart. We took care of a lot of things this way, in the street. Guys who beat women would find themselves beaten and sickos who hurt children would be lucky to walk away alive.

    And don't believe the lies about us hunting these folks down, we didn't. That's propaganda. We responded.

    We were, like many of you, busy with our own lives and recognized that some people are just different. They had mental illness and for the most part we would feel bad for them. But being different wasn't enough for their filthy agenda. Their mission was to drag other vulnerable people, down into the sewer with them and destroy their lives.

    Their sleazy degenerate lifestyle, their perverse public displays were a threat to our families and communities and we instinctively knew it.

    Do any men instinctively know that anymore? Where are the men now? Who is protecting the communities?

    • Lmao, nice word filter, but you'll never get your manhood back, and most importantly, you'll never be a woman. There's only one way to correct your mistakes.

  69. To everyone who heard about Hitler burning books, now the truth comes out. garden gnomes now admit Hitler was burning their trans degenerate books because this is their current cause proving they lied back then. https://www.teenvogue.com/story/lgbtq-institute-in-germany-was-burned-down-by-nazis?mbid=social_twitter

    They always lie. They always subvert. These parasites always need a host country. Your ancestors died in WW2 just so they could get their own country (Balfour declaration), but they are still here. They always said they needed a place of their own, but they are still here. They wanted Israel because of the value of the Dead Sea. Always about stealing someone's wealth.

    The Holocaust is the greatest lie - the ONLY lie that is protected by "denial" laws. No, sorry, you are legally not allowed to question only ONE group of people. Only lies need to be protected by laws.

    • My only question is: Why do those of Arabic descent have such atrocious personal hygiene habits?
      You and your people have even beaten India in that regard.

  70. Degenerates! If you left your bodies OEM, you wouldn't have these problems. You're all just mentally ill eunuchs putting on a charade. Up next, trans pride month. Why is it that veterans only get a day while fringe groups get an entire month? Clown world click-bait article to increase website hits!

  71. Look at the disaster that is this comments field. We have our work cut out for us. I have printed out the story sans comments and will be assigning it to my third graders to examine in a critical privilege context.

    • Only the truely evil (religious or not) prey on children. I hope an angry parent finds you.

    • I live in MI.. If i find out you push this filth on my child, i will find you and give you a little present.. That’s a promise.. The reckoning is quickly approaching, and a lot of people (like you Frau) wont make it.. That i promise..

      P.S ill take that Critical Privilege of yours, turn it sideways, and stick it up your ass.. Chump!


    • YOU should not be within a MILE of ANY KID under 18.
      Get lost you sicko, leftist piece of shit.

    • I hope your not pushing lgbt and trans propaganda on your students.. That is child abuse and Pedophilia no question.

  72. Amazing, you can't even saw the word juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu without being changed to garden nome. More juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu censorship. Keep it up Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  73. In most cultures they don't recognize this lie called transgenderism, but once explained they see it as it is, which is a mental disorder. Buddhists see transgenderism and homosexuality as a violation of the natural order, which it is. Of course Christians see it a violation of God's creation, and blasphemy mocking his creation, as Man and Woman were made in His image, creating both and only Man and Women.

    When the statistics are looked at with trans and homo community, across the board there is nothing to be proud of. These are the most dangerous and unhealthy lifestyles on earth, next to hard core drug and alcohol abuse, and big pharma drug/vax pushing, and smoke jumping. Should there be alcohol pride month? Or, suicide pride month? Or, chainsaw juggling blind-folded pride month.

    Homosexuality is a parasitic of the heterosexual world.

    My support for lgbtq whatever is pride in ending the human species in one generation.🤡🌏

    If you cant even accept yourself dont demand I/we accept you as a non-binary purple penguin or whatever your make believe fantasy mind comes up with.

