26 people share the absolute worst reasons they had sex with someone

Thanks to the power of anonymity, people confess the most hilariously cringeworthy and absurd reasons they ever had for doing the sex.

We’ve all had some pretty shallow reasons as to why we had sex with someone. For lots of guys, they want to break the “dry spell” after a breakup. Sometimes you just like their hair, or think that they’re impersonation of Crang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is on point (guilty).

We’re usually not proud of these reasons, and oftentimes we’d be horrified if anyone found out. But thanks to the wonder of the internet we can enjoy a little thing called anonymity.

And since not everyone in the world is a super-hacker, and since many of us are not even worthy of being hacked, people are ready and willing to share their deepest, shallowest secrets: like the worst reason why they ever had sex with someone. Thanks to Reddit, we can see these gloriously cringeworthy reasons by people kind enough to share.

Tired of arguing


Never for pity


That’s one way to get over a breakup

Hamburger helper

Surprise nudes

Tale as old as time

The consolation

Big mis-STEAK

Spur-of-the-moment present

Hat trick

Jumping bones

Oh my God


Suicide screw


The Uncanny X-Men

Too tired to blow

Nice guys sometimes win

Sadly, all too common

Waiting for a miracle


Rude if you didn’t


Challenge accepted