Turns out lots of people want to have sex with incel leader Eggy—when they think he’s a girl

Cruel, but also interesting. What will thirsty men not fuck at this point?

Someone — probably someone looking to prove a point — has decided to create a fake female Tinder profile, and the results are quite interesting.

Here’s the kicker: The pictures they used for it are of a man, and they didn’t even attempt to make him look feminine or deceive users in ways other than marking the account as female and calling it “Jennifer.”

The man’s name is Eggy — legendary online personality and leader of Incel. Incel is of course the infamous internet group that believes nature dealt them such a bad hand that it’s impossible for them to get laid, and you often see them stew in sexual frustration in places like Reddit and 8chan, whencefrom they sometimes emerge to commit a mass shooting.

Turns out he’s actually quite the popular guy…with the guys…when they think he’s a girl.

Needless to say, the entire online manosphere/incelsphere is MELTING DOWN right now.