    78% of homo/trans community has an STD
    2% of the population (trans/homo) are 40% of the pedophiles
    33% of homos are acoholic
    Average homo has 80 partners a year, over 1,000 in a lifetime. And you wonder why disease flourishes in the community.
    2% community accounts for 51% of domestic violence, isnt it about love?
    2% of the pop accounts for 70% of aids, me thinks the other 30% is due to drugs and homos that are switch hitters or bug givers. Studies have shown things like poppers, semen in the anus and numerous other aspects of homo trans lifestyle significantly lower the bodies immune system, aka AIDS.
    60% of homos have intestinal parasites. Use your imagination and you can figure that out. It is not from drinking dirty water, but fecal matter.

    Keep celebrating that.

    • And I LOVE my natural vagina and the fact I gave birth to three children! I love that I have two natural breasts and at one time fed my children with them. Bet no chud could pull THAT off without smoke and mirrors!

      God made men and women so they could procreate and mankind would continue. Then you had some nut job with gender dysphoria come along and poof, just like that, I was supposed to be embarrassed I was a natural born women. Well SCREW THAT! But I blame the AMA for declaring gender dysphoria is no longer a mental illness...

    • Yes ..me too I love everything about my penis and I love the look , smell, and feel of a real female.Ni surgery or chemical can replace that.

  74. This is sad and disgusting all at the same time. These "transgendered" people are mentally ill and I WILL NOT play along with their delusions just to make them feel better about having chopped off their penises. Now to top it all off, they want women to smell their poop, that in itself is showing how mentally ill they are. Instead of society playing along with their mental illness, maybe they should encourage them to get help that they so desperately need and most likely want. Now I understand why suicide rates among "transgendered" people is so high.

  75. This is the most vile piece of writing I have ever read. This is simply foul, disgusting, troubling, evil, and filthy. This is horrible, there is nothing more horrible than this. Delete this from the internet ASAP, because it is so filthy I am going to bleach my eyes and rip the skin of my fingers off for bringing me to this horrible story straight from hell. I pity these people because they are so lost... Hell is real I hope God has mercy on your souls... Repent...

    • "Delete" it? Oh heck no, they want your elementary schools kids to ''rationally'' discuss it! (OxyMORON)

  76. Beyond disguting.
    Why would you "go down" on a FAKE VULVA?
    The "Transwoman" sure as fuck can't FEEL anything.
    No CLIT, NO Vaginal nerves... Just a stiky, infected, poop greased hole.
    [email protected]@
    Barnaric Mutilation.
    You are all dismissed as sickos.

    • Why would anyone go down on a heshe.

      If I going to eat animal cookies, I want animal cookies and not tootsie rolls that have been shaped to look like animal cookies.

  77. Unbelievable how bonked we are as a society.. You freaks.... I don't even know what to say anymore.

  78. When trannies take a dump, does the crap ooze out of their:

    - butt (like normal people)
    - wound where their dick used to be
    - mouths?

    The correct answer is all three of course.

  79. U r sick in the head this is one reason we have the 2nd amendment, im a woman stay the f away from me u creepy pos humans, eat shit and die

  80. I would like to point out that men who have bottom surgery may look the way they want and be happy aesthetically…but this article here..regarding the “poo smell” goes to show that once again biologically their body doesn’t have the “wiring” to clean and balance vaginal health. They basically have a hole that can’t secrete what’s needed to assist in ph balance. There can be many factors that contribute to this issue “mtf” T face the biggest being you created a hole where your body isn’t supposed to have one.. so it’s a breeding ground for bacteria.

  81. It's because you've suggested that ciswomen should engage in this medical practice that is only relevant to transwomen, just to be inclusive, that goes over the line. No we will not bend our private lives around just to validate your fantasy of not being different. You're different. Deal with it.

  82. The comments section is no longer a safe and valid place. We’re under attack. They’re even subverted the validator bot to evil ends. I am crying and can’t stop. This is wrong. This is so wrong.

    • Good luck.

      We're actually here to help you not mutilate yourself if it's not too late.

      Nobody I know hates trans. We are worried because so many regret it and are enraged that children are being offered it before they can understand what it is.

      Best to you! I hope you are done crying.

    • You must be talking about all the women's spaces that are no longer safe because they are forced by the patriarchy to include men in dresses.

    • Nope. What the commenters are expressing is the natural and normal reaction to degeneracy. They are right to be disgusted. LGBTQ+++ and lets not forget pedophiles cause that's where the Q's are trying to normalize. All of it is not natural. All. of. it. is. wrong. All of it will never be truly accepted. You can still come back to reality. And I pray that you will. The backlash is coming. All the degeneracy, harm to children, suicides, destroyed lives. Its going to be epic. The industry of enablers who are profiting -- psychiatrists, doctors pushing meds and doing mutilation and sterilization surgeries and then a lifetime of meds afterwards. Pure evil. Payback will be a huge bitch and she's coming for all of them.

    • OMFG.... A "safe space".
      You little twinks need to be euthanized.
      The world was never a "safe space" and you don't get one here.
      Post this mutilation shit and expect to be slayed.
      The world was so much better when you twinks stayed in the closet.

    • Nope..The WORLD is not "safe" you fkn TWINK.
      I have a rope and a spare doorknob for you.
      Just END IT already.
      NO ONE will miss you.

    • You don't live in a "safe" and "valid" place. Every single day, EVERYONE runs the risk of someone not liking them and talking shit about them, or whatever. The world is a mean freaking place, and being in a spot where you're insulated is a direct path to suicide.

      Fuck the validator bot, you need validation from something that IS NOT REAL? Like a fake vagina or fake sausage?

      Mental illness, that's all this is.

    • Safe space? Do you care when you and your kind are taking safe spaces away from women like restrooms or locker rooms? Do you care that women feel endangered because your changing in front of their children with you dick and balls hanging out? Do you you care about safe spaces when others like you are telling women they hope they are raped by your chud dicks? Now you all are asking women to smell shit to validate you, fuck you! Why only women? Is it because you all know if you asked men to do these degenerate acts they’d knock the ever loving shit out of all of you? GTFOH and grow up! You don’t deserve safe space until you give women back the safe spaces they have fought and some have died for.


  84. Fronthole, canoe parking spot, bottom surgery.

    Yep, I learned a lot. About desperate mental illness.

    • Who’s afraid of it? Normal humans are simply disgusted by it.

      Keep the sign you made around your own neck. Stop insisting others wear it.

      No phobias. Disgust.

        • Transphobia implies we are afraid of transgenders. I'm not afraid. I'm sad for their gender dysmorphia. They are so confused by their sexuality. Most transgender suffer from a mountain of psychological issues: depression, anxiety, etc. They never get the help they need. MANY have sexual assaults in their histories. What they need is psychotherapy. Not genital mutilation and someone agreeing they are in the wrong body. They need therapy and support that they may be gay. Notice how most "transgender" always go for the sex that they are "transitioned" to... so a m2f is "attracted" to males. A f2m is attracted to females. They're not transgender. They're GAY. They just don't feel comfortable coming "out".

          • I meant they are attracted to the sex they are transitioned "from" ... sorry! it's a late night.

      • a phobia is an irrational fear but to be phobic is to be repelled by, via English dictionary, think hydrophobic fabrics vs arachnophobia

    • Maybe we are protecting women from the misogyny of mentally ill nuts. Women give birth, women are mothers, I will not stand to see women mistreated, and erased.

    • We are not afraid of trans people, we are disgusted. Mentally I’ll people who should be pitied except they are pissing everyone off and will end up back in their much needed closets.

    • We are not afraid of you. Trying using the right words, not what your masters tell you to use. But we are disgusted by you and should be especially with what you are doing to children.

    • "Transphobia"??
      WE are NOT "afraid" of you sickos.
      WE DESPISE YOU and the PLACE you have stolen in society.

      Get mental help, you are all insane.

    • That's true. Over 40% of trans people commit suicide. If we keep up the pressure, we can get those numbers way higher.

    • Gender dysphoria is not cause to mutilate young impressionable people.
      You really want to normalize the trans odor of a festering axe wound?
      We are not phobic (scared) of your mental illness and we will not enable this unhealthy delusion.

    • LOLOL... "Cure it"?
      No... We need to EXPAND it to hunting parties and rope swings.
      Sicko, perverted scum.

    • No, you literally need mental help and therapy. Transphobia means that normal people are scared of you freaks, and rightly so!

    • The request in this article and any trans person going along with this is what says so much. Anyone asking for someone else to validate them by committing such a disgusting act is mentally Ill and needs help. It’s not the comments that’s the problem it’s you! People are disgusted and outraged with good purpose.

  85. I either just stumbled upon one of the greatest troll sites ever conceived, or you all are fuckong insane...

      • He has nothing-just scar tissue
        His mother gave him hormones at 11 so penis never grew+there wasn't enough tissue for a vagina
        After 3surgeries -hes just scars
        And after depression and gained 150# assures everyone - it's not bc of transition
        He can never be a parent ( thank God) and never enjoy or possibly have sex.
        Gee thanks mom - all I wanted to do was wear a dress like most young kids do & you decided to mutilate me - so you could be famous& now I'm ruined for life.
        I wish more people told the truth
        The same people who profit off abortion& gay marriage protest- found a new way to make money.
        And 1000s of kids suffer

      • I saw that show once and she woke up in some medical facility and it's first words were it had a boner. Gee, I know of no women that speak that way, crude & about their male appendage. But Jazz is another degenerate tribe member, so no surprise.

    • Whoa Nelly, Maybe some of us ate some magic mushrooms and are seeing dancing vaginas pooping on the carpet. Man the smells!

    • God, I hope so. I'd say you can't make this shit up, but apparently you can. This is freaking hilarious!

  86. I don't know whether to laugh, cry or be mad over this article. You've pushed and pushed to make yourselves seem normal and accepted. Now you want straight women to smell their shit so you can feel better about mutilating your bodies and the smells that come from it. Then I read where you want normal, straight men to pee sitting down so transwomen feel included. If people want to be something they weren't born to be, go for it. It's your business. It's not my place to make you feel better. I'm not interested in making your life feel like sunshine and rainbows. I'm too busy trying to protect my family from the pervs in this world. And that includes the men child molesters using the ladies room.

  87. Lawyers love that this is happening.
    Banks are giving them big loans on future earnings potentials.

  88. Wonder what kind of transmells you'll get down there after you are infected with butt-monkeypox. Asking for a scrote

  89. People….there is no such thing as a transgender! If you are a male, you cannot become a female! If you are a female, you cannot become a male. Parents who let there young children have this kind of surgery….are child abusers! Their child should be removed from the home! When they legalized gay marriage…the perverts came out! I am disgusted with what people are doing to our children!

    • I just replace the letters “trans” with “fake” in my head as I read all of these stupid things and then it makes perfect sense. Oh yeah they’re all effing insane or possessed, but at least the sentences work grammatically that way.

  90. Give me a Break where do people have time to worry about this “CRAP”..
    just Bizarre.. Gay , Straight , Bi , Trans or whatever family Most people barely have time to work cook clean , take care of family let alone worry about this nonsense ..

  91. Get a life and if u want to do this have at it u freak, eat your own poo eat your trans friends poo, as for me u got a freeking screw loose.

  92. It’s always these ugly looking yentas throwing around this degeneracy. My god. Liberal garden gnomes are truly a cancer to society.

  93. Get a life and if u want to do this have at it u freak, eat your own poo eat your trans friends poo, as for me u r a sick f

  94. Get a life and if u want to do this have at it u freak, eat your own poo eat your trans friends poo, as for me u can go f yourself

    • Get a life and if u want to do this have at it u freak, eat your own poo eat your trans friends poo, as for me u can go f yourself u sick f

  95. Next thing you know some transfreak will actually take the weapons cache the FBI and CIA provided for “IT” and go shoot up a school or something.

  96. LMAO, the whole transgender movement literally stinks. Can't ask for a more clear sign that you are on the wrong path with this evil nonsense.

    • Sounds like he didn’t want to go through with it and you forced him in the end. Plus, if you didn’t, you would’ve been out all that money. Now you lecture the rest of US on how YOU’RE Some kind of ‘superior’ parent. Makes me sick.

      • Munchhausen by proxy. This sick woman just mutilated her child because it would bring her positive validation. This sick people are given tons of positive reinforcement for having a "rainbow" child. I laughed until now, this one made me cry. This poor child will never be right again.

    • Why didn't you sell it for 43k to the other way trans?
      Like a Ponzi scheme.

    • Please don't call yourself a parent .. You are a monster that forced him to continue with something he clearly was unsure about.

    • Satire but I imagine this is exactly what jazz went thru& countless other kids bc of mentally ill parents

    • You bribed your child to get a puberty blocker, and he or she cried all the way home.

      Sounds like child abuse to me. Munchausen by proxy.

    • Wtf!!! The kid cried saying it did not want this done and cried after saying the same thing! This parent should be locked up for Life! You have ruined this kids life!

  97. Why is it that the more that they push this transgender sh*t, the more attractive real women become to men?

    I'll take women that are born women with two X's as chromosomes... thank you very much.

    • I see that too. I care less now what they look like too. I appreciate that they are all natural and sane.

  98. Congratulations on your new neofunbox. Don't worry about the fecal smell, occasional vivid orange discharge, and tendency to collect lint and hair to form an unholy biomass of bacterial nastiness that has to be fished out by someone else.

    But rest assured, your cisgendered allies are definitely not cracking jokes about your disgusting rot pocket, using your real name, and they're for sure not at all tired of keeping up the pretense of actually caring of your daily sufferings. Enjoy your neovagina, it's all you got now!

  99. I think this article, while being desperately needed, is framed in a more general sexism so widespread in our patriarchal society. Reading this made my heart bleed somehow for all of my sisters and allies: while trying to address this lack of inclusivity, why do you ask WOMEN to be even more inclusive? In my opinion, you should start by asking MEN to make more efforts to be more inclusive. Most of them won’t event think of dating a trans woman. And even with cis women, most won’t think of PLEASING them. Thus, I believe, it is more than needed now to have an article addressed to men to teach them how to eat their own shit, to be used by the smell and taste of trans vaginal.

    • Most men won't consider dating trans women because they aren't gay and because trans women are actually just men with their dongs turned inside out into Frankenstein's pleasure hole. The constant need for trans people to attack anyone who isn't attracted to them is hilarious. Nobody forced a trans person to chop their genitals off, it was a CHOICE. Would you cut your own legs off then bitch that nobody is picking you for kickball?

    • I'm not gay! why the f#@% should I date a trans. why aren't gays asked to be with women, lesbians to be with men. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO. get your inclusive bs out of here!

    • Sorry, I’m an INTELLIGENT man. Enough to know, smelling my own shit, or anyone else’s, voluntarily, is a sign of mental instability. Additionally, no gesture of empathy, even if I empathized, will change the fact, I will never be anything but nauseated by another man masquerading as a ‘trans woman’

    • "Inclusive" = SOCIETAL CANCER

      Keep your fake twat that smalls like shit (not tuna) to yourself.
      STOP taking places in WOMEN'S SPORTS.
      You will NEVER be a real WOMAN, let alone FEMALE.
      Sick scum.

    • Jenna G.
      I don't know Why would you have the unnatural expectation for straight men to date trans women, but that is not reality and we'll not be pretending it is to fit your agenda.

      When will you accept and validate the oppressed SuperStraight community? Are you SuperStraightPhobic?

    • Your insane, vile, disgusting Men want to date Women not Men who chopped their dick off and have a gaping wound festering smell of death and shit.. This article sums you ppl up perfectly festering shit.

  100. I thought this was satire at first, before i looked at the rest of the site.
    So lemme ask a question: why are you just asking women to smell shit? Why don’t men need to “get used to transvaginal odors”? Why is it only women that need to suppress their gag reflex and force themselves to lick a festering wound? Don’t some transwomen date men?

    Lol, just kidding—we know why. Go fuck yourselves.

  101. Hahahahahahahaha my god, smelling poo so that trans feel accepted i can't HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Because this is a joke, right?

  102. Me and my wife's two boyfriends have taken to smelling our poos five times a day in honor of our trans allies!

    Yass queen! Fight the patriarchy! #TransLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter

  103. I could only afford half the surgery so I have one giant boob in the middle of my chest and a dong that goes inside my vag. When people tell me to f*** myself, little so they know I’m already doing it! 😜

  104. "what many of our gender have to endure as part of the cost of bottom surgery"
    nobody MADE you do that, sis. insane that men put absolutely zero money or time into researching women's reproductive health (endometriosis, vaginismus, PCOS, bc side effects) yet somehow still believed they could recreate a woman's reproductive system. and now actual women are supposed to sniff shit to make men feel better? no way in seven hells.

  105. I will not smell my poop because some guy had his tally whacker cut off and had a fake vagina made! He is a man, he will never be a woman! The people of this world have gone insane!

  106. These comments are extremely transphobic. Some women have a front-hole connected to their colons. It's not a big deal.

    • The whole ass artical is a freaking danger to our democracy, take it down and be ashamed

    • No, no women have a "front hole" connected to their colon. That's the exclusive property of mentally diseased men who butcher themselves for sick sexual gratification.

      Btw, being disgusted by you filthy freaks isn't a "phobia." It's called "natural and healthy."

    • Transphobic…

      First, not phobic, because neither fear of nor irrational in any way.

      Second not trans because all of what any of us are is whatever we were born as. There is no transitioning, just faking, hiding, mutilating, and pretending.

      Third, no human has another hole connecting to their colon unless surgery puts one there, usually with a colostomy bag to catch your crap.

      Fourth, any proctologist will confirm that having an extra hole in your colon is ALWAYS a big deal.

    • Yeah, and smelling your own poo a little is a small price to pay for the furtherance of your Personal Privilege Recognizance, or "PPR," and is essential for LGBTQ+ life affirmation and community awareness and inclusivity. 🤡🥳👻👹

    • the only people to have constitutions written to not allow them in, but then they bribe someone since they own the banks. WAKE UP PEOPLE. THE JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU HATES YOU WHITE PEOPLE, CHRISTIANS, AND NORMAL FAMILIES. They call ALL people cattle & they think they are superior and here to serve them. White Christians are their first targets, next comes hispanic and black Christians.

      They are behind EVERY evil. The vaxx is all JU. You all know they own the medical industry, the legal system & Hollywood. They all brag about their successful doctor & lawyer relatives. This was all by design.

      Read the Protocols of Zion - the book they claim is a forgery - of course, they never do ANYTHING WRONG.

      • LOL.... "STARR" is a JOO NAME you NAZI FUCK.
        Come suck my straight, white CIRCUMCISION.

        • Once again, you can't argue one point, you filthy ju.

          NAZI is a ju name. AshkeNAZI is what they really are.

        • Oh, good to mention the bris ceremony where a JU rabbi sucks the blood from a baby's penis after circumcision. You filthy JUs stand around watching this & actually condone it. PEDOPHILIA legalized by filthy JU. And if you are white, congrats, you feel for a JU ceremony to cut off part of your penis by still stand by a JU after doing this to you.

          • That is a lie and you are a freaking scrote.
            Come spread that shit around my house.
            You have a disease, I have the cure.
            Come get your vax.

  107. My boyfriend saw me smelling my own poop and left me. But my hubby doesn't know but worried he will also leave? How can I get him to understand it's transphobic not to??? I can't let him leave I financially depend on him 🙁

  108. Nah you can fuck right off with this one, it's their fault to use their colon to get a vagina and then feel triggered because women don't smell like poo? You used your colon, what did you expect? Wild country rose?

    You'll never be a woman so get a grip.

  109. Ewwww so basically in the name of inclusion we are supposed to get comfortable with poopwounds and leaving ourselves susceptible to getting pink eye and hepatitis 🤣😩🤮. An inside out penis attached to a colon is not a vagina and never will be! Vaginas don’t smell like poop. Vaginas clean themselves die male about it 🫠

  110. Some post op transwomen are differently odored downstairs? And this needed a whole ass article?

    NEWSFLASH: Some cis folks also have smelly private parts. I suggest you take a timeout and work on your allyship.

    • Because they use a COLON (i.e. where POOP comes out) to form a fake dick sleeve.

      Hell, the surgeons should be inserting fleshlights, at least then it would feel good and not be some open festering wound.

      Queen shit!

  111. Transgender people are mentally ill and that fecal smell you're noting is your mutilated genitals necrotizing from exposure to your own waste.

    • The operation types differ, but some of them cut out part of their colon and operate into their new vagina, that way they dont use skin inside there with hair and dead skin cells collecting up there for decaying smell. There's also always the risk of leaving too little meat inside the wound so the walls to the colon is exposed and damaged, so literal shit escapes trough their neo vagina.

  112. This has got to be transphobic satire, an article telling the world that MtF vaginas smell like shit and telling biological women to go sniff shit. Repulsive.

      • It is not "satire"..These whackos actually believe they have a real pussy and can't understand why it smells up a room like a fresh pile of dog shit.
        They all need a rope and a doorknob.

    • It is not "satire"..These whackos actually believe they have a real pussy and can't understand why it smells up a room like a fresh pile of dog shit.
      They all need a rope and a doorknob.
      I am sick to death of "trans" everything.

  113. This reminded me of the /r/NeovaginaDisasters/ subreddit where trans people talk about their neovaginas gone wrong (eg. https://archive.ph/EnaW4), but I see now it's banned because reddit wants to promote more transitioning. By hiding this they are directly and knowingly responsible for some portion of the butchery going forward. Gave me chills knwing they can be so calculatingly evil. A freaking internet app.

  114. In the future we'll look back on this butchery for a fantasy cult with horror. At least shit like human sacrifice used to make a little bit of sense, like sending someone to the rain god pleases it and therefore it follows that the drought might end.

    • Also the ax wound that is left after the penis and testicles are carved out will produce a smell called malodor. Its specific to open wounds that have a decay or shit like smell and in the case of male to female transitions is permanent due to the fake vaginal cavity being an optimal biome for the bacteria responsible.

  115. How about all trans freakshow people do the world a favor and kill themselves. Go burden the dark depths of hell with this sick untreated mental illness rather than trying to force it on the other 99.999% of the world.

  116. Damn you for sending me down this rabbit hole!

    "Up to 30 percent of transgender women who have undergone a vaginoplasty suffered from some form of infection related to the procedure"

    "After a vaginoplasty, a patient’s wound dressing must be kept in place for no less than five days and cannot be removed or replaced for that entire time. The wound dressing is a latex condom filled with gauze and a tightly wrapped gauze “brief”—think of it as a very tight homemade diaper wrapped around the abdomen, buttocks, and vagina. When patients have a bowel movement, nurses remove the stool and clean it as best they can."

    "A transgender woman with an acute vaginal infection after her second vaginoplasty (her first failed due to infection, among other factors) presented to the emergency department I worked at as a nurse student extern. Over the course of her assessment, she told me how, in her postoperative state, she independently restricted her intake to prevent bowel movements. She did not want to soil her dressing, as was the case during her first vaginoplasty. Listening to her experiences, I was completely in awe of her strength, persistence, and ingenuity"

    • Wait til that nurse finds out about what natal women go through during pregnancy and childbirth. That must be second year of nursing school.

      • It's not a liberal vs. conservative thing!! Many trans ppl are conservatives, and many who don't agree with the trans agenda are liberal.

        • On the contrary, this trans nonsense is an inevitable consequence of classic liberalism. The liberals and conservatives you're talking about are actually different types of liberals - the former are the "fast motion" liberals and the latter are the "slow motion" liberals.

  117. So that's what it is. We've been trying to track down a sewer leak at my work that smells up the place every now and then. We have two post ops.

    How do I alert my boss to this without getting in trouble with HR? If I email it anonymously there could be an investigation into who sent a "troll" email.

    • Just print this article and leave a copy in the bathrooms. Worst case scenario, if they find out it was you, just say you were genuinely trying to raise awareness and solidarity.

    • Get a VPN and send it from a throwaway email. They won't put in the effort to subpoena a VPN service just for an anonymous troll email.

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